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Reggie Lewis 20 years later

Jul 29, 2013|

The guys discussed last nights documentary on the passing of the former Celtic great. The role of Donna Harris Lewis and Dr. Mudge was examined.

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Our two Dennis and Callahan fault lines opened 61777979373. Areas of like to get into in this hour and they are rather diverse. Tom Brady's mindset. As training camp gears up first day of pads yesterday. I believe it's a week from Friday -- they play the first exhibition game correct against Philadelphia. I wanna get into that. -- Martinez very very strange story I never had the idea and -- in the bottom he was a dink. When he was an active Major League -- But apparently he has some issues may be the player he strangled deserved deserved to get that hit it hit me just wouldn't listen -- -- pulled out of the I was listening. -- that. When they hit Florida Marlins that's not exactly great line item on your Reza may go forward. And and finally the Reggie Lewis. Special last night. Did anything jump out of you before you you answer me what jumped out at me. Is what jumped out at me when this whole thing was taken place out -- what that is a little -- what what's about it in my did you watch that very well done. And narrated by Glenn normally yeah or or we might even ordered an excellent job and who did a really good who's really good at this is to document barracuda which she tells the stories she just she grabbed the human aspects to -- but what struck me is the people that -- it -- it was a very well -- documentary. The people you really want him from. Talk yeah you know Donna Donna. Marge was much where I just don't get how it's possible that's what am I don't that's your -- but to me. And I. This delicately I'll say it doesn't -- kill them I was gonna say that what what what struck me last night is what struck me back then. And I sat there in the Gilbert -- press conference on it watched Reggie in his kind of mustard suit lean over and whispered sweet nothings in Madonna's a year. The Eric -- of doctor -- and the controlling. Nature of -- conspired. To kill Reggie Lewis. She did not wanna hear from the assembled multitude of wealth renowned cardiac specialist who said. This is what has this is how we treated. He can't play he can live will put a different later did not what I could hear that he. Could still be sitting here he could still be sitting here that's right and -- to be Madonna but it's -- -- -- you know. With his kid and and and other family members he could be -- on on Comcast Berry could be. On the station talking about the Celtics in the draft and all that he could still be around but they. Eighty much wanted to go against the grain against the yes dream team and be. They didn't want to -- ask that she -- -- -- -- exact -- -- Miami pressure what's the margin to with a dream team and said they would on some -- that's right they said that they got somewhere else and somewhere else to go out there one year. Yes and I and I think by and large from everything that I was able to glean as I watched that thing unfold. And people I talked to were close to Reggie and posted -- it was on her impetus it was her. Driving force that she wanted to beat. Mrs. Reggie -- she went to be the wife of the -- captain of the Boston Celtics -- a guy who was going to be a perennial all star may be a guy depending on helping worked out might end up in the NBA hall of fame all of that. Superseded. Her. Desire to keep Reggie safe and doctor alleges desire to keep -- -- Telus and didn't talk about this in the special last night. We sat there except the Michael geek. We looked at each other are are you. Bleeping kidding me he said we did a tilt table test on Reggie where they -- -- to a table. And they turned them upside down and they were able to -- -- great little heart fluttering. And he said as a result he has a normal athlete's heart lovable about what he can continue to play. Now how is that the twelve in the world. And then another group from California also said the same thing as the dream team and because Gilbert -- this Eric -- -- a gun. Said -- -- normal athletes who had play and they bought that and kill an illness and obviously wrong wrong and I know they have used the pod. I've seen enough. TV shows to know that you have this malpractice thing yeah you're wrong you're right -- can be held culpable. How is -- still around I was not I -- house. What is our right is a medical license he was so wrong they were right they knew what could be on the green team sat back and said. This -- not yeah and in a matter roof whatever. Along after the mileage a diagnosis that he passed him Bentley not long months right at them not even that might not even weeks did you notice that we -- responder on its on site went crazy isn't I'd forgotten. -- -- -- the right idea it's the ticket. Look at that that that did this dream teams -- Mexico -- Alone -- -- -- in he's gonna keep playing he's gonna keep Bryant and his heart is gonna -- vote. And that's -- is going to be. Disgraced and it and that element. Paul didn't Jan bulk come across a sort of the voice of reason I mean you try to tow the line about being critical of Donna right to try to told a lie and say well this is but but when he's every said. I thought I heard that Reggie was shooting baskets at Bentley. Without anybody there to monitor and without any approval from anybody who's supposed to be taking care of this guy are you kidding -- talked automatically reckless it is to move hospitals in the middle of my job appointments in saint Patrick I forgot about the -- them on Harris -- press caught yet again on time all -- -- awkward. Yeah where he played the race card -- it all along right Kasten was a pool to do on the let's be honest and I got along well welcome but he. Was -- that was in overs. And in this case to grandstand right in this case can assume for a hundred million dollars. And and then said you know. They wouldn't do this to -- guy. I'm like. Do you guys greeted me that he wants the cocaine user. It seems like the audience outside didn't -- pick one or the other -- sure yet to pick one way the yes you hear enough people yes friends. And others use yeah I did Coca condolences I didn't make some sort of this bag diner in years -- first to you as a young guys use cocaine and image is hard -- -- -- little -- that he didn't back -- Tuesday but yeah. But if you know. If the cocaine led to the damage Hartman dams led to his. Early death. Is a C I think there that some of the tributes including the ceremonies so last it's a little over the top. Just -- -- play basketball and I sit there and I'll often wonder you know where is this for for you on Jared Monti. A medal of honor winner. From the council and now gore or Clinton Doherty who gave his life and -- guys guys like that people on another name. This guy played basketball did cocaine and died and that was. Tragic and Stan but what you feel at times like it's over the top. And an unnamed penis after room have a noticeable that's the world we live it's not right I mean in the world we live Idaho since it's not mean astronauts as gonna change but. Would he do was like a good young guy he -- days -- charity stuff via the subjects related most community like Moscow as -- One guy as the rapper said he was our first real connection to the African American community. With the Boston Celtics up about when it was in -- white stars like McHale and cousy before that tablet -- Larry Bird. This guy Reggie Lewis or somebody the people in Dorchester and Roxbury Matta Anand and all those places when that generation DJ and I would put paerson DJ in the same in the same plane with a bird and -- -- -- -- cash in -- bull -- and Reggie but the thing about Reggie is that he was local to completely. In the NBA news -- some guys who were in the northeast and how much people Easter at that point. As I did he was around the -- I mean that's that's the big of an outside. Tragic but as as you watch it and and and in if amateur the message is the right messages if indeed he was doing cocaine. Practice hard. Refuse to listen as doctors and -- open -- think it could be two separate things and this is what I would gas or this is what I would bet you if you were asked me. That yes he did cocaine like a lot of basketball player like a lot of athletes like a lot of young people in that they at that age in that time. But it not -- -- Might not necessarily have had any damage on his heart his mom talked about the hereditary aspect of the number of people in their family at this issue maybe they're two separate things -- the cold -- had nothing to do with his damaged heart. But but he did do cocaine. On the pusher that's what killed him. That would damage to start that may have been he and Coretta Terry didn't help. It burns from the burn yes yes it's French Fries French fry -- trilateral forum home yeah but he speculated. The rumors were it was three -- base that's a whole lot more than snort cocaine. That's rebates prison Balkan cocaine right yes announcement. Yet that's pretty serious stuff I reacted to that world that's you -- -- and now they'll know. And who was the person I am sorry I don't remember who waiting -- had one of the better. Over encompassing. All encompassing lines said we should be sitting here today. Lamenting the fact that Reggie lewis' career was cut short. Because he had to put a deferred to later in and stop playing basketball as opposed to sitting here saying Reggie Lewis is yet Jackie that was. I actually sort -- that from but she was. Paraphrasing somebody else yeah as a way ahead now and in the red down. But. I think it was she sole right to think about it. If they I think they gave I think the dream team later another form connection it turn you back on twelve world and sank distant archaeologists. And when they say listen you can be fine you can't -- mask yes. I guess it was part of the thing that made me uncomfortable -- and last night was. Is that really. That important amendment you're great basketball -- -- to -- it was to Donna but ever think about it you have these these these dream team of cardiologist on you if you play. You will die. If you don't play you'll not done and he went in play and he did just play but the Celtics play pickup dorm played you know. Practiced. And I say -- they were. This idea Kevin -- says Texas right mr. Jackie says in the campus I -- -- a bit and Don Harris -- it was a pain all that stuff no doubt but this idea that she led Reggie Brown is a country -- 27 years old nobody was dedicated. If you -- her personality and country bumpkin I once had to pick them up and that northeast and drive multiple who speaking yup. And in its long ride he knows quite boring he was born. And I was nice -- the world yeah he was boring. There was there was enough hate to say that's an innocent sort of AM. A wide eyed child like yes sort of trait to his personnel to see why some people refuse to believe the cocaine correct they said. Richie Rich is not that kind of you know spreadsheets French Fries and -- -- watch TV in his dorm room he's not to welcome. But it mean for almost out of this knows simplistic as. You can play basketball and may be guy or give a basketball and live and you got a kid and no one on the way. And a wife and life and he chose to take a chance -- playing basketball turned his back on a dream team cardiologist. And they were right in the end they were right much. Strong Reggie was malleable to the people around him and she had the most control over him and there is very little doubt in my mind but of Reggie were a single guy. And Donna we're not in his life. You don't listen to what this dream teams set when Roman this anxious and the other eleven guys -- brought him into the room and said Reggie here's the deal. You little consistent said well -- I'm buying what you're saying is Reggie was that way but she had. A voice much stronger a draw much stronger team than any panel 1212. Doctors would have had and she wanted that life to continue. And you're right it has gone to ten different places to get an opinion from somebody who say it's okay for you to play. -- headstone things resort to that is still strikes yeah all these years leaders this doesn't make any sense or -- affection born to mothers heard about that is inject. I don't understand doesn't it just doesn't make you -- the -- what's what's white I don't know accidentally got a whole arena in office when rise twenty million dollar arena. Named from his name on it but -- ornaments don't I don't at this mechanics and why would you have that because -- she said in the interview ten years before that there was no closure yet. Wish to wait for closer. Match in the twenty years later. You know you've been known Donna Harris might be nicest person mentioned the guilt. A book or -- story about going in the wake and seen marginal penalty area that in Democratic Party all the good doctor good. And this -- it was that they say that the special that he still work yes. -- unbelievable that is unbelievable yes. That he's expected them end up like. You know Dan -- trading places to replica plane on the street the -- -- Livan and a block or something but. How how did he not loses -- I have no idea how much did his insurance company have to give Donna Harris who was she afraid of that question mail she -- -- -- And it was a terrific special whoever put together Gordon aggression during the FAA did a great job but -- the couple of the principles if you could talk to anybody but the problem if you could talk to people -- -- -- to Don Harrison from right that's an patent and -- you can have Jackie in -- fill in the blanks but it. It it screamed out for those two men after twenty years and she ever gonna -- -- probably not what you got a big ego in which it like to still around here. -- -- -- No no -- if you would would you be she put a headstone on this grave yes mystery she could -- and I was the guardian of the -- yeah let's hear from Jimmy the guardian that the -- have we -- to talk about grandstand that was the that was the low point of that ceremony at Matthews arena. Calhoun was touching Dennis Johnson -- all the players were there obviously they were they were. Broken by when it happened to their teammate and then Jimmie gets up at a grand stands at five will be the guardian at the make sure that his legacy is remembered properly and treated with love and honor and respect. I wish you were in the special just for laughs. She'd have all kinds of Stewart's the man from out of then yes you like -- and I was dying in my arms in his last words right. You know take care -- -- and did see the video and he wouldn't be there in and then it's -- -- Monday Regina or. She hoops took -- and I -- gonna play collapsed while one I had him you know -- I beat -- 119 that day and it just -- make stuff up. And you and anyone who knows who would know it's just total fiction. But I guess I mean what part he didn't wanna do it. I don't know all sure it would I don't know. It is if you don't you're going to be regarding the publisher here that day I'm Richard Jim Myers talked to caucus for special teams unit I'm -- -- now Ralston cramped and good morning. Good morning guys -- labor's leader hold credible points and backlit strictly guy you want to the black strip. You know it was no secret to anyone anyone aware of that and I had the pleasure out of on the West Coast social game I'll via. Jamal Wilkes lately it is before it gotten tickets. There like that a few words with electoral the -- got to know Koppel is coach of northeastern -- -- -- know this guy personally. Know that this woman took over as like treated almost like it's -- asked in the glory that the -- an inch you know a little bit this. Hospital the stream in question was controlled for thirteen ultimately -- -- because she -- relate. Kind of -- it. Reggie was such sweet passionate -- you'll never Gary let's say that it will prepare the worst was right there and we met. It's purple. I -- at the the pleasure of a getting -- -- -- award for the mine -- real well we went to the game and washing -- or from without where does this stick season tickets work. Behind the -- -- -- -- I'm sitting there and look at her -- so I was told it to charity you know I'm looking rather they're happily to a third quarter you know. I -- -- I can't think like you look at this woman and that was selected other alpaca OPEC site. Guys the fault always the current she had control of it she took a while and that's the last thing we -- you can hear that there's no -- -- in the the strange from the mother you know the whole thing and I should still be -- all his fault on. How do I think that a little awkward Donna Harris will sort bullet Donald Duck bullets. Got a little the Harris. Portugal -- to look at it this way that it didn't have to be all aren't. If you knew Reggie you knew his personality is one that that he he this. He was childlike and his personality and there would be people can control red g.'s life and she certainly controlled more than anybody else and there's no doubt in my mind I'll say it again. -- -- weren't involved in his life Reggie would have listened to the dream team he -- taken RD shelters advice he would take a Roman dissect its advice even had a pacemaker -- have been disappointed. Whatever the insurance would pay it off it would pay it off and he would probably be alive today it seemed like. Kind of taken some time to it will take some they rushed the much right -- they run the excitement of I literally rushed to whom they rushed back to the court. In and put the stress on the heart it seemed like. At that point to take a month two months six months the -- and and and get it right go back before the dream team even go back before some other cardiologists and and just to make sure mean to cut the dream team's talent you could die yeah. And that's kind of series -- yeah yeah. Some tickets -- eleven death Reggie take a little tiny 27 years -- -- pick a few months to think about relax -- you feel. And they just refused to even even rules and stop and think and and and and take some time was it -- Jay's mom at the end of the program that said Reggie junior has the same condition. I think herders say that. -- was a shot of Reggie on the sidelines rather get holding the kid you know in his an -- here doing it -- yeah I believe -- mom said Reggie junior. Has the same heart condition. That no number and base 21. Ya play what I would say yeah. 6177797937. Text like 379837. David Perry T Golf Channel joins us indeed 9 o'clock hour. And come back policy -- given the mine to but we think is going on inside Tom Brady's head as without question in my mind. He is facing the biggest challenge of his professional life as the quarterback of Vienna this I can -- doing the patriot offense. And I -- coming days of the -- to spank camp economic and zepa and live at three practices. Like five days and got sick and it is still -- no answer to the big question Allen camp is. Why is Tim Tebow here and he did anything ending. Who come any closer to an answer to that what's his role what role does his job why you see here what would DC and when they looked at. Tebow -- panels and and Belichick looked Tebow said let's bring him man. What -- they think I have an answer to it and it won't be that satisfactory but I I I I can only think of one thing of value that Tim Tebow could bring to this football team. We'll have that we get back. You. It is -- announced that he got. You and.

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