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A big week ahead for the Sox

Jul 29, 2013|

The guys opened the show by discussing the series win over the Orioles and the upcoming trade deadline. They all agreed that Ortiz was 100% in the wrong Saturday night.

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You know it seems to me the last few days of July and the first few days of August are likely going to be very very interesting around here. I would actually a game at 610 which -- -- to start again Knight Red Sox -- price do brought. All battling for his place at an interest in place to start on Monday. And it's Red Sox atlas games yet they have no shots. But. It's one of those games last year they would lose would be automatic -- amendment say it started up and third inning Libya. You know Ford enough -- OK they're done but don't you feel like this -- different that they have a chance that you wouldn't be shocked if they beat price for a lot of pressure to what you originally shot -- -- -- -- -- I don't stoop to rate rise to do. We're not surprised you know Bud Selig dropping the hammer on fifteen cheaters and by all accounts it makes all the sense in the world to me. He's going to do with this week because for some of the first timers pursuit of some of the first timers are looking at fifty games. Most teams have about 55. Left. So he wants to get this done and have this adjudicated. With more than fifty games left so we can whack somebody for the rest of the year that probably does not include A-Rod by most accounts. Including Joel Sherman. Says there look at the rest of this year. And all of next year check this out the motivation. -- to accept that is because if he accepts this year and the rest of next year. He will still be owed 61. Million dollars at the end of his contract and is -- so -- an effort to preserve that Iraq A-Rod might turtle and get into the fetal position and okay I'll step out punishment sign on for me. One of the 160 from. 200 like 200 and plan -- -- -- what he camps inspection if any agrees to it and loses all that money and that's the best deal he can get -- still he can do it will be -- -- would you like a challenge system to wanna learn more. When we talk to a figure who was. And said the nineteen. Different drugs in a bit yesterday took rough morning noon and night right morning noon and look -- she told us that -- -- -- they had. A couple of text messages on come. On broad they have -- to have war and peace on A-Rod and if they did agree if he signs on to this agrees to this. Do we not get to read war and peace that I know you love the class I do I do yeah. Tolstoy is -- man that will be unfortunate somehow they'd say this is gonna remain sealed as part of our agreement I wanna hear about his regiment wanna hear about. All the drugs used to own and no human growth hormone morning noon and night the group figures it doesn't. Read that the Yankees in the attic forever mile per year apnea. A year and a half but. Actually that helped him get the luxury tax for the pure hell yeah I guess had a little habit if he takes a year plus he's not coming back east but beats him by the -- put forward by going out there's no way you can get distributed -- Albert polls will be more valuable replied that close to be and an even worse contract the pools all of set 27 to forty to start with -- what do these -- next year with the -- thing it's it's not just the drug use it's just not the admission back in 2003 to 2004 that he was using. It's the fact that. All the stuff they have with him a text messages and and the visits by Tony -- to his house to inject him in the -- with the with the drugs -- -- by the way and this probably -- -- but just as much the obstruction of justice the attempt to buy the material. Yeah we will read today Angel Sherman that he was what the cheerleaders for bio Genesis and help sell it to other players helped save us that until this now how Smart does that. Make A-Rod if he was sort of the standard bearer. Did he busted -- by himself maybe -- said you know Iran's Micah Wright you should be to hurt you should be -- -- -- A-Rod Stewart as well. So that will be wanting. What happens today exit today Jhonny Peralta. He won a three run homer his position in the game Maria took Cleveland coach saint scope on it. Me Jhonny Peralta could get bounced -- this year right yes likely games at least Sherri well and you're Cleveland you're saying you don't the other a -- couldn't get this -- a minute. And and Nelson Cruz I mean these guys. Bartolo Cologne these guys affecting ten races right. Not yet another reason for by the do. Sooner rather than later the more this goes on the longer this goes on the more affected pennant races will be to you have examples like Jerry just cited right this guy should it and play and just beat a team that's in playoff contention here's TJ Quinn on what he expects to happen sometime maybe today maybe tomorrow but probably without question this week we. We can expect this extension that I went through waiting for not sure exactly the breakdown of major and -- leaders but. -- -- twenty players altogether. Maybe twelve to fifteen or so were Major League is of course one of those who -- everyone's waiting to see it Alex Rodriguez. He is expected to be here with a very significant suspension. From what I understand. Bud Selig has not made a decision about whether to seek a life time -- or not. The mitigating factor would handle it is that the question of whether he instructed baseball's investigation of whether they have the evidence to pursue charges against him for that. That's -- once they come down. It -- expect that some players might be trying to negotiate some sort of settlement to Iran -- did -- you know until right suspension related web based on my brain. And that Nelson Cruz in the -- for -- of people everyone's keeping eyes on. That they are still likely be suspended the real question will be those who were. Who tested positive last summer and were suspended Melky Cabrera Bartolo colonias money groundout. The three of them guys it's tougher to make a case against them so it's it's still not know whether they'll seek. Any sort of further discipline. Or Cologne what is he fourteen -- three -- -- like that report to ER and yet. It's been -- ball with us laughable. He's Clooney so -- hit him at the suspension pitches like the rest of the year yes. -- vote for him for the site anywhere in society that when this guy yeah well yeah I mean. You've heard your best friend Bradford yesterday's. You know got a boulder mall and then FitzGerald audit. Which drives me nuts that the logic behind that lots of guys who do and you know the numbers are artificial you know. And you say. Now that shouldn't be so judgement I question to be so harsh you know lots of guys were to win. Just why is it's so hard for people. Not everybody. Knows -- -- she's been great on the subject remembered as -- what's so hard for people like rob did just say. No obviously cheated. He doesn't have my vote means. Why what's wrong with that lobby called cloak of the best numbers by my -- he -- how to you know get these doctors are not people who marketable. It is enough good candidates on the heels when -- presume that the it'll be close. And you know he's -- well don't we expect he's going going to get into this week. It's also the people and in -- wanna vote for bonds and Clemens for the hall of fame. Oh those are dwindling numbers mean well rather almost not exist and I don't think they gave in but the nonexistent. You kidding me not getting. -- -- -- -- -- Look at their numbers I know our number got a 44 -- at Minnesota that yeah all the same issue last a look at the not a lot of people vote for them that's nonexistent. Hundreds hundreds and hundreds I said the chances of getting in the hall of -- not exist 36 point two and -- woman's chance. A winning the Cy Young Islamic and I agree -- -- -- stunned. About 37 cents and a desire how many people actually voted for them for you because you -- a lot anyway. But there in Oakland six games up. Detroit which on April those three games a -- -- first place the and the uncle won't make another start Kenny. I don't know what what is the logic that TJ -- -- land of the -- And suspended before well with an exit visas like double jeopardy the same offense you're suspending the portal that -- to -- more than fifty. Or 56 or whatever is left in the sees a thing to be hundred. I don't know sort of up above I suppose maybe there's -- negotiation I don't know -- we -- to a -- -- this year and -- A hundred as far -- it really -- Well speaking of suspensions. Come while the Sox inner circle. Insists that David Ortiz will not be suspended his idiotic temperature tantrum. Are we sure about that. At every turn yesterday I heard apologist John Ferrell teammates are dorsal Jerry Remy radio broadcasting about little bank. David Ortiz will be suspended. Well we sure about that and by the way should not be that idiotic -- that he threw. Well he also -- equipment. On the field through his pan right and give out of the dugout and try to -- the -- that that tends to get -- suspension and you pro stuff on the field. I think he will on the Q I don't know I'm I think he gets in two games. But you know they've guarantees is is a great guy you know he is because they always circle away yes and what he does. When he would test positive or -- India. The storms into a Francona is press conference. You know that's a bad guys about his contract. They always circle the wagons players media. Broadcasters. I knew that would happen this time but you're right I heard the same thing and -- and you could opine on -- I don't think he should be suspended. Which hit flat out say he's not and I defended. Unless -- -- I mean in my missed something that they talked a Little League officials did to Michael Weiner said he was gonna find out the real -- just hoping -- -- -- is gonna find out who really smashed that phone because it wasn't David could have been David. I didn't as the ultimate example of what media wise try to tell people along time ago if you build up a cachet if you build up the rest of war of goodwill. You can stick your head in a press conference and scream at the manager you can smash a phone you can drop an F bomb on 37000 people. And it doesn't matter. Monster visual we forget media loves sorties you're busy again he treats apps that -- there he treats them like their their regular people veterans of BJ about -- It -- hug at the stunning one of the pan mass challenge. So I think -- wall increases in no way of it in the -- him I mean I don't know what the president is an awful equipment -- A certain number game and I guess it was a -- ailment but it it was so stupid I watched live Olympic and you can vote dejected I mean he wanted to get rejected so get rejected if you want yell at the umps keep yellen to rejection the pros and stuff. Go in the runway and smashed a light bulb it's he knows how it's done. The idea that that was the right time or place to express your rage the only I think he was lucky because he. Pedroia was right there. And you could put and I exactly and -- part of it hit Pedroia in the face -- -- disarmament. Deal. Home gets a scratched shard. Is she art it was temple but then you have real issues that I think you probably get suspended but. -- -- -- -- what you a minute -- good -- much as anyone just -- to Swiss. -- it was a borderline call by the -- remember the idea don't disrespect me so that's the -- kills me don't districts that's just that's -- favorite words I don't develop that contract electronic -- guy and you decide in what David Ortiz did this respected in the last. And yours ever. Right and an editor I would say that there's no Major League Baseball player has been respected more than David -- I think it was there -- wrote this morning Samaria thought he appealed to him Timmons was gonna apologized to him. I'm going to apologize to it was on the line via make pitches in the first now up well look no wasn't look at the lines clearly above the line it's what you've -- a meek of its own enough to know that if it's near the line. Rem dog usually says you know that's closest borderline it was a ball but I mean it was it was an insane he wanted to -- to take ownership of the fact that he blew the call it wouldn't do and what he apologized to date apologized here's David yesterday apology. I'm not like the fan favorite food safely stances not my -- I turned out that the point. But there's things that you can control. It's. I know that. Well known for. You know in -- humble person that. But let's go to right I have birth. And it. Which opened that I didn't start out. So. That's got to unprofor -- but. I think they'll. Now I know Bud Selig has a bunch of stuff on his plate this week. But I can't imagine Selig looks -- that says. Needs to go unpunished that's OK that's OK if our fans to see one of our premier players one of our most loved players what -- productive players in Major League Baseball. Absolutely throw a -- on television well the problem is but just -- and find out about this afternoon western union comes in the -- comment is that all Petrino Louisville Soria coming about -- yeah it and and all Ortiz also said the second. Strike there was 30 and then 31 rate was obviously a ball -- out of Dallas was clicked on the middle -- believe the only one that was obviously a ball was when he swung. To get it struck up or strike out yeah but still I'm and I I could -- at that point 72. I believe he -- -- substitute you need to go -- assembly to wanna get a objected to signal if you wanted to do something like analog you as the income over the plate yeah you know if you want justice for the ultimate -- the helmet whatever. -- get a objected but the whole fall anxious stupid. At a course also was the days of July dwindle into the first days of August the trading deadline is approaching Wednesday at four clock. Now if Cliff Lee or Jake Peavy. Requires one of the Red Sox top prospects. Don't you get the sense from Larry told us on Thursday will we believed to be true about venturing and that he protects -- -- like they are his own children but those deals aren't going to be made they're likely to stand pat if they demand -- Bogart's -- Jackie Bradley junior. Of course of course straighten him -- mean the that would -- in my plan Brooks. All right Mel Brooks the question is is he still top prospect that say probably not threaten. I mean you you could say that about every GM that the you know homegrown talent they don't want to give -- it's part of the process she hold on or -- covet them and you give them up reluctantly. But yet Bogart's Bradley actually not. I think. I still think that even know. Mike Silberman wrote yesterday that that it's structured keep Ellsbury that they signed Pedroia the next target Jabil I don't understand. How that would work you know and on the stand. The neat process that you go -- to keep Ellsbury. But Brett you know that the plan all along its -- Bradley's Bradley gets the job -- yeah. But probably not but you mean right away next year the it is best. You're usually -- Hillary this year maybe yeah maybe maybe I mean is certainly be. Well that's cost control and certainly would hope for more power. You know for a better arm -- -- -- -- as a settlement pointed out he contract fly balls down better than Ellsbury and he -- and opium better defensively. And a lot cheaper -- mean if your choices Ellsbury twenty million or. Or and Jackie Bradley we control I'm pretty sure -- what's the next six years here next to the fact that they sent him down. Then controlled -- 2000 and what 27%. Is so it's a business move but again and -- and I hate when. That's like you know Solomon -- some -- and encourages the people -- outside Ellsbury. Well when. Well what do you sign Eldridge in the offseason shore and the perception is the if you leave -- you get more in the get more if you go somewhere else. And committed channel that's generally how works reports client but he's gonna dragon it's gonna be January. And most teams wanna have a plan in place by them. Don't you look at Ellsbury in terms of his. Attitude -- stay in here or go on here free agency and break in the bank very much like you look at palpable on two years ago. Same -- shall we -- that they plan has always been and to leave correct but think about it if -- Team like you know last year would be the dodges or you know the angels. Or the blue jays this going to be a team that has an interest in not just giving a good center fielder -- leadoff hitter. They wanna marquee player they want matinee idol you know they -- holes Campbell they want exactly they wanted to orca Brian Hamilton they wanna. You. It's. Set to budget in the Greinke I mean your your marquee free agent. He's gonna mean more to another team that it would be to the Red Sox who are. Kind of changed the direction that from the -- the -- he represented the status quo here is an upgrade to something exciting somewhere else that someone's gonna sign him. Thinking you know that there -- signing. He's not he's not the same level as the sex sexy -- Hamilton -- a pool he is not only did better -- that what you sign -- things when they sent me is gonna bring in the guy is a really good year. We have four home runs right I mean people are soccer crazy and some put out like a sign Ellsbury the commodities he's good looking guy he's fast he looks good and uniformity. The -- I have a tremendous I'm glad it's great I think it's more glamorous than he's younger than in Hamilton. So some team is -- some whether it's -- you name it Seattle. They're gonna sign him immediately he's going to be on the -- -- shall be on the tickets you know as in the BTV commercials. Saying come watch Jacoby Ellsbury play so he's been he means more. To them and to -- Red Sox who don't necessarily need. You know him to Celtic structures -- pace -- 130 million dollars in his thirties procedures as the Islamic sites and and -- -- -- a viable problem right replacement waiting -- and what are they doing now rents -- -- trying to be Smart right yeah -- not to be spool which like the Dodgers elect the angels will -- as always -- teams. And what Ellsbury and Boris are coming out I think is that which team. To pay him. Twenty million home you just look at the numbers that look like when he million dollar you -- no. Now that well to close at 1418. That's what their -- sixteen someone else will get silly we'll get foolish and I don't think -- literate so. What 77797937. AT&T text line has always 37 to 937. -- lines are open we'll talk with you. David fair critique from the Golf Channel will join us in the 9 o'clock hour your phone calls next with Dennis and Callahan.

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