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David Ortiz live from the dugout with Joe Castiglione & Sean Grande

Jul 28, 2013|

David Ortiz joined Joe Castiglione and Sean Grande after he had four hits and the Sox won the series in Baltimore.

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Right package not me and what an answer today -- for for a home run that. They were -- a year there the Orioles fans that you responded -- Bob. You know -- just give -- Gorman and that you right now while. The kind of guy that I let -- but -- I've worked really hard that the people with. But. In those things that happened last night you don't want to fans to be viewing that way you have in front of the game. Winsome and I can't have -- is an -- or keep you taking to him it out of the fans being an involvement -- kidnapping happened yesterday it's over for you. But all of a sudden it's something to the fans so let's make the most of. Well you know we're -- when you are the -- I am. You know fans and -- the season's the gauntlet because throughout your game that's not my case in line. I know how to focus I know how to grown tedious day now on the what I like to do. And when I hey what -- -- his fans going I'll formulate that it did give me gone. And third base umpire is convinced that day yeah you said if he wanted to talk to you listen -- that was it silent. Now it was not that -- -- -- you know like I took -- that I moving you know thing. Well to Baltimore bats are pretty -- today you have watched Jon Lester throw thousands of innings in the majors what is the difference. Between -- at the Jon Lester we've seen that you have seen the last couple weeks from the middle of the year. We got good velocity today. And that they can -- that you really Lucas ourselves with Connell. Those small. So. It was on in the strike zone. Is this way his velocity was there really do it consistently the whole thing. So does this moment that the for an. David you read it 32 point -- you're second in the league in hitting to Cabrera and that. This is just another indication that you pure hitter matches this locker. Like -- say you know I mean. I don't mind walking because I know that the fun of the game. I like to swing the bat and you when I -- -- the play one came to bat by. If you woman walk I walk I got to throw would have quit -- that's that's how you gonna stay consistent at what you do staying away from taking bad pitches. They do you ever -- your game. -- what you've ever come out of your game right out of what's right not who they get to it again sometime it. You that it worked. The best way that you can difficulties and -- David Price was so good on Wednesday you looking forward to getting another shot -- -- system of course. We're trying to. You know Davey he that features that we so that last time it was in the feature that we that we. The one -- them but you know you guys' velocity back. He's locating pitches better instantly he was -- and the one time. And we don't know that we don't know how we can be so that -- a game tomorrow and they let it mean to come here and win two out of three after the struggles the last couple of years here that's great man I mean I was that go to we're that he. -- a couple of I'd just like Pedro at the end I know I know this guy at the I mean. You seething intensity that they have going on against. And -- in those theories and humbly with labeled made yankees you know than they had a great team to have a anomaly with -- that the team. They're pitching I've got so much for the past three years. And out those young guys that these two they had there you know saying -- and they executed most. We either their catchers. He called again I mean -- we knew what when when. When he's calling game you know with looking for because you for the pitcher to make your pitch. Any kind of situation and got a Pebble -- so. That's what make you beat him. If we can start you know than an inane they've been doing enough. Humbly would you I can tell you that well for whatever it's worth the -- you're back in first place because the Yankees just beat the rays -- nice one night at Fenway tomorrow or. Are right graduation they materialize out of that.

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