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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Jul 28, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Joe Castiglione before the rubber game of the Baltimore series. The manager told Joe that David Ortiz shouldn't get suspended for smashing his bat.

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When -- a great victory last night. Of course as. Happens people buzzing about the David Ortiz situation with the bat when he was injected and attack people and phone that you think anything will happen in terms of discipline. Well -- I'm sure that they'll be some. Attention paid by the commissioner's office and what might come out and obviously anytime a player gets. Ejected from the game is going to be some followup but. I firmly believe it if the if -- review of the whole situation that's in its entirety. I think you'll clearly see that. Davidson's. Strike zone expanded and probably to the nth degree. You know the 30 pitch you know what was well above a normal strike -- so unfortunately. It. Turned out as it did. But I would think that you know either replacing the equipment of the dugout and then maybe some attention by the league but I would be completely surprised if there was any kind of suspension or or games missed frankly you've got out there and that Dustin Pedroia into that dugout to help that. The situation. You guys you know this there's frustration -- happens and in the first two games in the series. Who we have to be pretty candidate. There's some things have taken place in between the lines that. You know either through interpretation. Or or through outcomes. There's been some frustration or how we deal with that. Clearly is in our control. But there was a situation last night that that I can understand the frustration at that -- from a while gray went as we said in Stephen Drew. Sort of been. On the fringe of doing this it looked like it was some good swings and our results with the two home runs. There was big last night today and -- anytime we get that kind of production on the bottom third of the order it's gonna anomalies in the lineup but that probably gives a chance of multiple runs up on the board. And even before he went down with a leg injury Joey you know he was really start to drive the ball with greater frequency. You know extra base power last night you know the two home runs it was it was key for us. So it good to see that spot in the order the eight spot have a back on offense production. We can't sweet swing and Mike -- it's a beautifully got in three hits last night started a couple of rallies. Well it is and you know what to -- to his credit he's got such a compact and natural swing minutes a low maintenance swing so we can sit for multiple days and and you you'd call upon him and he produces like he does with the three hits last night. Typically out of the line drive variety in he's back in the field again today and you know what deservedly so -- he's had a very good -- force to -- In the role that he's been in and you know try to get him in the mix and keep him in the flow as much as possible and and the attacks are coming his way. Jon Lester today was so much better in his last Barrett today. He really had a good fastball in the gay did not only in terms of power but the overall command particularly to his arms ideally when he can make some right handed hitters look out over the plate and gets strikes. On the black or the or the edge away from that really takes their vision away. From the inside part of the plate so when he does that was cutter he's got more vote margin freer to get in there with that so were hopeful that he has the same type of stuff in overall performance here today is he throwing fewer -- I think so fewer than you know what people might remember him throwing and the reason being is that his changeup was becomes such a good pitch -- In his Fidelity's hughes' fastball into right handers a little more suited to get a strike because what we've seen is when he. When he over throws a cutter it'll give him off the plate and some right handed hitters will take it or the ghosts try to execute a strike. With his cutter that's when the balls late in the middle plate and that's where he's given up some damage with -- so. I try to uses changeup a little bit more it's become known as much to put away pitch for him as a as a cutter has so we're looking forward to some of performs today. Hamels won seven games and has not won since may 27 but he's a guy with a power armies and yeah he is he's got good stuff you put it. You know watches a video in and go through the reports that we have bottom you know there might be a timer pitcher to instantly give -- that -- You know. The location might get -- in the inning homers on the middle plate where he's been hurt so. You know what we've got a pretty good -- left handers have had a pretty well we've got a pretty heavily left handed hitting line up here today so. It would be good to come out here with a win in the when the officers went to keep the Orioles from in the ballpark -- It seems like you win. Well -- you admit this is such a hitter friendly ballpark and they're built around the power game there's no question about it and then we've been able to it. Kind of keep some guys you know -- there and the the focal point you know work with Davis in the year he's had he's -- in the -- is really jumped out Adam jones' had a heck with two games here so far so. How we negate him and keep him from doing some damage that would that would go a long way and put together a quality game here today. Our Mercedes-Benz manages questions -- a lot of rules -- coming into play in this series last night the catcher's interference. Ellsbury gets a base hit explain how that works and what the manager's role is in that. Well Joey in a casual appearance if if an out is recorded. We have the ability and the choice to choose an outcome for instance if let's say there was in that case last night if Stephen Drew was at third base. Jacoby has a catcher's interference and he hits a fly ball left field. In and drew tagged up and scores on the play. The umpire Mike called dead ball award and first base in that scenario I have a I have the choice to go on sale I'll take that. One of two outcomes the sacrifice fly in the run scored. And then Jacoby is -- the RBIs in and out last night's situation because Tim Timmons called interference. On the base hit the base that overrides it in that situation so you try to put drew back at second base which was incorrect at the time and then. As the umpires met Mike winners the that. Crew chief and the putting drew -- third base so it all turned out the end. -- like today gents thank you appreciate it. Our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes bans the Mercedes-Benz summer event is back visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealers for a limited time lease and financing offers on select Mercedes-Benz models. On the web made him be USA that job but very. Just like summer these offers won't last lets go back to chat.

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