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Torey Lovullo, Red Sox Bench Coach, calls in to Dale and Rob to discuss the Ortiz ejection

Jul 28, 2013|

Lovullo was close to the action last night when David Ortiz snapped in the dugout. He explains what the coaches were thinking during last night’s incident and how they tried to control the situation. Lovullo also explains the feeling in the clubhouse with the trade deadline coming up this week.

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I don't disagree with David Ortiz I mean again -- I thought Timmons was horrible last night and especially on the added that he was horrible. And you're gonna get bad umpiring you're gonna get calls you disagree with. I'm I'm like rob I don't even have a problem with -- get thrown out. -- a 61 lead at that point was lighten up in the game I understand the emotion. And I kind of like the emotional edge that Ortiz plays with. He just went too far I find it interesting and look at a Twitter this morning. Steve Buckley the Boston Herald says three game suspension would be lenient. -- Kevin called upon the Boston Globe says his guess is five game suspension for David Ortiz. And I feel like an idiot I don't think he's gonna get suspended at all. He's gonna -- fine. I don't think he's gonna get suspended for this. Get suspended I think will be for game that's my gas. He's not been suspended for five. I have a hard time believe now -- gotten out -- out to home plate where he was trying to get out to lull. Is this this take a step back and see exactly what he did and eyes of Major League Baseball. He destroyed a Batman and I don't -- Baltimore real property I guess yeah. Pay for the phone guests of the went out he yelled at the umpire which a lot of guys do there was no physical contact obviously got thanks to John Farrell and -- Novello. Who -- logo will be joining us I think a little bit here. -- What's what what is Major League Baseball organist come out and say here that's a three to five game suspension. I don't know I don't see I can't think of any other incidents where that would lead to something like that. There was no abuse of officials thankfully. I mean there was no physical contact made with the with the umpire thankfully. All those things that an -- sort of automatic a ring -- for certain number of games you know of those things happen none of those things happened. Yeah. No I don't think I I don't know why. I'm -- you kind there are maybe in my team wouldn't shock me. But still. I can't imagine why why it would be due multiple games doesn't doesn't make any sense to me. I just as as we were sitting here during the break and I was checking out Twitter during the break guys happen to see two guys -- going on respect very much. Posit the possibility that Ortiz is going to be suspended. Buckley said three games would be lenient DuPont said his guess would be five games I don't see either of those numbers. Am I think it may be on the you know maybe guys who know more than I do have got to a better handle no one knows more than you do. That's especially when it comes to what was that thing UT's. Well and and I am I'm tempted to not go into -- right -- I think -- Lavelle is gonna join us here any moment so I I don't wanna go too deeply into it. I like everybody jealous rafts that we -- on that summit Friday Iacocca as high as I dubbed it the estrogens tsunami -- and Taylor Swift Friday night at Gillette Stadium -- anyways I thought. I -- I -- let me just say this if you're a single teenage guy you're probably not Golan to Taylor Swift. I recommend you rethink that because I'm telling you right now mathematically your chances are really really good. I'm just saying -- that it was out on the -- on the size all the trucks you know it was at the name yes Oregon's economic and it's not but I thought it should eventually you know she's calling it the red to work I was there with with four ladies via my wife my daughter. My other daughter and her friend and and you know I as I sat -- I might be the only male for miles. There were at that -- -- the -- in the glow about the Taylor Swift dad's via that the people who were in the position I was in Friday night down there at the transport in other. They're gonna go in and sit through it because. Joseph that's not the sort of place at least I wouldn't where you go drop off your sixteen year old and come back three hours later and pick her up via. It be a little tough to get in and out of there and do that now I noticed they had signs up for the parent drop off line -- I couldn't pictured doing it at a place like a so I was there and and I'll say this man she works hard she earns her money the show was good it was theatrical it was dramatic there was a lot of stuff going on. I'm just saying if you're a young single teenage boy and you scoff at the idea of going to see Taylor Swift you just might wanna rethink it that's all insane. I mean there's only one question after this'll do you believe that this talk -- one question. But do you do. What the songs or play you have you have the iPhone wider to do reviewed dale I'm not at all about not just sit you stand there stoic. I'll Havel also say this the teenage girls who were all there via the 50000 of them because there's 5000 males and 50000 females of the teenage girls were all there. Know every word to every -- And -- every word every not answering my question I -- I don't know the words no I didn't sing along what do you didn't hold up iPhone -- just stood there dance I stood there and enjoy additional care as a practical about it. If you. These so did well -- of the army I also watched my daughter's. That's the smiles which was kind of -- I mean I have to admit that part was was kind of fun as I dubbed it the estrogens tsunami. I just I -- it was just something that came to me is -- was walking into the place on Friday and with us again joined now. The -- of the bumper stickers that. You know -- Taylor Swift hasn't yet marketed that maybe I should think about copyright and -- right off the bat because that although I'm guessing she's probably not. And use that dad -- the -- that that's that's a marketable thing -- probably gonna leave that one alone. Well as we mentioned the Red Sox broke their little offensive slump last night at least for a night. I hit some home runs put some runs up on the board came up with a big win Ryan Dempster got the win pitched very effectively. And everybody is talking about. You know the the temper tantrum that. David Ortiz had last night the guy who was sitting right underneath the phone and thus I was a little concerned about his health and welfare. Red Sox bench coach -- LaBella joints on the line right now Torre if -- and rob how -- Under this why are you guys are great doing OK I was worried about to last night. Alternate all sitting here we. Oh certainly that's lawless and you know. -- all -- deeper. For react in LA a little frustrated that the incident that. He does one thing it doesn't it doesn't say much didn't do much you're the third rate job and expect expect a lot of pretty around him putting a part that goes where fortunately. I've entrusted Torre about the protocol that -- I notice that I've. I haven't seen the -- wave of coaches. Between the player of the umpire to off and beyond suit. So you have Ferraro law receives a big guy in and he can go toe to toe with -- Ortiz. But then you're right beside Ferrell you're like you're ready to -- the the dam broke. Is it and have you ever done that before. Read you know you're right you -- sort of bet on that big man in I I -- that big floppy was not this that you obviously televised reaction and notes are looking out without playing you know to be serious we just want it. If the situation under control. You know obviously you -- do we don't want to have anything linger beyond that. And you're just make sure John need to go separate get to those umpire -- -- -- -- -- policy poppy. Well we corralled and get him back in the dugout not into the runway. Does it enter into the coaches minds at that point. A ball he says he's been thrown out of the game but this is such a key part of the teams have to keep our lineup we cannot get this guy suspended. And it does that is that factoring in at all at that in the heat of the moment. Starts are important it's either reaction. But at some point you know they. They're pretty upset and I think that's 1000 jump -- -- try to get it does but they -- and it's important need to cater. Come down and it got up into the runway and I think we all realize it -- of who he is in our lineup at this point in the game at this point in the seriousness on these. Can't afford a little fur off for a long period Bartlett I think you're but it really -- jobs are initially we're all little stunned by the reaction. In the you know loud. But what what's that got under way we figured we we are camps to scroll all the votes you get there. At -- I I was there was a point about a half that are so inning later where you were on the bench talking with with John Ferrell there was another coach there as well. And it looked as though Ferrell became even more visibly upset and I got the impression at that point you or another coach it may be gone back looked at the replay. And saw how bad it was was that involved there at all. Why I mean it's no secret that everybody is brought him back for yet it blow by blow description from a different angle which is the that are illegal. Our our joke -- -- yeah you know it's gracious circle back and forth that call. All the bad or good. A lot of it is. -- give you a little bit more color picture. So that and actually we didn't see that we've we -- I we've used it it was it was a missed call. John a little bit more communication audio are. You know him -- a great umpire. These are absolutely works harder than anybody it's Saturday at South Florida at -- day. And -- said to outlook and that that audio it. And you ought based Paula I. And you know we we -- from it out for it and it yesterday that there are a lot of frustration overall that Archie. You know we can grind a little bit. And you know will we wanted to go out there and in orbit in our very best and they'll spot you know session without -- -- some particular -- we are all frustrated by. -- you -- by a growing a little bit lately. A lot of the players at this time a year are asked about oh. Paid do you need anybody should the team go out and get -- trade. What's your vibe in the team. Do you do you sense that that these guys if if a deal as naval remain in and we understand that the front office has to be careful about not mortgaging the future. But if a deal isn't going to be made that this team is going to be -- all right. In terms of having enough talent -- all right -- is understanding the front office did whatever they have to do. You know is very unique. In the way that. They say they say right with what are that mean we we won over 61 of the best teams in baseball. Right now out this morning that the umpire access. And I don't think that means it's distracted easily. I think Brian and with that we that we faced the pitcher over the past several games and you know. We have and -- -- -- the way we want us to war over Ryan and now -- in that fashion. What I will say is that. -- -- company I noticed that they got a great -- of what's happening. And you know they feel like we need some. Or education they're gonna block there -- park make it out. Is this kind of a nervous weaken a clubhouse. Just in general anyway as you approach the non waiver trade deadline. And guys wonder you know if they do make a deal I am I going to be the guy who's headed out of here there's certain guys that don't have to worry about it all but I would assume for other guys there's at least question in the mind. I think that I'm here in general matter where you are you learn this part of the game and it's it's -- Like curiosity rather -- a lot of wonderful for everybody. And that's just. That's built then that -- a year. We all -- he noticed the change in our feet. Whether -- whether you're young team that. That's going to be selling off some of the veterans are a veteran in the -- -- it flowed out of port deal. You can set for five. It's exciting -- is or where do we -- -- he had -- read all about yourself so. I'm sure that if you're sitting there your TV. You know -- Alex Rios on selling you can kind of excited by -- social work that out. As a as a friend over sports Sunday. Torre and thank you again once again for coming arms because as we have so few friend does at least you. You got to third as a third are not totally sure I saw a lot of it also put fifth I grab lauded all ago. But every time we usually come on you offer some insight in terms of how the team is approaching. A certain game mark. A certain moment it was very thing in last night's game the that we might not have seen or or that you guys. A kind of planned on or saw happen become a -- by the your -- -- obviously. But they think would be be behind the box score type thing. During BP yesterday. There was a quiet intensity. With every group that it. And I turned to Brian Butterfield writes that. You know I -- the power of what is going on right now without you guys saying a word. The focus away you know -- -- they have their eyes you know they say mean you know it's a little a little production quotas. I thought that -- not so there and they -- they're not forget about it practiced. There's generally a loose that and just somebody you know. Problems -- here -- music thing and do whatever. There was none of that yesterday and I looked to Brian Butterfield but that it will lead paint and -- on the start of the day. And you know I that already has one more little thing -- -- -- he interviewed catalyst yesterday L seven runs after. After the stopped that struggle that we had. Was was a beautiful thing and it was just fell one guy now one moment -- -- got a kick started but it would understand the impact you know I think we all felt. There was -- there was just quiet intensity you're reading the let me think to some special about out. -- we appreciate time is always says we said rob has so few friends so we're always happy to talk with -- one of them. Thank you very much for taken a few minutes. They care -- -- the bench coach for the Boston Red -- -- the guy who was underneath the phone. The David Ortiz took out I just three tweeted this moment ago 'cause I have to admit it's pretty funny. The Tampa Bay Rays the other official Twitter -- yes the Tampa Bay Rays just tweeted -- wanted. Steel alloy telephone with Kevlar court that will spare no expense must install by September 10 that there I gotta tell you that's very funny. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here on Sports Radio WEE.

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