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Does David Ortiz need anger management?

Jul 28, 2013|

Dale Arnold and Rob Bradford react in the aftermath of David Ortiz losing control and destroying the bullpen phone last night. Dale and Rob debate whether or not the slugger’s actions warrant discipline from Major League Baseball.

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I'm and I got to be honestly I'm just trying to figure out what the big deal list. I've been at this radio station when John Dennis completely dismantled the phone here. I'm gonna tell you as -- megaphone and a real time tests. Where was it was a while ago but I mean I've seen it happen what's the big courts he didn't have a patent his hand at the time and those -- there were a bunch of guys standing within feet away. Well query was dismantling the phone but I mean I've seen it happen before what's the big deal what was the was Oliver Perez. -- of the Gatorade cooler. There's the famous one yeah. Where he that you I didn't remember who was but I do and now -- David Ortiz obsolete he owns the bat well repressed at the bar a bar. And will David Ortiz owned and are back. At the Orioles mode and a visiting dugout phone. I I will say this sin and at some point during the course of the damn sure it's gonna come up -- It was idiotic. Not to get mad Tim Timmons was horrible last night. He was horrible all night long Ortiz -- walked three times in that at bat he swung at the pitch in the dirt because the previous -- scared him so much. Timmons was horrible. And it's not that David Ortiz pulled and -- find good for him I don't even blame him get tossed out I mean it was that point where he probably wanted to one. Should've gotten tossed out. He could hurt somebody really badly either Torre -- below the bench coach who was sitting almost underneath the phone. Or the guy who I think was most upset about it Dustin Pedroia who up pieces of the bat went flying by it was just. Yeah doll -- to know what Pedroia was more upset over and reading the post game quote I couldn't really tell. Which one's. The bad thing which I don't think probably was the biggest concern for them. By you're talking about they are also understand that they -- -- David Ortiz suspended. And the way that things of -- go -- the way things -- -- -- of -- right now Red Sox and Pedroia knows that look at Pedroia of space before that game. So watch him. -- and he understands what's going on and he's also struggling and I mean he among everybody yeah -- average dipped below 300 last night Newton and you know I think he was on a stretch of he'd like one for his last 21 or some them. And part of this listen with David Ortiz thing. As I said to you for a show he's good for one of these a year one of these things where it's that wasn't Smart move I don't mind as I said I don't mind going off last night. And and if there was a time to do it Europe six to one late in the game. Timmons has been horrible. I don't mind and get thrown out in fact I I really thought for a while that John Ferrell was gonna try to get himself thrown out as well. Many -- just nobody would you agree would you agree that the Ortiz. Or you love everything about Ortiz except these these incidents where -- And the Terry Francona -- Terry Francona press conference couple years ago. Sometimes saying things about it yeah contract there's something we've David Ortiz does which is. Plays on his emotion he's a very emotional guy now this which by the -- generally is a good thing yeah this this was an extremist was as you said not advised. The bad thing number one but I think more importantly understanding. You you can't get thrown out of that game. And that you can't get suspended now I've thrown out of that game didn't bother me and I don't think there's any -- in the world gets suspended while that's if you already. After the game. He said that he gets thrown on the game and I think what happened here was when he start Whelan on that phone yeah. The umpire heard them yelling and screaming -- -- he would he would probably saying a few things at the same time yes and it and so yet is backed her that's another thing. Even if you're willing ought to followed you have your back turned to the guy who is throwing you out of the game right at all that. All that leads to an emotional David Ortiz doing something in the Haitian. I think the emotion of David Ortiz as I said is a positive nine times out of ten. And given the way this team has been going offensively I liked a little a little meltdown. All my only concern with the meltdown was the deposit the very real possibility but somebody could've gotten hurt well. I'll say it again. There's a lot of things that factory and to David Ortiz. Getting emotional like this in we've seen one or two times every single year. What are the other things I think -- is eating and at a Ortiz is he's getting frustrated. Not only -- The Red Sox conference only with his offense at times. But also the protection around. And -- song with a quote he said after the the he put it not impeded NC intensely walked me but sort of intentionally walked me three times. And this has been a constant theme that he is a guy hitting behind -- to do this in the -- right and this is the guy number one rule. It was used to Manny the many dynamic news used to the -- -- dynamic. And now he has gotten it behind him a Mike Napoli is what it is yet but he feast or famine he swings and misses a ton. He certainly I don't think that he's established himself. As the guy who you can put it number five hole and you'll have to worry about. It in a perfect world. I think he is a six or seven -- only because he swings and misses so much. I think that that's part of the equation Ortiz is noticing. Pitchers are pitching him different in different and different now again no excuse no excuse at all for doing what he does it but were part of all of this into the equation. It's funny as the not -- -- dot trade deadline approaches this coming week we have been saying all along most of -- is you've been looking forward to it. They need some pitching help they can get pitching help especially with the Buchholz situation and and the you know on again off again struggles of Jon Lester the bullpen injuries we've said they've got to get pitching help got to get pitching help. And now the way things have been going lately what are they need a -- at all. IV duties to bet on the -- any question about -- where -- and what witty wanna play that our case. I mean Jose Iglesias the reefs that we've kind of hinted at it for the last couple weeks. You know young player adjusting to everything in the east Italy's knocking it 400 we understand that. But that it's official. It's a so you want Michael young and for value that well I want them to do something. And Stevens right -- I think. That there's something to be said for doing something just for the sake of doing something. It happens so often where you see eighteen -- okay. You know they think we've got a chance here they're gonna give us some help they've gone out and done something. Sometimes I think teams need to make a move just to make them. Well John Ferrell will say the more I don't know if they'll say this but I noted John Ferraro is very frustrated last year over the Toronto Blue Jays front office. Saying. All you want them to do was make -- move the words they had their top three pitchers go down yup. All they want it there and they went around judging happen that was it I know that was a tremendous amount of frustration that the team goes down with tubes you have the the scale thing you of the death of our big. It just all fell apart. To your point dale I know that you're absolutely right. Making a move to bolster a team. The players are saying all the right things players saying yeah we can get by we can -- by yet we give a good team but it would how Warner -- if we get someone else. I I I do think that you need something else and now lineup because I focus on it -- stale but. Novice sat down yesterday his swings get on some of these other guys who got off to such great starts not so much. Like ending I think it was buster only if it -- I apologize but I think he talked about being in the Texas clubhouse. When the raptors are out out there that Matt Garza had been acquired and he talked about you could see that jolt of electricity going through the clubhouse. You know it's like wall and we went out and got this guy and and again EU could you convinced you could almost visibly see it happen when a team makes a deal. I don't I don't believe in standing pat at the trade deadline even if it's a minor move. Even if it's some then in this case they may need more than a minor move even as if it's something that just sends the message that we got to back. Well this is where you gonna be careful though BK as say they went around and Alex Rios says that went out and get a hundred -- meant those guys this happened be slumping the last couple months. Do you have something with the internally that is going to be the same sort of solution same goes with pitching. Bit the PB conversations a fascinating one but -- is gonna cost -- a Garza costs costs the Texas which is a hard. And you have to ask yourself in the eight to nine starts that you need until you get the bar colts. Jane Brady and work -- to around the white. -- TV's gonna do is if BK you don't make that trade you allocate your resources somewhere else and so when I say I want them to make a move. Even if it's internally even if it's the end of Bogart's will meadowbrook something. Well I was gonna ask you about -- I was just listening to Alex and few moments ago talking about Bogart's. And and the fact that he's seven years younger than the average position player at the AAA level and is lighting it up at the AAA level. Is it too big a jump is it too quick is it too fast to move if you brought him in here and put him at third base and said you know what let's just ride with it and see what happen. I was down a Pawtucket Friday night and I find both the -- Brooks in the Bogart's. On examples fascinating because. There is no easy answer with the either one little Brooks will become suicidal if they brought ball the ball up well yeah he certainly would be upset that he's already he's already complained about guys coming up before him yeah all -- -- -- a difference if I think -- middle Brooks in the last month has gone through by someone of a transformation he's in a much better place. -- also play much better now the biggest concern I would have would middle Brooks. Is that he's still his back is still a little bit of an issue. So this is what led to his struggles before they use try to play through things get rod got into his head and everything spiral for. So. It's better they're managing the way that he does things pregame because it was tightening up for the last few innings. Every single game but he said he battery is streak of four straight games of two two big games. And that the did get a -- Friday get a hit last night. But he's putting much better. Plate appearances on. He's played discipline is much better. Did Gary -- are seen -- said the same thing by then you go to Bogart stale. Bogart's unbelievable talent I looked at him and -- market. He's got a lot bigger since spring training to -- and you know what it is -- you're playing Baltimore. You're seeing many and it's not over there at third base in San. We have a guy who can do that. Well this this also factor and he split four games at third base. But for games at third base yes he's shown a tremendous amount of potential he's done a good job done but -- but at the same time. He's our senior will tell you he has to work on this this this this. Off as a for example. Based running. He said his base running as -- way behind and the reason he went to the World Baseball Classic he wasn't able work with a Major League team on the blocked the base throwing things they do he's as a -- behind right now. A little thing he gave the another example of he dropped a fly ball in the Saudi lost in the sun you asked what a world where were your sunglasses they don't have sunglasses. And it's little things like that it it's not a big this is thing that might be you will be solved or learned within a two week span. But let's talk keep this in perspective that neither middle Brooks or Bogart's are easy answers here. Neither is going out and get -- all I know is that I think Jose Iglesias time. As an every day third baseman probably has come and gone for this year I might be wrong maybe goes on another -- streak. I think you need something else there. Isn't this exactly what we thought was going to be the issue -- at the start of the season when this was all hot and bothered their body was talking about how dazzling years with the glove that. You -- downed at Fort Myers and you watch him and you come away just shaking your head at the defensive prowess. But will we always thought wise could he ever hit at the Major League level could yet adequately at the Major League level. But it is -- the first half of the season and just looks like the other the second coming of Derek Jeter -- -- -- that -- what what was what was the answer these had to keep sitting over 400 I know I don't and stop. Well and now we -- well now he is the second since arriving this month he's the second -- so PS of any player in baseball. It's it's an amazing thing and it's an amazing issue that the team has their out of first place hadn't been out of first place and 61. 62 days whatever was. They're scuffling and doesn't it always happened whether that becomes a stretch in every season. Where you'd get eighteen wide -- it it it's one of those things it's one the beauties of the 162 game regular season. In Major League Baseball is a true test because you're gonna get those stretches in there and one right now where they just can't get. Last night notwithstanding. Maybe last nights that the jumping off point the catalyst point maybe they just take today in and run with it from that point. Maybe maybe the episode good. Yeah it could all go ahead and I know we talked about this week or so ago I said look look at who -- played and let's look at who they're gonna play at -- to their credit. -- they kept it up. When they when they have the guy who might be kicked out their rotation having having sub one ER -- overs last five starts up that's pretty good. Text your gut talking about this whole thing in and I said. You know with -- Ortiz I don't mind him thrown a -- what I mind is how we did -- and the possibility the very real possibility in my mind. That somebody could have gotten hurt. Dexter from 603 says the big deal dale is that kids might -- idolize is David Ortiz. In this day of political correctness and anger management that's not cool he should sit a game and addressed that that is not how to handle anger. Apologize to Sox nation and sit out the first inning self imposed. And I'd be cool with that man please you know I mean look at. I I kind of wish he would have apologized last night. Just Swiss team he's ever does that now in and in my opinion humble opinion it's a weakness of he has I think so too he should he should simply say you know what I was mad and and I probably had a reason to be -- But I'm sorry young hot I put guys in -- down instead it's what it was to win. I control. Up until the point where the bats. Letters and a fifty -- is this isn't this is in any sort of new thing as I said we've seen this couple times a year once or twice a year from Ortiz. He gets very emotionally does something that. Was ill advised and he doesn't apologize for did the Francona -- bursting in the Francona to complain about an RBI. You'll never apologized for that. He's very very emotional and win this thing with the when he stood on the field after the the bombings. And he he dropped the F bar that was another example we use that. Some thought he just loses the governor. He just does. It he he. A lot of times I like. Yeah truthfully that I liked it when he dropped the F bomb on the field at Fenway right I like to. I don't think that you can argue that last night was not too -- not the right thing to do. What the right thing to do. It just wasn't for a lot of reasons the bat thing. The league getting -- of the game the possible suspension. Wanted to get suspended I'm with I truly don't think he gets suspended for us now had they not crap game it's been gotten out onto the field he -- got suspended. But thankfully cooler heads not he has prevailed and they were able to get hold of him and keep him from getting out there. Having said all that in this is not an excuse because I'm Marty said when I when upset about Ortiz. That's about as -- an empire and performance not just Timmons the whole group last night was just awful. Yeah. Well. What Stephen Drew gets hurt in the rundown. And listen let's be honest based on you know family history and I'll let up Arctic and a half waiting for him to. Pull up grabbing his hamstring or some kind of a you know run doubt that he shouldn't be given the big hit in the first place and yes considering he did have a history issue a -- -- It that's. Didn't she kind of happy at all but it. And then where are let's look at stick metric we at some of the things we talked about as well. And I am you know kind of team. Harbinger of doom around here. I'm gonna be the harbinger of doom again when we come back in just a couple of cool. Sports Sunday -- rob here until 1 o'clock or thereabouts Sports Radio WE.

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