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Stephen Drew with Joe & Dave after the middle game of the Baltimore series

Jul 27, 2013|

Stephen Drew talked to Joe & Dave after the second game in Baltimore, where the Sox shortstop hit two home runs.

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All right thanks so much jobs David congratulations. In your brother -- big Yelp this place -- at 331 with eight home runs and you're right back at that pace now. If you have Communists. There must give different team we needed Abiola and we're playing hard to some toughness and then. Nine was and I everybody just negative reason put things together. A Stephen two home runs tonight obviously five RBIs wonderful might have the second home run. Was fascinating to watch how that whole thing develops I can you take us through what happened from the crack of the bat in your view. My view you know I mean I knew I hit it well I'm doing. You know first initial thought was you know I headed out so. Carlson a bag over his first Anglican captaincy were hit you know I'm I'm WAV and like it's a home run nobody else is saying anything as he sought to count out there as well and he saw the same result as. You know as a result nobody -- say anything we get back -- got on the horse and it was kind of crazy you know I knew I was gonna be caught either way -- on the third and just try to get in a rundown and you know it's fortunate that you know I got out of it. You have what they think though with that they played it sort of half market he had the run down through. Well yeah I mean I don't even know you know is just so strange anyways it was just a strange player overall because. Everybody's basically yelling you know programs in the back out and insult -- yelling go round that. Just got to play it through and you know things in this for -- and you know check out. You know went our way. Edited well we've because -- you do that the ball was gone and no one else was going on there you know one of one of those deals. You say you know oh win the red sex really had to have after losing last -- he's you know you following Tampa Bay now on they wanna earlier today. You obviously were at that when the season we are keeping close tabs on those guys in funny and right behind you right. Avid you know I -- we got to go out play every day I mean I've known if playoff teams that you can't look behind you can't look he's got a play one game at Thomas who happens at every year. Think we've done a good job of that you know we -- we got a -- nine. Hopefully keep this thing going. Steve and you were on the DL you going pretty well before then he came back here you feel like now you found the groove. Well you know before that -- ask resentments and watched its net -- like I've been hit ball well and just you know rural parts have worked him. You know just right -- so you know and -- it was a good element. You know hopefully just you know hopefully keeps on form. The best showing of the night though aside from year to his David Ortiz. In the get a ticket in the have you seen any quite like that before. And I mean it's baseball you know me everybody's compete here. Just kind of makes up there in the game and some way it goes in there and move on to the next or. The phones still work in other phones still work at a right Steve Tuesday's breaks to help -- these guys are.

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