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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Jul 27, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Joe Castiglione before the middle game of the Baltimore series. The Sox manager told Joe that Drake Britton has changed his delivery this year.

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What -- last night to read in a more good pitching. And it seems like this week he'd get maybe one chance that was in the first inning. Well last night we were building an inning and first and thome gets a big strikeouts after walked a couple of guys bunched around PDs walk. And then after that he settled in threw a lot of strikes I thought at times we might have come out of our approach. Early in the count where -- we offered at some off speed pitches -- breaking balls. And -- they were probably -- a little -- try to make some things happen and who won -- best is when we're running out of -- foul off tough pitches and working deep in the counts but. Last night to in addition to that the ten officers and and against Kuroda against the Yankees that hasn't been the case they they had to their credit for the pictures. How worked ahead in the count to force assessment about. And the Orioles are made for this ballpark with a short that matches now on the line that would make it in home runs. They are you know they're they're built around a long ball and it does that this ballpark when Lucy Jones last night taking good fastball down on the way into the ballpark to right field obviously it says he's strong. And you know they they capitalized on a couple of pitches that got up metal plate and child with a solo home run and then hardy with the -- him breaking ball from dilatory but. You know after the first two run homer the way film pitch to that was pretty much the difference in that in that first inning. -- Britain continues to impress and a lot of baseball people -- very very impressed with his live arm. Well he does have a good on -- -- get to quality pitches into his credit he's done quite a bit of work with -- delivery. In spring training he had a tendency to be a little bit more drop and drive in the cause them to push the ball up out of the strike zone at times but. Through a lot of work first with with equipment that Portland he settled in and has repeated that well and most impressively Joseph is. He's committed some tight spots in the -- held things together from a mound presence and -- standpoint. He's facing tough it is Ichiro and that can go right to start twice. Ya in the first two outings you you know lead against New York he was clearly put in that spot and last night you know against Markakis Jones and then Davis the heart of their order. He handled the morals in another outing here so I'm sure through the limited exposure each outing that he's had. He's build some confidence along the way. Tonight Ryan Dempster. Does he need better command of his fastball or slider at this point. Well it always comes down to fastball command and that's gonna set the tone regardless of your face and lefties or right he's. What we saw in his last outing when when he had a chance to. To get some right he's in that lineup you know they they stack the line up early on with some lefties. And then when he was able to get some right handers that'll Allison and forces him to get greater extension down and away from a right handed hitter. And that's what -- in his delivery when he's getting note over his front side he stole the ball downhill he gives his slider some good depth as well as the split. They have Feldman going haven't seen him in a little while since he went to the cubs. But he's a guy that it gives them some depth -- their starting rotation. Well he's he's put together you know solid year over with the cubs in the National League and come owners -- -- word where he's been solid as well but. We know we're gonna get a sinking fastball guy that will pitch to contact has got to curve ball that'll try to. Finish off some left handers with. But once again I think it will be important for us to stay with a discipline strike -- And looked to get deep in counts to try to get to level at some point and you've got in my car from the lineup otherwise a pretty much rail line up. Yeah well you know to steady you know Daniel who last night and in the last couple at bats at home like this -- get a little bit long and trying to get a fresh body in there and Mike Carp was not a very good job for all year and some spot duties. Will look to get additional left handed bat in the lineup and he's faced when involvement with the Rangers and Mike with. Seattle he's gone up against him that he's got seven to nine. You know plate appearances against them already so there is some familiarity against all of them -- We watched that Clay Buchholz in an open up a little more -- today -- -- through it okay. He did you know the last two times -- gain some some intensity from flat ground at that ninety dollar and five feet of distance. Which is this prescribed length. You know distance of throws right now. In animals stay at that distance and really the change from. Session to session will be a slight increase with intensity each time and and he's come on and on -- two days of work with a lighter day on the on -- three -- That that today will be another similar session when he went through yesterday. John manages question -- to buy a Mercedes-Benz. Last night the -- came out to argue when you really of their rookie clearly was running. Outside a restraining line in fair territory and lackeys throw got away went down the right field line why is that he only called it seems on the ball hits the runner. Well it won't. You know that that 45 foot -- that lane that running lane along first baseline is designed to protect the first baseman ID you know in when you're inside that line. And last night purity was on the grass. You know Leslie has felt like. His running lane being on the grass didn't affect lackeys throw which it didn't affect the throw the throw it over the left shoulder of you Rudy at. Boat -- it affected was nepalese ability to adjust to the throw. And receive it on the -- side of the bag and by doing that he couldn't reach in for the throne. Otherwise have been run over first place on the protectionist clearly for the first baseman and and that's where. My disagreement with -- was but again he focused on the throw and not the ability to receive it on first base -- part. And of course it's so tough for the runner because. He's running in foul ground and he has the angle back to the back again it seems like it could be designed differently. Well you know the way it is designed to mean -- that that guy's supposed to stay out of out of the lane of and not impede the of the defense which last night when you when you look at the replay and even in real time. He had both feet on the grass which is far inside not -- the foul line but certainly the running lanes so. Anyway you know the errant throw allowed the extra base but it didn't come back to -- -- within the. You know additional runs -- -- like tonight Jack thanks Joseph appreciate our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes -- -- Mercedes-Benz summer event is back. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for a limited time lease and financing offers on select Mercedes-Benz models on the web -- NB USA dot com. By Harry because just like summer these offers won't last how backed job.

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