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Celtics Summer Cooler with Grande and Max on the anniversary of Reggie Lewis’ Death- Hour 2

Jul 27, 2013|

Grande and Max look back twenty years ago and remember the tragic circumstances surrounding Reggie Lewis’ death. They also check in with Torey Champagne, producer of CSN’s Remembering Reggie, to talk about his upcoming documentary.

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I did get carried away with the music sometimes. Some you know this is a great song from that from -- certain time period cult of personality others noticed CO punks entrance music. -- different ways at different times mean different things to different people which is sort of when I think about when I'm retired about something historic because I remember when I was younger and I do a lot of stuff you know it in the business and I was younger and I always decree injured people would talk about. Things that happened X number of years ago because you feel like. Long time ago. I can I tell that together really well can I tell you one that you guys did in my first year with the Celtics. We're we were in Detroit our member very very well and you. And Tommy and Mike sort of having this long form excited discussion about a movie called the dirty does. And all I could think about is. -- isn't even in color with some old black and white lead -- what have -- done what I signed on for -- would be hanging out with these guys -- -- it's been twelve years -- -- And I realized you know -- -- they're becomes an age thinks -- sometimes things don't resonate at a later run by the way out of respect the guys that rented the movie why should you be as physical. The physical movie but sometimes things hit you in a certain place when anniversaries come off like today -- that a step back and say you know there's a lot of view I get a day. Reggie Lewis is sort of you know figment of people's imagination. And even if you're certainly -- bias is the same way but Reggie Lewis was different because he had been a Celtic for several years. The -- knew he was almost in the role I mean there are. You also have a long history which is why I think Jeff Greene's story is so difficult for a lot of people like you because you have this long tragic history involving. The Celtics and losing players and few years ago we lost Dennis Johnson and any change had an episode on the night before the playoffs in 2009 and anyone who's been around Celtics for a long time. You know that the Paul Pierce we see their tighten up Paul Pierce going hall of fame and his banner night these amazing memories we've had. And we'll come up Paul Pierce's three inches away from having no members. Because of what almost happened in the nightclub in Boston nearly fifteen years ago now. But twenty years ago today. I was working here I was just out of school. It was a guy over the Nvidia the amendment -- do you remember a Boston radio legend that was producing a show that summer and one of the things you do you and -- so she's answering our phones today. And I've seen so many guys since I've come and gone that time I was on the other side glass was truthful. You become skilled when he talked to thousands of people over the course of battery time on the phone you know who's full of it and who's not who's good caller who's not. And I happen to be one I was the guy I was a kid who is who answered the phone this ago wasted thousands times earlier there was a guy and the other into the phone. Who was at the hospital. Idea that owners voice that immediately caught my attention and he says listen -- -- -- crazy calls and he a lot of whenever. I'm at the hospital right now Reggie Lewis is that. And you know eight. 99 times 700 you know the difference in the prank call one that is. And I talked of -- and I asked him a couple of questions and you know again I'm figuring our what am I gonna do -- on the here. I look his son Latino David and amendments produce that's in gourmet TV show for a lot of years. He was he was with me was sort of help and -- understand that summer. And be on the glass for a was too -- left it was a guy by the name Jimmy Myers of the longtime Boston broadcasting legend extraordinarily talented but don't for a very long -- And I knew that he was close to rich wife and two Reggie and to a lot of people at that time involved with the Celtics. And so in that moment but I just decides to do was tell. As David said. Have Jimmy call down. His wife -- time I'd talked to a couple of times the phone she was. If you isn't an interesting character very strong. Tough. Woman whoever we're talking to on the phone that Larry Burkett retired because we advocate Reggie on the air she'll -- the first people ever tell me not the last. One of the first group retirement calmed down with closed -- Lewis because of my home that they are super retire as a big breaking story. So Jimmy comes in -- room and I just say you may listen this is what his staff that you may award called. On and so he is the one who called. Reggie White. And before he could tell her anything. Than some of you know the story in the on the news -- received Wednesday. He started to trying -- that the information that we receive. And before she can do that she interrupted him exit -- tightly. I just came from the doctor compartment. Reggie never found out. That Don I was pregnant that day we did at the station because of the time there it was the unthinkable job -- Meyer's staff to tell her. The news we have received she should call if she should start making calls whenever. And that was that started an extremely long dance that was the first if you want Cox story and it was obviously much more personal and tragic than some think of the story but the station was -- that's. It was a year and shuffled and there's this new one what we were doing -- of -- on the wrong night. And we had this. Extraordinarily difficult task of knowing what we knew it not really not. Reporting it and not you can imagine this ever happening now -- you wouldn't you know between Twitter and everything else stories wouldn't get out because his family the family had not been notified. And so we had to be on the -- doing -- talk show all night with with the Indian them in the aforementioned -- -- -- Knowing what we do yet not being able to say no were more about not following you right -- know what what did you know these -- he has died. A few weeks later got that information that he died from the hospital would have from different that we would not reported. Because at that time you didn't do -- -- how long did a lot a well many many hours it was it was well into the night. As a means to make it seem like that would have been me. A breaking story. Wasn't the way you did about them you know I remember the next day out. They don't matter -- don't really do these anymore but there was television station in town of gonna press release and if they had broken stock. And it's you know for whatever that was worth it to me the resembling that part of -- because it's I'm just of the belief that people who have stories by minister for somebody else. That's not breaking story these days somebody tweets of the twelve seconds for somebody else that's not getting it first and it to me. So I learned very young they're getting it first is that relevant again right. Is what matters but the point is it was a date to -- It was you know I was new I was relatively new Boston at -- time like you could feel you know seven years removed from Len Bias and that. You know Celtic fans were going through this horrible. Or deal again where where -- you next well actually in this really strange showing you talk. But I'd really don't remember it that much about it because I hit count them remove myself from basketball since I wasn't playing anymore. I think I do remember the limb by listening because obviously with close to -- me. Would -- leaving the Celtics during that time but what I do remember about that story in my tie in was. In the -- who is the trainer right now for the Boston Celtics. Even to this day was to train their during that time for Richie when Richie was there. And I talked it in -- about this thing he said. I was home. He says I was making. That you say was right down the recipe. In the phone rang. And somebody called him instead. I'm here Brandeis. Raise huge if Richard Lewis and he's right this down here Brad -- Reggie Lewis to the Fed has just died he -- went. He said yeah I'm here right now if Brandeis Bridget Louis they're doing something with the department trying to revive him. I don't think -- on the -- back so the story in different ways with different people has resonated. In it at different times and and I think that was the the closest I've been through when I heard the story about somebody who was personally tell -- Tell me about the story just like me in this really weird. To be so close to history deflect I was at the Boston Marathon and walked away from the first bombing site five minutes now with a bomb went off so. I mean their history is just really a funny kind of crazy thing. It was if you don't remember it it was a very complicated and involves story because it was an extraordinary tragedy. That affected people who knew him or whatever but it became a much bigger deal later because of doctors Reggie had collapsed in the opening game of the playoffs. I was I was -- Norway's statistician by the way that night and I know we got a phone call. And back in the old days you were used to be high above -- you say high above courtside it was a great location you could see the entire record you would hang weren't over. But you he had to get your information often by telephone and people. Like -- my exports running stats of eight flights of stairs and every time now put. We got a phone call after he just I remember it happened away from the ball and Glenn didn't know what happened and he asked me during the there was a commercial break or something and I said he just felt he just fell down and we later got a call. From downstairs saying that he would be literally the quote was he got his bell wrong implication being that just say that he got hit. In this scramble for a rebound which obviously wasn't what happened. It led to big issues with doctors fighting over it -- and in the Gilbert much stepped in and you know -- sort of took over the case and said that this. Very respected group of cardiologists were wrong about his condition that he was OK to play that was fainting condition. And obviously that put him at the spotlight after the death that became hugely dealers that element of it and there's a very big emotional element of it it's going to be examined tomorrow night. On Comcast somebody -- champagne has produced documentary and everybody's talking about he's gonna join us. Right now on -- this is a figure how to push the button which are adjusted. -- when did the idea of doing this first -- you're atmosphere. Actually vote. Two years you're contest or -- started to talk about it because we knew it was on the -- twentieth anniversary but it was really this past winter. Pressure on Christmas I would decided -- You know we really felt like we have an obligation -- on the -- which broadcasts. To him and everything else that it will be critical obligated and honored to be able to people in the position to make this -- so. Discussion -- worry -- started. From the pre production and and -- got to roll and shortly after that. I'm a fan of documentaries I love them I love the work you don't watch thirty for thirty's I'll watch anything because. I'm a fan of history and people most people the cinema broadcast they'll have an over involved -- some times of history trying to. Tally in in real time but I think as time goes by get a greater appreciation for you were very young when that happened and I think we get older. And a moment in time some times it means different things to -- Later what what did you learn in putting this together -- you as a as a young guy when it happened couldn't possibly know. I think -- and I was. I was fourteen years old Reggie passed away and I I grew up in central -- and -- basket. Or attempted to -- and you know I was a big -- so from my perspective. Fourteen. When he passed away and I think a lot of help fix the outspoken. I urge you kind of forget you're the generation that kind of forget about about -- -- -- opera's got. So that was really my motivation behind what it's it's almost a member of the consults and remember all the wonderful things he did do. All on the court and in the communities that the Antarctic where the most is how much. Reggie was revered. Back and he's Baltimore and how much goes through -- there today and how much to look out there. And how much she was ingrained in the community care Roxbury Dorchester and well you know BP in the end and I think it's unpredictable overlooked so you know I think the fact that it's funeral of the largest hero in the history of the C of Boston -- Great volumes of how important it was so the community into about over. He was not that. Number one overall draft panic chosen one from the beginning. And given the city of Boston and how much. Young players and maximize saw it with that group that Al Jefferson and don't want the -- ask group that people just sort of gravitated to and loved watching them. Develop as younger players. And Reggie story is one of that guy that just through sheer hard work he was in the top pick in the draft but he got himself in a position that. He the torch was passed him from Larry Bird. Yeah I mean I think. That's one of the great things about reduce the stories she was constantly an underdog you know from high school do. You're going to northeastern where -- peace and wasn't really on the landscape -- oh he put him there and champion -- being with expanded. You know having overcome a lot about had three future NBA players and as well. And then come into a team that was completely loaded and -- -- about topics -- early victory you know the original Big Three are so. I think it's really a testament. Group who Reggie was partly frustration they need to overcome any kind of adversity will have a the ability. That really speaks volumes for the type of man he was in the third person he was so they're -- -- -- you overcame all. One of the things that's the in this is an especially -- we still think about players. And people who leave before their time itself what -- a big factor is in each. When you when you die young like that and you see. What could have done which you could've done though what could have been done. I think that people for some reason. -- -- seemed like they they there's their sense of awareness is that much more. From Keener and I say that because that's not think about Hank Gathers. When he passed away. Very similar you know situation. Playing basketball. You know have a a a the heart attack on the floor in and dying. Play it was that same chemists amendment that seemed to. You know callow goal with the Hank Gathers thing but I think the biggest thing about -- to me if I look at it. Is not just a tragic death. But the soap opera which surrounded Richie was bigger than anything we only thing -- never remember here in the Boston area. Like that right now might be from the standpoint might be there then this story with the soap opera which is surrounding. In all of these things which cannot come together. Yeah I I think -- you know academic report -- and it probably has been. As Reggie prepping for Amanda is probably the closest to took a huge mass media. Frenzy on this and back then. You know it was a national news story when Reggie counselor bulk -- it was tragic it was a -- his guardian paper. Yeah there's a lot of controversy and a lot of confusion at that time surrounding about. What took place hospitals what took place are seen. Lot of finger pointing them and that's unfortunate because I think that's one of the reasons why we're really a public dispute -- -- That's what people remember most and that's. That should that's part of restored -- small structure or a really great and so yes absolutely but what could actually like that it really just. But wait it happened has stuck with everybody or forty years. We are targeted -- Champaign news a documentary on Reggie Lewis will air tomorrow night at 8 o'clock on Comcast sports net today is the twentieth anniversary. You became close to some of the Reggie Lewis scrambling during these. The filming of this and putting the story together and today. You've got a very instinct thing happening on the twentieth anniversary. Yeah. You know we start our project -- -- you'd ever really. Maybe fully understand the emotional scope or you're about to enter into and it's -- me it's been really emotional because I've been able to get close to the people that work. Our legislature particularly as you know has come back marked as well. Paul and I hope that the states you know honor occur just. Actually being with them today. Earlier say Honda is -- And being part of what -- -- I'm you know there's really moving is really emotional and and you know it's just it's a testament -- them are probably from Boston opera ball -- Brazil produce solid today and you know they missed some it's. It's been it's been it's been eye opening -- -- Antonio how much about in honor and privilege is that. For me you held -- -- befriended them and get. The belly -- and ask your question when you say that about -- he's trained side and I assume you're saying he's buried in Boston right. In the Boston area yeah I'm a little surprised because did you not say he was from Baltimore. And I am a little surprised that the family did not take him back. To Baltimore. For you -- for them to be closer to his site then they would bury him in Boston. Yeah it was it's it's kind of controversial thing it's kind of a surprising thing to me book it's our. You know that's sort of come with a -- our. That's how my -- you know I was in the ball. Guys honest I'm just ask the question that that -- I understand what you're saying but I'm just ask the question it in the almost most -- -- think about it athlete. That they take him leave in some might if they take their person to home they take him home to where it was -- Well I think I think that you know there's that one of the reasons why there was so much controversy. Richard passed -- the I think the difference there's a lot of dissension -- department and I think. There's people who wanted. -- Coca-Cola and and there are a lot of people wanted to to very terrible loss you know and that's what happens you know -- he -- here are often part of this community so. I think around. -- -- To speak upon app but if you watch the film it's total interest in the -- -- the people who are. You know post emerging for their definitely. Expressed or Felix. Have one that they want things Sean said which was very interest and he talked about Obama. His wife. And you detail that she had its strong presence and there's a love of thanks either way when you mentioned her name. About -- And you know you know that they love each other and she loved him. But there's still a lot of layers of stuff that pages that people point -- her one way he either wrongful or right. In you know his passing and even his burial. Yeah I mean. You know to the energy obviously numbers special relationship. And I think that a lot of people do a lot of contractors but once again I mean. It's four of those things where you can never really know what goes on and Ameritrade you know criminal salute and in so. I don't I don't I don't know if there's anything that I can -- throughout but I will say -- -- -- can't argue the film you know this camera is -- -- there and never got its present. Throughout those problems and in its British certificates a tragic situation that is really complicated. Into more and more complicated as the media and digging for answers and trying to think anger people and into -- and -- -- That's why it's an interesting story and report the tragic story is that it's probably could've been avoided and some chances. And you know it's just it's unfortunate here we are here -- -- Birdies are here to defend himself. So fascinating to me that the family is here in town as his mom seen his number at the garden. Hanging from the rafters. Yeah yeah yeah she did this yesterday and then. You know -- his brother in here as well and it's -- has been really emotional and really moving to. Part of and because it's really an -- for them. Have to come here they've been really appreciative and it's been a special bit. And like I'm just described -- You know we were able to be part of the -- and we were able to make this home you know for that reason as he should be remembered all the the things he should remember. When you are regarding her progress up there was a great topic reprimand and others come here and owners there's really partial. Remember Reggie regular store tomorrow night 8 o'clock on Comcast sports net courtesy of -- champagne there was some kind enough on this on the state spending with -- Stanley to spend a little bit of it with us -- thanks -- Sort of pressure. -- they -- look forward to watching that tomorrow listen -- I did I know it's hard saying no it's you know difficult things sort of -- think back on that this is. When a day -- she likes it or know a lot of people still even -- -- Celtic fans years and years later just whenever July 27 comes up and usually not thinking about the MBA at that time. When July 27 comes of the kind of just you know. And is this smacks you in the mouth NC it's difficult thing for the first I'm gonna love. Format to us to talk about it we have not done a great job getting your calls today and we've covered a variety of things and we'll talk about Reggie Lewis -- all summer being retire it would take your calls. In the next segment all leading up to. Our highlights from last five years game we have selected today rush on -- -- five. The Eastern Conference finals in 2012. All that still to come on Celtics -- -- You -- PD that's all I can make up now thanks Adrian Peterson news now. Kick started talk radio for the next couple weeks -- I I kind of get the idea that sometimes it's odd that we're doing the Celtics show in the middle of the summer and that's would. Utility they wanna -- a Celtics shows that access that of course will be a Celtics showed he wants to do we will. I -- more I think about it I had minuses. You know doubts about the idea the beginning but two hours away from. How Genesis away from Ryan brawn away from Alex Rodriguez away from Eric Hernandez away from all the other stuff. Is actually is working out quite nicely and you'd love this -- The Red Sox all year. The best record in the American League all virtually every day the entire season. It's two days they finally fallen out of first place. And now everyone's like all concerned about the rats actions are X nobody spring potentially from 69 wins to be the best team in the remarkably well son. Lose a couple of games the rays go 23 of their last 23 games and now. Although some people describe a woman who wants John that is shown that this -- talk radio is about. Which is why you -- don't hurt. It's about bad news this isn't a good -- give a report could lose to discuss that this. Bad news that's what Esquire are our buddy Michael Felger is done -- did you. Because with them. That you -- harbinger of doom. This thing when you're harbinger of doom -- hit back. -- stuff can you imagine and I began the day today abide by looking down and seeing Reggie Lewis was trending. On Twitter I know that's because she's a Bill -- sort of mention at this morning that's the twentieth anniversary of it. But I I do wonder how a story like this. It was one of the first stories in the Sports Radio error WFAN started in 1987 and IP. And Philadelphia and yeah I started you know -- 1999. He won the action started 91. And it has you know it's for better or worse however you look at -- I'm not. Some lasting never going to be as he organizes it like the way things are now compare this and everything is new it's -- to change to twenty years from now. Everything will be disseminated differently Christian just told us of the story. -- Luis -- trade was broken by Luis Scola is publicist. Tweeting so things change the way information is received his Sammy -- can you imagine we've been. Hal when it about every week every week amassed when his -- that absolutely no question I have the. Not to me asking I don't know if you know that because some of -- they actually checked. And -- -- -- have a tweaking handle what do you call. Twitter handle little Campbell for me right now I am not only you can get to you -- -- Augusta and it -- -- blue chip -- you know and and every time you talk about Twitter. Think about people in -- it's up about. The -- San Francisco plane crash here on the plane crash. And they would talk about people which we've been totals as of the playing as -- gap off. The plane people are now here's here's the thing dictated -- shot. Don't care -- luggage at the -- cracked the day that thing is to get away from the point to what people want and I love this this was the best or. What people actually do the three. Bottles of liquor cut them off the blame. Are you serious. Well I got to draw a line there isn't safe to bring your luggage with you -- when you if you get a great deal on some duty free yeah. Don't let that go to show our shot that just 2.0 what why why survived the crash near the point of surviving the crash if you don't that's right -- why don't you stand in front of me and make sure you get your liquor I'll be over here. While trying to get out of a lineup that's pretty good. You have a time there was Leo we had we later found out. Almost a year later what exactly happened -- 2003. It was an accident at the garden. Then basically we thought was some sort of like gas leak at this time around still freaked out where you're -- half out of 9/11 -- about to go to war -- like march 2003. To nobody knew we know people were still. In -- McEnroe -- the guy out that was always -- every night we get to the building sports Arenas are next list that are going to be you know in for for -- al-Qaeda attacked. And all the sudden this thing happened near the Celtics bench and nobody can -- And that was the difference I think between Max and myself when he came to journalism. As to when that moment actually happened I was trying to via I could read mr. forget how we get here we all -- John the beauty that was actually. You you know. And he do you blame them before because I go onto the back. To this threat to work there I wasn't there and I came back out. In Europe -- but in -- that Mike. Why are you know what is going on here and you'll like don't edit there's something you'd dance. -- That has. Turned out it was a big giant battery explode predatory table maybe that's a good thing we're not courtside and more -- so obviously it's been game at a painfully for. For quite some time I was thinking about how. The Reggie Lewis story would be treated. Now like nobody would certainly hold back tomorrow you literally. People would -- tweeted from Brandeis lonely movies in grant Ahmed Brandeis were cannot Reggie Lewis as I mean there would have been no. You know the wind -- a random phone call coming in to me and me talking to Jimmy Myers in the house calling his Donna. None of that would have happened in nowadays it literally there and you know this there would have been pictures. Of strategy on the court and at Brandeis immediately. And that was period. And that is the and I think again that is the the -- in the absence of that particular time which to me is I'm going to be the old guy here. I'm going to long for because. Who would want to see. Richey or or think of him in that way. In the pitchers that would have follow that situation. People snapping. On his way to the hospital during the collapse. People standing over him you know trying to bring him back you don't -- remember that in and now with the technology that you talk about. That with a bit in our face in our age you know in our contest right now. We've been reliving her very difficult day and Boston Celtics history early in NBA history in human history in the waterways in the tragic loss Reggie Lewis twenty years ago today. But as we're going to do every week we're gonna relive some happy moments from last few years and pick and with some help from you guys who have been selecting different games. Over the last 56 year run for the Celtics and today. And then he never did Hillary's camp post these on -- so the only chances on Celtics have -- to relive some of these games games five and 2012 Eastern Conference finals. That's coming up next Celtics chemicals. British seem very console with -- record as the twentieth anniversary of the tragic death of Reggie Lewis who is who promises we've been reliving a lot of that is difficult day -- that was. We wanted to relive some and happy days of the last of five or six years as we kind of use this timing is this summer to appreciate what was and move on to what's next you talked Chris Forsberg earlier today about. How the roster shaping up at some of the fascinating dynamics are going to be in that locker room but the game we have selected. He is from 2002 Eastern Conference finals if you remember a Max 2011 Celtics lost two games in Miami. Then they couldn't win that fourteenth in Boston they fell behind 31 and obviously lost the series in five. In 2012. They won the fourth game in overtime game that really could go on other ways that was the game they gap they did they couldn't get the previous year. And they go back to Miami. At Tutu and this was the what we said. There are honorable thing to -- this for the Cleveland series against LeBron in 2000 and the Miami series 2012. -- the one thing that the Celtics have as old as they may be -- undermanned as they may -- with LeBron. Is. We don't upside of Rondo and this is the theme you retired by the beginning of the show today and then what he just impossible to predict with this team is going to be. Because when Rondo is at his best. He's one of the best players of the world. Right next. There aren't so you're still you're still there. I'm just listening -- show and I agree a pinch or Rondo is in the I mean no offense and also anybody. He was an all star. He's played well there are a lot of things he's able to do. And women when the big -- thrown. Rondo -- is as you have document it many times when the Rondo does the national televised games. How many times -- he had -- triple to -- The situation was this the series well back to Miami even at two games apiece -- give the Celtics -- -- chance in the Eastern Conference finals remember this is team that was under 500. At the all star break day. Because the Derrick Rose injury got the series against Philadelphia that went seven games. And then all of a sudden with Rajon Rondo and a little help -- very big shot from Paul Pierce late in the game the dynamic of the Eastern Conference finals. Change will talk to you next week on celtics' summer cooler -- Nine series hero in my belief -- to slow down to -- -- behind the back -- best spot going that extra pass. That's the court or get back. Fast fact that it would -- a stronger person up and it definitely wanna -- Brandon -- and been so reluctant to drive in the series pretty aggressive early. He's got woeful Boston point. Hold the office of what was to pass a plus plus go to. But that's what -- -- right -- The the opportunity early you know. James Jones. What about Rondo Rondo schemes that are. Our Summers was falling off out of bounds but when you save the possession -- falling of the bounty Rudolph jobless was deflected right to Miami -- wait for. Around eighteen footer no good offensive rebound as it's -- back without Garnett what. And Garnett -- foul them reach it by Dwyane Wade. -- -- -- -- -- -- The mistakes. The decision making of one of the great players in the game we wade has been. What is there in this series Mike Miller sat in the front tragic past Garnett baseline -- traffic off the ball away from the -- to. -- -- I don't feel won't stop it starts loads it up no good offensively got Kevin Garnett draws contact Lisa as good -- a -- the Celtics. Controlling things -- a defense that bad. Now it's dogged determination and a very ugly first -- continue to go forward and forward and forward. Thank Kevin Garnett could make this a one point game at the free throw line when we return. We get it to me. 202 remaining in the first half of game five and suddenly the home crowd is done by an 838 points to 36. Trying to keep going drive in traffic scooped out the window and it -- and the crowd and finally the Celtics had tied the game with a free throw. For the to go give learned that it. -- -- -- -- It's the appropriate to break this -- sort. -- my thought that. They can get it would be 830 to seventeen run. For the -- with a couple of the team down the time. Here in the lead the free throws. Right down the mental mind game five starts over again. Stories 48 -- -- 39 to build up or psychological barrier that got his feet plus passes. No good if not here's this. The rebound was not a looks feels like a lot of this is closest I've gotten so we've -- Toronto for Garnett got an email -- -- me. Plant stored in the crowd until -- Kevin Garnett could play my game five at the free throw line. He slammed up woeful Florida pinky tip of the floor who. Did you develop but you know given -- they get the kids. They don't wanna -- -- but that wasn't what you want to replay of that. That this bill. Kevin Garnett missed a couple of free throws earlier this game. This woman with a -- game five with a beautiful beaches to go to the can't believe it's in the air bounces then. Game five and even at sixty apiece everything we think we know about the NBA about feet. The Celtics are writing. A -- story. -- against James Jones drawn down the middle sticks to the corner it's only it's a flurry. -- -- And the selflessness make a five point lead into the fourth quarter of game five. Itself can still -- Miami imposing their will now. -- right hand revel in the hatred. We've been good to hear the there's no question but you -- -- talk truth to for a good while we wait Barry -- couldn't -- -- So why don't have to outscored Pitt graduate authority. Wants to play our Rondo the Celtics again. Just when it looks like they're gonna disappear at the rear view mirror. We're in the corner and there they are again only down three. Boston down -- Here's Rondo -- the moral weight scooped it up no good break down Rondo haven't put it back open and wow caught that ball quick pick people up with big fifty -- about the we'll put this back to basketball magical run to a government triple double tonight seven point six rebounds. He was 54 minutes ago the plan deleted 1879. Ray -- for the mortar fired the long jump were still go out rebound the -- not to. Live -- -- are still comes up with us with more than 24 for the Celtics -- the three minutes ago here's a big drive down the middle find Garnett they've got ten feet. The Celtics accolades all rebounded the basketball with the they follow your point the on and look like the ball Winamp but there's a -- also they just call. I think they're -- double technical. Mario tell police one of -- -- Stanford signal to. Is pulling the same one twice. Think that in this I think there's just that typical I think trauma level. Double pieces -- they'll -- me 8382. Miami I want to 41 to go here. He's estate crosscourt dad passed its rail cycle goes to the floor brace saved it appears mixed results but in the corner three and but now Pietrus. Who has shot the ball so poorly in the playoffs sitting in this series. It's got a live update tonight fourteen off the bench for the Celtics as they announce those minutes remaining. Like -- 8583. Wait straightaway against -- The possessions magnified. And -- his role in every time. Driving played in traffic forces what I had found the -- We could go to the board of the I want we've entered the final minute. -- people on the left side against LeBron James. Sizing them up move upwards of three big guys. All hope. -- -- -- -- And Miami is 53 seconds away from going down in the series. 52 point nine on the block. Big game five Boston ninety's Miami 86. Dollars for -- last -- way. Step back behind the three point line no goods rebound Garnett the long. Don't like and the Boston Celtics had done it again. But seeing that refuse to -- now look at the first chance still live blog that the NBA finals. The Celtics have won three straight as they have to bump from fourteen. Mound tonight for just the second time all year and they do it in the biggest game of the Eastern Conference season. The final score Boston 94. Miami ninety. And the Celtics can wrap up their food Eastern Conference title in five years Thursday night on the park today. You know it's con artists and you know situations and things are also you just become -- -- always thinks. -- back up my game gave me a step. -- -- of them are range. The shot clock was torn down and just that the shock you know -- just you know being in those moments how many times. Understand it was team -- and -- on a concentrated. Get to the national forest in about both of us not. -- hustle back up and also reminded him. No I don't know alone is just a good team close knit team. They talk that way we believe we have a lot of positive talk. In our locker room thoughts. And I think if -- us from there on your home. And they don't honestly they they believe that way and then. You know we just got to keep doing it in there we've we've yards 21 we've done nothing. So we're playing they did a heck of a basketball team and so. We didn't register as a -- Boston you know I don't we have to play. They're not gonna give it to us we have to go get it.

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