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Celtics Summer Cooler with Grande and Max on the future of the Boston Celtics- Hour 1

Jul 27, 2013|

In the first hour of this edition of the Celtics Summer Cooler, Grande and Max are joined by ESPN Boston’s Chris Forsberg and discuss the future of the current squad.

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Boston Celtics basketball we've shown in the end Cedric Maxwell. Celtics' summer cooler. Radio WEE. At a certain -- -- -- is gonna start again. Sometimes music just changes the way you think this is great documentaries music and even though it's from before. When I was -- this kind of makes you think about the pastor's obviously we're gonna spend a lot of time doing that had. Two different things I thought we would spend our two hours together. Doing when it comes the Celtics and that's talking about. July 27 2013. And what's going on with the Celtics because for a lot of us do it's it's that time. That you're not really paying attention to what is going on with the roster. It's been such an emotional few weeks obviously with Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett everything changing that. We have this very vague idea what -- store for us in a couple of months and training camp starts but in some ways we have no idea at all and Chris Forsberg me SPN dot com. Is gonna join us in a little bit and just gets caught up obviously it's going to be a lot more time to get into this move closer to training camp started things by. It's -- once in awhile just checking him and as we do that. On July 27 2013. It's impossible as we were talking about -- -- couldn't figure out the best way. To start any conversation about Reggie Lewis until I looked. Down at Twitter as we all do today and Reggie Lewis is one of the top trending topics on Twitter right now which in a lot of ways very sad and a lot of ways. Is is pretty cool and it's like most occasionally getting -- starts I can't believe. It's been twenty years but he feels like twenty years Max and I got to hang out together become. We have those -- our show together in a few weeks we have it popped in a couple of weeks because Max is on vacation last week -- I hear -- is that what you rattling your legal -- full of -- have solutions that is that you watch and listen durable form of that pay the you know that means means it's only now -- 55 minutes left when you where you want you ramble for awhile I kinda important -- -- I have a I have great pitcher right now a great pitcher. Lovely ladies in problem in the electoral law office WWB's. The years Charlotte. And I have the huge picture of my issue with offices is they placed in Canada. -- -- mountains and snow though it's like you're -- flag like menaces. Russia this should be John grant is room. Ten years the place ten years and invited to mount. Ten years you Obama. You'll not do that the -- be the only person of color that is absolutely not the case once in awhile units in the wake -- on vacation so what's the largest somebody wants -- Happened. -- my favorite my favorite part -- my ramblings -- really -- -- a lot of people know this is necessarily. Our thing if we do worry you know word word in a way -- that -- the world so we're not experts and I'm simply saying it's it's a different form that the people who are accustomed to hearing it's obvious that the Red -- thing or compliment him sitting here and mustard does point out Larry Johnson -- like. Do you instantly I've got to go to Baltimore and enjoy in the Red Sox tonight for the game tomorrow. But it was really funny because last week you were here there was some confusion about who was an -- for you and by confusion I mean. Nobody was here for awhile until the that tireless work ethic of John -- god I mean here on it's always one person when when you're there. CU wins senior what's the right go to I almost went to Tampa will be here -- the viewers the funny part about. The text line and obviously throughout the course today you guys know of number 6177797937. Tax line this is -- -- -- plan to get used to giving up these numbers. 37937. Text line. And it was just -- because here I am. Com start to show last week -- well John -- there eventually he'll get there and Max you know could get the next week we continually active Finland for all the I'm so well well. With him but they wouldn't they have for that on exactly from a exit and by more than ten cents a minute for. -- this in mind this is the the really funny part doings shelves and sitting here Mike well. This wasn't really the plan but fine in the room monologue long time to sort of talk about what we wanna do on -- show anyway I'm kind of going on and on and I am. Almost implicitly bored with myself talking or lost interest and somebody texted me this is my favorite part about. The text somebody checks in and says. Would you stop talking elect the other guy talk I mean you must be at love sitting here like this exactly were going to be sent documents over to our. But it's a this is a this is a really interesting day on the writing of levels and later on we're going to be joined by -- or champagne you guys probably pure hard -- Celtics you've probably seen -- name. Over the last couple days in one scene -- name it's because he produced documentary attorney -- Comcast tomorrow night Cologne called remember Reggie Reggie Lewis story. For a lot of us again and it's certainly you can't say one -- when that twenty years you know next year EU's twenty years since coach. And one of those things the old we get this the wartime starts to run together and you can't believe things seemed like pages -- it becomes at 1520 years old. What I'm kind of halfway. Can -- a shot. That the it would be interest. But I'm not sure what words I'd be looking forward to start thinking about. Looking back on -- key in his. It in his party. That people steal. Are fascinated by that time because. You don't hear as much. When it comes to. Len Bias. When people start talking about the dates on that limb bias died. In Ritchie that you always think around draft time and that's when you beauty -- they have that thing okay then blast died around draft time that would that was it. But this -- you Louis thing. His. Legacy or his. Extent or the legend of -- has lived far beyond what I thought it would. This real it must not know. I guess. Attraction towards what's going on it impassable and it really was was used and there was a significant there was a basketball impact as well as the emotional impact thinking later. After Len -- the Celtics were still. You had come off an unprecedented era of dominance you've won three championships in the Celtics were still very relevant. You know for the next several years are still very good it was all very intangible. Reggie Lewis or everyone -- never ever played today and he'd better news drafts in the NBA for 48 hours. Reggie Lewis had been a member of the Celtics were several years he that torch. I don't say it was about to be passed the torch was had been passed he had been named he was the captain of the Celtics after are you -- I remember. And I don't want it to four in his -- like telling stories whenever later on today when movement to this topic full time. -- talk about that day at this radio station because. It was. Arguably could say was the first major story this station was a -- the station was a year and apple way and that story broke and I haven't beat Arabs just out of school I was a young Diane in them there all day all night and I talk about what went on at the station today and I'll tell you who took the actual phone call. -- in team is the radio station that day and now in days before Twitter. Win and just instantaneous news 24 hour cable news. How old stories were disseminated and the idea of not going with stories and -- families who notified and trying to deal with the emotion and and processing what just happened to. An exceptionally talented. Charismatic young guys everybody liked and it really turned into. The story that came afterwards with the doctors and the insurance claims and the issues involving drugs and claims and the counterclaims. It really was a forward to so many of the stories. That we're now accustomed to were everything. You know and so mean. Almost dragged into something bigger and it was a policy that story was the end of the innocence because of course was of course that was before that of course it was biased but it was just a new phase and I think. There was another element that came with it for a long time Celtic fans who really felt. That the league Hannity and for them and was dying to have the Celtics go down to the bottom for awhile. When there was no salary cap relief offer and you look at this tragedy following Len Bias -- seven years earlier. It was a very emotional time on them for Y eighty a variety. -- -- -- Sports fans were about to turn the page now and talk about the prince's. Death -- it. What are your thoughts on the president's well that's what I want should we talked about it in my my big thing about the Celtics right now is that. A look at it in alleged -- We've we people keep talk about the copper BM bear but now you start looking at some of the acquisitions as some of the players Celtics have right now they don't look as bad. It's people they have projected. Specially when you something about the young talent on this team. If you look at you know if you have they hear ye hear Danny Ainge. Occasionally fear Rondo might be back by the beginning of the year when you think that you know wouldn't it would be a a much slower process than you know I happen to as that -- don't think you around in here retell the story -- that. Rondo fourth of July I was having me and I'll give this beach wrong -- this Holtz -- holes to be -- thing. In the near near -- point out south of Boston. And I was just walking down the beach and who do I theme -- Ron those brother out with a grew real cooking. And I was like I do with the passage nor do we favor a call Rondo right now so. Here was called Rondo and I talked to Rondo and I asked my was doing it got a few questions in I think before I lost him but. When the questions we talked about was two questions. I talked about Paul Pierce and Kevin Kevin Garnett leaving those guys -- and Rondo was. He says you know part of the business he says I'm going to miss them. United -- release still cannon is overwhelming not to have them and then I asked him about the president coach didn't know that much about it. He he was. A little like surprise that you know. The situation had happened. And Steve is actually that they head coaches you know finding Rondo. -- his -- because Rondo never really answered the call. So it was interesting way that the two. Pinnacle people with the -- right now coming got together. I love the belief and we do discuss this that are earlier that. I think that the notion everyone's got to look and point to something as being the biggest thing they're looking I think the relationship with. With the Stephen from the relationship will be. Examined closely digest. A step back from and say you know. Rondo has never had another coach in the NBA outside dock workers. And for all the things I think -- did you and I and everybody goes on on about the great things the things that make Doc Rivers. Who he is made -- the coach that. Everybody talked about became one of the coaches over the last few years in the NBA. But that doesn't mean. He was the perfect coach for everyone -- it doesn't mean that he wasn't going to clash with the individual people. And one thing I do know is that with Rondo and -- human to extremely. Headstrong. Wanna be in charge point guard. Types and I for one and fascinated by a variety of things about the -- that is going to happen with Ron knows he comes back from the injury but one of them is. How he deals with someone who deals with him differently than he always had a father son thing with Doc Rivers from the beginning. And listen it's very difficult to be rookie point guard. Playing for head coach who was a point guard in the NBA. Now and now that your. Almost as old as the coach to present coach can picture it becomes no longer. It though father son this like brother brother I think the relationship will be different. Where Rondo obviously. He'll come and -- injury. Him being humbled somewhat. Because of the injury finding out what he can do now physically in what he can't do physically you know before the injury. A vacation elusive with speed over the years basically -- just Wear and -- -- -- -- that happens but when you have an injury now you have to adapt. You might have to adapt your game what is from those greatest asset. That assists but -- his quickness. And it will be affected -- that think that one because early on which of them seemed like Willie Green who was with 76 is who had a knee injury. A lot of dads come out initially and they have a brace on which impedes their progress. Rondo initially is probably the most thought out with some become a brace on his -- And gradually. Gradually elf thing get into a mode where he will be able to take that bridge bridge self. But in the meanwhile you'll see how he comes back. How he's developed that thing he talked about asking was he running he said he was running is rather low buy stationary bike. The thing that you have to do after that the start doing the cutting. And is easier when you were the only guy dribbling the basketball but when it got me to turn or you have to turn him on the defense of him. That's when you get more of a true test of what the -- is to want or what the meat is not to. On the other side of the break room to talk to Chris Forsberg from ESPN boston.com. And he has been doing what not a lot of us have been doing -- -- do you guys -- -- do which really pain hardcourt -- day in day out what to rosters can look like but it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Out of 15 teams in the Eastern Conference is that close to being -- it would give back with that -- you gave me this. What is that two minute break to decide well the thing here I don't decide how long break in nineteen known programs sports update in the air and on the of the sovereign talked Chris for -- celtics' summer cooler. Rules. First of all. The Boston Celtics like. Wow -- that's that's that that that is days that is day and incredible feeling. It it's an incredible honor and and it's certainly flattering. We're going to be hearing a lot more Gary stevens' Alaska once he did a podcast interview check -- WEEI com this week for the first real flavor I think later. If and -- Max and I ever are in the same place at the same time ever again we're gonna do more long ball reform stuff we won't with coach Stevens. Just sheer odds I think it's bound to happen at some point a lot of it depends on death on your schedule obviously like the -- and Dave O'Brien schedule with the -- act. It's interesting to me and now it's become kind of -- street that we haven't been in the same place yet the same time you know probably. Continue that we keep Beagle mix -- -- I'm gonna be posting -- -- year we could've met like in Baltimore we should diabetes you're in Charlotte from Boston right now. Double for the don't think that Jason wants that Jason was one of the listens stationed at all times just taste of what. What what -- locals don't look you have to ask you -- was the ball. All right we're gonna try to get back to I would call a normal it would do in the show for two months of this really know normally yet the later on today and -- is talking mirage on Rondo. Arguably Rondo is greatest game game five of the 2012 Eastern Conference finals of Miami we're gonna be reliving that. We will take -- your phone calls a little bit later on. We are going to spend some time talking about the twentieth anniversary of the death of Reggie Lewis and such an amazing day and really unforgettable. Time that followed shortly thereafter and the documentary come up tomorrow night on Comcast but meanwhile. Meanwhile. As we continue our two for all of the Celtics -- -- beat writers but Chris -- -- so much more than a writer he is today. He's of the video biographer would that be a fair term -- -- I'd like I guess so it wouldn't. -- you know it now in the world digital media if you wanted to show for the notepad like it was done in the old -- which can do it -- -- shows up when these guys he was sticking videos that news conference is posting them online before anybody knew I'd do them before you were all. Instead -- on your iPhone course is doing all the stuff and in covering the team he's been ESPN Boston dot -- guy. Covering the Celtics for the last few years and it's. Truly ban a fascinating time because. Now we've. 045 weeks of the Doc Rivers Sonko sad farewell news conferences -- is Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. And now eventually they'll come a time -- that time is now where you were gonna get the schedule probably the next week or so all of a sudden faced with the fact that. There is an entirely different team and we've all been focused and rightly so on one what is. Now we got to turn to see what is so my question to you Chris is what is there what is this team. I wish I do I mean it's hard to put put a finger on it right they're just so many question mark you can't. Really predict that I think it's funny everyone in a belly after. KG and pierce got treated the -- we're all -- and well which so that the young or Rondo and -- and so under. You know -- maybe if -- good for their for their own period did that maybe they need to do -- taking things in and lose more games get a better draft command. Yes and sucked inside and a little ranking of the 16 teams in the Eastern Conference last week in the permit thirteenth. It off and I'm you know -- -- and Michael McDonough are targeted disrespect this team like just how can you possibly predict. How 36 year old coach -- dot but it never played without the security blanket of T here are gonna react. I don't like it much this is all new world I think it's radical because. I don't a lot about these are not a lot about this even if it -- call it in -- embrace. Well at that seek to me look at it and think it's just day. To me kemba fascinating mix of talent that you have younger town. When you think about Jeff occurring some of the things he's they would do -- who you just got -- a snapshot of the last year. But you know -- you know hurts so much about him. This is the team that it publisher of the cupboard is bare. As you know you'd like to it as most Celtic fans who think about this team and he -- it as they say. That would want to have this much in the far Powell when you think about guys who can actually play the game. Yet evident in the way I look at it there's still that that tight -- Group in public and Bradley it's important to the -- -- those guys were really tight and this and I I don't I don't know if it would -- a new. We're that you're gonna happen this quickly. But there I felt like they have this this sense about and that Iraq are assigned a longer term deal that they were going to be part of the future at some point. It would swap of Batman and you know obviously for -- Ramirez well. I just wonder if -- they've got a bit of -- chip on their children talked to a lot of those guys out of Orlando. You know they people -- tank and players have to say that they do -- is that they're too proud to admit otherwise. But the other -- feel -- respected because you know -- -- And I'm orbit are I don't -- -- the big question marks a big debate they have some in the group. And -- have a lot about the guys on this team this year -- I can Rondo be a leader without that Big Three support system can Avery Bradley make the next Japanese game. It's all about package -- what we saw. Playoff I think the goat droppings on and it probably pretty quickly. -- -- into this you now what did you make you says some it to mean it's really interesting about the Rondo leadership thing and obviously last year. Was the years of the torch was theoretically past Rondell from a leadership standpoint let's face it did not go that well. In the first half of the year but is it possible as I ask a leading question which Irish are allowed to do when you -- talk show is it possible. That leadership. Will be easier for Rondo without the mammoth. Presence of KG a pol and doc ever. Yes I had I think is if you go either way -- you don't have those guys act or your message and becomes a little bit more difficult. What we treasure this whole kind of leadership voice made me see here I think it. I know a lot of the younger guys and we call me on the court at least seven and in -- own -- what it's like -- themselves so. He still has a lot of those guys -- here remember Chris -- on us last year about how -- to go around their house and how they look stops planned in. Just because of what -- already accomplished and the level of player he is so. It's Andy's artists is this people sort major will be maybe it will be easier maybe you will emerge. Huge you probably think about it to here's -- on contract. -- make -- decision is she part of their future you know they get paid big money had to make him franchise cornerstone so I'd. Regardless of how fast he about the SE CL surgery and -- all of a can of worms get. I'd like pierce and Garnett helped take it's like oh. And they don't come back to December January in the -- they keep saying they want about -- earth for opening night whenever he is on the floor technicality it's going to be a chance for in the group that he can't lead. Agility -- a building block for the future. Fierce -- delicate a vote by the way anymore in -- on those rare but by the -- away at it in in this whole thing. -- given advice to a Toronto which you like to do on is Sean would say talk radio this is our show. One thing that's on the do the first it although he's going to be dealing with the intrigue coming back. His limitations. What might be what he can't do we can't do but the first thing he's got to do. He needs to repair his relationship. With the working press. Around him because he -- -- immediate -- those as the -- and I had them come to me. If reporters he threw and the economy and say you know I hate the -- don't don't. You know why he he he doesn't treat -- -- He treats me in -- way and even he was you know I guess you -- it's how much younger players around him like Jeff Green. There were certain things were players that were report to Sidwell. I want to talk to Jeff Green and Rondo said hey. -- don't say amendment simply leave him alone he he he -- about that. So. Rondo is going to yet there was one thing that he's going to have to do outside of basketball. That is going to be to repair that relationship and he's Smart enough to do. It because he's coming back off this entry. He's going to Meet the Press may be a little bit more that he might be Q wood so that will be my my advice to -- palace that now talk to. Yeah like CNET and and you remember Russia when they originally brought back -- door and I think that was a big part of it was so you'd have that force in his -- kind of steering him. In the right direction and yeah it will they haven't got a guy like pat who can make sure he's in it to go in the right pass and talk in the right. Wiz a guy I mean what -- -- pull -- who is the gap right now they can talk to Rondo. That you looked on this team that you say okay Ron those -- with the other was Perkins at one time you would think bit. Jason Terry -- says something to him occasionally Paul Pierce or Garnett. But now look at the roster of all the younger players on this team. When Rondo is wrong who is going to be that one guy who's on the step up into his grill and say no. That is not the way we're going to do it that's -- not that's not a team way for us. Doc Rivers with a bit the guy so now this is why their relationship with the new coach and Rondo is going to be that much more fascinating because. You don't have to have somebody who's gonna pull the reins occasionally where Rondo. Yet I was in the door to judgment by the I initially slogans now you're you're paying it -- point one million dollars from the vehicle or I try to coach him. What all the baby sitter but he is going to be -- got the most experienced guy really on this game. He probably needs to earn some of that money by arguing that ball and yeah -- -- it's not part of the typical contract by. You know he might be a good veteran presence you know he's well traveled well respect -- opera but -- he can't get to Rondo and make that a priority early on. But if you're not playing. As Bogut would probably be. -- respect factor there isn't as high as when you have a guy on the floor playing with -- The people like to say oh you got this guy make but if that guy is not on the lower. You have a tennis these -- he's not involved in the gains as much as you might think. I remember times when you know later on my career away when I didn't. Maybe missed a couple of games and didn't play because no no injury but just be an older and not in the mix you almost feel alienated. From the team because you did not play in May gain -- don't feel as close to they gain. As you might think you. Both are now. But it -- that but the bottom liners like it's on him to show that he can be a leader. Again and I think that's a story -- -- I don't buy into the whole hype of whether. -- get around and get along with Brad Stevens about how to overblown -- not what you want to Jeff Green and asked if he was OK with the coach you know it's I understand we we we sort cater to the superstars no wonder what. They're thinking about it. I think you can get along just fine with the -- and get the chance that maybe they'll blow up for one reason or other. -- at least get cancer. -- I would ask the one question in this is my leading question it'll explode as usual. Oh here's my question them pose the question you -- Is give me -- -- to go yes or no in in in this quick here. Paul Pierce would you are you gonna retire his Jersey as Celtic. Look at Kevin Garnett when he retires yours is Celtic. Ray Allen we you retired after -- Celtic. -- -- it out there right because he's got this. Really got the wants to get other final yeah. Blah blah black in. Mean is much of the culture is much to their six. -- No no absolutely because -- -- -- the residents may well you you couldn't win without a culture and insists that's pretty much will be the same thing you could limit James -- you could've won him which you wouldn't you knock on the -- when he wasn't a one of the Big Three you have you you just use the standard. Then there's clearly a pecking order here and I think they raised number again that would every -- messed up which retired numbers. No offense -- that the standard is different that you have to and eventually I do believe -- number we'll go up and I believe there is the difference. And Chris is he's he's making implication -- Thursday. That was upon your separate entity but I don't think you can compare Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and say they are on equal footing when it comes to having their. Well you know you got one guy who obviously -- at one to bestsellers of all time yes. But you got Blu-ray Allen who is going to be in the record books shock of all Kennedy's -- and and and look at this way here you're -- that they. Ray Allen. He liked him don't like him. He shot against Miami his shots against when he was with the Celtics. Has changed the history. Of a professional basketball. This -- to legacy really is -- legacy a different players yet. With the -- you audit. So while bout with skull that was goal. I guess you're a regular -- at that drove the ball parade and we you know what you you'll have you're gonna have time to be because. The Paula KG at the finish their careers and Paul's number goes up paying Kevin's number goes up. And Max you and I are gonna be having this discussion about whether or not raised -- should Golan. Both 35 years from what I was in the early -- So here's the thing if the rail as well -- them is you as you would say he's want to be a first round hall of Famer first ballot hall of Famer right. OK I don't know thought about it here if you if if you're going to say. If he's that great of a player and has changed the history of the MBA and different way just look at the teams out there. Milwaukee is not -- retired mr. -- then it was Seattle will not retire ministers. -- at Miami will not retire his Jersey so his jerseys boy he's on the go into the hall of fame. What team has the head that that the best. You know actual success well. It's going to be with so things. My Marino on the -- rate -- which. Doll. Chris a couple things where let's go first of all since -- question you can answer who's the starting center on opening night. I don't know that's important quote that -- feel like yes that's why every week we have the gold -- the ray Allen's number being retired because nobody knows who's going to be the senator opening night there's a decision on Shavlik Randolph for the college -- this week. Yeah out -- himself and got a big Turkey and in another part of Buick you think there's there's got to be move bacon bacon and I don't know that. Swallow hard on some water make another move on and obviously gotten it in the well let her advice here are our -- I'd like bouncing Courtney Lee that -- bigger numbers that. Are at positions that are logjam right now. -- of a million -- is is is it really caught an austerity he'd be good rebounder -- seen -- in bite size chunks. I just don't know I mean it -- it would be ashamed they couldn't carry guys respect. A bit -- -- into the skill set you know obviously the roster crunch on here and the deputies -- We're about to get to your phone calls we can talk about Rondo we talk -- roster composition regard by the trail thing if you want. Later on we're going to be talking of the documentary on this the twentieth anniversary of the unspeakable. Tragedy of the loss of Reggie Lewis Chris what do you remember about the day. You know also brigade from it was well then you know -- everything to speed up. My dad taught ever about on the Celtics and just -- like hop -- his hand and nothing in my dad are the vote veto would like pat did and it resonated with may. But -- -- respect that's apparently how old we your time for the Celtics obviously that that Big Three era. Looking for the next China got is -- about their Jersey. And indeed brown wanted to dunk contests in 91 but he wasn't going to be the guy. Remember that there reductions this cute in my in my like junior high. These have 35 scribbled all over his notebooks and -- -- -- -- -- will be like you know I think really get that would what I was bit stupid bad -- and -- What Michael Jordan to do good and you know what -- perpetrated Danny Ainge to Sacramento like I didn't have my Jersey at a board. -- just without no doubt it was hard for me and then you know years later would resonate with it go back and watching it and speaking about everything just. It really is it's inevitable that alum meaning Jacqui column yesterday now. It'd -- just like our. You know you're Jordan again and the guys who. A lot of as younger kids were were gravitating toward that point talk about how good -- what -- or block scheme. And -- is it it just so I can't imagine what it was like Burgos to regret it and understand it about them just then it's really hard -- -- Max likes to talk about the on guard the -- shot in the NBA which that fade away and nobody ever did apparently in Jordan and Reggie Lewis blocked that shot twice. In one game during that season as the game that that Jackie wrote about. Chris Forsberg we will -- do this again -- throughout the summer and now before you know it will be. Talking about Shattuck Randolph and Chris Humphries Keith Bogans and MarShon Brooks and the -- and the new look Celtics who think startup. It is it's going to be funds going to be different it's going to be new and you're gonna oval. Let new people to be a video for four as a at a I got my batteries also. Chris authorities and I think that Chris Forsberg from ESPN boston.com. Follow him on on Twitter it is that you know he used and you. -- Probably -- the ones myself nice you don't normally do that but you know what. And learn and learn continent -- on that you could be -- Doug lying yard deadline -- go to engineer right now this phone comes about yes absolutely well. Look -- who would you maybe go you Doug -- though would you like me going for disarray in the semi which one do you want. Believe it or not that is not going to be -- last reference to -- its horrendous on the show and this afternoon because little bit later on the city's gonna talk about July 27 1993 and Chris Forsberg who was. Too young at that point he was in junior high school. I was just out of school and I was out stations today you know happened that it was one of those days didn't even if you're between two years old whenever you're going to. Remembering forever apartment that we get to Reggie Lewis but. We'll go to your phone calls next 61777979376177797937. It's all fair game up to the top -- the hour -- talk about you know the run the thing -- -- -- is something that. Is is the hot one it's the question of which direction -- was going to go. You want to weigh in on the rail thing -- got time got five years I think to discuss it but that's all fair game as well. As Celtics summer called rolls out. On the mater Boston Celtic. From Brooklyn that. You know that's what it is right now means business. When we all have to move it move more than. You know you're trying to create. Some kind of legacy here Brooke. There's always some rain hits -- Iran about people cheering at a news conference and north kind of stupid old school but it always sound so hokey to me. When needs to collect the hard boiled assembled media and people breaking out. And applause so we've heard that sound the last couple weeks so we're letting us know that's become official this week that we told you about on draft night which is at the Celtics and nets. Will meet twice in the pre season no -- of Boston Brooklyn usually -- There's a lot of neutral site games I don't like a -- -- gradual but these are games are actually going to be. This couple games of Boston -- let me be against the nets in the game at the Barkley -- ourselves to like but you and I'm actually -- -- There's -- I mean I'm going in my opinion there's no way. Pierce and Garnett. Played in the game boss well I'd be surprised I wonder how come I hope they'll calm guy. I wish they did not have their game because he won't Paul Pierce and Caroline is showing up. Before he regular season game. In the meaning behind it is so much greater community in that situation and coming in and they pre season game -- bouncers -- if they'll play. But two for them to come in the building for pre season game. With the height that it you don't eat you don't get the respect factor there that think Paul -- took it about this you know Paul Pierce is planned during the exhibition game. Do you run the run the championship on the Jumbotron. You don't want I'm almost positive who want to happen there's a lot of people get very upset about it like you know your reaction and he is and isn't normal reaction. For people Warren who don't know the pre season schedules are set year and sometimes years and of it you have like multi year deals it's almost like a college football. Partnership in some ways you just trying to come up with the most can do more to us on this that -- the left on the phone line the the exhibition games with everything they're not schedules not -- -- bad stuff that gets released there they're pre season schedule where I can I can tell you some things. I delays in the -- the record if you telling Bynum -- -- -- I want to see what would you like tearing your first BC news this this fund is Max doesn't -- -- -- about to tell him. So you guys are going to hear his reaction to it SI talent lives crippled and alas no. Now over the last destitute the pre season over the last several years. I know -- -- -- throw well the Celtics the last several years. For a long time as long tradition every Celtics game was on the it was for about 25 consecutive years every game pre season regular slow -- -- so when they made the deal. But over the intercom for whatever reason one of the things that got dropped from the deal was doing road games in the pre season so for the last two years in -- and travel you've missed. There was gain some crazy place and have -- -- taxes and think it was. Starting this year all pre season games once again be broadcast so therefore -- are we going to Montreal. Max will be going to in Newark Delaware. This year. He's making an appearance in some brand new places the entire. -- appreciate your schedule come out waiting on a full schedule things and things like Kevin Garnett strip by the way to Boston Paul Pierce coming back. These are the reason. And still some free agent. Things to happen in Washington to shake this is why the schedule has -- later and later career -- national TV wants the lineup and put those games. Ever since team and he got the Thursday night exclusive that's sort of made the schedule little more complicated. To put together and -- -- for example that is a big it would Doc Rivers goes back to Boston Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett while -- -- while the Celtics displease some kind of exhibition game vs clippers. If you wanna set that up to it but anyway my point being if you don't know. They're set up regionally. So that the Celtics in a perfect world you don't want to travel to Texas you don't -- travel to California the pre season although you gusted right. Back in the dating to put the lakers did in the in the pre season and I slightly -- extraordinary ways. Why -- played them twice back to it he'd love this back to back. In Los Angeles we played the lakers to back to back exhibition games there. I'd gotten on -- drums seem odd than what these things that. -- you're you're you know that your opponent but that was in the weird the the play them one night. In LA and -- the next night in LA Guillen playing the same team. It was just really categories Texas demand asking about whether the NBA can impose fines for withholding players this goal Gregg -- -- -- happened last year it's going to be some big stepped into its very Dicey -- later and it's certainly -- not apply it -- usually -- this is the only -- Ray -- to explicitly that -- -- -- -- going -- -- well in the -- on the you know that don't -- 61777979376177797937. We've been talking a little bit about Rondo not so much Steven Tyler Chris -- guided to some some interest staying issues we have as well about. The Ron dole locker room and obviously he's the focal point and it's almost as if you know how this goes -- everyone is looking at Rondell 95%. Off the court and you mention the way he treats the media and you mention the way he's gonna you know run the locker room in the younger players and leadership. And very few people are talking about the fact that this is a player. Coming off a devastating injury who's gonna have to take some time. I don't think you know who knows Rondo may play anywhere in the waning baby back earlier than other people think -- he wants to come back but that doesn't mean. You're going to see Rondo as we know him. For awhile it's going to take a while. And I think -- he's so much has been thrown on the shoulders because well everyone's going to be watching everything he does off the court what he's just trying to get himself right in -- court. Glimpses of snapshots of all that and I think in particular when you have an injury and I just -- a a partial tear of the cartilage. In it to mean. -- year. Released it to be confident. A -- in what I was going to do. No major knee surgery like Rondo obviously it's a different time the healing techniques all these things. You know have advanced so much further than when I play one night you know had a injury. But steal from a basketball standpoint if your play here. To get back and understand. What you're able to do in peak on opened it. And what you week -- elections remember always so Kevin Garnett who was after he had is the injury. And had the surgery on -- the and it took another man's it took Kevin Garnett almost a year and a -- -- Two -- to show glimpses. Of being confident. And being able to elevate it do the things he was able to do before so I think that's why it's going to be fascinating to see where Rondo. -- falls in on that situation. You know I get both I again -- -- things on the station about the Celtics what's coming and you know what. It's we've had we've been talking a lot about the last 56 years and everything we've got to enjoy. Coming up later this one of things are gonna be doing here every Saturday at this problem issues of reliving some of the great race and appreciated in great performances. The until game game five we're talking about against Miami 2012. And we're gonna listen back and -- remember how spectacular was in the you know other level about the view in my position right now radio why -- -- and even -- -- you'll love this you'll of this. The fact that I don't have to see you -- meals looks like rituals. -- -- -- It. You can yeah if you give me death charges -- like throwing live games yeah yeah I thought that are there -- -- some guys have run their view -- -- stays of from Libya where you can't see the gamers that. You give them that low. I can imagine what count looks I'm getting right now when I discounts. In the I just wonder what -- anyway if the situation Johnny and he -- putting cigarettes out on people he had obstructed view seat belt when. I we have also been talking about this being the twentieth anniversary. And -- story about -- talk about it in the next -- because. Big documentary coming up tomorrow night on Comcast's. Honestly commemorating -- marking this twentieth anniversary. And though we all kind of remember where we work -- -- happened and and I just happen to be reached in place but I guess about. -- -- phone call at this radio station Reggie Lewis and twenty years ago today when the Celtics were -- continues on the upside.

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