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Scott Lauber, Boston Herald, joins Mustard and Johnson to talk Red Sox heading towards the deadline

Jul 27, 2013|

Things have gotten a little rocky since the All-Star break for the Red Sox and they have fallen out of first in the AL East. Scott joins Craig and LJ to pinpoint what the Red Sox will need before the deadline which could include adding a bat to the lineup.

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Well they had more days in first place than any team. In the AL east is the opposing general manager might say Red Sox for the first time in two months 61. Days to be exact. Are in second place in the American League east here to assess that and what's gonna happen from here on out four days away from the trading deadline are Red Sox corresponding also had little gig over there at the Boston Herald. His name is Scott -- how you doing today Scott. Are you pretty go to well you put it best in your rough piece today it's not necessarily the Red Sox pitching that has. Generated most of the -- over the last. Nine or ten games it's the the -- -- the gone south. Yeah it sure isn't and and work five days away now we're days away helping the trade deadline and it seems like. The Red Sox focuses in on upgrading their pitching you know maybe it's time to look it's not such a little. Bit because the last nine or ten games that they see teams with the pitching. Aaron good pitching can beat good hitting -- -- come up pretty small against the is being accused the reason the Orioles -- -- -- pretty decent pitchers that come into its. Well during -- -- -- that's not good luck a little -- is that way -- scored two runs or three runs or less. In particular and the shutout streak I'm glad it means. So just not a whole lot of scoring and John Lackey didn't pitched great last -- by any stretch but. You know I eat in -- horribly in the end and again you know our support no margin for error in. It's not -- -- -- -- pictures to let you go about their -- -- there are any immigrants. -- is this. Part of the normal. Ebb and flow all the 162 games or do you see a disturbing trend. Coming together here. I think part of it is is that normal ebb and flow we really haven't seen that -- sense as the -- growth would -- the same time. Because that's the Torre was saying -- spread rapidly in a lot of times he has no what are you guys who weren't cold and and then the rest of the club picked -- proper you know someone's always. Doing something that seem like other than Mike Napoli no one's -- anything right now offensively they're kind of all the fun. And so I think you go through that throughout the course of the year and got a credit some of it to the the pitching that they say. But from other than Oakland series race for the all star break I was kind of thinking you know that was the first period while -- the release -- to lose that got shut out there and make it be -- Parker -- -- -- -- to return and they lost to Cologne. And I start to think well is this is the currency. So you know we've got to watch. Good good pitching lunatic and shut them down and we sort of smooth them -- play itself out over the last week that app. You know he didn't do much against Kuroda with the Yankees the other last week out. Obviously more price pitched great against them this week apparently Chris -- it's that last night. So what it was the pictures begin to grow. That bad except in there and sort of got to look and say well. It's like a simple but maybe they have to -- the left side of the infield right now not doing anything offensively clean -- and true. You know maybe that's an area that they're gonna have to look to work to do something with what they're internal work. Or -- for repeal. Scott knowing what you know about the team. In the -- they crawled out of thank you Magic Johnson. At this point and trying different where you. Would you stand pat because you don't wanna give up any young talent or would you trying get a PV. And well you know about a month ago I wrote a column saying stand pat and and that was prior to. Well a lot of the injuries he suffered mostly within the pitching staff. So I get -- be consistent with what I wouldn't let much get I would I would look we're standing pat. By. Circumstances -- treated a little bit. I think that they're gonna be something I don't think it's going to be anything. Overly significant. I expect to be a blockbuster think sort. But it wouldn't surprise me because you can get an arm. And like -- -- tell me that it goes to get a fat I know Michael Young will be available I was talking something last start over the Phillies. Are really expecting to try to return that so the Yankees gave up her Soriano is that unable. Pitcher and I think that they are sort of come to the reality that the problem not think it any wonder that from likely you know if he's out there -- it would help despite a little bit. Think -- of the smallpox. What that you're not in the seat in due time I'm on board which is completely is you're not -- trade. Any of the pop prospects that they cut -- so marked a popular enough people in the organization and say what it does not work it. But the trade deadline if he can help for two months. And -- Certainly don't want to give up I think is that you think are your future and -- complete stop without will be the next great Red Sox well into -- and Eric Mangini and net foreign. And present work is these guys are all guys basic part of the next great Red -- and so I hope that you're gonna eat them. Tripoli any of these prospects that we talked about so much I think you're gonna see the dissenting note that we Europe so our. I wanna -- minor but you know they're gonna get a piece -- think can help them in the short term or not such a great. Sacrifice. -- -- -- -- go forward from there right you can -- a lot of upsets in the group they have. So I think it'll be kind of a minor field sort of so small hole and there have been not what they get an internal contributions from from people -- at the way it. You're an interesting piece in your -- notebook column today Scott about how are a possibility of moving Bogart's to third political Lacey is back to shore obviously drew. Plus -- will be a short one here in Boston. Do you see that. Happening sooner than later is that something down the line. Well it lots -- -- auto as far as I'm concerned without thinking about -- folk art in bay. Physically look alike. Eight this circumstances. Of the traveled a lot last year could parallel. Something that Bogart's. -- sit here and in the in the near future I don't know her first I got back ago that they haven't really considered over just yet. But -- he is hitting the ball fairly well in AAA and in future years. -- a lot quicker well a lot closer than the ones fire so. You know again I think every time you what's been -- Charlotte from any sort and the folk arts and and to me. The -- situation bears watching almost as much even more than what they do with the trade deadline that the guy who. You know maybe you can plug in your life in Haiti does help you you know which are those that. In Europe -- that the Orioles called mop and the main reason they called mop it. Its days as they really needed to shore up their defense at third base Mark Reynolds is not a very good they're based in sensibly. I think you also some injuries this time last year so they -- OK let's take the -- know what I'm twenty years old slight -- -- Let's put in the third base he's using natural shortstop Korea in the minors but him at third base where we know he can play good defense. And you know whatever he does that with the fact -- opponents. And it turned out which are looking at -- a -- with -- in the final months of the season last year they were it was so. And they play out and he was a big part of that -- there was an all star a year later. See you look at -- and you say well if you come up he would probably not play third base. I'm not sure the Red Sox could be doing it for the same reasons they they're probably in fact would -- A small defense as regrets in the air he's probably not as -- He certainly that is that the that the players are basically it's. For almost even through shortcomings they're very happy with the defense are the church short of the potency and a little bit of a step back. Effectively. They'd be calling about because they were hoping that -- people give -- something -- back. I don't know that they're ready to make that kind of a commitment. But you know as -- and August in the -- keeping get closer to an end. It's going to be worth watching to see whether they feel like poker -- with -- and give them a bit of control. In the -- and it is September help. Tell them. In some way shape -- form. Into the policies and I think that they're watching I think the situation that it's getting closer and closer to -- to a conversation that they're gonna. Scott I'm sure others certain things you -- he has certain things that you hear are off the racket that you can't even write a power. But I'm curious if you getting any eye rolling or any comments are whispers are -- ask you to pro people but. Off the racquet about the -- -- situation. Well I you know I I think that certainly frustration that that's growing. There's an injury that they never -- you keep them out for two plus months. And now here we are today is the last time there was -- -- -- You know I know that it an ideal world Brandon Workman right now would be pitching out of the bullpen and that it will look at him. If you can help shore up an area that they feel like it used areas we missed. That can't happen because they -- not that your. You know the injured examination revealed in what sense that. There's nothing more than inflammation in there which. Is what their doctors have been saying all along the the same time. Injures apparently it's Oakley Buchholz that you know you you've got to sort of. Not that -- Kuwait back because he's certainly not doing -- that you guys who are with you both for your long arts program that we need gap in ninety feet and it doesn't feel you don't feel anything you've got to keep that. More you got to continue to repeat that activity. Forty get out of them so maybe he progressed from one state to another. A little bit too quickly whether that was him whether it was the team I think it was accommodation so there's a lot of frustration that the whole thing. They do remain confident that they're gonna happen back this year. But you know to question -- about our and they tell him what he does come back. And how much they can get them back for right now you're you're in like 45 start them hope that that's ever refer. No more -- start to be in the August early September that's not a lot of art so I you know I do think that there's some frustration here because. He didn't think it would go this long. And here we are and as bill is the way we look at it means you're not to get -- back for the in the pocket. So that's kind of their and at that -- that you optimistic that -- You know and this is also hit it to me it's emblematic of what is what is the goal for this year are they all land to make the play -- To actually make a push for World Series championship is. Really what they're doing it seems like they're selling low expectations of their Fenway Park they want to remind you this is the team of the future not the president in spite of the fact they spent 61 consecutive days. In first place I've never in my at least the last twenty years ever experienced anything like it just they keep in this bar. Incredibly low Fenway Park. You know I mean there's the sense that hey look we're we're we're happy with the C to work outperforming even -- and expectations and and let's enjoy it let's enjoy the the directors seated and -- what -- wouldn't bring respect let's keep our eye on the ball which is long term and wanting to be good for. For a long well you know I do think that there is -- sense even internally that. And -- We have a lot better than we thought we would and we thought we'd be better than. You know the Red Sox internally but it be better than most people give them credit for coming out of spring training and so you know I'd open that it's fair to their surprise -- But I do think it's fair to say that it exceeded even their own. Expectation then they they looked to see this sort continue people look to see up. Up. Play out put up spot this year but the think tiger -- new art this year those common with house money because they've already out out out pace whatever it was but it was yeah. No question throughout last question from me quickly. Is a -- -- being punished in if not why he's still down it. Well you know it's it's funny because it's. It into their -- right so he's got about a hundred or so at that little more than that and and the results have been OK I mean they've been better but that hasn't been great with a -- -- and it's still very low still. And still hasn't you know it's not exactly. It in the internationally by storm. I and so you know you talk to people in the organization that like well he's making progress but we just one -- Keep -- going in the right direction so there's been no there's no push to bring him back out not immediately at least in correcting papers. I don't know what they expected more from him in this in the month but he's been down there at a really good week it or consecutive games. What you're seeing him back here I think probably August might yet. But you know again he can't they're not they're not rushing him back up part of the pathetically cute until the last two weeks was still hitting ball really well so now that user. A bit of -- maybe they'll look to middle looks a little sooner. I don't think he's -- unexpected opening -- exactly. -- in the world -- -- All right good stuff as usual Scott will live -- downed lines Scott thanks for coming on. Yeah all right Scott Glover over the Boston Herald everything you wanted to know about the Red Sox right here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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