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Mustard and Johnson are satisfied with Bill Belichick’s comments on the Hernandez situation

Jul 27, 2013|

Craig and LJ talk about a busy week in Foxboro with training camp starting and Bill Belichick stepping to the podium to address the Aaron Hernandez situation. LJ can’t understand why Belichick was expected to elaborate on the Hernandez situation.

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Our number two it's mustard and Johnson all the way to 1 o'clock and it's celtics' summer core I imagine Max and grandy will have some comments. On the twentieth anniversary of the death of number 35 and your program number one your hearts Reggie lewis' number was retired many many years ago justifiably so after the tragic death at Waltham. I believe who's playing in jam there I remember it well. And we are talking a little bit about that but we wanna switch gears as well and a reflect on what happened down in Foxborough this week as Bill Belichick act much of -- surprise of many including yours truly. Really did for bill bella check as best as Bill Belichick can do not exactly. The most expansive the Gary you'll as person of all time. Did his best in a opening statement. Arm to. Speak about Aaron Hernandez and the patriots philosophy and policy. Toward players who do have. Some transgression of issues in their past. I thought it was on characteristic at least for the public ballot check. I thought it was refreshing I thought it was. Certainly surprising. And that he was important for every patriot -- to hear what Bill Belichick had to say he was typically invasive afterward a lot of the questions but I thought the opening statement. Was actually essential for the pictures to move on where. For a straw a totally it it it was absolutely -- at this week -- paying way via human hand. Before College Station before what happened four -- business out. Well Gary took the I totally disagreed with totally disagree with. Ballot check as the coach of knowing the patriots if he had just come -- said well you know we only talk about the players on our team and everything that would have been totally insensitive. In ridiculous. His craft and had done before him. He was a player on the team emotions were running high about it questions and the like. So everybody was waiting with great anticipation to see how Belichick was gonna come out and handle the situation in his usual dry. It is what it is a mark on talk about it or was he gonna do something different and much to my surprise. And he came out and he was a brilliant in my opinion I gave him an eight plus. I'm he did not read from a manuscript is some people are questioning I know this goes off to -- do any sort of speaking you can have bullet points. Other thing is this in I don't understand this either with callers are with media people who in most instances -- gone on to college and fairly intelligent and understand things. I honest to god I do I I I cannot grasp. Why people cannot grasp. That this is a criminal investigation. Ongoing about a person unfortunately. Who was murdered I I I don't. On to steam and power anybody thinks you're supposed to come out. In just dot answering all of these questions and get into great detail and stuff I swear to god I I I I just. We're -- Deloitte passed away he gave his condolences to the family and the like and. People want more more more and I do not under stinging and why people don't and -- and this is an ongoing. Murder. -- and possibly even more than one victim in you just can't come out and start spouting off what you think what you know. Even -- at removing on it's not that he doesn't have a lot to say it's not that he doesn't connected know something. It's a criminal. Case people that it might move into the civil our courts is some point you can't just that spouting off the Amal. In saying what you saw what you'd know what you thought you start next thing you know. You're down at the police station giving a deposition on something I I'm shocked I I am shocked. The people of you know alleged intelligence could not understand that. You just can't come out is that winging it in just giving your opinion on things on an on going. Hey he's a -- ballots are addressed it. -- as part of its share which honestly asked to record amount of swap -- and he said you know denote. It is something we're looking into shark that he admitted that much. He can't talk about it the players they can't -- upon it it's an ongoing investigation. I -- ballot check was brilliant I cut the guy I showed. Sensitivity. In it -- and I try to get the best he courted. And I for the life of me I cannot understand. How people are reasonable intelligent. Don't understand it's not about a fourth and true it's not about a fumble it's not a bar running and how to. This is a murder investigation and none of these people myself record we're not in nobody's trained. To stand up parents died giving answers about the such a tragic situation. Cannot. So I I'm just Tanya my opinion. I was very pleased with the patriots and ballot check in the team and how they handled it. And I I -- I was very disappointed -- some of the media members in and Collins that I parade. Who were not satisfied and they wanted more I I do not on the steam and why you do not understand. It's a criminal. Case the have a quick observation I wanna make and I haven't -- -- my job is at the same time Craig simultaneously. Hernandez was an -- -- court -- for a hearing on. And when the case was gonna come -- and the like. And it is something I noticed that I didn't notice before -- him in drawing a lot attendant noticed things. -- know series for a lifetime drama are now behind -- while unfortunately. But you noticing his left eyebrow he had to was three. Hash marks cop into his left yeah eyebrow. And I looked up on Google and they said it might be gang related to army victims. You've killed boy up. Just or some -- whether or not you belong to a particular group. Com with in the air I have no right here about that but they were not there before and vivienne now. In the other question I have is. How would he have access. To win every you would have to have to do that. Mean when access rays -- what -- what would you have you -- you you know we've had this discussion in the past -- more concern for the stats and -- some of the well I got I that's what you did not return our missions that route not just at now like I think again. Humility was certainly not that pitcher when news -- coming back out and the fact that he did that -- message whatever it is I have no idea or I'm just trying to say. I iPad Pallet Jack I thought craft I thought the whole nature organization. Did their best they Kuwait under a very different -- situation and nobody uses completely I've done depositions -- fourth. In a hold on TI every word it's a big big difference between you're giving an opinion. And now you're standing up there with a stenographer. And people are writing down every word you know it's a big. Difference I thought they did their best job they could. And I think it is time to move on and talk football it's unfortunate tragic situation in Iraq more pieces to fall. But I Dickey did the -- -- and I for the life of me I don't understand what people would expect you to say and in an ongoing murder case Craig I don't understand and. Very worked up about because I don't understand it got slightly at the mouth that I debate people reasonably intelligent well these reasonably intelligent then I told your forest. I don't I was -- busy rating from -- manuscript he wasn't reading probably manuscript and all that for a fact yes I do. Yes I deal. -- -- -- you know that I just have to reveal all my information I'm just telling you right now are being kinda early work the president because it's unbelievable that people can't grasp. This is they murder investigation. Do you understand Matt. You can all you can only come out and say so many things and you ought to be very careful how you phrase things I just. But the life for me I don't know what they wanted to got to get weapons I. See we had this discussion last week and you wanted bella checked to address that and I -- I didn't necessarily. Have any desire to hear what Belichick had the sake its effort to many of his. News conferences and I and I thought that crafty -- so. Refreshingly. Candidly was unbelievable. Unbelievable how. Honest Bob Kraft was about being quote unquote duped and having her man is quote -- -- he is. Buttons. I love the candor that Bob Kraft brought to that conversation couple weeks ago. And obviously candid is not bill Belichick's middle name why he said for Bill Belichick act was surprising to me. And surprisingly. Effective whether or not you can go beyond that I think all the questions directed a ballot check after that Belichick went back into his usual being all right -- I can't answer. Them I don't know what people don't understand you if you have information and you coming out is that the unfortunate. Incident of the other night when -- lowered the young lady from South Boston it was brutally murdered I'm just devastated my prayers from opera gramley. In the alleged perpetrators are -- if he is the same person. The authorities had information on him to a three years ago Indy should have been apprehended to -- -- was it. Now -- that might leave from legal ramifications that you could have taken this guy off the streets. And you didn't -- no -- I'm just trying to tell you. Did equally as promised several. Legislation. Not legislative from a several point of view or from just a criminal point of view. There's certain things that you can't come out and say unless you wanna be sitting. In and got the -- staging giving out information and being interrogated. You can't tort. So it's not dodging people's questions what I don't people understand. You can't. You'll -- I think what people wanna hear and route we all want -- the -- gonna get -- all right. I'll be hesitant to do with intelligence I think people want to hear what -- checks policy philosophy his strategy is when it comes to drafting. Personnel acquiring -- -- free agency. Does character matter does legal entanglements. And obviously Hernandez goes beyond quote unquote legal entanglements. Why do those matter you are they gonna play in the two. The future. On draft day strategy for -- those are legitimate right -- on the way to the -- right but if you listen to the questions that were asked. Nobody really touched upon. Him to get into that so when you -- dodging things are while did you notice or did you Nevada did you submit you you here. I just want something and I just don't understand my people don't understand that. -- -- you you can't yeah I would make a thumb war is the -- note well the well of the questions it was not a lot of good questions being posed the dollar check in that news conference format was you know Matt Light said I didn't want any part of him. We you I can't imagine that Matt Light as a veteran leader wouldn't have passed that along the ballot checked. You want you have to wonder -- you have to tiptoe around the stuff legally. We half the wonder and that's why didn't care Belichick's poker not because he's never gonna give you the answer the most you're ever gonna get. Out of these guys at least for now until the trial is completed is what Kraft said several weeks ago that's the best you're gonna -- Do you understand. That let's move away from this from -- let let's say somebody in a company. Had a history of of of doing attacks on people in the company in the alike in they kept excusing it because he was improper sales person everything. And then went to a human merited somebody. Well the freedom -- of that person. Quick to sue the company. For knowing information in knowing that this -- person but the bad character and they never did anything about it. It's not just in line sensitive issue was not the people don't want to talk about it you can't I don't understand what people don't get with that. You can't it's not that you don't want to. Spike said you know I I really I'd like to talk about a combatant on the guy for a long time. But -- said but I can't. I don't know what people don't get it right and that's why said it was useless for -- Jack well it wasn't -- -- -- what I thought but it was useless in the long run because nor are gonna get anything you know wasn't no -- and if you heard it I know you've been vacationing in everything but if you heard it. It wasn't useless he went as far as he could go within I thought I thought they did a great job look at the reaction but here's the reaction because people are never satisfied -- know what. It's not -- but wait a minute. It's not yet but it's on a -- or my micro -- corral heiress cried because you don't get those pot obviously every one who doesn't understand like you do what you want that you didn't hear it I saw the transcript -- -- saying it in hearing it -- arms thing to you ways. Everybody wants more. 'cause it's not they have but it's on the line that's gonna get a call. To come down to the PlayStation now is bill bella sex legal. Status being questioned if he answers a question I'm -- I did -- -- okay I'll guarantee you. Did they met Rick out lawyer is long it would crafted about a long had a time is to what you can say what you can't write. My point being this is going back to our discussion last week. He went beyond my expectation I give him credit it was an interesting opening statement. I thought for ballot check it was. Pretty honest for -- -- but you know he was never going to satisfy everybody that's why I agree with many -- to an extent. That it wasn't necessary because he's never going to satisfy -- does it -- here's the difference. What was the response to Bob crafts. Many news conference for the three members of the Boston media verses the response to -- checks. Meeting with the media this week what's the difference in the public response well. -- was accepted. He was very honest and candid he said he had been duped and I think that was about as honest did you forget about it I think a ballot Dick's case he said he was hurt. Disappointed. But people are like -- grow only commercial everybody always wants more. They're really go into -- and again I'm not I don't like the way ballot check addresses. Most of the situations with the patriots I think he king he's very intelligent man seeking give us file more. Information on certain things after games or whenever I'm in total agreement of people who criticize that. I'm just trying to appeal to people. I don't understand why he wasn't useless press conference -- big conference it was very. Provocative interesting he gave you a more probably in information that I thought we wait right and I'm just telling you if the lawyer tells -- at a time surely when you come -- does that I don't sort of quietly start questioning has got to -- people over because you want to please the fans out there -- all the latest tell you not to throw it right not. That's why ultimately. Again he went beyond anybody it is a very low bar to two surpassed because we don't expect anything from Belichick anyway doesn't give us much. So whatever crumbs he throws out we are gonna gobble them up he throughout a few crimes I give him credit for that. But as I said last week. Crap addressed the issue the only way the public was ever going to be satisfied -- check. Was never gonna satisfied because he has a long history of not being able to do that he doesn't deliver what he delivered this week. Was uncharacteristic. I thank him for but of course he's never going to be completely candid with anybody that's -- -- got a -- such as -- this idea and he can't. There are times we stand right right right right of people questioning I -- okay it Cisco's equipment that's -- -- -- -- personality -- He can't all right don't like a feeling okay because he he went as far as the way it goes back to what I said last week and why even talk about it 'cause he did give you have to -- Georgia how we felt about it is that they were disappointed about it he has been got to tell you -- -- -- I mean the whole thing is that tragedy was out of the country crap that. He gave you information as far as how we felt about it. Anyone -- farmers he could go all. If you have -- is behind a curtain whispering to you you can't globally on this point so where's your anger as you do might get a -- it's not my anger is I don't understand how people don't understand. Okay that's my anger are very good so I have now I can be critical of him and returned them. -- Tebow do one of those of that football stuff. This is real life. Information in in any case is pending and going on in this or collecting information. I just I don't understand why people don't accept the fact that it's a legal matter and you can only go off and now. Listen as I said. I was surprised. How expansive he was in his comment those opening statements I don't care. He did unfortunately. Once that opening statement was completed any took questions from the media. He was doing as usual Bill Belichick can't that was unavoidable we understand that if people don't understand that fine -- goal Larry. Everybody else is let go we wanna talk to him. While not -- -- Leo I'm Greg you're vacationing and traveling all the and that's fine I'm just when I've been hearing. And I I just I listen I told to our -- very critical of the way he handles certain press conferences and all right. I can't be critical of this this is really I agree that life right problem signing up against only so much -- it's not be seen to be angry at how angry I'm angry that people don't get that product really I don't understand that people don't get that pot I don't get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not exactly the most forthcoming personable times -- and that's why. Again Michael I don't classic I must say I don't care whether it's cost one. I don't care whether it's pop -- I don't fuel I don't care what football coach. You -- in this situation. There they might do waited a more pleasant manner or be more DTL to a certain degree. And and it stops. Legally I don't care what coach you put -- that podium. You Kia goal be on that point it's nothing to do -- politics personality. Legally you team right in the ice is still pending right and that's why he said if anybody expects anything from -- check. -- anybody bright that was my point so I just accept the that is the bottom line from the get go I think he'd made. An exceptional job with in the limit and we agree on that cricket and we Arianna. But it was a no win situation warm yes he did the best he could in a very difficult situation 617. 77979. 37 we'll get your calls right after this.

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