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Is it time for the Red Sox to make a move?

Jul 27, 2013|

Mustard and Johnson analyze the current needs of the Red Sox heading towards the trade deadline. The local nine is currently stuck in a losing skid and could be coming back to earth. Craig and LJ look at what can be done to make sure the Red Sox remain in contention.

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And if it's Saturday must be sports Saturday mustard and Johnson's style and can you believe it sound like Joker staying. For the first time in two months 61. Days to be exact. The Red Sox ladies and gentlemen look out below. Are not in first place in the American League east after falling all the way to the seller. Last year Red Sox rebounding for most of the season but last night. Boozing in Baltimore getting skunk in Baltimore meanwhile Tampa Bay continues to roll. Beating hapless yankees ten to six and CC. Tampa Bay the rays. Twenty out of 23 victories. In their last 23. In the American League east and your response to the Red Sox not being at the top of the AL -- this morning Larry Johnson. I think it was inevitable. He takes a look really Eminem talked about it from time to time -- on by a and you know. What you rests are they get -- you as the plane that rained out -- to get a chance to face price again Monday night. The Orioles -- -- have always have problems with them and they came up with a great game from Tillman thirteen game winner. -- I again lackeys it -- it. The book to -- a Lackey is he just -- -- -- -- and I mean he just he gave up three home runs but I mean that it wasn't like -- an onslaught of runs or anything here for a sending a vague threats are to have the bases loaded. In couldn't hit. Are we might trying to -- overrun earlier because. I already said it last week that I am content that however this team finishes this year you just say well it was a year of getting acclimated to be getting back to. But the fundamentals of playing baseball what -- chicken and beer and in the alike and I think they've not done well aware that they certainly have some questions. -- Barry -- to do about. -- very likely she is an end in some of the other players. Do they each still try to make it trade the Yankees debts Arianna last -- says to me like they need enough and they -- and -- -- rights Arianna where it's about the -- lost again he's. Nine and 999. Struggled in. Fenway on Sunday night struggle again. Put up a crooked number in the second inning against the rays last many Yankee Stadium. Not the -- war horse the Yankees have relied on for the past several seasons since he came award in 2009 be really think about what the Red Sox have done. We looked at the calendar. And we saw the team they played at the back end of that West Coast road trip Oakland a's went to the playoffs last year surprising everybody look like -- come back again their first place in the jail where rises but hole. Yeah Bartolo won his fourteenth last night as a matter of fact but look at the teams that thing like not doing natives about stuff good thing that's the you can be absolutely sure that there's no -- -- going on -- Bartolo law raises -- little big -- it's always been -- when you look at what these guys have -- the Red Sox against teams. Some of which are gonna go to class ball contenders in the American League -- yankees rays Orioles. They are not winning very much they've dropped six out of the last nine. And their hitting is gone south it's got lobby mentioned -- earlier. In today's peace in the in The Herald. There hitting to twelve. In their last ten games and that's what's really. Hurt them big time he got the good performance from Jon Lester on Tuesday which is encouraging. The Yankees get him. Re energized and and and recommitted for the stretch run over the last couple months of the season. But if the Red Sox do not hold on the first place in somehow. I have to settle for a wild card spot it might just be. Because they're not hitting. Quality pitching and -- we've seen over the last ten games against teams that are much better than the Kansas city's of the world. In some of the other pats is -- -- playing. In the American League in some of these interleague games up until this last. Ten game stretch -- Red Sox falling out of first place and I think what you said earlier weary just couple minutes ago. I still cents. And we talked to a lot of people last weekend about this. It's almost as if whole com. That's what we expected anyway it was inevitable. Maybe they were living in a bubble. It was bound to burst. Other out of first place they may go back and forth with the raise in maybe the Orioles will rock climb into first place for. A couple days it's going to be your raced down the stretch whatever happens case -- Rosser. Whatever will be will be. Thank you Thursday yes from the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much effort which got 1956. Great year by the way. Am so. I don't think anybody is you know -- first time in 61 games Red Sox are not in first place. Panic has hit up I don't you know that's. -- says I used to train tone. Certain people involved with the Red Sox directly like you know. Even if people are angry and upset about your team it's better than if it just so laid back about it. And I think this has been kind of a laid back year for the red -- I think people are pleasantly surprised they'd -- the way for our was managing some people like to see him -- a little more in the light by a lot Larry for as long as I've been in this town. Every marriage has been asked to blunt a little bit more -- All all places are all I think what's interesting -- them at the trade deadline coming upon this is by. What's the right Pretoria says the author game he's hitting about 111 and in and you know as you know we just signed a new contract. His power numbers are nowhere near what they used to be. We're teases still hitting over 300. You know no home I think ya know home runs yet. I you wonder in the second half is it all -- the -- yes so is this team bill. From a hitting perspective for the second half like -- -- I don't see it it's so I mean really. The only thing I'm disappointed with about them not getting Gonzales the Cuban pitcher and I know we all said like you know they can't keep get a kick OPEC on the whole like they did before with these are outrageous contracts. Gonzales he's not a kid he's been in the eighties been pitching for par five to six years and Iglesias is quite familiar with him. Phillies got a for a fifty million and I like Larry said the other day it's a lot easier to reach for your wallet than it is to. Give up prospects. So they credit problem possibly gotten him I don't know anything about it other than he's pretty hot prospect. So you're left with the grip of the glamour. Little over a week from the trade deadline a little less than that is. Like the you try to get peavy woody did give up middle portrait PV. Heidi you know -- in our places it well he's at shortstop he's lost about a hundred points and his average and time -- are following riches concerning. But his -- is still -- -- and -- and we all said listen if you can get two to 4050 out of this guy you live with it. So in what are you gonna do and -- arsenic a lot of questions -- did it in I think with me I hit a moving along with it. If they can get some help. Wish in India pitching like you said last direct on his performance the other night was very encouraging. I still can't figure -- -- called -- is like -- said. You never -- it this second half for the -- union never going to be perfect when you going out in a pitcher always something's got -- her so I don't know what history is. I am but I'm I I I I have to be consistent as tempting as it is. I don't wanna see amid reports second lib like I I guess I could. I don't see him make too many moves and give up prospects. Too many of them although we did say that. In years past rolls provide no one. That third baseman we mentioned last week and last week we mention who made reference to we went to Cleveland you are supposed to be all right the next. Great power hitting third base everybody game for the -- -- BMI take so. So you don't know in and I think that's that that the the only honesty and you can give on this am. I'd like to see him yet if they need to I data -- they really don't need another starting pitcher a bonafide might not just somebody to stick in the middle of the pack. And they could use a stick a yankees -- I got Soriano. You know here's a guy who has all the potential in the world and he never really lit the world on Friday. Well you know what happened he left the Yankees he was in middle of a very good line up ironically enough if if memory serves me was part of that package that that enabled the Yankees. To pearl loin one Alex Rodriguez is from the Texas Rangers way back. In early 2004 his last game story I was last games the World Series 2003 getting shut down. Along with the rest of the Yankees by Josh Beckett in the Florida Marlins he's back when whenever I want them -- -- -- Josh Beckett anyway. So kind of ironic down in New York we have Soriano back for the first time I mean ten years. They bring in Soriano outside of bright Cashman and in the Steinbrenner Brothers would be very happy if they could find. Some way to get rid of Alex Rodriguez and you know what I think maybe Bud Selig. Might accommodate that very very well what about Bob like you just can't get rid of -- relative Dicey situation not only you know -- team anymore but you still on the hook for about five years about -- ridiculous one of the worst contracts I think we can say. Ever in the history of sports well they ride in Brian Cashman going back and forth wheels wobbling down there in New York. Each one to have their own doctor look at the MRI for. In -- -- -- not even likable like his teammates don't like him anymore that is fed up with it everytime we turn around its you just discover that it wasn't like -- well but I read it if any separated to a point now where it's beyond bulletin went this way Larry -- like a lifetime are Bernie Williams all of those guys lifetime yankees and the like I don't think -- in Yankee fans -- speaking on their behalf and I think I'm correct. I don't think anybody really I don't even use it -- likable of course isn't only yankees he played the two other teams before tomorrow for the money he's yet heating. He doesn't seem to make the same commitment to hone his craft is seven the other players have done and he's -- every turn to your turnaround he's on the front page of the panels rather than in the back. -- And I know he's a single guy and ignore endured every all of your -- here you're not just saying that I don't I don't think he's you know I don't think he's he's. Carried himself in such a way that some people feel like he's really committed to. To playing -- in line to be the best -- -- any -- out that way Seattle lemon for us Kevin yankees was phenomenal. -- I don't think people like squandered ten hour. You realize he's won two MVPs -- -- almost single handedly delivered the 2009 World Series I -- trying to find out how we did that well we we know that this this entire little help from his -- yet just like Manny dead -- and Ortiz did make -- there and -- a while that's right which he was just totally misunderstood he just didn't read the directions right he's taking the wrong prescriptions at the wrong times I'm -- maybe he's -- veteran suspended of urgency was suspended a mirror and has a -- suspended. -- without cash you'd be wide -- have been OK why. We came out his name is. -- -- RTS is name I'll just Ortiz amounts they did it. Did was Ortiz -- name on the yes that is at the -- was straw. I try and wrecked Iraq come out and -- -- -- He has admitted he did yes okay so therefore if you don't admit incomes continue to live that's OK and like Ortiz -- the and it. Was that when your line as somebody that's -- player's association director who you listen to actually care anymore which -- called the attack about which story. Here's the thing with that in in you know I think you said earlier you -- Almost admitting your. Apathy. As far as the Red Sox were concerned as far as a drive to win the AL east you'll accept anything. That -- -- over the next two months ago to be what was -- not know when it's spring training and in tearing him you know they -- -- that the Big Three it was just -- ridiculous -- on the payroll but no reason. And they weren't getting your money's -- But even during once they get rid of all of them we alls said you know thirteen million with a magic number and there was finding. There you know signing Napoli and Gomes and Victor Reno and all of these players who won't seem to be pretty good steady. Players but -- -- nobody via the US saying -- while this guy's got -- really you know -- -- big -- and most of us would have then happy with them contending for a second wild -- exactly right yeah I -- -- I don't you know. I might angry I'm not disappointed with them and anyway I think the expectations in terms directed doing. -- America and maybe Matta and the guy lost weight he's out there is a gamer re trying I mean it's you know. The clauses situation hand wringing and went down and Bailey went down I mean I've taken some hits right now paper they have no business being won eighteen games over 517. Games over 500 ever it is 61. Days in first place in the American League he's been so many people I heard that you can -- -- earlier. But that was riveting was that I I like him -- get melodic so would you say that that duke was. Invoking the more days in first place. Probably not since -- well his name but if you wanna frame though in terms of this -- of of the discussion we're gonna move to other things as well is. Right now do you want to see the Red Sox may he mold yet -- -- dead yet again as the violence. I was the think you know and this is really gonna be the theme for several weeks. We're only what several days now it's July 28 by the way happy birthday to one Alex Rodriguez. Whose birthday it is today but we're only what three days away from the trading deadline. Which is Tuesday at 4 PM a farm correct. And the Red Sox have a decision to make. They're looking at a team that has certainly looked anemic in and feeble. Against some quality pitches quality teams over the last four series they've dropped four out of the last six everlasting gaze for a sixth in the last ten. In it seems as if the offense which kept them going for the first half of the season right through the all star break up until those last two games in Oakland. Is starting to betrayed them so which -- ago that's. I'm -- I think I could remember and I -- hue and wanna buy techsters. In chip -- on this as an album instantly I just couldn't. Rematch of Bagwell when the rats are expected Larry -- dissent and so every attack and about your trading third baseman right middle works court he come back east and on -- along time. A middle Brooks right now you're looking at a possibility of Mel Brooks may be spending a lot longer time. -- -- -- Bogart's now they're talking about. I'm moving him over to third base putting goalies he is at short there's the future of your left side of the infield you know drew is only going to be here for the one year -- one year contract. -- would you make a move yes for peavy. In trading networks. Because what's happened to middle Brooks is now here's the problem -- this tonight in its interest in that you should parallel. The Bagwell situation which was an infamous trade not only does seem that over despite -- here's but it happened I guess remember what happened. In 1990. Red Sox had a very tough September Clemens went down with -- arm injury. They lost the big lead. And this was way after the trade deadline when they -- when they traded for -- what they needed. I treated for Larry Anderson they needed. A lot of help in the bullpen. And they brought in Larry Anderson veteran guy from. More -- used and I believe yes -- -- yes of course and Bagwell. Was the third. Third baseman on the depth chart. As far as the Red Sox were concerned at that point they had a -- in the big club Cooper. Was there their next second baseman. Who ended up being an all star for a couple years believe it or not. And then Jeff Bagwell so they figured that Bagwell was expendable the problem was and who got Lou Gorman who made that trade. Got criticized and -- justification. He really didn't do his homework about Bagwell anybody who saw a bag will play. He was playing I believe in New Britain at the time double play. Understood that he was the next great third baseman in the Red Sox. System there's RIT but he only ended up about 400 but he was tainted too I mean -- suspicion about well mine and everybody part of battle that's my -- isn't it easier to ask who wasn't exactly so that's why you know the rat thing you have to temper that with the context and a lot of people don't wanna do that appear as they don't like. Right in you nobody not -- Boston you'll like him well okay Larry if you like like ability for you is as long as he. Okay warming and women think judgment on players is. Predicated by also by people giving them a little leeway if you if you -- good. The -- he's good with the media and I think Demi and it was a great got -- -- -- he's just. Going. Down I thought I was -- I am being a little harsh once again 617 I think Manny was an idiot we all -- 77979. -- -- -- that from a baseball. Hot of this show today on how to go somewhere else before we take the break now -- them come back -- adamant about ballots -- winter for a few minutes but. I think from a baseball perspective I think it's it it's an interesting. Dilemma that they that they -- and I'm an album they more than have the chips. To make a deal and go wanna make apps you really don't have Weaver and our roles are all these different people they have a plethora. I'm John -- that they have a lot of talent they really down and our panel right it's -- -- -- and equestrian. I opted. But a cast -- and racquet now step -- for apple mine. Oh wait until after the trade deadline Norway it or read it's art school south and and stop whining and complaining that they didn't do anything bomb tore Jordan now. I wouldn't mind. Peavy from the reports I. I don't still don't think that because you have other people could movement of -- That's when you point yeah when he's not getting into some of these other kids that we just don't know that much about yet I -- cordial listen to Alex beer every. Sunday morning at 830 he's got a great great. Show on the miners and -- for different prospects and people who are doing things. Don that they loaded right luck to you ought to be taking. I'll tell you what I I I bow down to the great programming genius that is G six summer -- actually second celtics' summer cooler but before that this is a perfect show would have. If if if you're gonna have a show anywhere it's got to be in Boston with a Red Sox have done such a great job. Of loading up their system of all kinds of prospects and so you can listen on Sunday morning. Alex beer and thirty -- dale went -- and Brad and I mean I'd ever be one over the whole programming schedule telling you know averaged timing. Yes is consumer timing his breath a great show even -- tomorrow morning because of Brad Pitt does an unbelievable job and all -- -- baseball information systems. 617. I can't take this anymore there's so much small being blown this road by IQ well I OR RE. I'm back from the break I'm gonna ask about ballots checked it what do you how would you grade he is. Just press conference the other day we were all anticipating him coming out in addressing. That they Hernandez situation was gonna say anything was -- gonna blow off as he usually doesn't just as dumb idea that talk about any play is not on the roster. How did he handle it did he say enough did he not say enough about we were satisfied -- not satisfied. And then fortunately we can get on -- and football. 6177797937. Red Sox now in second place take that Dan Duquette. Kind of ironic that the average for -- I think for what he's the first -- 61 days at the hands of the man. Who invented the phrase more days in first place standing cat in the Baltimore Orioles Bill Belichick and the patriots first day training camp. Data fox were yesterday -- get into that as well your telephone calls on the way mustard in Johnson Sports Radio WEEI.

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