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Answer the Question - 07/26/13

Jul 26, 2013|

Hey Jerks!!!! Answer it!!!!!!!

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It's time or answer the question -- answer the question -- -- I'll -- Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. This first question is so weird I've never heard of this. I've never heard of this ever heard of anybody doing this. First that is the question is brought you by -- restoration specialists of your property your facilities manager or insurance broke -- To ensure you have a disaster restoration game -- please call 877. 4611111. Or go to AAR answer dot com I'm Mikey Adams after gentlemen. The question -- -- On a pizza yes or no salt on the repeats whatever you do if you see it our views. They put on the pizza totally different I don't put salt on my thoughts on what they are overkill giants' secondary question. Me in some pizza. That's I think old like god that -- where and Framingham. In you know it's not it's only gas but it. A lot of resorting to grow up with bill -- on the -- Of the French legitimate. Right. I'd like I don't mind separate stress and obviously a dimple these. -- -- At least that we would barbecue sauce out of it keeps you lie you repeat that with a fortune right now on our sister required and it should be -- sufficiently recognize those things being different -- of the collectors pizza and there's gourmet -- -- different -- -- -- -- -- -- two different -- 11. -- Times that's what's available quick fix is good too which is a different food. The reason sometime -- -- -- Chinese food is different like abuse that he tried too hard. To compete. That's. Next question guys which of those 25 athletes that money had would you wanna your side in Bork. It was service. A bird -- -- Parker -- Come over -- the birds birds that -- -- Hostile take him. -- -- -- if there's anyone else here group one was acquired in general -- How about jar -- and right now it's still can't take care -- which are you are right Sherwood and now -- Puerto. Papelbon bar fight any -- there. -- just felt it was Arkansas I don't know are there fake artist there. Roster or -- A lot of meat on tap out of the blizzard kept the kill apology from across the room he wouldn't even know it's nice to one. Doctor out of Portland Mo does not on the list though one doesn't think he's one of the 25 does that effect. Bobby -- music. But they got it. -- question discuss those silky can't name many analysts guys I think you're right the that guy's name like him -- that dimmed slightly and Clint Clint Dempsey is against him. Yeah graduated. There's urgently hear that guy looks likely lead singer of of the -- that thing to prince's. Election law belong to keep what Carlos Valderrama and he's been -- -- -- -- just -- Landon Donovan -- -- after -- David Beckham was an analyst and that is about it more next question. Be printed your wants to be -- million. You blanked out of the question you get a phone a friend are you more likely to calm in hand -- minutes. Obama eating mud has more and all about a minute while I think would be more agreeable -- there but actually it is okay. NN thanks I don't know -- And category GP. Medicare would be wrong with the weather here with sports mostly. The personality but really as a speaker. That. Well usually there's a time when you the galaxy get all the information in under the time when he went to Harvard. Next question. -- what we call. So I I was excited -- -- questions I was excited yesterday morning. You know -- Winnie Cooper's from the show one here. You watch the one miraculous that it will be cautioning. There's. Winnie Cooper. From the one here's re tweeted something -- tweet it's was very excited about is your childhood crush the could re tweet something of yours that make the most excellent. But what person what childhood crush -- For instance drive he. Tiffany -- -- I think she's got an answer for a lot of people Alyssa Malone. -- man who from the constellation. Features there's a lot of tools. A couple of how political anger which is true I don't know. I thought I would. A technical leaguer -- -- -- -- at least it would at least ability Adobe's. Seem backwards really. What was that you know what's weird is that you're completely -- obsessive pound drums on two where again he does admit that whole thing couples are easy to really map to -- mapped. Out of my mind I don't mind if I would still be as enemies and I've seen an Angel heart. Ball -- Monet and out of bed devoted all of this that there have been noted that not yet via your old couple people texting you want to thank god I could see that -- Campbell. Well here's a question related to remit it to heart was between Mickey what's his face looks now Rourke well. Hey hey guys what's better godfather -- godfather to -- -- After captain I don't it's not very well it's a package deal on congress to choose -- like a one. A moment of one I loved one and I really like to two guys who was -- -- they're both brilliant -- it's a tie anglers -- out and casual regrets vote you have vote guy next question Merrill did -- but -- don't like the -- stuff as much I think that's why I was -- that -- -- I don't like it I just don't like it as much as all the all the digital stuff. A good question. Which is better having your boss take all the credit for your work or having your boss schedule -- work 65 hours a week when you're on salary. I think it's better to have to work hard but get credit for. Is it. This has not always -- and the question but they're not mutually exclusive he can make you work 65 hours and still take the greatest. Hits a double there. You -- -- them off next question is there an NFL equivalent to flopping in the NBA. Yes it used to be yes asking -- mr. did the flag and hand motion at the flag. They used and a Nagin now you know when kicker hunter always running well. Better yet I've -- around league had a shot that is floppies that were actually I haven't yet -- next question about that's who wins in a fight and or helper is -- knows -- would will his past lives in Italy. Why why why you -- well what's the deal that what's the beef and this -- technical note you know we got it. -- -- -- them to do with -- you know when it's honestly he's what you choose. A forum for us. -- -- -- -- in that particular it is also like six -- -- animal lovers. -- Next question. Your other B Sullenberger poise and I've never had so -- can answer somber. I was on it sounds better than how bad it was and -- some weird if you -- agree that people from each other and there's a -- poison -- where we grew up real people get really bad -- it was and now it's about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually I think you just take a -- -- just scrape everything off line at the arc of fish that -- -- -- the only way to that it would it would it seems like any other homes in the work. What's -- really good morphine for our listeners. Her listeners mind off eating dinner we relate to -- -- -- discussed. The deadliest for audience tonight people who are trying to get home it's raining it's. Traffic again Europe was nine month Michael. I think to -- into condos but it was on stereo led to a camping. Camping -- and hasn't had this particular scheme should. -- -- -- All right I think on that note we will finish up for the week sticker from -- if you missed them all week when he big minutes babies made his triumphant return and easily the best twenty minutes and that -- quietly and bill. And it's -- Red Sox baseball. Hopefully after being in Reno last Orioles. IC that big series with the Orioles but -- that don't tonight will be back on Monday will be down in Foxborough comport to -- taught you that by Republican.

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