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ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss gives Salk and Holley a day one Patriots training camp report

Jul 26, 2013|

We discuss day one of the Patriots training camp with ESPN Boston's excellent Patriots reporter Mike Reiss

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Get the latest in training camp -- just the second with a ESPN Boston dot com's Michael Reese let's first give you guys take it's free ticket Friday. Be -- I've caller right now 61793109370. Boston take on Seattle. At Fenway July 31. Ignorant talk to a different that day. Trade deadline acquisition W the Iowa have -- three chances for you to win a baseball experience every Friday all season long call 617931. -- 0937. Right now to win brought to -- town fair tire Ninety Nine restaurants. And your kept them home for Boston baseball that is Sports Radio 9837. WEEI again the number for tickets. Boston and Seattle 617931. Zero. Nine 37. Mike Reese spent in the day today in Foxboro it's cold as the rainy it's wet but the patriots are out there practicing what you say. Well Mike great to see some football actually in that. It was found no pets there's no -- can have passed on the first stage for a few days of training camp has come on Sunday but that. You know get get a chance to see the young receivers that's probably the big takeaways from the big question. For the team this year and that -- -- -- draft picks Aaron Dobson and Josh we from the field together. Just maybe a little glimpse of of some potential there that could be tapped. -- which one of those guys are you are you most looking forward to seeing and now what do you expect to see from those guys. And you want to. I have to -- that that Aaron Dobson just because you don't draft in the second round obviously a little more highly -- they listen it. 63200. Down probably a little bit heavier than that but he said outside receivers you know that you're hoping. If you're the patriots develop that. We didn't get from Chad Ochocinco whatever they got from Brandon -- they obviously didn't like it enough to bring them back. So maybe it's this kid from Marshall drafted 59 overall and sort of stopped coming in this spring. You know a bit of a rough century you know he didn't practice in the team's mandatory minicamp and you know you know when you get behind early as a rookie and you're trying to develop chemistry with Tom Brady. If you get behind it can be hard to catch up some thought that was really important today just to see him out in the field to know when that he didn't finish this spring mini -- since. They get the chance that you know he can develop some early momentum and we're just -- -- look like I mean not not to compare to Wes Welker but I mean look like they're best receiver -- -- and it looks like there's immediate chemistry there and while I don't wanna do a disservice and say that you know he'll be able to do what Wes Welker did because that's not fair to Wes Welker knew what he did over six years the durability. You know the consistency the production. I mean that you get -- I don't know long way to go to get to that point but I would just say in terms of you know the way he catches the ball is a wet day and you know sure would sure hands and made a couple nice catches. You can clearly see and and you can tell. Even if you're watching from the very much of a layman's perspective the guys that seem to -- early with Brady and maybe the guys where it takes a little. A bit of a longer time and until it certainly seems like he's clicking right away we parade. With regard to a tight end. So I think well first and foremost you know I I don't think they'll run as much. Michael a bit too tight end offense I think you go back to 2011. When gronkowski and Hernandez report healthy for most of that season. The numbers were pretty from Turkey without they are some possible 95% this afternoon that the 77. Knot when everyone around the league. Was talking about this too tight enough and patriot sort of revolutionizing things but try to do it ourselves. And really you know I think they did it because don't you guys have special talent I don't think there was as much a boat. We want to tight end out in the field accountable just throw to tight -- that they're just to say. We're too tight -- offense what we thought today would you know the three top guys they had. Sell -- -- home and now -- -- -- in Ballard sort of all rotating in the top three spots Ballard made a nice catch. Down the field showed -- be running well enough even though he's never been a fast guy yeah. I think he he could be a factor for him and the other two guys. Whether they both stick. You know they might have to compete for a spot in the morning to keep an eye on this tax -- -- they. Rookie free agent out of Nevada looks like he catches the ball pretty well let's talk. What do I think they'll do that I'm assuming Gradkowski will start the year on the physically unable to perform list because why Russia. You wanna sort of planned long term for him and that's just to get. So that I think it'll come down you know those four guys may be -- of state. I'm like obviously we haven't talked to use since Wednesday when Bill Belichick at a press conference gave his. Remarks on Aaron Hernandez in the entire situation you're in the room -- Robert Kraft spoke to a group reporters how did you think. Belichick handled himself on Wednesday. Well it's surprise Michael because I didn't think he would talk to one as long as he did then and Q with the well I call like a human touch you know like and insist. I used to seeing him like that and that's setting so I think you don't. Bid to move forward or to attempt to move forward. It was a Smart thing for him to do and -- I can't sit here and tell you that I I know him but it seemed to -- to be pretty real pretty human from him so. I don't know you don't. What more you can ask for -- I think it's probably what I would expect from any coach but the fact that. No bill doesn't really do that all the time that maybe I didn't necessarily expected to go to that level but I thought it was well done. My greasy as BM boston.com joining us out here on WEEI -- Commenting earlier that if you go through the three the three most important guys in the organization craft Belichick and Brady all three of them have made some sort of a reference in the last few days. Two players who have been here in the past and respecting the legacy. Of in in two cases they said the hundreds or thousands of players that have come through their system. Is that going to be there their goal this year to if if if 2007 was about proving it. That what they were doing was legitimate out on the football field is this going to be about proving something about their legacy of the patriot way or something along those lines. My I guess I don't really see it that way actually that need them then saying that is maybe more of a respectful. Defense. Of their program it's like you know when -- I think that's sort of when you're looking at this situation so Syria and it's not the right. Place to be out there saying you know we do things the right way in and you know we believe in what we do I I think I sort of saying. You know. Referring to the past and how. You know you have some of these players that's sort of a -- and the way if you will assert that. To respectfully defend the program while also showing and defeat to a situation that's greater than that and I think to me that's what this whole thing has been about how do you sort of show. To those affected by it terrible tragedy something that's bigger than McCain but also -- yourself to move on because they're gonna play this season and the goal is to win games and also and you might have heard that they've added this it's not just the win games. But to be a killer in the communities. Have not heard that that much over the last few years I think it may be as a reminder to them. The media to keep that in their mind topic going to be something no rally around this year. Mike I was really surprised me when the patriots cut Dow Jones before training camp even begin. What's your take on that mention about that 200000 dollars. -- was gonna guarantee yours or something else going on. In part Michael I think it was in part because of that but not the only reason I think if they thought he was going to be on the team or. Really compete for roster spot then I think they would cap of 200000 dollars there's really nothing in the big picture. Let you know we can lift a couple guys from last year that they gave 250000. Dollar signing bonus system that didn't make it out of training camps so. I think that's the first part it is a factor you don't just throw it away if you think the guy's going to be there. But I think first there with his performance in the spring camp maybe they didn't necessarily like everything they saw there and then couple that. With some of their young guys just one young guy that he didn't. Practiced today -- he was limited but this can broke Tompkins a rookie free agent out of Cincinnati has built some momentum in their you know among their. Coaches guys so I think. Couple that would the other young guys stopped an invoice in the fact that maybe they weren't that crazy about Jones and the economics. You put all that together and I think that led to the decision to let them go. But Tim Tebow due to that. Well let's see he got a rousing cheer might when he got to the field course and he did he played quarterback you were in the red Jersey you know how the quarterbacks Wear red just so everyone knows not to hit them. Threw two interceptions and eleven on eleven drills skipped one past and eleven on eleven and you know tucked and ran on one play and you know connect on a couple checked down. Fans were chanting he both he -- at one point -- so certainly there's. People there that have a specific interest in him signed autographs after practice. And maybe more than anything the thing that caught our eyes. Is they have one drill where they set up -- in in almost like a rectangular box. And it's sort of like -- reform tackling Julia can't tackle without pads but they want their defenders. Q you know you get the proper technique in terms of tackling and so they keep them in this. Sort of small rectangular box and then they have the quarterback just throw a very short pass Q whether it's a running back a tight end or receiver and that's the receiver. -- the running back tight end against that defender in that small box you know can the receiver make the cut to get around to defend the kind of -- square -- up. And instead of doing -- throwing in that thrill a Tebow would actually one of the past captures so I think. Some people look at that and say wait a minute you know could this be more than a quarterback. For Tim Tebow and I think maybe tap the brakes on that a little bit and just realize that he's the quarterback but he -- Running quarterback you're -- -- -- Tom Brady in that drill. Running -- Ryan mallet and natural running -- why not. He can keep -- that -- patrol running because that's really playing to his strength. You think he makes its aim at a camp. Right now I don't but after today and and you can't judge about one -- -- -- -- -- second guess myself we did a projection might -- on our site you know just sort of a ridiculously early 53 -- projection. And I was thinking to myself the value of its third quarterback. You know -- didn't trump some of the other areas on the roster to be like you know if the running back -- Like Michael left early may be a -- tight end if you wanna protect a promising. Young tight end so I didn't put upon but then I watching today -- And I see you know maybe they use and as a scout team quarterback which is something Robert Kraft mentioned in in an interview earlier this morning. So maybe they see some value there so I'm sort of important I'm on offense and 5050 but if I had to answer it right now I I would say now. 00 were you projecting as your primary kick return. That Leon Washington. Has to do -- from the Seahawks and look at the quick political and you know you've taken him right and you've been around now for a while feel like. That he had left to end. I thought he looked really good it's an area that. I think the production probably down a little bit from what they want in recent years but something tells me that he's gonna be a victim a little bit of lift it looks like he gets complacent with links to. You mentioned two guys earlier in the week in your blog and -- picked it up and was mentioned them earlier in the show we are trying to figure out of the patriots are gonna contend this year what one thing needs to go their way. And you mention the names Jones and high tower. Those guys look early how much how much of a -- can we reasonably expect in year two for the Austin. I I think like if you have to boil down the defensive question here stopped on defense I guess that's threats start my kids. You trade up for you guys in the first round then that you they have pretty good rookie years -- me and I. You remember that season opener right I mean they had that Jones had the strip second hi Terry you know pick it up and and you know it was like the two rookies make in the immediate impact and so I think it's logical to expect they can take the next step obviously helped this -- such -- Jones. Ankle injury obviously affect them last year hightower played 51% of the snaps to me. You know that you become a three down player that's the that's the next. Step for him and why not why shouldn't -- you don't commit in my opinion trade up for a guy in the first round trip to down players so. Would received today from them big -- it's just one practice we don't wanna read too much into it. Chandler Jones had an interception in eleven on eleven buildup can -- -- -- just an athletic play sort of picture of the long arms -- reach being able to sort of reach out. And grab a poorly thrown pass but still to have the F lettuce in the catch it no big guy. Six foot 5265. Pounds so. Is that a sign of things to come obviously it's early to tell but to be those are definitely cute guys to keep. While my great stuff good to catch up with the -- glad that football is now under way hopefully the weather real better forest. Out and fox for the next few weeks appreciate him and we'll talk again. Our aerial -- always ESP embossed in dot com in the great patriots blog that he established first of the globe. And then brought over there really good stuff from from my. Tim Tebow he has as of now probably not making it. Not comic -- there's no room for -- you can also many other people got to be around in the room for Tim Tebow reverend Tim Tebow and the room for Tim Tebow he sees in him no room for winning. Yes I guess that's another -- where they haven't done any winning before Tim Tebow got -- that's that they need external drive. You've got wet spot and all the championships to -- one of the NFL on a winning. Tell me that the impact as the longtime thoroughbred I don't know if I don't -- it -- of the -- winning. From the middle of 2000 really get a few was upset that that's what you don't I I I am on a drug it's called Charlie change what we're doing February 2005. What was I do remember February 2005 last on the pitchers on the super ball. I do remember -- not a fact I just moved back to Boston for the first one yes. Suppose that my parents -- again and also takes a look like it's some it's also one that knew now you want the new wanna go to the next level. You have about him Tebow you know who said look real good. In him and arms they don't worry about that looked healthy. Look good maybe even approximating what it well integrated chemistry is there are give back to -- your calls or 61777979. 37 terms of the patriots and their their reasonable championship shot this year what would need to go their way in order for it to happen. But also feel like the crazy woman throwing a full one -- played yesterday on the show -- with her name is turned in -- she's a perfect Whitney. I think you'll like who we have next as well salt at all W media.

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