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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/26/13

Jul 26, 2013|

We touch on four topics that otherwise wouldn't be touched on... which ex-Patriot do you want back? A failed radio proposal and MORE!

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Is -- for four -- Now to our needs -- -- -- store for a Fuller and more powerful for. Me he. Well we solved it Kelly. On sports radio and WE. -- But they're Genesis whistle blower Porter Fisher is now claiming that more athletes' names are linked to Tony -- about it Genesis claims athletes from the NBA. NCAA. Boxing tennis and MMA are linked to the scandal could this end up being the biggest scandal ends. Ryan -- suspended for 65 games more to come in Major League Baseball but he's got. It would appear that have the brawn Rodriguez. Nelson Cruz equivalent. Of basketball and tennis and then hey. He's got something if you can actually name it. I don't think it's going to be the biggest scandal of all time and I think. The biggest scandal of all times even fair to call that is Joseph Paterno knew what happened. At Penn State Jerry sandusky in turn those role or lack of role in removing sandusky that to me is still the biggest scandal. Of all time and it -- separate assets. That's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- alone -- completely different you wanted to remove our ups and I would still there's one more what's what's -- I think everything involving but Victor Conte and I'm not sure and now telco is bigger because it was first. Because that's when we first really found out. Just how serious all of this was -- when you go back and -- game shadows. Those guys did such a good job of detailing in it's not just gone to mean it it it takes down the Zairean journal and marriage and it takes down a lot of people and really. I think was the first time our eyes were opened to all this week all the stuff is going on now we're not shocked. About bio Genesis when I RE were about what we're not -- baseball. Is there. If there are some basketball names involved I won't be shocked and I think at this point most people won't be that shocked. Split Armstrong still pretty shocking and -- I think two is at the very least but it definitely puts it kept coming right. You know there's some rumors were always the rumors were there year after year race after race. And finally. A filing could definitely after this vs a lot of text messages saying the black Sox scandal 1919 certainly that's pretty -- These are thinking more in recent memory. I don't really remember and casting a -- -- well my about it. -- First I want our content that they got and -- of -- Thought that was big kudos and. Relax and he's handsome. Adam Morrison isn't anything inside the coach is there any bigger -- failure in the last ten years of sports Greg Oden. And I think that's it's arguably not close. Yes it is. Trends competitive as you do everyone I think it is that's definitely a bigger. A bigger flop than -- Matamoros and jamarcus Russell's a bigger flop and remorse and to -- -- because it was -- we all those I mean Brian -- the debate that was important figures. Oh and there's only ten years are. I've been here for jamarcus Russell's the group. Because what he didn't continuity. When you saw his last game when the national championship on. Like in the ball all over the field. Look at this -- 6566. Playing at a big time program and -- -- he's going to be. He's going to be great and and who was baby Jordan. Carol mind Carol -- of long term and still pretty -- you don't forget more humidity Jordan they're comparing horse in the later this can be light that's all I don't think anybody that with the good just like you try to get across our cars are very interested to know those guys gave it -- in three years of -- 6768 white player. Who scores a lot of points. And they'll call them -- more heady athletic it appear the hour with higher predict -- Darko is a good answer. That ten years it's about ten -- a -- figures exactly exactly tenure he was what number three pick -- -- number you. And that's pretty. And then over to -- you wait and buy all it's pretty bad. -- VW. FAN's Mike friend's -- caused a small controversy by doing this for Iraq. Mo in New Jersey was a -- What cabinet like yes -- I -- -- good coming and I am with my girlfriend Cindy we're both big fans in the show big -- and and little nervous -- you know I'm romance you know for a whole new York and implement our. I'll do. Well and -- All. It. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know obviously Barrett -- when you go war shortly and -- what you get on it. -- in Atlanta how much of mass Vermont my retina that -- wreckage could be anywhere near as good as my performance over the last 25 years they haven't met you know once this is an -- out. The -- not all just sticking with this particular deal well. Cutting off the guy asking somebody to get to to -- trying to get engaged on the show even butter -- -- golf or they don't like him met a diverse. I think I have no problems with them. Get rid of the guy in not letting -- guys ever want -- on if you know the president I would on the ocean when it gets picked up by five TVs in New -- -- the president's pick up promotion anyway may have portal having an active and -- -- his promotion. He's got his. -- coming and I am with my girlfriend Cindy and we're -- -- the show or the Mets fan. A little nervous you know Amanda Scarborough all your -- him in there. -- -- Just like my daughter go down you know they have given the Mattel right bigger market -- that. An archivist your relatives it's that I like I don't -- mart currently is mark for a different things have been a bigger -- he should he yelled at the guy for me like -- pathetic. Lesser program marry you on the show is something romantic you idiot that show is romantic them citizens that's what they're into now period you. -- princesses please I think the whole thing was a phone I think the guy I was bullet anyway. You know but you've -- now. We -- somebody did I do it is doing a he easily got post game TV show you probably already did that our show's totally thing he said. Listen to radio right now but he's there with -- Hours after he did they were hanging out together. Coming and I am with my girlfriend Cindy dogs that are on the show big -- and I don't respect a man or -- -- New York City and in grandmas cousins and. Are all. Ready rhetoric regard. It's just gotten a little faster. My future itself. -- -- -- -- out of practice of some of the memories no way your show up and asked him if and when you marry me get it out. Gotta go whip Richard mark predecessor Jimmy in Paramus and and again. There are a few more moments and noted chipping it -- -- look derided. Scribbling notes to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My I don't know why you could be comfortable corner within Iraq and used it pretty risky. AT&T question today -- that is prepared. At the moment is that. What he would is a good question what to do -- -- the guy who was asking the girl to get married or if that -- was a real ordered the cardinal was. Now he didn't know used on his views on so he's still talking and that he's like hello let's use those idiots who's listening to the radio while he's on the phone law you know that is if there are definitely got that he's still a big fan of the -- -- at the -- -- question of the debris and Edwards has resigned would the jets excluding. Wes Welker which former patriots player would you like to -- back with the team who was still playing in the the easy answer is thinking about it it's Ben Watson give it some of the problems featured at this offseason and -- -- -- the Ben Watson is going to be the greatest player but. There aren't that many great ex patriots float around the league right now. I think my answer B Ben Watson found a home after being equivalent the last three years in New Orleans broad security great great system. For Ben Watson but that you could use a pass receiving tight end. Right now after the project. -- laws like Comcast are now he can have. -- FM about this chemical. -- -- Not just for entertainment value of love somebody -- right now no I don't know I don't know never -- rated. A little. I got have to go up against the front -- Pictures you're pretty good job that's when he -- when the guy moves on. It's usually time for a move on Adam Vinatieri but if you think about them and -- like Murkowski is if you look at some of the problems they've had. In the post season. One more stop one more big play it's not Chase Daniel was a little overrated here sure. It did make me please I know what you're picking yet they dropped that pass in the Super -- look at the giant to get a question game. But most of the time society's annual with the playmakers so it's not a -- Richard team. Yeah just the problem. The summit -- -- Richard Seymour is who they are now is not what they were when they were here right they're not nearly the same player. Because otherwise I think my answer go view and I'd say it's on today certainly youngsters or be great for them. Watson is still young enough I know he's not a great player I'm not looking in -- -- to beat Xavier but for one year to clear able to revamp that tight end position and as a complement to Rob Gronkowski. When he returns. I think that would be the guy. That's a decent player -- That was never what he's supposed to be for you startled by now Ben Watson bit of defense. I. What is definitely athletic he was definitely disappointing I think Iran -- really high expectations for him myself and what I thought he was going to be a freakish play Crocker and yeah I mean -- thought it was going to be. But that is going to be everything Hernandez was on the field. Maybe not as good blockers drunk -- He's playing with Daniel Graham for most of his time here's a kind of expected him to take on Egypt rate plan and program there from mostly are expected to take a more that pass receiving role as grim as much more of a blocker. It didn't work. I know Stephen Fall River right now screaming about the obsession with tight ends the sick fascination with the two tight ends that. But I think I've been -- -- -- help them the most. Drama supposed -- DB. Graham's book yet dual threat you're supposed to be this it is blocking. This year's blocking group that's what turned out to be hand to hand the gold it was me he was great blocker. I -- amazing pour -- the of this. So he'd and he in turn out to be expected that it Ben Watson in. I would say ground probably expectation some your text messages to try to answer that Dan Coates has not talking literally talking about right guys who were intimately yeah it would be great to have a young Tedy Bruschi on the team -- great to have agreed on a young country on the team. But I think we're just saying of the players who were actually in the league right now. Who would you want to that you could legitimately bring back. Who would you wanted -- who jointly. Yeah I think that there are many guys dot com. Lot has the saint yeah is that it doesn't look good fit for him yet. Who's the tide and they have a cup of coffee. And the saints to produce. The traffic David Thomas season. That. I mean it. I would rather -- all sorts between David Thomas and Watson. -- he -- when he was here for one like a week or two about a thing that you want to only until June announcer. Now another Tuesday. I don't think that's an option to be honest that is that is signing anywhere. It's all -- -- here on WEEI. Get a vote for Brandon. It's a -- -- and red Maryland is there anybody who actually wants to brick remember it didn't matter whether. -- -- -- -- Is he better than they. It's better in the married and I -- -- of the points are. In terms of starting parties -- -- that's about my major goals in. San. Diego. This year news from the Bronx. Last year for the patriots. Recovered a fumble. Even if it's Thursday it. Shame on all of us it's unbelievable you can answer by the way that question is Danny wood and nobody said Danny wood and as the in the play you would like to see back. I think because I'm excited decision -- I'm excited to see Gregory. Gregory now theory of course. Is is -- better Gregory. I never big meriwether fan so he's he's not somebody that I'm all that excited about these problems and if if you look at. Your your average Brandon Meriweather season here. Probably about the same as that as Gregory. If not better another name that comes up a couple of times here is Brandon Lloyd and the idea of bringing him back which is I guess still a possibility that a lot of catches last year for this patriots team nobody wants to touch him. Hasn't signed anywhere patriots don't seem to be interested despite some of the issues they've had are on the offensive side of the football if you look around wonder who's gonna catch the ball up. How bad a guy must he be or how much did he ticked them off while he was here that they won't even considered I would overeating catches last year. But I don't with a bad you think he's a bad guy I don't think that it. It's when you look at I think they may do the right choice. You look at what you've got from Brandon Lloyd. And and what you paid form you. Obvious move. What what what exactly. What exactly did he deal. Meaning if you can get you you would think you can get that amount did catch a lot of balls did he did he do much though -- did you catch the ball. And that was that was pretty much yet. Yards after the catch world were virtually nonexistent now and he would inexplicably. And he would just jump. It would jump on the on the simplest passes and then that's it. He'd give them up give himself up before it was necessary -- at some spectacular catches. As one character that it was against. Yeah against buffalo we're separate Cisco where. He he he lays out for the ball and it's almost like he finds the cameraman Jim Davis from the glow let -- taking pictures and there is looking at them as he's he's fully outstretched catching it but. You take away the the handful of spectacular plays and you just needed a good practical outside receiver. Who was reliable. And there are many there are too many moments we just disappeared. I don't think I really don't miss Brandon Lloyd at all. Interesting answer a couple people writing in to say Romeo cry now but if you can have anybody pack on this team. Who's been jettisoned Romeo crew now would be your answer and it makes some sense we talked yesterday about guys who are willing to challenge ballot check guys who were. Part of the the early years of the Belichick regime interesting answer Steve's in Gloucester high state. Get ST what's gone on. Back -- of course we get that early on I want to ask -- Brit and little eight. It was never what -- would -- out to be. He had -- -- Thank hero and like in and Lockheed Martin regalia. At great -- he bit. Most important at his. Most in game. Now Wes Welker missed the most important catch of his career yet everybody's fighting for a Michael lost it. But remember I -- Cherokee got better rapidly adopt. He's not where they can get. And billions and went a little more. Revenue lady -- -- technical director we need change in a club. Well I think I said that -- and I said it is that a reason why it was he that bad guys are fed up such a bad guy that you came remembering over into my life being back in the -- -- -- -- remember we want endorsed I would go to work out right but but that's still the point I mean he's such a bad guy that it did -- -- -- the other events there -- wanna have them around I mean it does make you wonder some of that. Look I'm not saying -- what a great player I'm just wondering about him. Given that he still available and given the number of catches that he had for the patriots last year. But I I think that there's a lot of excitement about the two young rookies there's a lot of excitement we talk about what head in Shane Vereen what he's gonna do for them offensively. That's one of the names and I'm curious about and having seen him in college seeing some glimpses of what he's capable of in a few games last year. For the patriots yeah I'm intrigued by -- I'm intrigued by Dobson -- We talked about defensively where I'm really intrigued to see how Jones and high -- able to take that leap from year 12 year to. And if a few not even all of those guys when I just -- four guys five guys. All of them but -- you of those guys are able to take the -- this season. You look at editing the can be Victor Perry. Different then were imagining today. You don't mean. So they're different than the offensive juggernaut that struggles on defense and -- -- -- your options to win the game up on your offense has just. You just want to -- you do what you -- it to be great but. You expect your defense to beat. Competitive but not high expectations for the defund those two if those two -- young defensive players are what they're capable gaming guys that you traded up there -- -- in the first -- your defense will help you win games what we're not just we cannot just be along for the ride. They will be part of what makes the patriots very successful and take -- look forward to see -- outlets are on the NFL we're really on day one of training camp. Tons of interesting things going around the entire league including a huge contract for Matt Ryan -- And Greg Jennings taking Charlotte nasty shots. Have you heard what Greg Jennings is said about Aaron Rodgers yes LT and X rockaholic W --

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