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Mut's top 25 Boston athlete list is driving us mad!

Jul 26, 2013|

We discuss Mike Mutnansky's published top 25 of the last 25 years in Boston Sports, and have some issues with some glaring omissions. We discuss it with you, and Mut himself chimes in.

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Tom Brady says what he likes about this franchise meaning the patriots. Is we've got a shot every year when a championship is that true this year. -- question coming up here in ten minutes plus that is true. What needs to happen. In order for -- to -- what needs to go the patriot to weigh in order for them to be a legit contender this season at 61777979837. Will address. Come and appear in ten minutes. But I'm. Disturbed by something Michael. What what disturbs slice up this morning sun on Twitter our very own Mike Komansky host of the mid day show here WBI along with Lou Maloney. Has a top 25 list opposite at the Boston metro site. You hold your horses thank -- Top 25 athletes in Boston of the last 25 years. So let's go back 88 to the president ninety yes thank you for doing the math for me you are that was screw that up by now are now so from the -- year die -- came out 1988. Until today. Who -- the top 25 athletes in Boston but his list. Starts off I think the way most people's one Tom Brady number one. Kind of hard -- arguably it was the top five his top five as Tom Brady number one makes sense Pedro Martinez number two again I think you'd be pretty hard to argue. Number three is work it's a little confusing Larry burned. Larry Bird 1988. Number four ray Bork number five Paul Pierce. And -- Would you argue with any of those bodies of but that -- -- that -- seems a little high given that you're talking about 8089 I had. And he had been known problem. Doubles surgeon double foot surgery. At the start out some back problems after that. When he was out there. On was he was great but he wasn't out here all that often and then his final season 1992. So but I can understand if if Burress just forever analyst -- you like -- -- there are -- he's in the top five yet so Brady Pedro bird or pierce is the top five. His 613 and then -- Ty Law Manny Ramirez David Ortiz Adam Vinatieri. Now I think you know how I feel I would have moved Manny Ramirez up this list to me man he's a top five guy would put him just ahead of Paul Pierce so six through ten. Over -- immediately Ty Law Manny Ramirez David Ortiz Adam Vinatieri. He's probably to blow right. It was -- -- very high yeah. I mean I get the clutch kicks any good player but. Is a kicker -- bright top ten guy and he's got him ahead of the next group. Which is Mikhail Chara Garnett Sheila -- -- Tim Thomas what but I. I gotta tell all of those guys. He's got Tim Thomas number 15 o'clock. And his comment the only couple of these has -- comments on the most -- comment but under Ty Law it says orchard Peyton Manning in his prime. -- he did but a lot of that would Belichick doing defensively. Doctor -- our lives and great. It's not a it's not a knock on Ty Law but I think you know like they're named it hasn't appeared lineup -- -- I'm like -- how lawyers and -- -- discounters -- all right now you're on to sixteen through twenty Roger Clemens. Who was only here for a couple years I thought I was hitting a lot of what 9296. Of them I guess -- 96 he throws so territories right -- aren't Roger Clemens is too well yes Roger Clemens of that happening rocket. Roger Clemens okay. He -- -- when this guy and I don't -- division and 88. And they won it in ninety. I think Roger is low for the same reason Larry Bird is number three. Like that you can only put Roger Clemens so mind your list because some of the things that happen after it's opened your your. You're talking Boston athletes now. Roger Clemens for 8088 and 96 in ethnic group for what. It's only good for number sixty on now and we're right behind -- -- -- hooker killing his fourteen Adam Vinatieri before thousand at the Vinatieri went very confusing anywhere for that matter Curt -- for Roger Clinton number seventeen Vince Wilfork eighteen Dustin Pedroia in nineteen Reggie Lewis and number when he Wes Welker. -- -- sign of the that we think should be on here -- -- brown on the list -- and haven't seen drew Branyan got Wes Welker before tree brown number 21 that's -- still don't have my guy Jonathan Papelbon number 21 and for the first -- -- -- probably should be higher but high I don't know Troy -- Troy brown and his number 22 is what does your practice list. Randy Moss 23. Drew Bledsoe 24. Which actually drew probably should be a little higher probably higher and higher here given the time on the EU. Was the rebirth of football in in Massachusetts. And then Dan Coats is number 25 shot up today consulate love. 25 I didn't hear. -- -- -- -- If tuning into that that the most egregious -- to me is no tape posted -- and he does right afterwards Bruschi probably deserves to be in here somewhere. If you think it's really the I'm I -- -- Of course. And -- hear. -- Mike Vrabel microphone now not on the list. Not mention opt to Wheaton and get your playbook was Rodney analyst Rodney was not on the list. Similar -- Richard Seymour none of those guys were. Text message saying where's Antoine Walker and other -- quite cracks this list but hates football prize money for pain all -- apparently just likes kickers. Just feel like Adam Vinatieri as much as the next guy huge clutch player. But top 25 athletes in Boston and it is this just based on the fact that -- -- Herschel Walker from behind but he's such a good athlete because he can't Herschel Walker he's got to be in the top ten. Number ten Adam Vinatieri. Well number ten but no no Bruschi. Operate that would really is strange and J. D. Drew according to a text -- since -- -- does J. D. Drew not make it onto this list are set -- watch list. Youkilis -- him here from ten to two -- before I rip much some more quick defensive -- everybody's saying that. He left Ted Williams or Hondo out of his last is hard years it was the best one to five athletes of the last 28 -- years 88 to the president right now. Names like Nomar probably belong on there Varitek. I don't think Varitek who cracked the top 25. Pretty tough list again on. But he -- missing hall of Famer don't think. Varitek is one of the 25 best athletes in Boston LA -- and -- I think -- when we were going through with there're so many guys all of memory up to he missed a hall of Famer at least I think I don't -- on here who. He missed Curtis Martin's. Who's kind of easy to miss schedule is forget about a man I've argued that I only really should be in the hall of fame well what do you do in the hall of fame he's a hall of Famer. Yeah but he played here war. What three years. Or two years. Two years has seen 95. This year and 95 as a rookie year. 96. Super Bowl year it was a four years 95 to 9798. Did he go to 97. He was here one year when the years old Parcells -- to New York so -- near 97 and go to New York in 1998 what your for three years. Is only three years three years they'll. And a couple of -- hall of Famer Adolph but it was he a hall of Famer here in three years all nobody was a -- -- but it it's based on what you've done in Boston. It's not just your resonates what you've done Boston right at them -- -- -- all Kramer who took is great a great -- and half three years 3799. Yards. Averaged 12100 yards this season and that's eleven touchdowns that's pretty good right but up incumbent -- couple of other names but brought up Wade Boggs. Also Adam Oates -- -- -- where it played well. And and a lot of his damaged with the Red Sox during that time so. That's much less it is to his credit a very difficult -- -- -- -- one I mean there's a lot of a lot of battles that you have on there and I agree radiant hater of the 12 for me but. Upright manner -- and after that. Six -- 7779793. Cells -- back -- your calls here -- just dissect your friend at the Bergeron and I'm there I'm not offended by -- but I think he should be analysts that big omission or if you don't think Bergeron I think if you're gonna -- -- as high as you did it got to -- -- G Bergeron one of them I have to -- -- -- on the -- but if if you're -- -- it -- at number twelve. It's hard to see Howell. It's hard to see how brewer Bergeron is an anomalous -- only twelve. -- was a pretty good guys ahead of them -- ray Bork. Cam -- Paul Pierce Thai -- the -- wire here Manny Ortiz and in some of those compatible along the bottom don't think -- -- And in. You said Manny Ortiz and Manny is at what eight years -- and -- Ortiz at nine art and spin. Well that's the problem with that style on our Adam Vinatieri router is -- ten and I don't understand Alamo. Talking patriots and listening to Tom Brady yesterday and -- comments that to Peter King continues to kind of stand now. He says to Peter King without her chances here. Chances -- in the suitable twice more than twice actually I still plenty of chances to deal. What I've learned is to really really are -- in the Super Bowl I didn't get that perspective early winning three out of the first four years I played. What I like about this franchise is we've got a shot every year. I love the fact that we were in the AFC title game last year the Super Bowl the year before that in fourteen and two the year before that. We -- this year. It'll be determined by our level of commitment the mental toughness. We'll find it out before the season how committed -- our way in the question is do they have a shot every year specifically. They have a shot this year not just a shot everybody's got a shot 32 teams have a shot. They've a real shot are they going to win the Super Bowl this year they going to be one of the three or four teams that got a legitimate chance to win the super. -- the end of the -- you have to of course of course they aren't just look at at who you think the patriots are. You look at a fanatic. That's the easiest way to go. I think it's it's tough to say. Right now in July it's tough to say look at the rest of the AFC. Because I don't know who the AFC I don't know what the I don't know excuse I don't know what the AFC's. -- you think a team that's going to be the team could be good in team's disappointing you'd dismiss the team. That team comes out of nowhere mean that I think that pitch for a lot of people this year it's Kansas City. Don't really know how was going to be slotted who's going to be one who put on paper the AFC and looks weaker than AM nothing but you don't you know -- who's gonna be won the right to be six. We're just looking at the patriots and what they have. -- still have. Ron Jaworski. A top two quarterback in the -- Not a top three quarterback got a top two quarterback thank you thank you for showing in the proper respect -- They've got. One of the five best coaches in the league if not one of the three of four best coaches normally. They have good players they have good depth and they planned in a division. Although we don't know what they're gonna become we think. We think that the patriots are still the best team in the division for the fact that you can look at them and today. Winning the division is not necessarily. A big deal to them. A big deal any other team in the AFC east not a big deal to the patriots are expected to do it. Despite the fall there championship contender. You have some elements that they have you should be contending for champion yeah. And especially I think I agree with the UN NN NA FC that again just on paper you're right. We don't know what's gonna happen that's what the great thing about football the thirty year you try to write out what it's gonna look like on paper you're never even close lines -- -- it this year. The AFC doesn't look as strong as it has the last few or at least a strong as the NFC looks coming into -- more -- that looked championship caliber. I guess the second part of the question is if you do believe the patriots. Are a championship contender capable of winning the Super Bowl this year. What needs to go right what needs to happen and the thing that I come back to is the two young defense suppliers doctors -- met a million things you can choose any number things. But I would say if you could see a huge step up in a a big jump from year one to year two in both Jones and high tower. I'd be great for the -- cabinet that would change that would that would help more this defense from being a unit gets along for the ride -- To being a unit that can help win some games or maybe even when them itself. I think that would really change what the way we're talking about a patriot defense and make them something closer. To what they were when they were winning championships the really the better unit of the -- If it goes do you think you'd think about the way the patriots. Their their seasons have ended the last three or four years. You pin that on the defense. That last game of the season for the patrons whether you go back to 2010 when they lose to that yet. I think the final score was 2821 are so right away and the giants lost in the -- dialogue and Baltimore loss last year Baltimore and AFC championship and then going back before that the year before 2009. This season and here at home against. All are well first off the giants' loss know -- just flat out no Wes Welker catches that pass game. Is that simple to me I know it's no game is that simple but I was -- and once you catch -- ball now it's done to our defense playing incredibly well well. Could they have been better be out could use stops -- Eli Manning throw to Manningham. Sure I guess I don't know I don't know how you what is -- I don't rebel army so. Welker catch the ball and it when that game. Tim Tebow is god guided that ball somebody did that was that was that was divine. So I don't think that a -- is it the defense can be better. There's no question deep and give that team. That that 2011 teaming up to the Super Bowl. They gave up a hundred yards. I think they were 31 in the league in terms of giving up yards and thirty seconds was Green Day. So they could be a lot better but I think. This is why I'm gonna say the patriots will be really. They'll they'll be. Very interesting. In very good if one of those guys one of those rookie receivers. Turns into an outside threat who was physical. Who was both a downfield threat but a physical guy I give me the press coverage at. Problem. Is still catch the ball with hundred dollar fine I like it or not. Anquan Boldin affect. And I think that was missing. Missing from the patriots were long and that's what both of the young kids are -- kids to have that I can't remember the last guy who did that. You're the last guy it was like -- for the patriot David Givens probably. 88 in -- to -- 646 part talk about six feet 116 -- 61. It's one of those guys and they get young Deion Branch was pretty good at that god nobody was physical one out away to get around that -- -- gab but he wasn't but I had been given this is properly -- the example that the -- to a 61777979837. Due by the patriots as Brady says is a contender a real contender. Not just the team it's gonna in the AFC east I think most of us assume. The that's going to be the that's going to be the case but he legitimate contender and what needs to go their way what needs to happen in order for them to be -- -- is in the. Are hijacked. Yeah make. -- That they have a rich -- you know. You guys are bought the XE. You know not -- art the way. But I think it comes out or formula or -- the outlook or if he can get that -- and now at the beginning of the year. Almost like -- You know the offense has always been like the last 45 years and -- -- -- -- much vitriol and aren't -- and aren't. And and it was like you know economic and partly it's here and while that. Offense and a that your belt the old Earl. -- try to figure out yet. -- got a -- you know really go out and an empty so are now up yet. Yeah we -- we -- a a caller who made that point earlier that. Maybe today the unpredictability of the patriots. Or worked there vantage. You don't know what day you don't know what they're gonna do when teams are gonna prepare -- I think teams to prepare for Brady. And they prepare for it. That the -- they have a scouting report on the personality has also have this by the time by the camera talking at the end of the year they're gonna know what the picture yeah do -- then. Look at their personnel. -- -- We say it's unpredictable. I'm not really. You know Danny Amendola as you think is great yankees he -- Wes Welker in. I think he very well -- -- the keys Wes Welker and and Eric Decker I think shortest outing of your wrists out of -- and a little Calvin Johnson thrown an hour to talk to calm down note the other guys said that by -- the gadget -- you know what you're gonna get with these guys don't. There are some questions about the rookie first report rookies through there will be some tape on these players. Thank you prepare for Brady and and generally look at offense the -- I think that makes the patriots so hard to prepare for is not just whether you know their personnel enough but I remember talking to Brock asked as he prepared. With the Indianapolis to it to play against pages not that he was gonna placed his back and Peyton Manning and the thing they always took away from it was every team in the league has tendencies. Except the pitcher. And they really believed as they went through a study all the film they could they always came into every game with a plan of what we know they're tendency. On second and short they like to do this on third and long they like to do that on first and ten at the fifty. They couldn't find one. They really that we we cannot find a pattern or tendency of what they want to do I don't see that changing as they've got -- personnel -- Brock now Helm they say. You know -- you're one play away from -- -- game -- Oregon and order he says he's even -- -- he says is offensive coordinator didn't even know is a lefty. Like Coldplay it's farmers like. But you want to reverse that Wright has some lefty is a day or whatever -- put up with some attention they get -- to be in the don't you worry about it -- -- Merrimack tragic. -- -- All right Matt is in the car I'm. I think I got -- I get are a lot -- arms to be entirely correct bad and I think that that's. Check out all great coaching great -- -- mine in -- the last couple years and not quite unbelievable -- thought it was. And that dialogue made it look that good they look at some old ball. Stephen -- You put it all until I got your Boston athlete list you got Ty -- ahead of Manny Ramirez David Ortiz. Chara Garnett. Tim Thomas Roger Clemens in the last 25 years you got to -- had all those guys Dustin Pedroia. Which are connect -- I thought circular is that it was a connect this is where there -- like a marketing major lack. Some things you -- sort of justify -- car you're sort of closed flat tell me. Yeah -- -- -- nearest neighbor liked so much. It has got -- I guess it's a good player very good player may be even belongs near the bottom of this list. But I don't know if I can happen at the top ten of the Boston athletes that we watched in the last 25 year 617779. -- 79837. Just to give you that list again. Brady Pedro Byrd pork -- nearly. -- number seven many David Ortiz Adam Vinatieri ten Mikhail -- Garnett Schilling. Thomas Clemens Wilfork Pedroia Reggie Lewis Wes Welker. Papelbon Troy Brown Randy Moss Drew Bledsoe and Ben -- -- Tedy Bruschi. No Mike Vrabel no Curtis Martin's known Nomar Garciaparra -- -- no no no -- -- no Patrice Bergeron. 61777979837. Patrick in the car. Yeah quote what I got to admit what you agree it very well and Kyra. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah they did they both retired 93 and is a recent. Typically 93 and I was tired and -- yeah -- be -- her hair -- had -- because -- -- goes from 88 to the president Patrick the American interest in case terribly good one for -- -- -- it's easy to forget about them because they were so bad for most of those years what was that short of all I want to and is last year was 1980. Now -- I don't know what was the pre season. There was a pre season where everybody. Got hurt. The 88 or 89. And I wasn't -- there they they lost a lot of guys in one game was this. That the your Hartley dykes took a hit to the face mask broke his job was done for the year but all our members are 617 -- -- -- -- I don't think -- quite made it now he's in the all time. All time list of guys who are all kinds of talent didn't do much with it he's on the Bethel Johnson last -- -- New Hampshire -- -- -- -- -- -- Bloggers saying he'd be put at number connection yet gators do at some time there are a lot of numbers are long almost identical to the. I law has great numbers. How I've said before he can really make a case war it is a good -- good conversation. It to be had about Ty law and policy. Are you guys are -- low -- he wasn't on the list is that he wasn't there are so I think he was a little while it just can't eat. You know -- here but. -- three here yeah I'll be honest in my memory he was your longer amana I'll admit that I screw that up my mind if you -- if you just said to me how long was Kurtz Martin here. I think it was at five years I didn't realize it was only story. Yeah Maroney up I want a job so. They probably I guaranteed it would order a Super Bowl. Oral one if you -- fit that. Scheme and Terry Ryan and what's so jumpers and coach. -- -- -- -- -- -- a day if you think that if you if statement but Parcells is still god you think when the ball no way but they wouldn't have -- And 97. Team and ninety. They -- are now great they are really -- a lot of injuries. And you you wouldn't that would require Pete Carroll winning champion tiger felt that stage in his career no I don't think it was gonna happen knock him out of or the stage -- well we'll see about how he's a different coach than it was that -- in New Hampshire might. Mike hello Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- about people that are all on America wrote what -- go to America at all. You -- one of the top 25 athletes in Boston the last 25 years. I think it's okay to bring up his name. Top 25 is a pretty elite list when you're talking about for sports. And some really really great players hall of fame players who put up sick numbers during those times not no disrespect to Wakefield who. Meant it on to the Red Sox. But I think if you were listing the best players on each one of those teams you -- go to and a few names before you got to Tim Wakefield. And immediately to wait for there animal on -- now I'm going to be hard to do -- Wade -- The be really hard to do I still can't believe he's got Roger -- and solo cups -- what is that about is that it is. That you wanna put our DelHomme finally that screwed -- you don't find an -- -- -- -- our yards but -- in between 1988 and 1996. So that's a long time Veronica and to be including one of his twenty strikeout games art. We ever think about drugs at that point. Now now. Really is that you penalize them for what you know now what he was at the time came just penalizing because I don't like them. In my allowed to do that on -- was coming out it wasn't just as I -- myself and get a list of guys. Yet guys that you like all of we're splitting an -- Brocail Larry -- -- -- number three mostly because of who we is not what he did during the time that it -- -- that we're talking about here. -- the other one. How good was Mikhail from 88 on was he still a great player deserving of being in the top twelve on this list now probably not I mean there's a lot I think there's a little something being given your reputation. Not just what you saw on the field during that time Jason's in the car Jason. Jason and I I don't -- I one win Bledsoe and that list he's on number 214. When he all that -- are actually a pretty upset about where you want to be. Top five our. Top fifteen -- He didn't you bill that it was moving bullet all right. We have ourselves I think you're talking about importance you're probably right. -- -- -- three guys I was -- guys out that was 13 of that blood so it was a face on it and had to coach. Guy who bought the team. I only golden who won't Foxboro Stadium and bought the team so. It. Big part of that Brady decorated you know I mean Brady is just is that a reason to put a month there. On you don't like you've got a really good number if you top ten all time passing yards I mean what's so what it's a pretty good quarterback I know it was a statue -- He was pretty good in odd thing with high -- you talk about title shutdown corner I mean a guy with a beast. Sure one great player would I wouldn't compare the beyond mediocrity tackled by Carlo really. I don't get -- but the problem is taking Ty Law out of your top seven isn't a knock on Ty Law still unbelievable why -- you how great Leinart you know I'm really sorry ass. You want media and analysts on Manny was number eight right after seeing her meaning it would appear you would agree. Appear you know -- it's scary but. The. Six point 777979837. Appreciated at all here. So you -- it would -- Roger -- not -- -- -- wasn't as -- here. I cannot think that's why didn't like Roger -- you assume that wanted to -- because -- laughed and said he wasn't go to new York and -- did I can't get Roger Clemens because he's Roger Clemens with the Toronto while eventually went to new York and that was the -- -- I -- Roger -- you're never going to make me change my mind -- that I -- it long before he was ever linked to -- -- and -- -- be lower my -- but don't like the -- My childhood hero -- you like you and me that some of the gun like many more calls on my list just old man plus a lot lot lot more calls on the patriots as well what needs to go right for them to win a Super Bowl this year salt and -- and WEEI. Please go right for the patriots to a Super Bowl this year. I -- a couple of guys on their defense young guys who could take a leap. High tower Jones those two plays like they're capable of play up to their potential. And you got a defense it's gonna scare people like it hasn't the last few years Jones coming off the edge high tower and everything he can do. I think that changes the game for them but another name that you can -- took -- were talking about officer Michaels Adrian Wilson. Ovals barely talked about -- his name is almost not come up -- Tommy Kelly's name really come -- Or -- -- I just feel like he's the more I mean when he's in Canada right I don't know what have they would have Armstead. Those who's a pretty good pretty good player now in college. Young guy could. Bowker could really have an impact on this team so but I look at it on and off and forget the kids look at the -- receivers. -- -- -- -- They step up and can they step up and and make some plays make you forget about. Or make you not focus so much one on Wes Welker. And Brandon Lloyd. And Aaron Hernandez and -- and now six or 777979837. -- thoughts on that what -- to go right for the patriots. And also before we doing to the question here in about twenty minutes you can Texas 37937. Any questions any subject we will lancer also talking still about Mike minutes he's big list. Of the top 25 athletes in Boston the last 25 years -- in New Hampshire and he joins us now hi Mike. I'm watching my funny he's -- and the first I'm gonna get a call to come on your show. Yet he might not -- those those -- things are unbelievable because you know they don't. They occupy kids aren't they allow you to do things were how Hologic you know. Are. -- months I got myself central right there so that's the kid is in the in the high chair right now. Yeah and the other reason I cheer this yellow sort of banana -- popsicle -- don't have to exceed them right hand part beating and from left hand. Poppy I'm excited about -- This is what we're gratified that's what you're gonna farm but you get a fine. About 60% of those costs in the chair she hits compact. Not be -- to eat those policy or Delgado is just throw the right -- -- -- -- -- but mostly gone -- what was your kids filling up the list for you when you came up with your top 25. All that is at. That's below the belt what what the issue obviously they're an acute conflict by the if Ben kitchen and calling -- out on Twitter to -- -- of what what's the big issue with the. While a few first of all Larry Bird number three it's just what they did from 88 on right. Yet but I felt like it is if his -- was sold. It was so good that I could not be bothered properly understand what you're saying and I even penalized and got right satellite Larry -- for -- case. If we're going to entire career Burton number one bar in down a couple of spots because we are talking post 88 post PD that the Celtics it was not. His finest years but I couldn't keep -- out of the top three. -- for that. Now I got pass on -- -- there's a lot more OK how about it you have from now on Roger Clemens being at number 160. About Roger Clements 88 to 96 with that with the Red Sox minute Thelma Houston sixty death aptly. Since 1988 Boston. You know I think you have your own personal by me go to this inclement that's such a -- now let's -- -- and what would. -- -- Jean jacket -- Hear what was doing that -- no I don't -- -- my great -- was -- -- Boston from 1980 that you've heard Larry Bird logical to -- -- -- actually -- 88 and 92 in of his career. He wasn't at his best but it Larry Bird so. What you know about Roger Clemens you're evaluating him. From 1988 to 1996. There is no Brian back I mean there is no. Playing for the blue jays or yankees you're just looking at Roger Clemens with the Red -- you're telling me. -- -- But he sixteenth best I don't. I I again I. I believe that my own personal -- -- factor in the lot and why these risky it is it and it's been coached in the top 25 realistically -- -- litany of bad -- make up 25 guys Clemens sixteen under the fire on them at six. And Tedy Bruschi -- what do you have against -- We have against Nomar we have against Curtis Martin. All all 30 -- under you what -- those three and who could bring your -- now I understand what you're saying -- you would the top of the mission well. I would take out your number ten athlete Adam Terry and put I would literally so why all been very risky indeed find in the UK YouTube congratulations alt U and a reminder all you're an idiot if -- Top 25. The big guy that made every big. He had to make any creature you know I'm aware of what he did watch it maybe -- you can give an opinion about that you made a noble for god -- About. If you Almonte a couple moment what Dave Robertson there and say he had the stolen base so he has to be in here are put put double it was a -- -- a guy Bobby -- and -- a huge home run against Colorado he gains are so make sure I had -- 100. You don't. You'd hear Bobby people. -- -- -- name calling just as you got jealousy and and -- and the editing and turning way do you do for our today. -- -- -- -- -- Don't -- your emitting an impersonation here on the radio how -- area you're at it and while I was joking obviously but c'mon. -- -- -- techsters wondering why you ignored Olympic athletes where's Nancy Kerrigan on Rollins welcome where's Sally reasoning on this list. I am not I'm not in the role I'm not great natural under the bus we were given a electrical that we could've written you know be -- we could written -- I date with the direct a list. And if we go on Olympic athlete and maybe even -- to make it they would -- -- Porsche sport I I didn't put in an Alaska on their job and may talks are. Our I don't have anybody saying that actually is not about how total the name and MLS guy in order to put him on the list I'm surprised you didn't have any horses and jockeys on this list. I -- Chris McCarron local pot could put him into a bit. So. I'm surprised you didn't go there you're the unit and other area got seriously I know why don't move on and I don't know mark who's going to be very upset no no mark seriously did he call you up for that -- That's our show Monday so I'm not sure to do now on Monday show but. Again you when you're going all the lip it you know at that -- I'll admit when you got down in the teens it was a matter of I want you to -- not select the guy but we're 25 and trying to rank them there at the end. You know you get -- not -- it in this thing two hours and -- the got frustrated. Two hours and it got off -- your kids. Luckily you can Davis -- Have taken -- A credit it. Outlet to project nobody's gonna read it and and I won't have to deal that anymore in your yard area and look at what -- your list of great high note you two hours I hope they were paying handsomely but that's like separate it out about how to I'm up against -- I'm -- -- -- -- -- entered. Did you realize it up in a minute hand Medicare bill lift I didn't -- -- until he put part number one you guys -- -- -- and a. That's not -- stupid party see what happens and you try to get mad men and you know I -- -- shouting match it's not worth the time but thank you. Were like that yes bright idea right guys talking about -- what you got right but it's hard it's very. It's a heartless to put together now that a lot of great athlete the Boston yeah. And still. Thought I radiant pay a bit Britney -- want to -- is right now. Much are we don't want America. Right here on your editors there by -- appreciate it our might have a -- and they're pretty much the same don't you think. There and have a good week -- -- Carter with your -- Johns Jones in the car hi John. All I go up there are flush with. -- We -- are actually. On. A boat. And all of that era. Some other type radio yeah we sit -- cheating on we stop doing -- you know I. So you weren't here yet but but but a little. -- there -- that we appreciate. You had a -- Since CC Millen on the analysts now I see Michael. -- -- missed analyst because it wasn't a list of people try to shake your hand so hard they break it so fortunately Q it was a if you did not crack this particular -- A couple of false article here at mount a chart below book or what I thought those guys use -- Richard topic but it all agree that we're all nervous but the -- equipment broke the school that. I -- this deep bench but I'll. Better it -- mean by batteries. Get off the field. And not happy handle them and try. I understand appoint an upbeat given up -- health issues. We -- countless there's dirt in it being segment well. Any routine or I hope that law are a lot longer a threat at that point. -- you're up thirty by forty let's hope that work back. I want to get this team -- big steps on the other side of the ball I mean. Gotta make it froze it got to that point or every area pretty much Grady was a lot of all. Article about that I wanna it is team go to it but it. I think I don't think you're in the minority at all John make a lot of people agree that mats in the car IMAP. They guys are. Yeah I don't wanna and you get -- talking about the path -- -- what double play throughout right now and I haven't heard a lot about them at all about him out I actually forgot. You have an audio and happy to be pretty get up get there's a deal. Bigger you know I think Ras I Dowling and click buckles to go and -- together -- same thing -- about -- very talented but it is there on the field. I think buck a minute I don't know that might be a little unfair to buckle that's a lot like my guilty does Terry is -- let's just sit in terms of you know everybody says great things about them but. You know can they stay out there. Do you think it'll run at all. Hasn't he hasn't you haven't seen them for a essentially haven't seen for two years. -- down. Do they believe in them they think it is he already in it is -- in jeopardy of not making the team. That that's -- that's the name it. That we haven't brought up until we see this with the pages not that this is gonna happen but you completely forget about somebody like Ras I Dowling only he'd never talked about a ones and then all of a sudden you get right down like the third pre season game. And they're gonna DeVon accordion they Dowling is their guy at safety for the rest of the year I've watched. Just think there's always not that that's specifically is gonna happen -- -- just that one crazy move real like. Really I. I completely forgot like I existed you think he's better than the player we've all been assuming is going to be your starter what you can't you can't mix your sports like that -- you're right it is a disservice to group buckles Ras I Dowling. And Danny embellished. With viewers the most disrespectful. They should going to do any of those missed like twelve games in his career you're just kill them more about it. Well shortcut that no I think it's maybe -- -- on that but it's not as many as you think it is either answer the question coming up a few minutes we need your questions Texas 37. 937. That's 379837. Plus you can use Twitter hash tag ATQ plus few more your calls on my list of salt Ali on W media.

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