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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: Red Sox are in a good situation

Jul 26, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni as the trade deadline approaches and discusses the current situation the Sox are in right now, if they should make a move for a starter, the Dustin Pedroia extension and his feelings on ARod.

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It's a guy who -- more than actually talks to us on Fridays well there's Campbell Arnold wants a week -- six days. Let let me ask -- about that Miguel much yes right now a lot low should get off the driving range you know optic but the driver -- -- your bag put the little eight iron -- your bag you know the on the -- -- economically right now that is where you score yoke of the old drive for show a belt is not a joke. Brutally putting. I was terrible I did make one -- not one out one and three rounds not even up by order to save anything so terrible I doubt that chilcott. Guess I was just that. A little get away for you before you know the final leading up to the -- deadline to put your work. Well I'm telling you one night I. First round -- -- well -- gripped Austria shot 76 number seven play a little bit about next two days. Anyone. Absolutely puke joke in there yet so it it was a great time Grammy well. And Mary's center Kyra unbelievable -- -- to a country club but. Are there right now I'll walk in her little arrogant and you know -- -- -- -- watch much eco shocked the world why we got Pedro Schilling -- anything happening at. -- sixtieth place it. Wet aren't -- quick let's go about when the -- -- a bad you want these guys will shake a little -- get over a putt and in your hands start to shake because use your one that the attempt the spot right now Kevin. So what we have moved on source -- yeah I'm a better but I'm I'm not slaughter and her like why you're nervous interview I start kitten. And the like wrote that sweater he's a body that body hamburger meat sport jet pack air. I'm a tender and then putting up a market on letter sounds that -- a nervous. You bankrupt it inclement deepen and -- seventy -- -- problem five million I'm not nervous -- might be -- and I'm I'm -- slaughter. Yes -- that that is Celek what the -- -- noted -- this Nokia needs right is no there's no let. Do little but that's a -- they got. Our club that -- -- -- but the country club we just put the player behind it like pocket and now. You don't make that nine inch up down under about orbit arable. I listened as they'll give me sit up and give it to you the American League east and given. A lot of one point two into the schedule with the racing going to break -- saw up close and personal here. This rotation now stop somebody gay cop back to maybe Fausto what do you wanna call believes it's the deepest rotation as teams that -- the best rotations event and it had some good -- Yeah you're right I mean -- they get out there and catch that thing about would forget about parades. We talk about paper products and palate and a cop when he count back all the guys they have write him or not cute they all are. You know it's funny this schemes like third and MLB. In it in and was quick runner and scored just I was like really I would look at what they also. And -- at the screen by the way they're they're 93. There last. Point two games or whatever -- but and that's what Longoria hit a buck sixty last week he need to whatever what's so. This team it's important I think that's the thing about it is we talk about their kicking. And they're pitching. But you get out there you don't know who it is but. Beckett and the duke McCallum added that about opening in the big leagues a put guys in position to succeed. All of the guys succeeding now is will Myers Kevin took forever to bring him up I was curious when you watched him hit. Do you see a guy that continued as the rest of the way and end with Longoria kind of be that. Middle of the order of the can keep the offense -- where it's been which surprise -- good so far this year. Yeah -- -- -- -- -- despite she see that the potential to -- big good looking kiddies get some -- got along great all muscles. A lot but no padding out this kind of wiry type -- So I mean there's some holes you're gonna see some. Some old strike -- up there right -- -- -- and homer's got some leverage also. He's got what some on the -- -- -- he keeps getting better and North Carolina court really nice kid. And prosecutorial -- in this game you know eat eat get a little bit. You know to iPad but -- -- well I got in there and people are metallic -- gore accepting all the best to keep in that same level that. Even with that run the Red Sox still have the leak and the albeit a half of game going to Baltimore here. Every look at this team with a new as a Clay Buchholz came out maybe September he'll be back in this rotation -- felt like starting pitcher was indeed and and now maybe I'd do with the asking price seems to be a lot -- -- used in the Red Sox needs help -- they go to get that star. Yet I think they're gonna go out to speak right before the deadline but a Lotta Lotta Lotta -- happen and I'll get it down on the little overrated that each. It's like -- like her personal recognition that we don't clear waivers got to get a deal lot of deals go on August also the players got to go waivers and you know whatever. I think directs our surrogate situation they've lost five of their last eight there office apps are a little bit and it happens when you base guys are more price. The shut down anybody I like this club I don't think they got to -- -- is too dramatic move. Just to make a movie like Jake Peavy account whispered a little bit or whatever. Kind of pitched it actually playing playing ball and he got out Lackey that back. A stroke pitched a bit better yet let's got to step up -- so. What happens right now but nobody got to go -- make a move right now pitching well we quite -- back healthy amber you know you look forward. We're talking to Campbell argue media of scatter report follow up on PB yeah we see and I I think -- still -- -- -- was hurt Kevin a lot of his career missed a lot of time. It is say they go out a -- -- and -- we need this guy is is -- a pitcher. That would be towards the top of the rotation a legitimate guy in a playoff series could help you out in a best of seven. You know we get our alliance -- and pitched twelve years in the big leagues he's been injured a batter I don't think he peaked yet -- want to be back in San Diego. You -- grunt and our Miguel Turkey probably -- sure the White Sox but I understand that you know he's he's got a lot of -- term harm is the heart healthy -- I -- Jake -- I love the horrible line. I -- some -- -- right here right now you don't see it. We have Ryan Dempster saint I've seen are the line but. He's -- -- of the first three years where they got 9596. That same like peavy they're veterans they're gambit that they don't hear any big spot. But do you need to keep you right this second that's classic this whole -- seconds out the door. The Red Sox are gonna tailspin for two weeks and economic model boats at -- got Arnold goes about somebody or you want about the eighty. It is not done yet but right now I think fifteen -- Garrett. They don't have to make a whole big splash effect. Published cheers Kevin you on they do on national games you've had guys an intentional talk he'd interviewed people -- What is your relationship been over the last few years in the media with a guy like Ryan brought -- what was your reaction when you heard news. I got a built a lot with a lot of people you know are really you know I think at times because marble -- that Lou that there -- going to be at some point. If false positive. You know. And so I thought this was one of those situations you know the way he has hair slicked back in that beautiful sure dog he's a great speaker good looking young man. You know I felt for open in -- there is gonna be a false test that's positive and maybe this is a wanted. Ultimately he went on a technicality. On the sample that was an overnight it within 24 hours that it Penske they went back technicality that the Major League Baseball was kind of -- we're gonna we're gonna -- pro duke and they needed a good job would go to richer and bigger job stay -- top of the situation because. Ultimately. It was a failed test. The defense side Ron's camp went back technicality. And now all the while chances come out and now they haven't evidently you know what brought in a very Smart move by saying. Let's make it deal going anywhere and for the pure standpoint that strike brought out this. For the Milwaukee Brewers organization what do distraction what a tragedy in ticket holders get a chance to buy all the -- -- brought it stinks. But hopefully they can move forward as an organization. And start clean next year and the -- brought situation outlook they'll. Well I think a lot of New York fans to will be docked about Alex Rodriguez near here and now. Baseball what you look in a lifetime ban for this guy I'm curious Kevin Fay Vincent archer. Came out said the only way baseball really fixes this right. -- big -- lifetime ban first offense just like gambling a Pete Rose -- your out of baseball for Goodyear out of the game. Forget it would you be in favor of a lifetime ban first offense for a steroid PD user out of the game out of the game for good. Why not why not you wanted to give mobile what do you wanna stick around and have guys that they are Smart that system let's try to be clear -- the square block. Just do things right now moved forward. OK I -- a company -- and you get in and around the owner. And and you're electrocuted W smoke marijuana which destroy out here and actually looked out at you from marijuana twice a week that -- you can't smoke marijuana anymore. You can't not take those magical -- he can't go. Just don't smoke marijuana -- have a job so to saint -- -- baseball. We are acting we are we are hearing about it's we're series but clearly game you can't do we think in a peculiar ramp for life and how he can't trust me. -- -- -- -- -- -- like your satellite before it -- put someone their body you'll hear this I didn't know I was misinterpreted. Because it cost -- million dollar next time. Yeah I agree with you get you some deter these guys because obviously they feel the running or -- fifty -- -- but it cuts albeit a Melky Cabrera still get seven and a half after being suspended. You know from Toronto be asking more about that Iraq situation because it is ugly -- New York to get cash for coming up call to mr. Rodriguez in statements and -- gold conference SL which sound will play for you -- a little bit after Kevin but. Did the whole thing he wants to be back on the field he tells me start and he says he's not it's just a circus tent over there they rot. If they -- -- -- organ -- they shouldn't do this through the media actually inside the Yankees on Iraq -- -- Why don't you have grown man flying in behind the scene angle to talk about stuff. But they're arguing like behind the media and an -- in -- -- -- Iraq it's an MRI it's read by his doctors. The Yankees say now on you because you want outside their doctor means and yet the doctors saying there's respect there -- o'clock o'clock that the clean MRI. Yankees don't want to come back it would -- here all the stuff that we should be. Because that amount slightly yet I've got. Half a billion dollar in the bank about it you know I'm a product pipeline right -- -- -- that -- Brian I am out Rodriguez with a purple lips aren't you let go without. Let's figure it out because I want to play I'm healthy and that are trying to act like I'm still hurt because you wanna pay me so -- the -- the -- -- to -- -- -- all the media. Big night at eight at eight misunderstood and misinterpreted. I think they need to solve the situation but it is LP. The new York and why would you -- out -- back. It's a perfect record is terrible LD BA war in seven games album are you air out all the artists are but. They kind of -- out -- it may be back. Get in on this I'm curious your response when he heard about Dustin Pedroia is extension to keep near the Red Sox over the age of 38. He gets about a hundred million dollars and looks like he's going to be here for a long time Kevin. Actually in the dark period that is true Latin America's status right now. Dustin Pedroia played this game. With -- fear of losing his job we don't see anymore players initially our -- eight. Plane on your lap he won 785. Or Latin school or strike out you're on your. Couldn't get paid 1259 dollars you know and. Dustin Pedroia it brings a refreshing. Play to this game didn't generate and we plan he played in your job. An actual weight -- we played -- air. -- very -- -- prepared and that's what -- you want you're a light and how well the signing and -- direct such a great job of understanding that. So many intangibles you bring besides. Forty home runs aren't -- RBIs. He brings that leadership we have to change the car -- -- at the -- and I am looking at best android a new captain brightly wrapped up into what sir. Well besides you selling my mother on the radio Lisa smoked marijuana Kevin is a good conversation today appreciate that is always talking next week. Just an example but how volatile market. Pretty clear. An idea I'm my mom Allen call Campbell mark cleared that up. I Campbell ours brought -- like voted tractor corporation and by commonwealth mortgage he joins us right here. On the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LTD. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible and of course. Campbell our results you bought your -- great friends that golf Smith. We'll get a break come back your phone calls to -- but it follow up on this. A-Rod situation pork -- our buddy Dan Duquette -- about to duke talk about a team in the playoff race he will join us at 1245. It's much Lou Sports Radio WEEI.

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