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Patriots open up training camp

Jul 26, 2013|

With the Patriots officially opening up training camp today at Gillette, Mut and Merloni discuss the upcoming season and how many wins we can expect from the defending AFC East champs.

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When last we saw the England patriots as a team. Well one point they led the Baltimore Ravens was thirteen seven. After a Stephen Flacco to pick it up plaque put Bolden. And one more time for good measure flack got a Bolden 21 unanswered. That AFC title game in your final was 2813. And Panama. A stunning -- and back on now right in an old Aqib Talib went down. What 2813. Your final ravens go on a Super Bowl Flacco gets a huge pay day. And for the first -- your patriots as a team officially not a mini camp not note TA get back to work in the rate of Foxborough. Kick off the -- camp. -- a to a state of our biggest concern for the patriots as Rob Gronkowski by slamming his brother would DD keying his brother it's these -- of those fun days loved it. Love those days those they seem by the way that the years ago. Years ago days those teams -- right now there was no murder charge for Aaron Hernandez. There is not a situation where this team is. A couple positions almost completely rebuilt. Instead it's okay come back next year we'll do it again most guys back and got Brady got ballot check -- young defense and you feel pretty good. As of July 15. The patriots were 921. To win the Super Bowl their overall under. But you'd told the you know during the break was eleven and half I have an eleven I have been downgrade and a half for game. I guess because what happened with errors and -- and now. It was the line on I got a 921. Odd to suitable via at eleven all the juice yeah I think it's minus 12120. -- that when I last I -- was eleven -- -- minus 160. Elected deduce that kind of Jumbo. It with a number yet but it makes us again -- -- they've got -- to eleven they're nine to one near the full as far as like it's in this board they -- the fourth choice. And look you wanna consider the favorites to in the AFC east I understand that you wanna say eleven games actually feels about right. But the fourth choice to win the Super Bowl given everything happening to this team that seems completely out of whack to me. No they got two other top teams the AFC may be able -- gave -- down this year. But I say that out loud they -- the fourth best odds to win the Super Bowl and by virtue of being the the best on the fourth best choice buy -- separate Cisco. Denver and Seattle. Given what's happened this team doesn't that seem pretty optimistic estimate. That -- when the year is the fourth. Best odds to win the super delegate. It does to me to -- that's well in the optimistic. However you know are they fourth. Because they just figured that they could be one game away from being in the AFC championship in their four revenue one in four chance. Right I mean is that that's what you look at you that it's okay well. There's still enough talent to witness this division I think they do mean. I think expected deepest be better Tom Brady and -- -- division Miami will be -- in team the buffalo and the jets. I don't know. We look at the AFC. I mean you've got Denver obviously right now ought to look -- notes at brands number one -- to Seattle's three green to Atrix four. And get Green Bay and Atlanta. Houston -- the ravens so you've got to Denver New England Houston and Baltimore. The Baltimore to hit right they've lost a lot of players that may be lost. A guided me Joseph Flacco looked great -- Wimbledon but. You look around its Houston Texans. That that's the thing -- thing is there's still probably the top fourteen and AFC right. By virtue of the the of the conference I guess you could make an argument but -- the fourth. Should they be before our lowest odds to go to the Super Bowl win would not just golden it's hard when -- over all we saw offense seems impossible that that's the problem here because I think. Somebody outside and going -- it -- Houston this year take the leap and take the next couple weeks off from Houston topic you really respected too much to say that. Not worried about that team that still a talent that team I would have to -- put Houston ahead of doing news. Used pre season look at right now and now this is without. Knowing anything about Greg Dobbs and our boys are these wide receivers sort of stepped in here and and to help develop in and help this offense that Tom Brady that relationship but that the two rookies which really haven't seen. This patriots team development. You look at the past. I think column -- -- earlier in the NC -- thought he was right you know he took years to edit a few years back. We know we are now but still. The care that position at three years and what brought healthy which he comes back to care running backs for years ago and the issue wide receiver. So was he Dobson and voice at a time like this this team actually drafting young receiver and actually have a young receiver built with. A little bit move forward hopefully one of these guys contribute. Well they've had guys that they brought in they thought would contribute and have not -- doubtful the young and veteran. And oppositional -- interest and so the nine to one I disagree with and it's a terrible that a terrible bent in you know only old battle almost anything you want about a -- a coffee. You hydrate during the show today I will bet on you could not get me to bet. Joseph czar Bob knows. Appeal his lunch money. 921 that is a horrible. I don't care what you think of the AFC. There are too many question marks -- the patriots general hi you look at that go yeah that makes sense that is just a bottom or Las Vegas I got these robotic LB. This is just them saying they got Brady they got telecheck. And the -- season that. -- ethics -- are terrible no way they should be ahead of the Packers. Got to look at the conference. -- by the Packers but you don't believe maybe the Packers or all the saints of the giants of the payers some of the teams that. There in the NFC is because you get San -- Seattle top. To their -- go to the Super Bowl -- worse than anybody from the C. He's ready to go through Sampras Seattle I think if we look at the NFC right now votes -- those two teams probably control the conference you know Green -- will be there you know little -- Knowles will be interesting. So the NFC it's going to be a lot tougher to get it in the AFC. Probably the owners ought to inseparable this isn't this isn't. Up who's the better team. Right now this is just to get there if she looks liberties isn't it this so it's more representation of the copper it's not the kind of so that and I think their odds maybe more than the AFC east. This again I go back to maybe they don't win one game. No one game to get the AFC championship -- you do have a 2.5 percent chance because of the debates are great and still be prohibitive favorite here to win the division they're. He's in total as of today I wanna get it correct. Eleven is the over under its minus 140. On the -- Plus 110 on the over so you're getting if you wanna go over patriots eleven wins. You actually if you played against the Jews there you're getting a plus number. I gotta tell you even at the -- rip the odds for Super Bowl winning nine to one is a bad bad. Plus 110. Over eleven wins in activation. I Joseph on that and Roger other Super Bowl team. -- there in the mix somewhere but second in the conference and fourth overall is ridiculous but eleven wins because that conference because the division is so bad. I still think it's gonna be -- the yeah you know on the eleven went elevenths I mean it's. That's that's the number of those conference before of some of these teams -- patriots eleven afternoon -- while other. Going to be at least five and won -- a hiccup in the in the conference and a division. Not addicted to more than one hiccup in the division this year I think that can be more than one loss. There's always one opted DOT coming in my we Elmo Miami's gonna be difficult. You know must -- the gonna -- going to me that's the one army talk about teams difficulty division wanna say at Miami's a tough game it's been in the past usually your basing it on the New England Patriots of the past that -- just sit there play the bills and the jets and say -- it put up 35 points. You know they could find themselves -- that we've seen it we've seen hick ups before it. While it just wasn't a normal game from them that was a certain special teams are an interception later summit turned the game. Or -- in his defense couldn't stop cool wherever. You know throwing a football having seen it before. Hopefully not the 9 Pacific ten when it. Yeah I think ten wins deftly in this division that's why still moved from an odd standpoint plus one tension and -- wind -- over eleven games this year. You've given how bad that division is he talked about the door opens the bills to completely reset the quarterback position. The jets the jets in the jets are still the jets and I don't know what they're gonna do -- quarterback spot this year but because of the division. I still feel okay with that number it's the Super Bowl odds -- feel like I don't know I just think that's that it's an awful that altogether and you're gonna hear from Robert Kraft in about 1215 minutes from now exactly he spoke about the -- Hernandez situation. And it was a different offseason -- you want talk about. This team dealing with things in the past I want tell of this team's ability to overcome turmoil. Greg Bedard -- about it in this week's SI. And you look back at the B five seasons that he would call the the tumultuous seasons recently for the patriots. He started with when Mo Lewis cleared out Drew Bledsoe Jamal Lewis knocked two bullets a lot of that out of the game out of the season here comes Brady. -- goes on from there the -- three season. Where Belichick released safety lawyer Malloy to get blown up 31 nothing in the opener by the jets. Spy gate in 07. Tom Brady season ending ACL there. In the opening quarter of 2008. And then in 2010. You're kind of a combo like Greg's right about this Logan Mankins a messy contract squabble -- report to the ninth game. And Randy Moss got -- after week for. So you say boy had some issues almost five years Boston struggled there. Exact opposite. 66. And fourteen. In those five years to Super Bowls conference championship. Not in what you I would -- a degree of Greg tumultuous. Beginnings to that year that patriots stand for those patriots Eagles five seasons you'll be dealt with. It would you agree. Extremely talented. I you know having -- come back from spiking your sixteen and alright that that team is involved in that with -- Wes Welker Randy Moss and given Tom Brady the two best wide receivers he's probably ever had in his career that point. And just actually blew up. Yeah you know the team that that Cassel took over for was that team that went sixteen in L anywhere eleven at five. So he edit their record is there. But. Also a lot of talent on most teams I mean that one to me was you know moss. Leaving in the middle years -- -- -- got to change the office mechanical back to bring it signed Deion Branch can't go back to a different type of offense. Which I think did it successfully put up to as many points. With a guy like Randy Moss site. I I just think that there's. You look at this team and -- an optimistic callers just putting a lot of faith in some faces that never seen before and that's that's fine. You know I think it did meet Danny Amendola is healthy at the Q what approach under reception. You know. Dobson voice what do what you'd. What you know than Scott reports were Enola called it's all you know no one of the few videos here YouTube because articles written about what they can become -- certain -- saws -- currently game crumbled in OK I mean we've. For these things before go back and read some of the scout reports -- Janet Jackson. You know so Taylor Price I mean you've. -- heard reports before we don't we just earth with we don't know so if I wanna sit back in and kind of -- watched these guys in camp a little bit more. Watch him in -- regular season after a couple of games and I'd go to that can watch a guy. It's a yet he belongs yeah he gets it that run around a chicken with its head cut off right. The watch these guys before bill will be optimistic about 5 am sort of wait and see as far as his what issues -- -- you wait it seem. About the offense or defense -- I did agree -- some of the calls today and some -- the we've gotten about the optimistic feeling about this defense this year. I exit defense and took a major step forward last year still gave up what the fifteen the other fifteen -- the pac ten yards. But they were top ten in points allowed and look that's. That's -- number I go by you know that see how many points -- given up how many points the opposition put on -- how many points yet to score is an offense will -- your top ten. With a pretty young defense last year right double Chandler Jones rookie hightower rookie. Your quarterback position to be re -- little bit debtor stepped in he will factor into people's thoughts about this defense. Defensively I feel like there are less questions there than the offense going into this. One question right yeah point seven. I'm saying August 27 that today two days before your final pre season game against the giants a -- the dinner. -- BO Lincoln Nebraska this probation violation you know violating probation here. That's that's your question I mean this guys are starting corner. You know right now iron and is out of the mix Rob Gronkowski probably will start the year and a populist notes. So Welker is gone -- you argue -- some time to think what how organ attacked this team you know who's gonna -- those rolls those types of things. And I'm sure they're gonna try to prepare here Europe broke camp. You know debtor it's our snaps going to have somebody they're out and the other side of the league in somewhat prepared but not knowing. What the futures this young man with a unit loose him Borough -- sport -- Roger Goodell league elusive for 88 games. He's going to be prison for three for thirty days and come -- answer before game suspension notes. That would be the one question if he's back healthy. You know we feel pretty good about this team because it's. Guys now played together for a while rookies expect to step up maybe Jim Jones has it worn down as the season goes on. According it will more comfortable out -- safety you Wilson champion nickel guy kind of slide down maybe it was a lot linebacker type -- a third safety. You feel more confident about but hundreds of. Huge question because -- was able to answer so many questions in the seventh round again when of the expectation eventually start. And when you had Ras I Dowling get hurt again -- -- to play in consistently he's better in that slot position. He had to go to guys like mark we -- last year you said oh boy what where where is the depth of this team debtor solve all those questions if he's not here Ernie does -- time. All those questions are back on the table you know in the near -- going back to -- Logan Ryan he spent a draft pick on is he able to step in. You know Brandon Jones -- huge unknown double -- unknowns of the offense will be some depth in the back and that defense -- take there's some unknowns there too. But I just feel like -- defensively I look at the date the youth and how much talent from -- -- appointment and and guys who should theoretically get better. About line backing core spikes and a contract theory joked about what he would he like off the field what he might say but on the field -- playing for. -- could be huge deal for him somewhere out there. So Tommy Kelly comes in solidified its spot ex Vince Wilfork and the defense is seven the rate maybe defense now in character Regan brought about this than Harold. That defense not takes the pressure off the offense as they have in the past right when this team is. Had transitioned the -- inside the football. The defense has been able to make a man's -- defense. That was able to make stops and create turnovers and not make it's -- you've got to be the number one offensive football put a 580 points close to 600 points. That if you're optimistic that's got to be party or conversation here is that defense is better because even if you while the often -- disclosure today. Can you feel like they're gonna score anywhere near. Almost 600 points that it last year. That seems like. Ridiculous Dotson. So I guess that's the equation if -- raskin patriot fans today on the day of of camp from a football standpoint. What are your expectations here -- nine to one odds to in the Super Bowl you -- eleven as an over under for the year. Yeah what is that expectation for the team and is it -- in to. The defense being -- -- the offense here in the -- salt campus salt hammering that they're gonna change the offense altogether will back the ball control. And they'll be just fine and I'm very interest and here. How patriot fans feel today as they practice in the rain. At their facility down their -- 6177797937. The phone number 617. 7797937. The AT&T text -- Is 3793. Several get your thoughts and expectations for this team and we come back Robert Kraft. Spoke throwing the second time as far as I know. About the Aaron Hernandez situation did so this morning on that for you next right here on 93 point seven WE. Yeah patriots open their training camp today Gillette they're practicing in the rain as we speak not -- 937 WEEI within the hour or so. Patriot players expected to be available to the media include -- talk to media today I was sick. Chris price matching yesterday may or may not reports we're getting is he will speak and hopefully bring that sound right here. 937. WEEI your expectations the patriots Vegas has an eleven -- 34. Lowest odds to win the Super Bowl 61777979378. TT -- line 37937. Earlier today Robert Kraft. All impromptu stop by a Mike and Mike in the morning with greedy goal he brought greedy. A patriots Tebow Jersey and Greenberg a huge jet fans doubled Tebow experience up close and Robert Kraft stop by their set today as they broadcast live from Gillette Stadium. And it's interesting thoughts about the Aaron Hernandez situation first that we've heard. Since he spoke just a week or so ago. Well I am -- -- personally sat in section 270 grow 25 seats one through six. You know. It I thought how our lives would feel I don't know how I felt I was overseas when this all happened. Then. When you we did what we did buzz. Telephone conference. Gorgeous shot and they know our fans were shocked. We thought about all the little kids we were a member of my kids -- member it. When I was young and I you'll have a Jersey. We just decided that act fast and do something that. You know would be the right thing to do -- very. Difficult circumstances. You know. We've. We've got a couple. Thousand players come through our systems of this we -- -- -- human world microcosm of the world a gorgeous. So out about what potentially -- happened boom. We just think we've got to face problems that are make the best decision with the information we have a good time and move on them. You know. I know our brand is very important to the community to support my family and and we want our audience to believe amounts you know that sometimes -- go go through some difficult things. We'll stand up by. It juicy stuff there from Robert -- this morning with the Mikey Mikey was asked there'd that. BC Greenberg just said you any final thoughts haven't spoken about this in any spoke about that was interesting -- he mentioned the brand. He mentioned how important brand what's the community you mentioned how important the brand was to his family. And it explaining -- what happen when Aaron Hernandez. The brand came into it there's no doubt in my mind and in his brain yeah it's it's his name and I am not -- he mentioned that only for when he spoke with a three. Reporters was a week or so ago whatever laws. All the the word brand ever came out -- more impromptu this was sort of off the cuff and yeah he brought up brand. In that conversation I have no doubt its support I've no doubt that he is at some level. Still devastated. If this happening to this team in what the other. The stigma that is now from some people on the speech its organization and -- action surprised he brought it up. Body follow up there with another question from from Michael. -- I have a very good working relationship. We discussed a number of different things put. Let a piece the first I was what was his spoke he spoke her captain's poke fun. There's nothing more we -- -- We're gonna focus on trying to win some more bones now. And by Kraft speaking when he came back and spoke by Belichick speaking two days ago by the captain speaking about this yesterday. It allows craft to say what he said there at the end we said we can say we're gonna move forward and focus on football party voters. He did he brought Tebow Jersey number five. Mike Greenberg but -- Harrington. Well Greenberg a huge was -- -- -- -- Tebow guy. From what I've heard of their show. What he said he saw deceptive credit notice his history of big of -- -- He is always subject to go to Jeff fanatical -- media today it's faces third string quarterback can bring in the ESPN telecast -- Tebow jerseys just seems that you try to. Slowdown the -- boat dock in the east and talked today but. There it's there is but one Lleyton will get a I'm sure -- speak today probably much from afterwards and I think that's probably the way it should be this team put Tebow jerseys on sale before we knew what number he was going to be. They recognize the opportunity he might mean more to their branded terms of marketing that he will actually on the field. This is from -- your Twitter Google is catching passes -- -- couple one on one in one and two drills speculation. Ago. I'd end -- out of its -- Rodham here it was going on oil. Ready for you ready for this mental reset opened the show though remember one crawl was the thing we talked about worried about crop. Remember what Tebow time with what this offseason about the all season Tebow. -- -- for getting easier you read it then all of piece today in the globe eagle that's right they get signed Tim Tebow. His shirts are on sale and -- that is eight whether or not he catches a pass for the team this year from eight PR. Odd conversation standpoint. That is genius in the media portion of practice. To have that one on one catching passes because they know what that means that means people are going to. Speculate and talk about Tebow not about Hernandez. So whether or not it is just some sort of ploy I don't know but if it is that is a genius move by Belichick. 61777979837. The phone number Tebow catching passes lining up -- backs and receivers. Your expectations on this team this year Johnson -- in the lead to solve a job. Failure that allowed promoting it and there are two yard -- I'm a split and they are great artists -- -- wide receivers. Not been a law you know obviously welcome back in the slot when our leader back. -- a ton of people -- well there's always bring in -- who -- -- probably caught that guy out but he did not sign with anybody what's going on with him. Still freeagent as far as I know unless he signs somewhere he is out there street freeagent and you could sign it right now. It didn't get picked up in the Gregory interviewed recently -- and I don't think he's absorbed all the guys at act crazy not I'll kill you know like educate but. I don't know why we try to and then let it wouldn't even know what the key to -- -- got to -- -- told what was your -- so -- that you don't know. Dion is -- -- -- that your your argues air combat Perry crackberry I don't know it is -- he says -- back hasn't killed anybody. Oh yeah we've we've set the bar a little bit too high here right I mean is -- there -- -- -- him and him on this team last year. Where there issues is it different bird I think that he is. But I think it is telling me went well that news came down we -- a runaway you know as a brittle it's still out there he might he might of our. Fell a bit under expectations. Last year but at least he knows the system he knows this. Oh great and then. Hey even if you can help some of the young guys even if you -- 170 act against semi -- there's nothing that you've got to know not -- -- -- but every parent in order to be dirty -- you are popular digit we literally are. Well and go back to original point China and I agree with something else had to happen it can't just be football base I was critical Brandon -- their proper and what in here to. It stretched the field. The other proper and Lloyd in here to be a big play receiver downfield and he wasn't. He was in possession -- along the sideline who's who's. Two big plays was the ability to run twelve yards turn around. And catch a pass and a diamond step out of bounds or ducked down over the middle avoid contacting get a first down. He was not the athletic acrobatic receiver but up there we're gonna get. But he wasn't terrible -- under achieved an indifferent we expected but. If you look at this receiving corps right now and you say. He couldn't help this team -- you when Josh but it had to be something else. -- a personality thing locked around playing some sort of issue non football related. That he is not here. Because immediately when you look at this receiving corps according to the patriots depth chart your top two wide receivers as of today are Danny Amendola -- moment. Yemen dole is played in twelve of a possible. Last 32 games elements played in 22 of 32. After those guys it's Michael Jenkins and Aaron Dobson. So three of the four guys that are your top four in the in the waters your depth chart had never caught a career pass from Tom Brady. Tell me Lloyd couldn't help this team and it's it's hard to believe it just makes a good point. Justin a New Hampshire on his expectations the patriots this year it's up Justin. Yeah radio that's good. So I got a pretty high expectations for the -- this year as far as it. The adversity and boy I got no worries we got a coach like Belichick and the quarterback like Tom Brady. Adversity the picture that they can appalled at Lincoln went. So Atlantic about the universe and that. And just at the playing standpoint. I see them doing good this year you know they mean. A receiver that -- these are there before and you know some top stack guys like you know Brady. He's about to find somebody open you know that help quarterback in the league that's like him in that sense. Number one receiver is not open -- Q. -- now -- military he's got to find somebody and now we got our running game that really you know last year -- done better than having quite a few years and I think we're. Out of the running game a little bit mark it's just gonna open up even more opportunities for these no name receivers and people are you not by the end of the season they're going to be big receivers that's like that -- that you know. Well listen it probably Tom Brady's gonna Gload drove 3500 yards this year the 3000. Doses somebody's gonna. Video and look back at somebody rather it's Amendola staying healthy whether it's -- -- whatever might be. Does somebody -- definitely steps up. What worries me is that -- deepest dip step -- a period up to get them hello this is no question about that nobody expects this office to be at the same level. You lost Welker drop in Hernandez Donald went drunks and come back to talk to people down there and he could missed the first 34 games you could open -- published -- -- seven wood out. But -- miss him a little bit. At the end of the year he's been hurt the last couple of years and I get that but those weapons have been enough. Right and -- they haven't been enough to get -- wanna be. Pitchers from Bologna it's a title I think a lot of people game a lot of people look at and say that's a success. You know. The reasons you know that offense at your strength. We look at this patriots sometimes they're at their best defense actually converting third and four -- -- kind of keep the drive going. And if there's a few slip up their offensive did -- take a step back -- this defense kind of -- were spent the last few years. This is not going to be a normal picture a year and I'm sorry it's just it's not -- mean unit teams in the past. That offensively. Maybe do things that you don't normally see because they know brazen -- -- signing up at 35 points. Right every time she teams -- take chances early learning games on fourth down elect really fourth down the first half ever painted by lead the league and teams that went for a -- down -- the first -- -- because they're afraid of what brazen -- on the offensive side of the ball so -- office comes out. And it's not efficient and it's not putting up points not teens maybe attacked them look different as well. You know right. Leo let's pin them. Try to pin them inside the -- Inside the twenty yard line is we actually think we can get them three and out and play the field position game a little bit more the patriots then you've seen in the past. I'm just afraid of them losing their strength losing their identity and -- are on -- offensively. That is their identity. -- team comes out punched them in the -- defensively a little bit what happens. Did they lose those football games. Because defensively they can't match the intensity of both teams in in recent years the defense get to step up huge huge they have to -- level they have to bridge the gap for the offense because it's. -- to think the offense will come out especially the beginning of the year. And click with three of your top four wide receivers being guys that never caught a pass from Tom Brady but just this track record and -- -- of the callers are positive. The track record of guys getting on the same page -- Brady out of the gate. Is next if not sort of not great. Welker stepped in a well of course Welker moss came in -- moss -- moss. Both guys are -- counts. Examine dole elite talent is Michael Jenkins elite talent is Aaron Dobson a rookie -- look at that -- reckon -- well. And those guys in the first year under -- So out of the gate it's gonna be even more important at twice savior if your bank and -- be good -- year call and like last caller did and you feel very positive. And it's got to be more about the defense in the offense in my opinion that they are going to. Bridge the gap early in the years to -- steals with. Some of these issues. 617779793. -- the phone number AT&T text line is 3793. Several we're getting your expectations. Of the patriots eleven wins in Vegas the number nine to one the fourth choice to win the Super Bowl. More your phone calls next.

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