Jul 26, 2013|

the Salk and Holley Show is a safe place for women...no tmatter how nuts they are.

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Ladies you've found a safe place with a -- can only show because no matter how cool breezy and sound. Bringing guns -- bag she does sound nuts but don't you think she's driven or not a little bit even if you are bad. And screaming Lennox. So in Italy will still point the finger at them man this guy has a little softened. This guy had some good history clearly if you mean starts giving you excuses for not doing what you wanna do all of this in my entire project. -- Its own -- we will fight your battles for you -- Does the biggest load of crap I've ever hurt no one ever have to get their tires -- ever so go ahead and throw your tantrums. And. It's. Hard. And knowing that so can only have. Just one word for you reasonable even if they don't really know a whole heck of a lot of those women. I try to figure out LeBron Kodak girl BO drama there guys -- would peer out. What's that so go ahead ladies -- you herself. The mantle on this day. And know that this so you know we show is a safe place for you. Does sound not don't you think she's driven or not a little bit. And oh yeah. It and saying no -- game. Okay. Snow zoom -- and that. And yeah.

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