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Gerald Wood, Author of Smoky Joe Wood: Diary of a Baseball Legend, with Joe Castiglione

Jul 26, 2013|

Red Sox play-by-play man Joe Castiglione shows off his extensive amount of baseball knowledge as he interviews biographer Gerald Wood. Wood just published a biography on the former Sox pitcher Smoky Joe Wood who once won 35 games in a season. Listen in as the two discuss the fascinating life of Smoky Joe.

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Or visiting with Jerry what the author of a new book called Smokey Joe wood about the Red Sox star in the 1912 World Series. Smokey Joe award the biography. Of a baseball legend Jerry you're not related. It is related human DNA testing and grants and Arafat and act. Like to believe. Great great great great grandfather maybe -- analogue and and I do -- that -- his son Robert what do we knew very well here to Fenway Park yeah. Was always trying to push it smoky GO for the hall of fame and of course it succeeded yet. What are your thoughts on that I think which I think he's he's eligible worthy. I think it has mostly do with history. That veterans committee didn't really get going into in the 1950s. And jewelry retired early winners only thirty years old. And the about it and they came around from the field field timers he wasn't that well known. You know I certainly support it's a good thing. I don't I heard his arm. And then it became popular where he retires early on Wednesday. Having trouble hitting it now he -- doing actually the year before he retired here at 366 and respecting 400 in the September. So I didn't have anything to do with it is diminished ability he said that it had to do. Family issues that his kids did it for children than they -- know -- also think that it was a very. Self driven guy and he had basically proved everything to themselves when it proof. Of course it was all the things we didn't you know hang around and he was also Maria -- -- about money. And you -- monopoly it was equivalent to a news making in the major leagues and so -- The one who's here and he lived in New Haven -- -- rest of his -- twenty years he coached -- right he did -- baseball did very successful as -- -- baseball coach. And that he get to know or -- Bartlett Giamatti during that time they didn't get to know each other very well -- partner -- -- him and he knew apart. That's one of the interesting things for me -- actually starts with that did or did give him the honorary doctorate from -- In the years that -- died. And that was a very interesting confluence of the president's view later became as well giving. Doctor who's -- -- there of course or was. Remedies respects all yes South Hadley elect progress expand that that'd be nationally president in the 86 World Series happen. And east is so missed by -- the game of baseball. Our smoky Joseph won what 34 games in 1912 and that's right world championship. Was one of the great years of history that's right atlas 513 more games than in the World Series that year. In fact -- he wouldn't have lost the game that he could have won on the fourth of July of that year that one maybe 2526. Games here. And match step off on Walter Johnson did he had a lot of respect for -- Johnson they were friends and they both they shared in common fear of hitting batters. And he really respectable -- that's very nice things about him as well. But I can't talk to him of course. That was so good for your fairway park opened yet there was a lot of internal strife -- -- was RO well a lot of that head to us with religion in some of these issues. You know in the town where visited on the team and it was sort of caught up in that although it's interesting irony about this in the book that you himself. I didn't have any religious opinions in this there was an atheist but it was sort of associated with the Protestant side. He and speaker in particular and that was you know one of the drama that was part of that. Our team and even was involved in some people like in the World Series. -- they won despite all that they won they won yeah they did and what an exhausting. Oh wonderful wonderful series. Against the New York Giants right if it's as if Matthews Christy Mathewson everybody -- -- who's -- it's it's Matthews and it's until the final game. And with one game and when he heard his arm. Well that's an interesting question I think a lot of people -- -- arm fatigue here. He actually. And -- -- finger running and then went back and tried to pitch again and fell down in Detroit broke his finger. And then probably what happens is because of that finger injury. By the end of that year and certainly by fourteen he developed a rotator a problem. And he interestingly enough they'll in 1915 last year that he pitched. He was 155 and an earn an average of one point 49 which is the best in the American League. So the problem was the only pitch once every three weeks because arm hurt so much TC couldn't even. Raise it -- his -- From the pain that he felt. And he tried everything he could including chiropractic. Trying to get back into it and just didn't work out in the that's not sort of had a falling out in 1916 is in the take a pay cut at. He was willing to do that it was important to him. And house speaker probably go into Indians. Tried to pitch but -- very successful -- popular. And the one of the reasons lies not in the thing. Because he has very unique and rear. Everybody wants. Some in all things in -- one position. Over his success lately to positions. Replete in news. Any idea how hard he might -- -- in every arrogance that. Yeah -- about once told me and I and I think I believe it and it probably through about a hundred miles an hour especially and then 1912 World Series. He's said the last batter. Crandall maybe never so it. Well looks like a fascinating book -- area called Smokey Joe what the blogger baseball legend available. On the line and -- Amazon has the Barnes & Noble as it. India signing some books that the local Barnes & Noble. And spending little time up then and -- area in Keene, New Hampshire two votes to bookstore. And then on the national secret pension and earnings and -- there as well. Very -- so again it's called Smokey Joe what the biography of the baseball legend by Jerry what Jerry thanks for joining us all my pleasure thanks for having me.

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