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Joel Sherman: Nobody wants Alex Rodriguez

Jul 26, 2013|

Joel Sherman of the New York Post joined the show to give the latest on the Arod saga. Joel said that Alex is a pariah in the Yankee organization.

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As we get ready to hook up with -- we in the media. Root for stories. We root for things that we can sink our teeth into. And it'll work for all the stuff that's going on around here. Be jealous of Joel Sherman of the New York Post with all BA rod soap opera stuff happening in New York reporting Joel Sherman how -- I'm I'm old tired I'm not sure I agree with the link with the premise there at some point this would be good pit stop. But I get worked on some newspapers now in the. Yeah hey let's start at the end rather than the beginning you'll -- Curt Schilling who says. He believes A-Rod will never set foot in a Yankee uniform again. I've learned not to be definitive in this case. You know I think that. And the -- -- skeptic on everyone's motives. In all the various forms. The commissioner's office the union the Yankees in the Alex Rodriguez his camp so I don't know what game everybody is playing here you know -- IIIIIQ. This enough hours a day. To tell you that I hear quite -- quite war conspiracy theory that you could fit into. Season of the X five. So I hear theories on why Alex would wanna be on the field like victories like the Yankees won one on the field. So I'm not definitive anything I did note that. Alec eyewitness Clinton over the weekend -- Alex Rodriguez. And be -- Saturday. Plan was for him. To be on the -- with the Yankees Monday night and access it Alex Rodriguez never says a word about his quad injury. And remembered as an important to remember now what people think the Yankees could market feels like it is. Alex Rodriguez announced -- Saturday I have to quad injury. If he doesn't say that how with the Yankees and people -- appealed on Monday. I -- a Catholic but Michigan -- a way meeting at a 94 knows what's gonna happen but. Like that the things that keep coming back to when people hate the Yankees are what didn't want to play. I think. Personally. I guess that's something. The Yankees. Don't say the part of insurance money if he -- this is this I mean orbit that part of this year. Because the big money for a bit in their insurance policy about 80% of that. Is -- he's permanently disable it certainly no insurance companies painful on the permanently disabled. We keep playing in the minor league and I think he can platinum. The Yankees would probably make a lot more than it on their interest -- they could just make the playoffs. And right now I know you know you guys watch a little notes that the Red Sox are obviously in the yankees' division. The Yankees right now having 560 or open yet against lefty -- The we -- you help bad apple bite they're right in hitters. That is the world in Major League history since the 1940 steps watching. That like they're -- for Alfonso Soriano. Also I think what they want that -- hardly get back. Sure he -- play god that -- that we screwed the Dave Adams. And at the commissioners all pick them up for a 10150. Games. It -- that money on next -- next year which is what they wanted to look at the trying to get on the public beating a billion dollar luxury tax next. Now. Jolie only thing I think I know for sure he has. The Yankees and game and in their perfect world. Their end game is to see somehow some way Alex Rodriguez contract voided with a total number of dollars left on -- -- about seven million. But 97 million OK now I'm not sure what eight rods and game is and what he thinks his road map is -- that. But the question is does any of it make any difference based on the suspension this looming. I think that it Alex is. I I think the person who's representing Alex. David Corn Walt is the same person who represented -- -- And I would say that if you remember the right case. They -- a lot of stuff against the wall into all the things that stuff was. Chain of custody -- the it's disgusting you know you ran the guy who obviously had it out the right abroad. And they confuse the issue with the opposite actually got. Like not nine stupid people what it's like to believe that but actually evil lawyer who with the arbitrator. If they get them sound Kosher enough. And right rod suspension was bullied. I think the Iraq camp. He's like if you can't argue the backs and I think. It in LP is to be believed but that saw the results the morning a mound of evidence against Alex Rodriguez. In the -- the case that he not only. Was using. But that he was going to visit after the story appears in the -- Miami you kind of trying to obstruct and they'll be a -- MLB is going to -- suspension. That's going to be a record this is going to start with the one for short could be at least a hundred game that we wouldn't be surprised I didn't act I would despite what the war. And I think they've even -- if he keeps spiking in this way up -- think it. That apply in light I'm there. So it doesn't I don't think at this point that he sat down a couple of Fridays ago when MLB with -- players he knows what evidence it. He's not going to win on the evidence. Probably so I I look at wire -- -- open later if you can't went on the back you try to make it about emotion like can get. I didn't you know like like like you don't got guy. Talked with right right look how the -- -- look up ice sheet seated in other words that she's on trial I think Alex is trying to. -- -- the -- trying to muddied up up. But the Yankees to trying to keep the open field I don't have any idea what had to do with Biogen that this would like an illusionist look at my right and I'm doing the trick in my -- -- I think that's where we are. I don't you know you've you've got me started story in the post Pennsylvania with him on a minor league. A -- aorta is always struck me Joseph is a guy obsessed with self image is he aware. How lousy his images right now you're compared to -- Armstrong would sponsors say right now is -- where that's the perception of him here and in him at least you know. In the sports world. I think he has some idea but I do think there's some delusion there. And I also think he always believed he's one home run there -- -- -- crisis manager PR firm or spinning the story away. From getting that. And so I think that. I don't think he understands it fully. I I think and here's the thing is I've known Alex for a long time but I have I think a better relationship than most with him. Who cover him you know because there's actually a part of him I think people need jerk -- like -- -- him and I don't. I certainly not talking baseball would like you to keep the people you're at and I think -- and I think he's got a real chance your opening up Pete Rose a guy who -- baseball. Made a bunch of bad decisions when the best decision what to get out in front of the train. I think we all agree with 25 years of perspective on Pete Rose -- people got out ahead of the train. That this is what I did I'm going to gamblers anonymous please cooperate that I'm going to do -- and fix my life. They Pete Rose would probably be brought. Red beans and in the -- -- I think the fact that Alex -- read it had not gotten down in front of the screen. It is indeed guilty and I get old papacy that it is indeed guilty of that if it got out of the -- He loved baseball has -- talked about wanting to order a baseball team. When these careers over being involved in baseball when his career is over. I think he's gonna be -- those things where his nose was pushed up against the window -- -- he wants to be inside. We're talking -- Joel Sherman from the New York Post and Jule I were standing by your side right now it pat you on your back. For something that you did something you said something you broached on Sunday this takes big balls. You're sitting in the stands with Alex Rodriguez in mu -- Pennsylvania. On Sunday and you say to Alex Rodriguez quote. The shame is we will never know what your career would -- been had used state clean. I would have loved to see what some -- with your tablet would have bin without ever touching steroids. Wow -- up stones to look at in the eye and say that his response was. While purple kind -- you I don't think it. You know there's people risking their lives every day they've I would not what's telling Alex Rodriguez the basic truth does having stones but. Is read react it was like a little truck and we changed the subject immediately. But it just something I want that the thing like like we were in this -- for quite a while talking -- that was the day that was Sunday -- he wasn't playing that day. I kind of you know you want to be credit for anything I smartly didn't -- in the clubhouse -- -- -- -- which entrance he was coming in every day and I kind of just read in years there it was and stand not far away from there we sat down in the stands -- We were just chit chatting and I get you know could it kind of one of the column that I had in my head the whole time as. Instead of the ball. And that the column that I use that would be in the right they hit it knocked out on Google guys that MLB was doing. Advertising around this guy who wasn't out long ago. That the Yankees signed principal largest contract in baseball history because. If this council I don't think he was gonna be the queen home run champion. He was going to knock Barry Bonds -- we know how to celebrate Barry Bonds began this could be a guy who was clean. The Yankees were gonna make it 120 yard gap by doing shown surrounded and having somebody I called on people watching it he got that. Miles after me you committee pat. Route and an arrogant finally bought. Don't delete seven years ago I mean he didn't like something like this BBC. And that thank you don't like Lance Armstrong being one that you're on everyone's shoulders which when it but the court -- it haiku. You're going up the Japanese it was not during that left and stopped The National Enquirer. And Alex Rodriguez is he was really did a clean home runs I certainly don't particularly bat. What can we yankees were investing toward -- five million and that but that it was going to be and I just. I kind of like think you're different from the other -- -- third I think he would have been a quick player without it and I just want to -- -- him. I wish you would. The spread of -- war. Security or lack of greed or whatever -- -- wrote you can use it in these Perry is accused -- -- which was picked -- one to operate. I wish you would kind of like what Barry Bonds I would I would think the apparent on. Roger Clinton people I think -- going to be great player and I think that -- admit they're kind of career -- soil when they would have been opera you're all things written. I think less of somebody who was a good or good to great player who doesn't to get even better for whatever greedy reasons as opposed to some guy who's been on the buses -- in the minor leagues for three or four years and it's the only way in it was bigs that said final question -- and this is the I will admit. The ultimate hypothetical only because it can never happen this way. But if somehow someway the stars aligned in the commission a lot of goal and the contract is -- he became a free agent was eligible to come back in a baseball. Is -- rods skill decline. His image and his baggage. Such that. No team in baseball would invite him on their roster and create whatever ripples in the lake that that stole that boulder would create drop in the middle the clubhouse. I think -- the -- you just said if he had a bad image but it will be a great player yeah. Or are you he was a great player with a bad image I think we've seen a lot of teams. Hold their nose and get involved with people they say at the moment you know this is a necessary evil as opposed to right. Whatever I can think of -- only one I can imagine. Perhaps is the Miami ball and he is Miami you know he's from Miami he still does have -- down there. But the problem even there is Jeffrey -- the owner who might do something crazy like that. He's certainly not the favorite of the commissioner's office right now which you know he's broken down it -- to find. Plus of course but Biogen at this. Does that then you know that the ground zero Biotech that this is Miami. And it was B port for a Miami team to sign him. You know. A couple of miles away from where this thing had a nerve center so I think the Yankees are his last Major League team and again this is why I think it's that. Because once the baseball goes away. I think Alex is gonna learn just -- you plan he you know the baseball in the money in the game keeps people coming and I think he's going. I think because that then didn't exactly so reality show it didn't and you know a lot of stuff that again he wrote to me is. The BCB. I don't hear of of what I think could happen with Alex just the guy with his nose pressed up against the war. That you want to reenter and nobody will ever let him any. It wouldn't shock me if he were boxing Jose Canseco on paper viewed -- Sherman hey thanks for the time great stuff as always. We appreciate you taken a few minutes on a very very busy day for you talked you down the road reference. -- from the New York Post on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE two the stretch. It's great I mean I guess -- -- -- sick like paper view rights a reality show Big Brother take our needs the money. Yeah well I probably didn't -- needs the moderate Iran needs that you be outrageous and he's now been made that's the case then what else is there for reality show. 6177797937. Question as eleven and a half patriot over under his return our attention a little bit. To football get away Red Sox tickets on the fourth and final two.

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