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Stitch's Supercut: Aaron Hernandez

Jul 26, 2013|

Stitch's epic montage on the tumultuous off season of Aaron Hernandez.

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-- -- -- -- Surveillance video from Hernandez's neighborhood in North Attleboro shows Hernandez -- Floyd. And two other people hours before the murder. Aaron Hernandez held without -- guard. It was completely. According to prosecute. Commuters in this orchestrated. Exit. You should avoid. They have to -- Surveillance video and cell phone tower lost. So overwhelming that forensic. The video if they look like they're developing motive they don't need motive Bob Kraft -- your life. -- be your -- I think saying that. He was due -- consistent with what the hatred Waterford tray which is. They had no idea. That Hernandez was an alleged murderer. When you investigation has been launched. It is possible involvement in two other murders. Last year. As the coach of the team in on primarily. -- responsible for the people who we bring into the football operation. Most of those decisions that worked out well it some don't want that someone that you know has been on our team it's a very sad day discipline. News to support. -- personally disappointed and hurt. In a situation like this everyone has certain range of emotions with those were really personal and I dealt with -- military campaign. It is it's tough words and -- The team into our job it's a real life situation its. First. -- from intensive businesses. It's true life.

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