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Patriots off field distractions

Jul 26, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the start of Patriots camp and the hectic off-season for the franchise.

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It's Dennis and Callahan -- -- very terrible things that you -- never happen to anybody. Those are very human compassion element that we -- someone that -- has been on our team and it's it's a very sad day which on. Will be -- It's just because my guess it's. -- like he. -- and we really our situation Cherry -- I think by the way that it but it is very likely that drove. Rodriguez -- when he gets a hold that position and correct. Yeah. It will fill -- time so you'll know you're welcome back holy crap you're not come on he. It was inevitable that I. And. I admit on this rainy Friday. I sort of feel left out -- do you fight with everybody. Everybody hates you you hate everybody there is this act acrimony that is just like wild acrimony that follows you everywhere you go with -- every interpersonal relationship you have yeah. And eggs in the well and you never fight they'll try that. Not -- -- -- with that why is that you know what I do you back -- behind the -- I -- every day I -- -- leave alone so a byword for all in ball off like after 10 o'clock media members they should know men handset about yet but you have guilty. Maybe maybe now okay well those guys you know -- that again not to get -- into the speed on these guys can make fun and you in as a matter you go. Don't think about. Notice it's not it's not -- the -- -- eight summit but it's not real yet it's it's it's all -- -- -- not here can we fight today you -- we fight today. Think so yeah I want to come you don't argue in the mode dial it was rated yet I'm writing cricket wicket. By my very favorite teacher. That I ever had from from -- all the way to a senior in college was named mr. Kenyon and rather than doing pop quizzes. -- -- the surprising you with some sort of SE -- a mid term or something. At some point once or twice during the course of the school year after weakness. Can -- we've covered considerable amount of information. Would stand up for the class as you walked in and said. -- -- -- We're gonna go around the room today and say let's review. What have we learned. Yeah it was a very informal. You were not great about it when your resumes. I. -- mr. Kenyon in eleventh and twelfth grade. As he since the deceased I think he has -- -- got my favorite feature of all time it's nice I -- and and it was informal and you were not great about it but you were required. To express yourself. And regurgitate. And put into some kind of context. What you have learned up to this point so let's review what have Wheeler -- well past the halfway point of summer. Kind of depressing August is like yes wrecked on -- are pressing it yet feel like summer is not -- happened. Until -- was lousy July it was so hot -- yeah yes you got me on the what you yesterday's Mike and today. No humidity yeah I -- -- runner it's cool finally did you run extra. Was pushed -- -- it's not too much. Dual ticket there on the summer it's different and I got him in the afternoon perfume on vigilant watch him you get a voice to express his opinion he -- ago. Like a dog yes when when you go to the door to get -- -- look. At risk of getting it in the stroller get asked -- -- wrote an open to come enjoys its public I think what he has their producers doesn't Roger cause he's kind of push him what he's running radio with a smile that you just kind of like to wind -- and -- -- -- -- like an odd that he does that you're just projecting your feelings upon him. -- it makes you feel less of an abusive father. If you if you would pretend or convince yourself you're sure that your son has enjoyed it probably hates it. You think that's true -- -- that will be do -- TV. Nice to gone up fifteen months old BZ like watch a political what is he's too he's got Einstein -- -- -- still too little for as little boys -- crazy -- -- -- really -- to do -- be -- -- running -- -- movement alright I imagine you're a okay all right so let's review -- ham yeah. We learned this summer's it is well over halfway -- did you learn how well I've learned a few things I didn't know before I'm sort of possible. To bring in Tim Tebow and nobody cares. I've learned that John Lackey might be an ace but he baseball team would never saw that -- I've learned that you can basically. Blowup mattress whereas maybe the Celtics entirely. And I've learned that Aaron Hernandez is not the guy thought he was when summer kicked off. -- an overview on on some of that stuff and and this goes back to the word blow up to -- to maravent evils among us. -- among us whether -- South Boston in the ATM whether it's Aaron Hernandez in North Attleboro whether it's. You know the -- Dayne and in and speed bump. Walking among us at -- at the marathon is truly among -- doesn't become a great revelation more specifically what I've learned is that. Cameras are everywhere yes cameras are everywhere I -- you thought you knew that. And we senior all your surveillance cameras of somebody coming up to an ATM surveillance camera. In a 7-Eleven with a guy comes in tries to arm right -- everything about -- right. But when you find out the timeline that they had. Hernandez and Lloyd getting in the car in Dorchester and adding gas station getting bubble wishes. And a cigar regional -- unite -- -- are not so garden about malicious -- smoked a cigar and the the bubble is just cleans the tobacco taste out of your mouth. And that surveillance camera. Going into the industrial park. Cameras are everywhere so be careful if you do something simple like urinate in the corner on a corner street corner right which I do your -- The other I've learned is this a -- is more specific and we -- a little were brought into the second. Is is that. It takes ten minutes. To urinate. Top five bullets into your friend. -- home. Incriminate yourself on video and then go to bed -- 323. Enters. Right industrial park at 333. Back at home get ready for -- Yeah that's it to -- to do that again she -- -- possibly close your house seed bed Zeta talk strategy it's true dominance is unbelievable this thing we learned about Hernandez yesterday. It was that it caliber is right after he's dead there's the gone out of what you my first reaction why notre site tour. Over yup I mean. We thought it was over anyways right now it's over on the pup list like that it is always there was prison until the two I think he's I think that he's on the -- I think that's it -- yet. But my big overview from 35000 feet in terms of what I've learned he has. Off field issues. Drama in this day and age with social media reporters. Cameras. Twitter FaceBook games to Graham all of that off field issues always per 100%. Of the time. -- that day and supersedes. What's going on on the field right so so. -- death and destruction and evil and and court cases and charges and arrests and prison terms and and issues negative issues. Always supersede. Apartment you need to look no further than the stuff we've been talking about. If not for Aaron Hernandez. Very sordid story. This week what would yesterday what would today as a patron to really ramp up their training camp be all about two stories somebody -- god and somebody who's here. If you work for Aaron Hernandez if if it's Father's Day never happened and he reported in August this week just walk up -- it's a bad dream. Would we not be all over how is Brady going to exist and run this offense missing wrong but more importantly Wes Welker. And let's talk about Tim Tebow. -- -- one and two in the motivate yet the other guy looked at -- say with gronkowski gone. And Hernandez got Prague -- Welker on the guy would say is the guy you targeted sport Aaron Hernandez is essential saw absolutely the most important part after Brady. To this offense and and -- I mean it's but I think. Maybe I'm wrong about this but I feel like the off stuff off the field stuff has always been the stuff that the players that they really especially in this business started again even in the. Because it's the it's the it's the aberration. It's it's. I -- liar I think you know you know we don't practice football every day we're going to talk about the everyday writing this happens that it's different I think so. I usually been the case but this Communist forget the -- seasons but I believe when you -- right and should -- -- today. We haven't done much of this just sit down okay what is this. Where's I would expect out of it and get to that -- want to mention that confidence and they're -- training camp now I'll take this another step in Denver. If not for Von Miller do their best defensive player now the -- -- you hadn't been suspended for four games. And if -- pair of front office idiots. Hadn't gotten drunk and got arrested and one of them by the way get a patrol car which is a bad thing to -- ever -- the ever going to the cup dropped. Would they not in Denver beat talking about the arrival of Wes Welker as -- another on another bulletin. -- and use that analogy. And I heard it talked about this. He said he feels so much better after after this offseason than he did last year so a new and improved Peyton Manning. With a year under his belt in that system. Adds Wes Welker as a weapon in his arsenal they be talking about that but all the talking about it Denver. Would be the -- drunk driving incident and now more importantly more recently Von Miller situation I'm not drinking and driving driving I'm drinking back right now I think that you know. He's obviously it's different than Hernandez would get the football eventually but yet I mean giving Mo -- Miller's nationally he gets he kind of went under the radar brawn. Yeah I think your name. Right it was a really talk avenue with a usually Denver up must be a -- I heard woody Paige say yesterday on now around the horn he is absolutely be getting just swapped out -- -- -- to discredit you mentioned two questions. -- that wasn't marijuana Sobel was steroids -- DH -- and THE two dollar Padilla but no matches department that is how about this final example. In new York and I'm not suggesting the Yankees are on fire or anything but -- there. The good series against Texas good series against Texas to six games back they're adding Soriano today they're -- they're actually think they've adjusted to make a little -- at some point -- went back so and so -- again not that they -- juggernaut. But that sort of you know we're not given up we're going four -- make it a little noise here would be carrying the day if not for the are ridiculously. Complex and contentious A-Rod nonsense. And and there are so many levels to this -- what. That's gonna get more bizarre before to pursue. Subsites. Yeah I am fully in the camp I think it was it was a chilling new said -- yesterday heard so yes I did he will never ever where Yankee uniform again -- I told him right now. Right now they are stall and they're -- stalling this is the plan right now do you if I said the over under erotic games zero point five going over under for the rest of the season for careers and I get past the ever but I am I say over Unix don't Al jedi that is can either by remote figure something -- I just think the don't. 10 I know what I'm here by about stakes. Well. The Chile had to say. The first thing he jumps out -- me is conspiring -- some sort of secrecy here I don't imagine that there's any secrecy on his part as to how they feel about him. You make it point five million dollars and they do not want to on the field. And I don't mean just the front office I would imagine a lot of players are -- not as a personal thing but I got to believe this would be a nightmare for Yankee players to have to address this in addition to everything else. I said in spring training I still believe I do not believe he ever puts a Yankee pinstripes on again in the big leagues to play for them. What's the end game the New York Yankees what any perfect scenario. Would Brian Cashman have happened. To make him Steinbrenner. And coffers and the New York Yankees feel good about this would mean. And on the other side what they -- obviously Europe wants is 190 million dollars but in the short term. Why do they want him on the team just because he would be like a drop -- up. A grenade in the locker room that actually think they are legitimately -- -- one will -- stinks to -- and how he's real popular locker room or. Yeah but don't have to keep their eye on the prize which is how we get out from under at least a portion of 98 million yeah and what is the best scenario do that. Were to say I can't play the squad is ripped I can't play. You would get. He could be permanently disabled right and collect -- money yeah would that be insurance yes that's what our objectives to be OK with that. I guess so. But it's still under the is they fall on the luxury tax other natural so I think that's the other part I just think they want this guy gone they just want to listen spammers can cut a check. They just want him out of their lives. The bottom line is what's at the end of the day it's going to be out of Iran's hands and it's going to be out of passions hands. Because there is a growing chorus of experts from TJ Quinn Fay Vincent. Two insiders in the Yankee organization that says but is going to. Issue the deficit to ban him for life. Which would be unbelievable is that now Mike Mike retort that would be is how puts him exiting right now because negotiation for is that what they're telling you -- banned for life you guys are saying a hundred games but -- saying two years -- guys -- to have one game -- is yes that's going on. I have to thinks sure so okay so I mean what's gonna be the settlement at some point yeah that's it honestly that's what does -- to whether A-Rod digs in his heels again. But I -- believe beyond a shadow of a doubt the Bud Selig Major League Baseball are hell bent on banning him for life. That he has no choice but to fight it to the death. What if he thinks there are some sort of plea bargain here sort of like Ryan brought did rewarding thing that negotiation begin with Ryan brought a hundred games. This season and next began with that because what they -- idioms he embarrassed Major League Baseball everybody in Major League Baseball including -- plurality of the players -- disguise. You know punished and punished severely. My thought is Major League Baseball probably said to Brian Brian this year -- all of next year and then you can combat right -- at about. But he played this year or an off take this year off and is -- up this year and then back and forth they went and they came to 65 games what is. -- impetus to make a deal era. Why would -- what where where does he look bad if he just -- -- for life where's dignity to eat he is not gonna take heat but there will be this ongoing A-Rod. Contentious. Fight appeals appeals that sort of stuff he'd like to make this goal it like it brought legal way. But he'd like to make this whole thing go way to mind he's he's playing the eight people. He's the back nine he's on the eighteenth fairway like yeah definitely yeah and he wants that legacy to be something other than. The guys who presided over a Major League Baseball in the worst drug performance enhancing situation since the eighties and cocaine right. And it would be that way had he not put his foot down and said. You know gonna force this down your throat the CPA we gonna get testing we're gonna do all these guys -- things and clean up so. My last image of -- leave an officer riding off into the sunset. Is the fact that -- there were problems under Selig but he fix the Medea right the last thing he wants his A-Rod thing dragging on and on and on and on again. To me yet to think the era this box this thing from top to bottom every single time to match it's amazing how bad is -- public relations credible took it really is a credit to beat your -- on the Red Sox -- to be going on right now is that the -- it's could indeed but yes it's listen. I am fully in the belief that he's never going to Wear a Yankee uniform again weather gets banned for life or not I don't know -- take a lot of balls for you have to do it. May -- should but I think his Yankee career is done and when that officially happened to keep and -- pushed back to August 1. I don't see -- a team every word Yankee uniform again. Well the message would be -- would be sent in it but really wants to do something you know what I -- fix it easily for Brad picks and easily from. We have a new. Policy in place talking fifteen games second hundred games this that we have all this cockamamie stuff. What happens if some rookie on some team. Is found out that he bet on baseball game. He bet on deal out of public name is just a rookie is a solid Major League Baseball team. And a book he comes up it goes to the deal the globe's spotlight team and discussed what. In the -- 200 dollars down on the red -- opponent and he's in the lineup right petrol -- Yeah that's why that's the press as he Pete Rose right CP rose. Stop this Mary got caught continue to cheat Brock got caught continue to -- Hundreds of guys. Dozens of us have gotten caught -- -- -- decision of the government thought -- eating out or -- guys -- -- Vista should be deter it anyways and -- people kill people spoke to people with the death penalty OK let me ask -- this comedy guys have been caught. Betting on baseball. Haven't caught -- in the history of baseball world where some people think that was set the B zero correct right. Zero tolerance that's -- stop PED like. If he really wants to as he's walking on the eighteenth fairway -- -- Major League Baseball commissioner's career Bud Selig could stop PEDs in their tracks you get caught once it's out. Fifteen under review that you are and what if it's a false test. Just to determine its orbit real fast so I'm saying is -- if it's a false -- -- he'd want time to falls Boston. What they screw up. They take they take double samples. Yeah toughest players union as a baseball I'm just telling you that if you take double samples and the first -- positive senior lecturer at all. False positive and they need to write sec what you are got Fay Vincent former commissioner agrees with me. One thing we know in gambling in baseball certainly as a deterrent it is so draconian it's so powerful that. There's never -- other than Pete Rose there's no question. -- anybody's mind that if you touch that third -- and gamble and base for Europe for life and you don't come back. I really wonder whether we don't have to go that way -- these drugs that I don't know the you can stop them. And -- she'll make the penalties so overwhelming. That's very difficult because kidded. 21 years so what they're bright future in sports to move. Makes a mistake was. A performance enhancing drug ends his career but the same is true look. Gambling and based on the -- Tony want any does that's kind of game just one game just a hundred guys. He's out for life. So that the term it probably would work. And I come around to the point is that I think partly because I think congress is gonna push baseball I think there's going to be an enormous pressure. -- all this going on to make the -- turned much worse that is I think one episode of using these drugs. And you're out for life. I think by the way that that but is very likely to throw. Rodriguez out for life when he gets a hold that position. I love how we added that little apparent medical thing at the end -- up by the way. But it's gonna throw. -- out for like game might know -- it does he not speak the truth yes that was the mindset of somebody who stuck in the minors at -- and maybe Bogart's -- TV or or or ruby would be a bad example because they're going to get here. A guy who's gonna be on the station about three hours alone -- him when he went through his career go back and forth -- talk about it -- if you don't TC was good. It's about the attempted. You did you do it. Who said we don't need to go from a guy who's on the shuttle to a guy who signed twenty million dollar contract right if if -- and I know I'm going to be the third baseman shortstop resting for the future -- third baseman of the future or or -- starter for the future. Middle Brooks who's been here and be a great example. Struggling not exactly right rights to look at this it's bat speed can't. I'm injured nobody knows about the ribs and modular fast enough kick it back a lot of -- about. Suggesting is up for a second but just hypothetically. You have to consider. But it metric -- Bogart's ruby Derosa. Said. Well the risk is that one positive test. I'm selling shoes -- cancer Florsheim for the rest of my life and -- Possibly guys we kicked off life astronomy right not saying you know that on top of that the English that my mistake about it -- notes parent again you have to go through the game it was a perfect world. I'm -- you talk about gambling. Since 1919. And has been one guy who's been. Locked him in baseball right it could be wrong but I think it's just -- and so that's gone polite relaxed talks were gone for like right like you said if you find out today that was Iglesias again -- example. At the other night on Tampa -- went over three right. So you know we didn't. I can't imagine anybody in Major League based on some idiot out their -- some you know compulsive gamblers do it. Do you imagine there -- more than. One or two it's all the Major League Baseball who placed a bet on Major League Baseball Mel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's every reason not to -- what's the problem with the drugs there's a bunch of reasons to do that's the thing and a bunch of reasons it -- it. Yeah I think more and -- you know fight him tooth and nail to prevail and that would be tough to do. You know but again today this -- a hundred games. The the year and life doesn't stop anybody right if you're young guy up you think for -- 100. -- try to be brought. -- and the problem trading three and a half million dollars for 485 million for a hundred million in reality answered no no I didn't know it did. It's the off field stuff is -- that supersedes and seems to carry the -- early on fields maybe this is the day we take a look at the New England Patriots not. In the prism through the prism of Aaron Hernandez and his sordid story. But as they ramp up training camp in the rain -- on this Friday. We now expect out of this football team what do we expect you have the high expectations you had in the past we can look at it through the eyes of Tom Brady may be coach -- -- check. Maybe the players or maybe the fans what you expect that of the -- patriots. Given this most. Kabul offseason and that beat most remarkable offseason in the history this franchise Michael legal expert joins us the 705 death penalty might be on the other. For Aaron Hernandez. -- Joel Sherman could try to sort out this A-Rod soap opera that's going to get more complicated before ever gets sorted out. -- -- Red Sox tickets as well on the 9 o'clock fault lines opened 617. 77979837. Text like 37937. Your phone calls those guest. Much discussion patriots what do you think this year.

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