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Off the field drama aside, how will the Patriots perform this season on the field?

Jul 25, 2013|

We forego the Aaron Hernandez talk in terms of social implications, and just talk about the team itself, and how it will play out on the field.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's get over migrate their rescue by AT&T -- Ali. On WEI. A heart to tell time -- a woman apart on a nominees changes name to Whitney. These are the teams that ran the ball more than -- Urlacher isn't quick researcher McDermott Whitney Whitney now. Don't like that may now I doll which need to be is that woman that's -- that's got a woman -- Whitney that's what I think of when I think of the Whitney. Agree Whitney Houston. Probably giver might think of that woman's club did you sit on that shoulder shall call Whitney yeah she's exhausting she's pretty funny. She's funny she's kind of funny the guy in the chose to fight him I -- that's a -- canceled it was negligent. Like two of them being sort of did their funny that that in the and have good riders that would when I have six teams that ran the ball more -- -- through our job to get us through it one or with the two passed it. One time fewer handle and it will them to look over the throw them they have no -- on the jets at Kansas City. Did a soda can't since San Francisco Seattle Washington. So the teams that that the -- more than they are that arena. Where mr. pretty good at the end so San Francisco Seattle and the Washington in the Washington football team yes a Minnesota all all playoff teams to 46 were left in Minnesota. Had a choice that they really didn't have a two tier playoff team but they are only a playoff team because of today they're the definition that -- -- talk about. You get them down by fourteen points. In the fourth quarter. And you got and we Minnesota while the discretion ponders that just wrecked. Minnesota. Is was closer -- new thing I think Minnesota's won the that would jump out people's mind that as being a clear example of the team that would probably run the ball much more than they throw it. Only three more passing attempts than rushing attempts rarely in the weird. You know or other way era with three more rushing attempts and that's I was even stranger on Minnesota they were they made history I think the first team in NFL history. Used to starting playoff game without an actual quarterback. They have a quarterback -- was awful. Oh I've never seen Arabs are that you've got back I was Brooks Bulger level that football -- throughout the years. Has been my gold standard is a terrible that lets here from you guys 61777979837. Moving forward thinking ahead for the patriots season begins tomorrow training camp Bob Walpole what's up. Hey gentlemen -- particular Michael. Went and did what I hear people talking about the receivers -- and all you know. You know pat and those people are gonna be here anymore. You'd think. He'd been. Like well -- been. Murdered. Right now I don't hear you out -- ball. It would be border lead our own and this guy. Out there. It's kind of matters though well -- I agree with part of the Bob. That he has. He has performed with some pretty mediocre wide receivers we've seen -- -- and I don't have to go over the names you know the names -- -- the names. You have Italy quarterback like Tom Brady and that this is the case for. Top top three to six quarterback currently. They say they are making the receivers much more from the receivers are making them is good it's good to have good receivers but. Have a great quarterback. If it takes away a lot of problems that it is you're able to camouflage a lot of issues. What to say it all it doesn't matter matters when you are getting to the post season. In matters when you are. You need to I need great players -- Delhi High Court actually do it himself that's right yeah that's when you need the running game that's really the guys went -- into those guys are great I don't have to. Once again and I'm staying away from names here but I just -- The New York Giants a couple of recent verbal. They have been able to get great plays out of receivers weren't necessarily great but the quarterback had enough faith in them. To go to them. And critical moment. And in one inseparable couple text messages here everybody wondering whether or not running plays involve the quarterbacks running -- of course. Mean if he's running with the ball that is a running play. Now some of these are scrambles for the quarterback is forced out but if you watch guys like rapper nick Wilson RG three. The number of times they -- they ran because they were forced that was not rambled there are there's a few of those but there's been also quite bizarre records designed runs the read option play is where they have the chance to hand the ball off but it. Right away where they can take off put it in a lot of those are. Designed runs what do you think had the most rushing attempts in the league last year. Which he just straight up most rushing intentionally which two teams. Reporting it was the Seahawks -- at 536. Who do you think was number two in the league in rushing -- as the 49ers to 49ers were number seven are. Well -- that's obviously bachelor the Redskins were number three. The Texans we're number for the chiefs are number five the jets are actually number six number two number two most attempts -- a Russian court not a running quarterback at all. The New England Patriots -- I had in the second most running attempts of anyone in the league last year. Now that's because they have holes often as they do they also attempted 641. Passes compared to 523 rushing rushing plays. But they -- the state they ran the ball the second most times of anyone in the league last year. And I think out of those 520 that -- -- that surprised him -- of those 523 attempts it seems like. 300 -- 300 came in the first four weeks when they were just trying to force. That's running game they were just trying to prove it -- that that's something that they could do well I'd like to see them do that against spends in Portland -- -- it. Yeah hey. Man and -- that they like -- you can talk about running option and actually I'm not really that worried about it. Their last year mean. Remember greatly over -- -- within. Like what seemed easier for that. Our members last game he's. BenJarvus. A thousand might just -- one. You know not in play but I'm just not really that word about it. I think he has a little bit more of that running am. And believe it opened the play action that war which you know even if we are weaker at wide receiver position. That and much that's I think you know OB. You know to -- -- about being number one you know. Almost a -- bed I'll say this that human dimension wide receivers and and we grew wide receiver. I think that one area -- or the white group are most looking forward to seeing. At camp starts here is wide receivers how -- see what the what the rookies are about. I want to see. While the patriots felt so comfortable and releasing Donald Jones and seeing if if Mike Jenkins or wherever it is whoever it is they're excited about I want to see what they have it receivers so. That's Republican for two more and anything else. 6177797937. A lot more of your patriots calls coming up plus -- Greece did a great job earlier in the week before Belichick spoke before. Before we we heard from all the patriots players today on Aaron Hernandez. Asking ten very good questions for this patriots season try to run to refute those -- is -- alcohol a lot of football talk today here WE -- in the car hi Taylor. Hey how Colin I'll I caught up approach our so called the US and then they've got lots of all. Both kick returner but could come -- in her because it's. How I work on steadily become healthy and -- Global Washington's not a lot -- series never played wide receiver in his life watching him last year and I got to see him every game he's a very good kick returners dale. I don't think he's a running back anymore he he's he's just doesn't have. That burst in the hole he's he's no longer what you would want even from a third down back he's just not bad guy and he's never played on the. -- some -- you just look at the if you look at the the people on the roster and who knows is gonna make the team always surprises with the patriots guys that you're counting on. In our -- the first round the cut to second -- accustomed to look at it now. It would make sense that Vereen is going to be a back who they they use regularly. First second third down good and looks like. Blunt is gonna be at least a third down back short yardage back. Obviously there's Ridley. So you look at those three guys what's the role for Washington. I just I don't see it as a kick returner. Yeah -- if he makes the team Reinemund -- -- it as a kick returner punt returner he can do both of those things that if he may make all -- shock me at all fitness and make it to my guess is. There's one spot for either him or Edelman and that's probably not room for both of them on this roster 61777979837. Possibly text messages here 37983761. Degrees -- 12861. That's almost in the fifty's Michael. -- summer weather that is legit reason called Justin's New Hampshire about. But nobody you don't even colder and I don't want anybody might well I'm. An artist at Oakland bank at 69. And an Indian parent it MacBook Air. So -- it -- paying outlook and -- people analyze. It that. And new -- and I get in the patriot fan my current is that I think I'm more excited about this thing. I don't know it -- -- wouldn't that are a little while eating or her. Out and and I ticket and the thing that diminished. Expectation on the offense much like it would it didn't expect the Red Sox this year. Might prove to activists units intelligent you are working -- -- Antarctica when it there. Pitchers keep on. Don't they have diminished expect expectations. On offense. For the entire season I'll absolutely for the entire season while so differently certainly -- drunk is out for as long as drunk is out those expectations are demand driver six weeks. Maybe -- and we we don't know -- guests may be five to six weeks. I don't know what I think -- that we had a caller earlier appear to Justin usage is got out of the bankers that some good news guys that. No matter what Tom Brady has to work with the numbers are usually pretty good at the end of the season. Ten to agree with them. -- -- Having -- you're gonna miss you you're you're gonna miss Aaron Aaron Aaron Hernandez's. -- combination. Over that -- it. -- BRI. I think everyone in the building and your little more than -- and they still really -- each division they're gonna be a good team they're gonna be good offense they still have. The worst of the second best quarterback in the league regardless of what Ron Jaworski says that he's number three they won the one of the truly elite quarterbacks in football. But I also agreed to adjustments and when they win when it when -- expectations are diminished when their backs up against the wall. And we may -- their offense isn't quite as explosive as it's been for the last few years. But the team is better as a whole. That is when the patriots to -- -- the patriots some of the most fun I I totally agree I'll -- but -- like what's -- on the New Hampshire today and I expect more comments those expectations -- -- I think plans expectations or debate you don't think so for -- offense got. You -- the pitchers facing an offense this year flash based on line service -- whose expectations Hughes hit it right so based on whatever from the plant. I do not think. People are worried about the patriots just the opposite it's not a matter being worried or that -- -- of you can still think they're gonna put up fewer yards than they have in the past. Didn't sound like people are really no but he does not jumping on that as well because I think people are confident that the team will still be very good at. But maybe not put up as many yards special or through the air is that -- the -- this is not this is not an unusual text text -- 617. That's Aaron Dobson will step up to you to be at least. Think a lot of these things okay who am I don't was gonna do this did you have no Welker got Ballard. -- -- You -- calls shaver green he's going to be Kevin Faulk. The fans who look at and say I think for the most for the majority of -- look at and say well who's next up. Who's -- who's who's gonna who's gonna replace the guards are replace Specter. They admit should show all you good article by the white. -- where you the weather's absolutely beautiful. Now stop stop that now pupils to call its -- most beautiful it's cloudy -- -- gonna be beautiful old. Who'll stop what you know yes and I complaint last week I did not complain. Now for -- long time. Basically what -- -- is I never really got each year Belcher expressed problems and all your. History and the patient. He never let -- -- because I heard that Dean Pees morning. Even today. -- -- -- -- -- -- Or at -- she and Michael thank you don't -- Every brought -- I mean the papers the -- won't be the Michael two guys. But spell Jaworski. And number 88 right the end toward the goal here we gotta say thank you. Are well -- try to answer both of those things no Belichick never use the actual words -- Lloyd but certainly he expressed quite a bit of empathy for the victim's family and I didn't see any. I don't think that he was ignoring all of loiter disrespecting. That name or that family or anything like that if you heard the press conference EC didn't. I think you would hear it's a Belichick did -- -- even problem -- just -- the Belichick said what needed to be said yesterday now as for as for Jaworski and having -- number during and we just think that's hogwash. It's just aren't there. Sartre is not disrespect don't disrespect at least this is the third best tied to Peyton Manning right now is ahead of Brady is or lack of respect Peyton Manning yeah. Top three not okay if you appeared in the top three. Rogers Manning Brady none of those guys can say you disrespect in the army on the other operating cannot -- wouldn't say he's one but. Peyton Manning being behind Aaron Rodgers that -- ago. And and Brady being behind many if not get -- Seattle -- -- -- -- -- disrespect it's just preference and probably a lot of resources. And I'll get to think about it if you if that's what you prefer maybe you prefer huge picks in the playoffs and in your party's war or maybe he looks at it and says. I'll put it together this list of the top quarter nationally. An idea what everybody expects me to do it's not -- and draw much conversation. Off by say Brady. Manning. Rodgers and Brees. Are people really gonna just go crazy over that now I gotta do something that is -- and -- enemy -- does -- -- That's different. Then I had -- today. Tom Brady is as New England people crazy. They email me over the years many times they get really upset defensive protect Tom Brady. Olympic Tom Brady behind Peyton Manning connected to what you've done as you disrespect and Tom Brady on the right things and what about Joseph you do don't but Joseph Flacco or which is just silly that's great -- New Hampshire let's go there hi -- I. Or are -- thought I am not. Exactly worried about them but everybody keeps saying yeah a little past due or Super Bowls and Abd -- L star player that but we also had a great eat that. Even in note six -- -- Egypt. We know what receivers we agree that at rock air at that even a year Mac apple took over we still had a a lot of our key player that beat back. I argue against -- better this year they've pretty much about garbage in. Have a -- -- garbage is a huge exaggeration. -- They haven't in the elite offense that they work they have not they have not be in a pile of garbage and you look at them. In terms of points instead of in terms of yards when we're just say the patriots. Had 523. Rushing attempts last year despite an overwhelming. Percentage more passing they -- the second most running attempted to you know why. Because -- they brought so many plays they score quickly they allow the defense to come back out on the field the yardage is going to be high against them also because they take a big lead and then other teams have to throw. To get back on them. But we look at it when you look at how they did points wise they've usually been a whole lot better than they -- yard try I just don't by the defense has been as bad as has been made out -- What you see him -- -- don't mean that -- I'm not saying there what they were they're not and there are still an issue but they're not as bad as as as people of led. People have complained about I just I just don't thanks -- and rock. I dare. They go to pebble Daryn I don't did Michael. I don't know what you're you're the scandal more that I -- I don't know how you concede it. This embargo on the -- is also going to be. Are are -- and I don't work in Serbia or at or about number candidates receiving corps is so. Spotty at that you have nobody blockers on you cultural center of Utah didn't want them in jail -- from the hunchback of Notre Dame like. I mean. I didn't hero series in his entirety right now I think that there's there a tendency. Now that that is a OK -- legitimate. Analysis. I guess from your from your perspective of the of the offense. What I'm telling you is that that's a minority position. I have I think I'll I'll I'm gonna throw out there. -- what I think 20% on to say how does a hero faith is definitely in -- -- I think 20% of the people at best agree with what to say zero faith right and as long as Tom Brady is the quarterback and his team -- I would submit to you you don't actually have zero effect. As long as Tom -- their quarterback and then Josh -- they're offensive coordinator -- -- have this offensive line you don't have zero faith I would submit to you that's an exaggeration. OK understandable were you go after that like what part of the offense -- -- martyrs. I have already which -- Why they might as Tom Brady can't take Tom Brady are the -- wage job -- -- out of it when they don't Reche Caldwell and Doug Gabriel. Brady still brought into the AC JP I thought let's let's let's let's switch it around Darren. I know but so was Brady yeah let's switch it around of that. Okay. Let's take away Tom Brady and I might get view. I'm gonna -- -- Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson and them give you Jimmy Graham. And -- -- say okay but you've got Joseph Webb getting out here but yet it average to below average quarterback. But you got you've got these great you've got these great options and office. I feel like that. And and you just -- this team is tenants are so -- are you picking. Picking Brady out of the mix it's it's it's a huge asset that you have. Totally agree with Holmgren who covered the best player in the world being equal degrees orbit small time colleges I think would -- -- -- the most upset and speculate. They're cut -- -- from under me and in his final months army years but like double. I think that's an exaggeration down I think your right to have some concern with Danny Amendola is not a -- -- billion dollars a very good receiver who's had some injury history in his past. He's been injured but he's also he's also had some weird freaky injuries he is not it's not in chronic type type stuff. If Alabama dole is healthy and right now there's no reason to believe he isn't. He's a very good receiver who's very very similar. To Wes Welker who was Brady's favorite target I don't know yet about the rookies will wait and see I don't know whether these other guys. Can fill in a tight end and I share some of your concern not only the offense can be as good as it was. But to say that they're gonna be terrible all the by the with a gonna go ten and six now you're not saying they're going to be terribly just and saying they're not going to be as good as the war. What what he says is if if you think ten and six but not. Convinced that the receiving -- is any -- It's just business as usual make the playoffs and lose. And I went out of business as usual as if it means make the playoffs. And because in the last couple years made the playoffs and in and wanna gamer to. In his case it sounds like. As soon as they face a decent team you're done John's in the car hi John. -- call it or not. As long Tom Brady is on the side of the -- but that's the way it is their playoff team Japan particularly -- -- cheating on me -- John job you can -- -- I mean I heard about -- heard about that but I thought. We were exclusive. A double your exclusive pictures you're seeing other people. And I got a problem with this and about a twenty minutes early today -- around 538540. Somewhere in there. You know what that's. Compliment to hear that call screener that I am coupled with customers so other guys -- much. We gave you'll plug yesterday is enough stop call on other shows you -- you who want an exclusive arrangement with Egypt. Are are you are you afraid of commitments. Our -- yeah. So everybody else if what do you got today -- You know you perfectly -- and yet you're right but it. It's it's at least as -- -- -- a question -- we're also being a problem. And it has not been a problem for -- -- and her final week -- the -- a couple of years ago. The team on the all it can not see that coming any. What you put -- into an era -- everything on that. Signed an outright and that Ballard. But they're gonna pull away from all the ball all killed anyway not take a lot of Brady can't let it make sense. The guy with the -- you the marine. Adequately. Butler's. Shot -- don't use them. So what. That they're quite happy and I. Guess what are you are using -- using them but you also you still go back to. The quarterback that you have to would you would you make the case that they didn't use Steven -- last year. They used to pretty consistently and and the numbers backed that up he was able to take advantage. Of some opportunities he had a good year now -- Had do you don't just give it to him I think this year he's gonna have a better opportunity to get by Danny would have last year anyway and up pretty productive player and you would think. I sing every second round picks governorship I would have went well. -- he now and edit it and how little wood out of there because -- -- because just because of what it right. And that that's that's one of the things were well find out training tampering and I felt like -- was. It was able to push him he's got to Charlotte where he was expendable deals and infield hi bill. The guys I'm. A quick point about Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and now you understand or that you know it's disrespectful. -- Marie I don't I don't feel that that -- goes I think he was disrespect I don't I don't feel that way at all you might as well spit in his face. I think it's more disrespect. Three and nobody put Aaron Rodgers three to put the one that was fun. I'm just saying hypothetically. -- -- that more disrespectful and that it put. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I global packed into and I you know I agree on Ager and by a group -- what do you do now. And did what did. You know what do you guys think. Roger Hanson. Academic and the point that make you happy -- Michael's not Michael. I don't think anyway. He's better than Rodgers but he's not disrespect that the -- -- -- -- -- on -- or just try to. He's trying to put together provocative list what he did so -- disrespect to -- at least that is why he might as well call them names. Putting him at number three the nerve of Ron Jaworski 61777979237. On our end or your patriots called a five minute clip aired it word jaws apologized to the ground. And you're either apologizing for producing a while for cursing right earlier Mike I used to work that I should have yet to be apologize -- outside BMI in the. Like a little earlier this little when that Cheney was making the role I said it appropriate inappropriate words won't want to apologize and hope like defending them. 240 if you look I don't have a. During that time gruden you know just looking off to decide on you inherit throw the spider to live banana. Coming up more your phone calls on the patriots are getting answered the question and a few about a half hour need your questions at 379837. We got to more great open mics. On the crazy fight between the a couple of Texas John Whitney. And and so you're suggestions for what you put in Fenway Park in terms of local restaurants all coming -- alcoholic W yeah. You have to get rid of this ball just a split second quick museum here. He sees it he knows he's got it checked into it I got what I wanna let it go there's a signal right there. If he treated like that are actually wouldn't act like that. Isn't that. But the. Annie -- got to agree that I got me. I would take her to the lake. And I put cement shoes off -- and publisher of this you know. I knew was gonna go -- -- intentionally or not. You wouldn't pop that pop up. There's more of that story that -- the -- of the -- -- like that and Hillary's so alive. All you have new ID here. That is called the personality. Disorder clutch derby and yeah I mean. And he narrator though he married that early is the mother Furl your -- me I didn't know that go in LaGuardia. Let's get the relationship expert on the other side glass here young Andrew -- day and we told -- -- furthered the details of this coming on and on so I ask can I ask you got a question. -- -- So tell me about this guy we know about Whitney. Religion was marked guy they're bright our guys will agree. He's got a degree -- -- job in what psychology engineering care. Engineering works for -- And engineering cyber attack. Those just a couple years wants to be Scott Wells Blake I know that in -- -- -- -- -- -- the laws which. She definitely has a drinking Asia in an airlock. And driving it right we know the water this procedure with the well it's just a little bit moderately but he's clearly cares about his car because at first -- got to rotate -- Probably don't have people with his wife because. The tires. Were seriously as I've ever wanted to ask all the fun -- -- -- He married online why -- -- Jeffs in the art are what you know of -- courtesy and public is off the chart that's one thing that is overly aggressive hope kind of line of David decree that are let's go to -- just in the car to Rob Guth. -- -- -- uncomfortable with those two people I think -- culture that's all they can -- -- each other all they want just don't have kids what's going comment. Can't look that up and Mexican. I'm I really I don't hear you guys can't be ordering now not a lot of negative split. You look at the record straight bill we just got the fact that the -- and play anymore but. You -- -- -- last year and corporate lawyer went straight to -- position or a ball by the ever. The guy to catch you had a hand. In particular and I I don't know stuck there until but I assume. Being the slot guy you want -- record and but when it comes -- pre and -- can -- also pretty imminent will be part. It's out there. -- and a -- here it's that I can retard or stop and went straw whichever the crowd -- way to go under. We know that yet Jeff I mean there's always been times -- the ball's been dropped in -- right well Welker and some of the guys have been here for awhile. Have been solid receivers but -- and dole is a very good receiver I don't know. I don't know he has and we don't know yet I don't know that I don't know if he's a very good receiver I have no -- -- against the potentially be very good receiver. I don't his career high -- -- -- You keep doing this but he's put so much all -- quarterbacks. That love throw this out there you -- disrespectful. At all any Amendola jar you want the job -- you're worse than John and I spitting -- is on mine as well make you my eyes will be calling -- -- -- -- expecting an 85 grabs. Nine yards and you're just being mean it when people isn't that lousy front Louis offense with Sam Bradford stinks on server efforts -- -- -- Sam Bradford. Number one pick has been huge cost Al is in Maine what's going on. Alex hi Alex is going on. -- -- -- Now we got -- -- -- -- -- the F thirty minutes at all it's all on your time it's up. Okay the -- say you know everyone. Girl looked on the independent under homework with an iron dog -- I mean I've watched every YouTube video he had he -- there -- several quarterbacks that Marshall and he made. -- will look -- look at should be guys would be you know throw the ball I mean. You know saint schooler any -- I didn't think you. -- a big thing you the amazing pick up and I think I think it's Thelma draft because he didn't have a team around him. Well let Alex he might be a good prospect the only the only I think people have done -- homework on it. No -- as much as you have Gordon YouTube is always fun that's good homework. While watching my -- -- -- saying that he you know it is James goes -- in my final out and by the -- -- gonna -- schools -- -- -- -- that didn't happen but a lot of it right so a lot of other people just take a -- Marshall wide receiver and Opel works I think I think that maybe the -- will surprise people what you have to keep in mind you know -- receivers. It's harder for just historically if you look at the numbers it's harder for rookie receivers come into league that is rookie quarterback. So counting on both of those guys it is to step -- Seen a few recently -- they've usually been the best of the best I -- -- on Cincinnati. You know what you're creating green -- unbelievably good -- -- just because somebody uncle Leo Jones was much better in his second year -- was in his first -- the ruled wide receivers is usually don't find out about -- -- -- three. That's when you really find out that's that's. That's Fisher cut bait time almost use the wrong expression there that's Fisher cut bait time but the clean version. For wide receivers -- your three can you get enough out of those guys in year one. Wealth anybody's gonna do it's going to be Tom Brady because he's got the he's just got -- that skill set to elevate them. But it's not a simple offense right I mean we haven't seen a lot of rookies had a lot of success the patriots haven't develop to their wide receivers all that well. So very fair questions to ask David's in Rhode Island Dana -- I don't got the call. I -- my theory about the coping about Aaron Rodgers being number one been intimate two and Brady number three. Now my whole thing is this is how I look at it was that a page manual Tom Brady. Okay when Welker but he's been -- If he had anywhere of the old year and when idiot that he had -- -- Then you can sell you can Brady is is I mean that the Peyton Manning is a great quarterback maybe better than -- -- help. Nobody is doubting the Peyton Manning's not a great quarterback is just is not better than Brady is disrespectful to say. And I don't understand why anybody would -- him. Put them ahead of. That's quite a lot disrespect don't you don't understand why somebody would put Peyton Manning not right now not at this stage in his career. Like Mike operated like okay how long did it did Peyton Manning hold onto the record the most touchdown pass. And how long has Brady had a now -- -- spiked the ball yes you'll want to be beaten by the opinion anyone want to bubble. And the other point also I mean can't battle about -- the -- -- it into -- going to the big game to the championship game. Is that I mean that's that's the standard. It's going today and not let it David understand why I think Tom Brady over Peyton Manning. Don't don't misunderstand. Like on I think Tara Brady over Peyton Manning but -- it which he says Manning -- -- -- Brady's three man is one in Brady's two. If it is not an outrageous outrageous it's not an -- it's outrageous it is disrespecting him David you're buying this this mock outrage. From Mike's always disrespect I thought this guy won't exist guys riled up. Picture whip them. I wish them in your teeth and it is disrespect. -- may -- a few years ago Manning was to set records did you watch so that -- season ended last year threw the ball directly to the other team. Costing the game Tom Brady's season last year. Well it and I'm losing but not specifically because he handed the ball to the other team. I mean -- got knocked out cold that he did a fumbling you don't want them Brady did everything to do the Ridley and bobbled that ball on that it. Welker dropped an easy third down completion c'mon. -- through the ball directly to the other team now. Babies cornerback upbeat over the top and Michael would leave you know with a pop Warner play but other than that it's it's solemn and I think ago with Welker. David's position and go back for the quarterbacks. But Welker. Probably made the smartest decision that he could mean he's got a stay here. What is it the second best play I think ago. That is the best place forms and doing but the second best place. Is that a slot receiver for patent and yes of course it is so we try -- -- I don't I don't expect to me about 43 catch. 43 -- 375. -- season for Wes Welker or. You know 85 catches for. But 85 characters for it to 800 yards and stuff I know what you're -- expect upper west were pretty sure I didn't disrespectful to Danny Amendola he's in the coming on the show from training camp for something in you expect him any better prepare for a long time glad to have you on the show Mike's all. Assassin out to doctor bill and -- -- -- -- you -- telling people all law what is wrong with a lot of Smart choice of welcome to -- that -- -- how could you even say something like that no one is supported Danny -- like me Danny -- career in Saint Louis you have a lot of things working against your specific about your quarterback sitting -- troubled that start there I'm sure they'll never sand. I'll say it form again go to some of the some of the questions Mike Reese had. For the patriots this season there's 11 that sticks out to me because there's two names. That I think have a chance to make the patriots completely different team than they work. And that's Jones and -- If those two guys take their game to the next level I know what they were last year. But of those guys take -- that sophomore year jumping go. To take their game to where maybe they're capable of how much better the patriots of those two guys are what they could be. Sure I mean I mean how how much better now we're not what you're what you're talking about. Good enough where. The conversation changes is not -- those guys reached their potential movement or that they -- a huge step in year two yeah. Conversation goes from the defense. Complementing. The offense to. The defense winning games where -- how important they are especially Jones a legitimate. Consistent. Pass rusher how was he early in the season last year and you get to see more than -- -- how good was he early in the -- very impressive because. Coming -- has all right it was drafted me he's already he's already far ahead of where he's supposed to be when he was drafted. A lot of people thought that he was. He wasn't quite ready to be a starter an immediate start so in in the pre season he proved tricky. Proved everybody wrong there pre season impressive. Beginning of the year look like he belonged and look like he look like he belongs and he fell off. But he takes that that step. And next that you're talking about a guy then. You could perhaps. Start to think about building your defense around. If you met at a deposition that right now he's dead artist -- in the NFL that type of talent. And the legit pass rushing edge rushers those guys aren't easy to find in the NFL everybody's out there looking form there at the ball straight on those guys is enormous. And given what you saw from him last year he's able to make the leap and high towers well given the kind of player that he wasn't college of those two guys take that huge -- -- freshman to sophomore year leap in the NFL. I think you're looking at a completely different defense for the patriots this year we had to answer the question coming up but if you any question -- Any subject major text messages 379370. Is hash tag. ETQ. On Twitter 379837. Blitzer just moments alcoholic -- WEEI.

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