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Green Street Podcast- Brad Stevens

Jul 25, 2013|

This week on the Green Street Podcast Ben Rohrbach talks with the Celics new head coach, Brad Stevens, about his thoughts and expectations for his first season with the organization.

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Excuse the green street -- What sort of -- and a quarter point. Really do something. Welcome to the green street podcasts. I'm -- roared back for WEEI dot com. And this week's guest needs no other introduction. Then his name. Brad Stevens head coach of the Boston Celtics. Here that I think you the same age as my brother so so everybody in Boston net in my generation at least his. I think is jealous of your position right now. Must be kind of surreal. Have views that he started to get used to hearing Brad Stevens head coach of the Boston Celtics yet. You know I don't. I haven't I haven't yet. Used to it it is surreal. It'll be in the head coach at Butler was surreal. Any chance to experience some of the things we. We did there were also real. Just been really blessed and lucky. All the way through this thing. -- I kind of like to to start from the beginning so fuel. Humor me with a little true or false about your background here. I was reading this morning he used to watch tapes of basketball games before going to kindergarten -- I don't remember that. -- with the fifths and you brought grilled cheese sandwiches to your friends basketball courts and you wouldn't have to stop for lunch. Now that's actually a little bit I don't know where yet. -- that -- abroad since the a but it but his mom always made imports. And that. Reggie Miller was here. You're kind of favorite player growing up there they're at least in high school. Yeah sure yes sure I think you know I think when you grow appointments. You know outside of the city and Indianapolis and the pacers really started. They had made good teams and and when he was drafted in the in the ninety's. You know when -- in high school and college. They're great city. Eateries and I wore number 31 and know that. Death. And -- in your first dates with your way if was an hour and a half try to -- a high school basketball game. Is that -- correct yes. It might have been a little longer than an hour perhaps sound about that they we went -- -- -- law. In the Anderson Indiana which is one of the great. High school gymnasiums. That I've ever been and and we gadgets and watched north central place in -- Great game. Lot of style to guys on the court Anderson squeaked it out at the end. Cool cool and so you you quit your job to join Butler has a volunteer assistant in 2000. And how did your way feel about that at the time I'm sure it looks good mama. Well we were just stating that the -- -- dating for awhile so. She was actually on the and -- whether or not she was gonna try to go to law school and it was something that her. Her mom had really always encouraged her to do in her mom and just been diagnosed -- those sit with. With cancer so. It was a time where we both decided. Just go for it and go do it you actually went to the case western reserve in Cleveland. And where where she was probably get a chance to live at home for a couple years -- the law school. Started out vote. And did you work and an Applebee's. Is that correct. I did not I was going to work I was going to work. Added Applebee's. Literally that day I got hired full time. -- -- Well that's not asks the humps so you know there's there's so many great moments from your Butler Butler career. You know looking I guess it's it's probably. Two recent to kind of look back Kumble what do you think your lasting memory will be from from your time there. My memory will be completely and totally senator around the people. The people who I am. Will be forever indebted to you know the players the coaches. Administrators. Just all of the people that made it's such -- great experience and you know I you know I got so much more out of that place than they did that day. You know it's just a great place it was a great place to work. But it was made that way by the people. And I mean you vote you've accomplished so much so soon you. You were the youngest coach since Bobby -- to reach to file for. You -- some early praise from John Wooden you get a call from President Obama. Appeared on David Letterman and threw out the first pitch at a cubs game and that's pretty pretty solid there did you ever imagine any of this. Happening you know when your kid in in the Indian grown up. No. No elected and ever imagined it that is I didn't really. Three. Being a coach so. That I had this is like something that was an ultimate goal either lose but it is day. Did you know at the right word mean there's only one work or it's surreal. Yeah yeah I can imagine. And so. I guess as to the Celtics to -- Did you ever consider any other job offer over the last few years was the NBA even even on your mind before all of us. Considered. Certainly considered. But it never was never was able to. To go through it do it never felt like you lose at the end of the day didn't feel like it was the right time right. You know right -- whatever the case may be. But this this was -- perfect combination of everything it. You know I feel really good about the fact that. You know all of it all of it was done at Butler but more importantly all the people that are there now and people that are in place and and and what. They're gonna continue to do and continues to. You know the greatness of they'll continue to happen. So there was if there was a good time it was probably. You know the time was now. Says that you know a great opportunity obviously presented itself. Absolutely. And it. So what can you take from from kind of the Butler way is it it's just sometimes described it and apply it you know to the pro level. Well I think any organization any business that your if you if you don't have consistency. Among what's sure. Goals are -- common goals or common aspirations. -- collective buying it in -- and be successful and so I think that that's number one. I think that that's what gave us a chance. Was that everybody was in it together. And even know their world a lot of people with that are you know home. You know individual. Desires. They were able to put those aside for the betterment one. And that's hard that's a hard thing to do -- it's not all that doesn't always happen on -- in October November December January but by march it was always that way there. And you know I think that that's something that you know will strive towards in these guys have already. Shown in I think at the end of the day. You know. That's the thing about the Celtics that really stands out mean there's a pride about. About the way that these. That the players of the past the teams of the past. And copies that is successful that speaks for itself but there's there's a way that they went about their business and the way that they cared about one another that I think she needs. Move absolutely. And your seat kind of a year about coaching trees -- influences who who would you say. Kind of influenced you. As you kind of cuts heard coaching in it and even. You know as you kind of became -- a veteran coach. Moment three biggest influences without question nice clothes are very callers that -- and public letter B I think that. Those guys who all were and one program Butler at different times at all. Very different personalities and all very successful in all. All -- -- communicating the big picture. And I think that that's some of that that just stood out in those guys all. Wouldn't be it where they have without those guys. And the thing -- the three things that the key to -- hear most often about your coaching style are. A calm demeanor a fierce competitive streak can't and you know that that statistical analysis. -- nine guests. -- what's something people might not know about your coaching stuff. I don't know it's all been pretty blown out this list that does that make everybody sorry talked about everything up. I think. May be more so all those things just the commitment to the daily process. Believe in the improvement improving every day and in -- more standards results. And how do you feel about the term players' coach and and how would you describe yourself and in relation to that. Kind of you know I don't know if it's -- the real thing that you know it's certainly something people talk about. Well I think. The bottom line is. Is that I think refers to somebody who's willing to not only get the template but it really about -- -- that people are on the roster and and I do feel that way I'd go that way I want I want them to be. If you really good about out. You know where they are. That they are putting their signature on their work increasing of that. -- Can you tell us a little bit. And drew can and and and how you guys have used statistics it to kind of not -- only evaluate. Opponents but also developed. You know develop your own guys and provide feedback to them about tendencies and that sort of thing. Well I think there's a lot of elementary stuff that has been. You know certainly disgusted -- just the level of depth that would guys like drew and then there's there's other guys in this business certainly think like demand and very -- and in that regard -- -- -- It's it's certainly longer. Longer confident that the short -- view and it's one of the things that I think is neat about this. This level is just the access to all the different resource is that. That they have. And certainly very intriguing to consider everything would put together it. Who. And how important was it to use to kind of maintain some consistency consistency within the organization lists assistants like. You know Jamie onion and jailer or not and I guess for now -- and -- And and also adding a veteran mind like Ron Adams are you excited about the staff set and I guess it second. Hope for a I don't know for a officially. Commenting on anybody. Anybody additionally just yet -- need apart but the qualifier that the whole. Not much Michael and hiring staff is is to hire. You know intelligent hard working humble guys. That are really driven by the process really enthusiastic about it -- I think that. You know I've been very fortunate that this in the place that attracts those kinds of people and you know starting with today in Jamie is homer. My mom. And I guess. I'm not sure how that the timing all played out but I am assuming. Obviously Doc Rivers and and probably Kevin and Paul were were on their way out when you accepted the position but. You know -- as an outsider at the time when that was going on. You know what did you -- and it was obviously all over the news what did you think of that. Whole deal with the Celtics and and did you have any opinion on at the time. That you know what I I had spoke in the Danny. Maybe you know once or twice before I saw that stuff come across. You know I had an idea that some of those some of those things. Not Doc Rivers forums are soccer part I didn't speak to until after that happened obviously he's -- but the Paul and Kevin part. I did. So after -- collapsed he would actually called me and talked about it -- in the this is lab -- on this week it was draft week. In any -- does -- other things that that may be coming down the -- as well it was going to be a busy week for his victory to talk later on -- So that's when and I saw. And heard about you know to Evans. Paula obviously. Stated such terrific things for this place. To really amazing. What they were what they were. Able to do what they're able to accomplish in the -- two of the best you know that ever played here and you know but I knew that that was coming. You know -- and I accepted the job and it was a formality by that point -- the job so. You know that that added that did have any any impact in accepting or. Yeah and who must be exciting it you know in some regard to. To kind of start from scratch and it and see if you can kind of carve out your own. Your own thing went without. You know something so established I guess. Yes sure. And obviously -- that the college level I think you know education and for your players what was something that was extremely important. To you. So. And now at the pro level or one of the most important factors. Of players at this level you know earning earning playing time in your rotation or you know kind of earning your trust. You know I think number one is how do you protect our team with your -- -- -- your commitment level of the show were trying to do. There's a minimum level -- ability goes in the making this thing successful -- -- the other intangibles that are. You know certainly extremely important and maybe -- -- the advantage in you know low possession game so you. You have to have that middle levels and it's coached those intangibles the best you can and the guys that combine the two best usually play. Sure that I mean makes sense for life. Would you saying you have a system that players fit into lower or did the players kind of determine. The system. Yet they -- more the latter I'd say that you find it especially now -- mean. This is these guys that are here and and we need figure out the system it's the best. And and much was was native you know how will the new coach it was Raj on Rondo but it I think. You know you guys actually have a lot in common in terms of kind of an academic approach to the game. How has your relationship been with with Rondo in the early going and knowing you you've met -- at least once and. Yeah I've been great. You know and I think Raj I would -- this only you know only get a chance once in person. Over the protects people and so like we go together really well. I do think there's a lot of shared characteristics of the sort of work. -- And that as far as you know whether any health health status updates for rather -- orchards honed her. You know I think. Rondo both those guys first of all are continuing to work and the work hard and it -- is actually not in -- -- and others. You know procedures. Pretty much a daily basis have Nazis. Raj jobs that we -- -- but every report again from both. From both is that there really in the right direction. -- And you know obviously at this point you you have too many guys on the roster have it. Any decisions been made up on player personnel are or will training camp kind of be the determining factor there. You know I think I think. You know it's kind of outside in my my -- him. Economic I think we'll be consulted. In what tactics as a consultant in net in that arena you know I trusted. That -- any changes and you know his staff world rule make great decisions and that is in great position to be successful. And and I think. That I heard didn't Nolan Smith has been invited to camp to do you know of anybody else. You know that's not on that 79. -- -- And that. I guess Rondo seems like the only real lock to be in the starting lineup puts which is this kind of some interest being exciting. Position battles. Between Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee -- green Gerald Wallace and and that kind of laundry list of the bigs do you have have you given much -- says to what -- starting five might look -- Or how that might shake out. No I really don't give that a lot of side general. And one of the reasons lies because you don't necessarily. Always star or. You know the five guys that are finishing and you don't start five guys that maybe the best by -- you may start. The best couple and in the guys that compliment. Despite as she goes through the the early season you know I think that's why some guys in this league you play in a long time and may be. Less style that the others as they figured out how to become ordinary guys to the best players and so. Obviously got it is the best ones -- to separate themselves which they will do with the in training camp and you know although there. -- I'm not sure you know what most of your time has been dedicated to over the last month but I imagine you've done. Some studying up on the returning players up on the roster. Have you have you looked into it you know any player combinations that that stood out from many analysis there. Or what you what you like about guys that term at least we're on the team last year. Yeah I mean that's what do did they -- -- and so yeah there's all kinds of those things stand. You know I don't think it would be appropriate necessary he would specifics. Well I think it but it sure. At the end of the day there's there's a lot of guys. That compliment each other well have played well together in the past and there's a lot of actions of paper and it. Really suit their skills well and so will try to you know you know we won't reinvent the wheel with those and try to add things it again. Is the players we have that. And -- and obviously. Kelly -- lend bank you know was tremendous senate and so press sees. You know earned a contract with the team -- it. It's trio who who kind of stood out to you watching some overly cute in that in the time that you were down there. About both those guys were you know proceeded got it and a -- game you know games not really going your way. Can he can Sparky. Did the defense they played the -- In -- balls. He would say is base -- point guard like his game I think he does a lot of good things. And analytic. Agreed with you clinical. You know played as well as anybody that I saw. All of this -- early. And very versatile player those -- think the game those. Communicate the game and I think he'll be I think -- be a quick study. And in you know I think is going to be important that he is expected that we could really use it is the things he brings to the table sooner or later. Read that you end up kind of along those lines I know. Doc loved his veterans. You know even the guys up on the bench the guys that he couldn't. He knew we could rely on -- but you have a pretty young roster. You know in your opinion. How important is it is live game action too with two young players development. I think it's important. I think that -- -- a little overrated. You have to perform. In practice you. To be able to perform in the game there are some people that that do you think -- are. You know that -- -- would be gamer. But you know take. You know if you don't bring it in your preparation if you don't spend time -- your preparation if you don't work on hero game steady your opponent. Commit to however you'd teams playing and you'll have a ceiling on yourself. Think you know at the end of the day you -- in her. Guys that won't accept the ceiling. And that will just continue to strive to be the very best that they can be. Yeah and that. -- is why it's -- too quickly run through a few names and and do little word association live with some of the more intriguing guys I guess for the for this coming year. If you wouldn't mind so X. I guess starting with Jeff Green. You know what do you know about them and kind of you know what are you excited about him. I think he's these -- really count the guy I think is really good person. You know get a chance noble little bit sat down with him at some games in Orlando talked on the phone tax of them. Have heard nothing but great things from the people that have been around and around his career. So public support work well. And that and the Avery Bradley. You know obviously a dynamic athlete really hard worker he's been in boss for the better part of the time and I've been as well also. -- -- spent some time with him like his demeanor like his work ethic I think he's got you know again good young player with a high upside. Yes absolutely. Ands and no Linux. I mean you touch on a little bit to vote. You know his summer -- performance put. You know how oh how important do you see him being this year and and what kind of impact do you think he'll have. Well I think he you know he can dribble pass shoot seventy. The very vague description. He can -- -- so many things. -- can put the ball or pass of Peter handy -- -- supposed to shoot it can run it issues its basic shoot and he's got all kinds of opportunities to affect the game. And you know I think. You know there there are many guys that that that multi dimensional. Yes. I think. Danny tells them a seven foot -- -- quarterback you know he's had you don't see too many have those in the weeks. Hum. And another guy's done. I personally don't know anything about what and I don't know how much. Anybody does -- -- -- cyber Ronnie I don't know how much people have seen of them around here but Tom. But I think people are excited just because that anybody left had to get cites people. Yes skilled guy. Can shoot the ball away from the basket can also scored in the post. It obviously is is that well coached is you know I have seen him only on film. I have spent some time in communication with him and you know we're looking -- to get them over here. He has obviously guy with size. They give you some flexibility at both ends of the court. And and leaving an -- that when I reached out to people on Twitter for questions. Allow other responses that I got back. Senator around big man rotations. That have you have you given much side about oh how that might look. And know people love a potential sellinger. -- a combination. And it. Have you given much thought to kind of guys were paired together in it and how that might play out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know -- answer that that's that's. I I think about it all the time and you know rule again. Some of that stuff he's got to be careful with Italian justice side now what's gonna happen you have to let. -- the last performance tell you what's happened a little bit you know you can't just predetermined everything in on anything. Again you don't know how certain guys are gonna play together you don't know who's gonna come back to eat shape you don't know how they're going to. Perform once training camp began and so. I think there at the end of the day -- you know communicated its best to be ready. When that time comes of them it's about maximize that time and support as well yeah. Now that's a great point. I guess this is the hard question what -- who would you say to people who. Who think it's best to quote unquote tank this season and then and go for the draft picks that you know obviously as a coach. That's that's the furthest thing from your mind I would guess. No question no question it is couldn't be. I'd never stand. A -- think about it and it's never been. There have been part of my vocabulary its service part of the players in the locker room look at -- anybody in this building I think we've. We have. You know it's one of those things that we -- gonna try to be the very best we can be every single day it's part of the process it's part of the way it. I believe and do appearances he -- to place your standard every single day. Along those lines with what would you say your goals are for the season's biggest you know win or lose. What do you want people says to remember this team -- at the end of of the 2013 fourteen season. So my goal is to win the next game one possession. Mean that's -- have any other goals never been a -- guy did have a goal it. Have Butler. Our goals were always to get better day it would the next game one -- That was and so. That's -- try to do. Again that's part of being very process oriented. -- Well I guess hopefully the next time my President Obama calls you you're raised in the eighteenth banner for the Celtics guest -- Fifty. That all we're. He's exactly. Well thank you so much for it for coming on it's it's really been enlightening. Thank you.

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