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Reacting to Brady's comments on Aaron Hernandez

Jul 25, 2013|

Mut and Merloni give their initial reactions to Tom Brady's comments to the media about Aaron Hernandez.

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That is Tom Brady had called me thoughtfully guarded Tom Brady from we -- -- live at Gillette Stadium Lou 937. WEEI he spoke for what 1415 minutes. Gave you answers to most of the questions couple times he was asked about Hernandez directly instead to stay -- -- me. Not to talk about him but didn't give I thought some. Some pretty thoughtful but pretty guarded answers not wanting to really get into it all his own. A motions about how this whole thing affected him. Our affected the patriots now a senior analysts he handles things you got a tweet from Nathan MW TI at literally dolphins fan by the way he says -- But as Tom -- most multiple employer and -- Internet and so. The way he handled that there -- every question -- and it was probably what the first 678 words. Out of his mouth and you could almost see him thinking. Kate how connect QQ the company line up -- to my emotions are what they -- -- -- here and it's. A new season and I'm looking forward to is that everything he started off with was. How are helping get to. My responsibilities as team as a captain as a leader it was everything he did because skirted around it that Stacey James PR. We're -- -- -- a lot of talk about Aaron Hernandez. Very guarded. You know I would -- Extra IndyCar I thought we guarded yet thoughtful answers to some of the questions but definitely did not wanna give you his opinion on -- how he felt personally you know it it. It felt like he wanted to move away from his own cell whose national Heidi feel of Steve Burton might ask the question hot. When you found out had feelings Dallas so long ago I don't remember. You -- you wanna give you how he felt he'd wanna talk about how we felt. I'm so obviously very well prepared he's very well spoken sound the good guy it's gonna go from the football field. Washington DC in a matter of minutes your right when this football career his is over he sounds like a politician any answer those questions. -- today. And up the one answer he didn't give you that was maybe the most critical if there was anything is being closely critical of Aaron Hernandez. Was about someone asked him about distractions. And somebody asked about me and that the situation being an extraction and his quote was. I try never to be a distraction and and I -- that to my teammates to never be a person but someone has the comment on. That was literally is closest he got. Really not not blaming Hernandez but almost that you being annoyed. The asked the go through this and that was really get in even now I admit I am stretching. To really find any sort of correlated to that -- right there. And Hernandez but that was the one night took out yeah a lot of references to the past and when the patriots right a lot of them were asked appoint him -- Vrabel and and Troy brown and Deion Branch and guys that. He knew again and do his job that he. Done. That made his job easier that represented the patriot way you go to the patriots let's forget about the patriot way the patriots on the field off the field did all the right things. Reference that a few times the dramatic reinforce that -- this was Tuesday a bad egg basically. In a bad situation all around yet and and -- who had -- -- police in south for some of the other players spoken -- Vince Wilfork. Spoke there as well today I know Brady was asked -- football questions there at the end it was weird it's almost like those football questions. Didn't fit in with the day -- he's been asked questions about receivers and how do you move on and yeah it was almost like -- didn't fit this this day for these captains to go out there. I speak from my guess Wilfork and others will also be asked. Similar questions here today 61777979837. Is a phone number you can Texas on the eighteenth -- text line. At 379. 37 Chris is in Connecticut next -- a -- Ludacris. Good morning. I mean it looks at it as important as -- and I -- -- complete nightmare. And now. Which we're -- orchestrated. This group that well -- goes out yesterday. Salute you peaked in terms of what they're trying to accomplish number one and they're trying to get this item in the ethnic and so it's not a distraction. But it could be a distraction has that goes on like -- guy. -- -- -- And -- would compete with -- -- -- Important reason that this thing is gonna come at an even possibly -- now. It's going to be continued. This year and has. And then. -- patently opinions. About it. And then McCain -- -- keep up anymore and I didn't live through it didn't execute it. And it didn't pick and -- at. -- didn't look at speaking to implement them and interest that they took it straight. And that. He didn't -- With the government and that the thought entered. That he can. The league office and it's it's it's it's going to be -- major that you actually mission that I wouldn't I'd gotten beaten. Is getting an adult and I'm from the patriot. At that moment to -- -- it's not going to be good. Out outside the lines Chris. You look -- and I'll let that. But I know I'm actually not that you can do it. It appears to see how they define the patriot way and the probably gonna attack character and its. The wrong definition that a lot of people have you know -- major ways is out into the patriots in the hole. You with the media patriot waited Chad Johnson got an idea -- way you multi multi mouth become nominee of -- media. Two -- adamant -- cute quarterback your wide receiver now your corner you do whatever is best for the team put the team first to me that's a major way. Of accuracy -- define -- Well when I -- Tom Brady it was. He's good at what he does -- in the week he talks the media but Bill Belichick and awful but it needed. All I -- this enjoy a grade them out. You know a lot -- it -- it was way against this this a sports media Sports Radio thing to do but I agree -- -- percent -- thinking about now how Brady just sounded. Arnold didn't who -- a more human. In terms of their response you know what it's it's. This thing with the Dodgers these guys talking about the institute say I need to get what I want from the sky I'm not going to be satisfied. The fact that he just address this the right way to gold bought it -- before reporters addressed that today. Operate tomorrow morning after practice they ask what -- in his diary drastic tomorrow. -- I mean -- number he's moved on. These questions might try. But he can now I'd sign up already addressed to our interest yesterday -- Sony that was it was actually similar thinking about announcing two point -- -- similar kind of expand a single what he said the other data Peter King there was not a lot of emotion there and I don't know maybe. It's unfair to Brady but he definitely. Belichick came off as more human you know is is became a crosses. Sincere but -- human humans the word. Yeah Brady was very hot political. About a -- a politician -- will be. After this football career whereas Belichick felt there was more more humanity to what he had to say there. 61777979837. Is the phone number AT&T text line is 379. -- 37. WEEI dot com's Chris price. Was talking to Vince Wilfork on the field -- to a state.

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