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Bill Belichick impresses all with Hernandez press conference

Jul 25, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Bill Belichick press conference on Hernandez and the way he conducted himself throughout the process.

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-- -- It's okay. I'm pick in the Bill Clinton -- but it's an eighty. Not in terms of interest. We want the -- Forget this crap that's one of -- gonna fight -- while I was gone. Seems to be a theme going around these parts old son and a. I go on vacation as a -- and there was one day where you had. Many hand and Tang -- yell he troubling to -- it's. You had now Howard Stern fired back against the Cali and meant that legendary Chicago fired back another legendary show. You have today I hear -- hand Britain. Tried Kutcher who call as the cause of the doctorate shall processor. You fight with. While I was -- -- -- TC non open our severe as the ultimate justice she'll -- low refereeing -- -- in it many at Ellis. It's -- -- -- I saw I saw. Penguin that's as platelet counts are sequel right is my last flight of course last night Maine and a I don't think it's 630 watchers cousins -- to get back -- people right here -- last night Joseph. Ron Borges Mike doesn't work he's got a walk offset come back on to begin the whole thing about. That right out of the gate instrument the fireworks blew up -- -- it was so hot that tension between penguin many Andrea to a port is it's a pitcher -- the other and come -- -- -- equipment fielding that's gonna happen like tonight they're gonna call that crap. Given excellent 5660 application for boys to a forum. The year awards for it was four nights of the boys in the three days and -- -- about it some details. Your vacation. Week. You'll wanna go -- I've got to -- the father of the year moment you've heard a lot from the show that a couple of great dads here but I did something. To my son. That. Had almost in tears. That's about it fail. Before you left and at all they -- what's that. Before you left on vacation just the preakness that you guys yeah she -- point out together GH one hell or. Well before before that vacation which like you've -- the bull. Or cheat more now on vacation on the use is rising fit -- you use the phrase before plea for the -- when it comes to -- at this we get to a certain age and you just try not to game not to lose. There or am right now. I feel like I played for the time in terms that this the state she asked for them until we left here. And it got to be a point where that the whole bowl situation not good in that so often a bad spot Joey put me in a bad position. And accept that we cannot morally. I think are recovered and -- last couple days in Maine after the thing I did start the vacation -- likely for the -- this issue up before it left. The same it is right now. Yeah see exactly that's probably about -- she can kind of barely deal with mediate today. Stay married to a berries are the few things. -- lot. A lot of points. Flights elbow is. Legendary sought -- weekend Jolie's premiere at Bain. The colts news the Droid news. Biggest. -- Hear from Bill Belichick like six hours. To show its work. Here is an hour after you get there and the next question. Let's go to. Google -- we say you say how does bill addressed it became a debate around here now that'll be able to the stance that they admitted and it penguin did it the exact opposite -- and yelling at each other but. Well we sat here and if Woodward you. We thought the Belichick had to address this we're not I was asking. For Bill Belichick to explain why -- and as a parolee killed somebody. But there was a feeling of ease the head coach he makes the personnel decisions. Him saying that players no longer part of the team. Was not good enough for me I feel like you felt the same wiggling yesterday Briscoe Danica and be more impressed. Eight loss really for Bill Belichick yesterday com. Settle at eight plus eight the bullet. You expect. Coached to do agree with pets were talking in the the only rest cooperative so hyped up this thing up at all to any other coach is around here. But from political shield that side of the room. And speak. With emotion. Well no it was prepared he prepares you it's no card that's a problem with that. There are some legal issues here dictionaries on point and get his point across the way he came off -- bowl. An explanation. Of the fan base. Idol and oh it. I don't pull the -- are responsible for it did -- Bill Belichick responsible for. Hernandez allegedly committing murder maybe three times. Allegedly allegedly allegedly an overall I'm proud of the hundreds of players that have come through this program. I'm personally disappointed and hurt in a situation like this. Yesterday I think was lead. That's a coach. That's the leader in the week -- recognized the moment I mean you know. Outside his comfort zone don't normally see from Bill Belichick. But I think that was an example of leadership. Africa right from the could address this situation involvement on the Aaron Hernandez today I felt that it was important enough to do. Prior to the start of camp. -- it's a sad day is truly a sad day. On so many levels. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim. And I extend my sympathy really tell everyone. Who's been impacted. -- use all the Lloyd's name but obviously talking about the victim there everyone impacted my guess would be. The family you you mentioned leadership by a body showed that I also thought that. As the coach of the team. He took some responsibility not for Aaron Hernandez's actions. But for the place that this sort of fits you know the idea that this is more than just a regular transaction the idea that this is not -- the player. Leaving the roster he's not beer here because of a heinous act that he committed and it it's a bit lengthy but I thought you know from. What I wanted to -- -- up in a 11 -- sound like Joseph. From this case involves an individual who. Happened to be in New England Patriots. We certainly do not condone non acceptable behavior. And as does not in any way represent the way that they're doing the patriots and wanna do things. As the coach of the team you know I'm primarily responsible. For the people who we bring in the football operations. Our players are generally highly motivated. And gifted athletes they come from very different backgrounds. The -- many challenges along the way. And I've done things to get here. Sometimes they've made better and mature decisions. But we try to look at every six every single situation. On a case by case basis. And try to do what's best for the football team what's best for the French us. The I think what he'd be perfect and it was perfect was best -- football team. Know what he did yesterday. Again was lead I mean this guy. It exactly what his team needed. It was so interesting to see the outrage you know that when you mention that he should talk to the media. And -- the -- anything. He's a leader okay if he addresses it which was the point. Two weeks ago we said this would be just a little press conference a couple of days at a time he addressed the media individually will. And then maybe and Friday its who walked in that locker room and is -- play football boys and that's what's best for his team to do. But all you heard -- some people. Guy owes you -- apology ain't what you owe us as -- anything it it was amazing the outrage. That people head. In just what we are expecting to head coach every football team just do the right thing and we're so against it the calls the tax the tweets that today's show is new and I stood on -- elect adding a lot of people on this opinion about a sense of people are but it. -- it wasn't about him accountable for the murder it was about him being a leader like the way he put that he. As a leader of an organization he's not just the coach we know he handles the GM duties to he has a lot to do. With the data big Golisano England patriots -- for him to have treated this like any other thing. Would've been a leader like that and burying its head in the sand. So I agreed this site. Most people wanna hear from early on quite frankly the people who called us and texted us and waited us and said. You guys are idiots. Why does the after -- if there's here's wanna know because it was. Kirk was honest thing to estimate your last night is still doesn't change. But. You know weasel out of what he says the unit changed what you feel -- boat tour. I actually think the Lee came out yesterday. I think it did. I think you actually saw -- that you very rarely -- -- I actually feel now a human -- after what I've heard from him yesterday in just addressing it. Like a normal person because we look at -- and in what we see is the media and fans it's not normal. The press coverage as we do half the time we left sometimes depending on the mood you get frustrated with that usually laugh at the way he handles it. And by the way that senate bill came about after. After some opening statement -- which then I laughed during a Q&A I almost feel like given what I heard from him today OK there it is. Now deal with that -- crappy press cooperatives and no comments and everything last night laughs that it because. Okay I see it it's there -- -- the players that know him. That have played for him if CNET side I'm sure some of the beat writers that cover on a daily basis see that side of Bill Belichick but the fans don't. You know -- I don't know we don't we don't interview Bill Belichick -- -- and on their football talk to -- each and every day. -- -- European league did what he said yesterday change anything at all. Hear what and millions of -- to be let what does that matter. In the big scheme of life not doesn't matter tell me how that works abusers to go watch the patriots I'm a fan of them want them to win football games out of it really matters. But the case of how I feel about bill. I thought I did a great. Things -- young man lost his life. And his family's. Suffered tragic loss and there's no way to understate that. When I know was out of the country. I learned about the ongoing criminal investigation that involved one of our players and I and other members of the organization we're shocked and disappointed. In what we have learned. Three and even as part of that show it's a good cut to play. I thought more so in the words. Did you think the home. A Belichick was good I thought the way he approach -- thought there was a very. Again human aspect to you know humanity and humility honesty and he got all those three. For Belichick yesterday in the way he went about saying what he said clearly it was scripted clearly it spent some time writing it down. But it wasn't written away where some lawyer sat there and help them out. You know I got the impression of them being sucked in being fooled by -- but I got the impression bill sat down -- -- wrote on the heart. As a guy who drafted an extended what looks to be at least a one time -- BA three time. Murder Aaron Hernandez. And the way he went about that process Belichick's home. I thought was really good. That is as much as the words the way he said -- show that human side a Bill Belichick yesterday. And he he he's able to start the separation now a Hernandez in the patriots you know you said it was good for the football team. It's also good for the franchise right forget forget the on field product to -- franchise for second. Captains are gonna speak today they're gonna say very little they're gonna take the cue from their head coach. Head coach said I've advised the players did not talk about this because the legal issues so by Friday morning the franchise itself. Has started to distance. Themselves or -- -- it's time it will be every time -- come Friday morning. Which is why. He should have done it -- done yet which is exactly what what he did. You know. And I understand. The whole other sadly Chris -- last night a -- gets a BI dot com. Who covers the patriots and he said you know -- a tough time kind of agreeing with some of his. His his coworkers. In other -- you -- so -- of what he did because it just it would anyone else would have done. And I agree with that statement we've we've found that the death. You know he will be expect from him as what we expect from anybody just the fact that it was bill. -- came out of that comfort zone. I think I think meant a lot that he can move -- -- -- -- media but Aaron Hernandez absolutely. Done as far as bill goes it's Oprah with. Friday morning at somebody shows up from new York and asked question -- Aaron Hernandez or outside the state or whatever national media. I addressed that on Wednesday. A -- for now quote you know football. It's a beautiful thing that's exactly what you did this that's exactly why it needed to be done. It had to be done and it was done and I'm curious is here today for me a Belichick's -- point. Those of us who those those people called us and Texas between us and said icy geyser radiate that -- to see anything. What's that response and I want to hear from those people. Secure those people are gonna agreed that it was great well if you've got to be done it was great he would admit I your wrong. The what he did yesterday -- the flip side what do we hadn't done that yesterday when talking about today Belichick's that a parent said I'm not gonna address that player he's not he like the story would not have been moved. On and then it will look look at him differently after that. All mean because you so you think Bill Belichick you know what to expect when he sees something that may be surprises you that make you feel. Here's of people celeb that question into opt out -- a -- we got our calls lined up a lot of maybe has the answer for here's the comment line. Bill has been a disgrace. The level Lotta people like that they had big Belichick's been disgrace I thought he handled yesterday really really well. A lot to talk about when it comes to this will talk to a guy who played for Bill Belichick Ross Tucker just after 11 o'clock we'll get Ross is take. What he saw yesterday from bill what the players might say today the captain six captains. Are going to speak next hour you'll hear from them during our show won't get you that sound. Brady Wilfork. May -- Mankins -- forty Slater. You'll hear from those guys on the show and what they might say. And what they do say you'll hear it and obviously we'll talk some baseball as well be able Bryant. Well join us 12 o'clock hour 61777979237. AT&T text line. It's 37937. Your opinion to Belichick changed what did you think of what he had to say yesterday your reaction next.

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