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Ross Tucker, NBC Sports, Light comments on Hernandez speak volumes

Jul 25, 2013|

Ross Tucker joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Belichick press conference, if the Hernandez situation will be a distraction, and the fact that Matt Light commented negatively on Hernandez speaks volumes.

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-- stalker guy who played the patriots and Belichick he was there. With the pats and he's a great follow one Twitter at Ross Tucker NFL Ross joining us on the AT&T hotline 25 cameras there. Yesterday Ross in front Belichick how do you think he handled it always Trixie expectation how Belichick was can handle that unique press conference yesterday. Well I -- you would handle it a little bit better a little bit differently than he normally does I didn't think. So you review would be you know -- -- enough to try to destroy what they're just Stonewall. And and not say anything so I give him a lot of credit you know. But the longer I heard him talking at one time in opening statement like that. I felt like you showed sincere. Regret remorse. He was apologetic that you wondered really any of those staying -- by gains that are being that it happened so. I give him high marks for all of that. I'm a little disappointed that you would -- attorney questioned really need to try to. -- it could be you know I -- respect for the judicial process everybody you know where I was watching it I thought -- you've been advised by yourself you know. Not that -- they bought back. -- I talked a couple lawyers have said. They're to be civil liability down on the line to the patriots you know that they know what you said. You know that you get called to witnessed scared you know Arctic air to -- so I just argued in the desert not one. You know -- toggle arrogance your patriots -- you say Bill Belichick great coach Erica it is not a patriots fan you hate him because he's arrogant but. There's a player we've heard this before you know you've seen this human side of him before but the media may be hasn't I thought he was. They gave up more information and in the media the fans have ever seen as a as a player got plays underneath them you see that's out of. Yeah you know like that though I mean it is -- anymore you're being mean comforted him and you know. You hear more emotional program but he usually saying openly guy you know that it makes a mental error let your teammate -- -- Yeah I didn't particularly important that he's about. You know this Hernandez stopping what this is the media -- Dalton -- guys that. You know start to pontificate. Your opinion of how the legal process will be harmful. You know in more police say you don't -- -- Don't act like you know blues react so I you have emotions. But I received him. You know kind of have. The regret and remorse and you know we've come across dude as as genuinely sorry did that no matter what about in -- sporting news.com column which is coming out today -- -- he's the master. With the media he really is. I never quite understood. You know why it's that important to him -- -- -- -- talking -- Chad Brown yesterday who played you know -- -- for the fact you said you know. He has not played -- five teams just played the three team thirteen years or -- -- coaches. The other one of us had ever had to coach emphasize the media merely as much as as Belichick and I were close. It is the number one topic of conversation and every team meaty and Jack even you know ought to be -- -- never desert it's like. You know more like a new coach as much as a football coach I never really understood. Why it was that high a priority for him but I guess it's you know hard to argue with the result. We'll send you played for what five teams in and you mentioned this at the -- spent on media I'll ask you -- feel like it gave you. Any sort of an advantage because the people around here that. You know what spell check every day say it by him acting the way he does towards the media having his team backed away he does they do. It doesn't give the opposition anything and that's an advantage you believe that to be true or is that just. Our defense a Belichick. I I think that's true but I can get minimal you know -- -- the ravens are like that and admit they're pretty darn good. You know to me I made sure I -- -- now I that there weren't coming from he you're not a good thing they're aiming to be gained at all strategically from talking about injuries. From talking about any type of strategy your game planning you know because what happens is that he is a master reading between the lines you know. Unit no Nokia guy. Quote from yup it's a little silly. You know we've just we've got to get pressure. On Brady this week you re just more able to get there -- -- poor man Barack so. We've got some other things this week to try to get pressure on them well immediately. Belichick read that says they're coupled with pressure coming with -- And he starts to -- rally the troops so to speak. And work on different pressures that you think will face that we you know. Even the ball well guys I can remember being the ball well. And -- -- in the bank -- one -- it was a Monday go to Paul okay. I think a good you'll play this week. And so we -- opponent Jon Kitna. As our coach Michael are you said it -- kidnapped. That are under the old model because that's what -- Well you're there Wednesday carpet bombers and how about you don't play similar you said -- You know camcorder bag you're not limited in practice with a no bottle on -- all week. Churn out first period it Kitna under the no huddle so. Buried underneath that Tibet. I don't think it quite -- bears the baby bella checked exit but I wouldn't you would argue -- Why would you -- depicts it there's doubt ward had the 1%. The slightest iota of an advantage why would you review of that. Well -- are her Bill Belichick yesterday -- he said maybe gave -- -- more than maybe thought people fought now the players -- meeting today. Would you do expect a similar thing to say special media day here with a six captains. Unprecedented. Do you expect the same from them or is it more patriot talk. Are they gonna be patriot -- that it'll be very similar. So what Brady says to Peter king and his new web site I just think. The aircraft it will be all about moving on and what type of people they are and where the focus needs to be. I highly doubt they're gonna talk about -- Hernandez at all. Or going to the debt that -- that Belichick did about the process. Because they're not involved in the process you know I just. And and plot that I mentioned you know we're all potential civil litigation and maybe the patriots could be gained a better whatever I do think that the players are gonna say we've been advised not to say anything him. -- maybe that's true maybe it's not you know maybe it's something that they can hide behind but. And great that's right Britain. Well it's -- talking Ross Tucker Ross roots go back to that distraction idea for a second and let's. You even enough locker rooms where. I guess at some point something became distraction for rate team does this have the chance in your opinion given that. You know there might have been players we found -- yesterday maybe there are players that were at this in a flop house that. You know -- Aaron Hernandez had -- their players that weren't around some of the people that are involved here. In your opinion could this become a distraction. For the team during this upcoming season. Yeah I think there's a guy and you'd be hard not to right I mean. If it is already here I don't know how much that affected them out much of little effect don't we -- -- distractions. I really know what that -- the terms of wins and losses on fuel production. But I do think it's in the topic of conversation that's swirling about now does that prevent anybody from putting in the same time that the facility. In preparation each weaker preparation for the opponent. Probably not. No my guess is that they'll be affected more by the loss of him as a player divided distraction. -- and play with Darren in his I think you're there was -- like correct. You to play with absolutely well when you hear Matt Light say some of the comments that he says in a really bought and anything. That. -- is represented are believed then tick how much weight does that carry with you given what you -- Obama like. Yeah I wrote about that that's sporting -- I thought I would huge. No matter how life is like you've -- -- funny -- go Larry it's yeah they're really good person to go the tremendous amount that statement -- In the community. And you know right vs wrong guy he's no gray area guy. And you've got no big time patriot in terms of the way you conduct themselves with the media. And you remember that but what worries -- never talked. About other guys because you're not supposed to replace the patriot. But he said I've never. You know. You know adhered to war. Force report and David Perry -- it that was huge to me and that made their decision that you may have been contract extension. Really perplexing because of Matt Light -- that way. My my guest and a lot of guys in the Q did that that's true. Then I'm sure the organization knew that and the still -- to him after just two years the largest signing bonus ever. Four a picture to a guy that didn't hear that well that's much more egregious commuted drafting him in the first place. McNamee quick kit for the parents out there listening dad's -- in their kids are playing high school football right now and you're involved. Eagle big recruiting and from what I gather what we've talked about the passes that website the can can help those parents and help those kids get there. Tapes looked at by coaches. Yeah I mean -- the bottom line it's. If you wanna play any -- caliber especially football you've send your video out to any power could possibly be -- then. And you can do your YouTube puddle on the other ways to do it by. When my servers -- they're recruiting -- You actually know exactly when they watched it which is nice to -- you wanna know exactly otherwise you have no idea they even got it slow walked and took -- accuser nor anybody. And had a kid that you didn't play any sport in college. And the big go big recruiting dark. That's a great tool and I I hope Ross next time we talk we're not talking about press conference and is in distractions were talking football because. Training camps open around the league and it's a fun time a year and -- follow India and Ross Tucker NFL we appreciate it. Agreed that the patriots win twelve games but this group let's just forget about the whole debate about the best player ever it -- -- They'll talk a lot next time Ross thanks appreciate the time. Are here that is Ross Tucker a very good followed Ross Tucker NFL as he's mentioned there. Eyes reading columns now sporting news.com. And he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible. Brady will fork in the -- among the four players and -- -- -- Logan Mankins and Matthew Slater got pushed till tomorrow. Why will these guys say and is there a chance something Belichick said yesterday. Wanna make it tough for some of these players during the year involving the story we'll talk about that next.

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