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Dave O Brien, WEEI Red Sox PBP, on all things Sox and MLB

Jul 25, 2013|

Dave O Brien joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Price's magnificent start last night against the Sox, the upcoming trade deadline, and what he thinks of Ryan Braun.

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-- load on -- 37 WEEI spent a lot of time today. Getting your reaction to bill Belichick's comments yesterday players reacting today heard from Vince Wilfork. Heard from Tom Brady but a lot of -- up to get to. I've got to tell you about something that apple -- my son my seven month old son. On a family vacation in Maine last couple days the -- to. The great -- thought you already have about the show able to talk about that -- talk about the Red Sox baseball as well. Because this Red Sox team is playing for first place tonight winner of Red Sox rays at Fenway. All walked into the weekend of first place in the sale lease in the voice of the Red Sox Dave O'Brien joins us this Thursday it'll join us every Thursday. The remainder of the year he's on the AT&T hotline Dave -- -- Dario. -- looks great communicative person of many. Shows and hopefully on into October and certainly they can elect certainly make sure that every Thursday around this time carve -- you guys. Well it's nice to be back in the -- -- because of that the guys have filled him awful -- you throw that is this like it traded to a dozen games for you wouldn't you come on the radio a thousand that -- some sort trade who worked out here Dave. That this is and how port number on my understanding is loose the Hewitt Hewitt. He would come into the Booth and -- an occasional game blog is on Monday O'Brien has already. It'll it'll drop I don't -- -- many but I don't want anything to do the irishman. Keep them away not on. -- keep him away -- last night I think what we saw always -- relief pitchers in this game and when those guys. Have everything working. It's going to be a difficult -- price was outstanding. We -- -- -- kind of have to sit back and go you know obviously you know my my heart beat the Red Sox but it. There's also there are other part of me that I love watching great baseball and -- and I loved watching great -- So there's a party it's like while and I and I admire what -- Christ is doing here under a hundred pitches. Opera and 80% strikes which is just ridiculous. And in fastball -- I -- he was. Basically poured out sport the first part of the eucalyptus and others a little bit later. Occasionally some off speed breaking ball it. Always so why wouldn't you out of that that 97 mile an hour you know top they have supported -- in the air and the Red Sox couldn't work now which they do better than anybody in baseball. You can work on strike one strike two it's going to be. It's going to be a long quick. Dave when he's on his game the way he was last night is it okay to put him in that top sort of top tier pitchers we save her Lander we say. Felix Hernandez and prices like that that we put his name on that list -- guys not just the American League but are all baseball. Only a question at least he's been there 25 last year the stretcher in America Italy can. Of this -- and we can see the after the fact he hurt the American significant threats our exit Tropicana Field and even -- -- -- but he's on now at a time when they desperately need him. Two people -- in there almost magical -- -- -- every -- -- that is -- out there with the exception of -- that the former Fausto Carmona. Is point them out on the good -- are probably great outing and you're gonna have to you'd have to be really. Lockheed and if you can -- -- I think this mystery with Alex and you know nine and three at an earlier report after he goes to night but. You know lately has been just -- -- this is great. -- got in on excel by. It's and other very great and I think. Actually -- -- -- in the Cadillac you think would tell you he came to Boston pitcher this is exactly what you want you want to -- Actually get that it can be seen that was having him from the dugout and given in the business out Tropicana Field so first Erica -- -- been since the group. Tropicana he'll -- on site. -- over this team is really preached discipline and you're at the point now and listen and Tampa Bay's been amazing run but the Red Sox are are still there right even with that amazing run. How far you go if your venture to -- look around you see some of the needs and Clayton a moves. Oakley buck calls not -- September into Bailey goes down off party thinking goes in the trade deadline. I think he's got to get somebody. I I read some -- that comment that it didn't sound like anything was imminent. But at this time this is not going to be the first and is out with Jake Peavy and I think Pete Pete right now with a guy and across yours. Good -- and is told me is that true preteens he told he told them that you treated to that he would. Acquiesced to that one of them -- the Boston Red Sox the first choice for the Texas Rangers. Portland they got cars instead cigarettes are not the top the it'll ask that's where he wants to pitch. You'll want to eat out so my guess is that gonna go after a PP. The ultimate -- is not going to be available until -- early days of September. And then when he comes back positive -- and again and and how he's an appeal. This too big question mark I -- -- -- dealing with a groin issue as well. In America question marks and rotational as a deterrent but threat at the doctors don't first place. Will all the talk about everybody else about that aggravated Baltimore had excellent first place you know and -- -- going into the week and its future is against the Orioles. And you mentioned peavy and look I'm not against -- OK but when you see what Matt Garza just went for Dave. That's a lot of trade capital and an understanding rebuilt the farm system another consider one of the best in baseball. Would you still be interested from Red Sox standpoint if it's three of their top fourteen prospects which was what he had to give up to get Garza to Texas. Well you're telling you what those guys it's edible art and all of a make an appeal economically if an appeal that. There are other prospects you can -- I think. Maybe -- -- not -- guy that somebody and you think you've got to do something it was in the rangers' clubhouse and he'd been betrayed. -- -- -- And Lou -- -- houses and trees have been around this time that your lips every those guys were on while not. And -- and that -- -- guarded -- last pitched great. PP -- -- her first start for -- -- that -- and attitude yet that treat all it does is acute it is everybody in the club house. The front office is in lockstep with us we're gonna win. Total and it because we're all of it. You know together like a cliche but it's not that with a team at all -- And I think that a movie is just absolutely necessary. The Boston Red Sox are durable and move or starting spot. But on the message out to be sent -- market just looking. At the base he got a -- first place with the Orioles do it. And all the sudden we're battling wild card we have to play a playoff and it knocked -- -- -- great year. After winning maybe not like these that would happen Null and all that happened. That's what retreat like that's the message it's that. Killed we sometimes operator you dissect every single word of when you hear clay buckled suck what a trip to Andrews and you hear. John Ferrell talked about pain tolerance and it's up to -- Just curious in your mind are they on the same page as far as moving forward and in the kind of discomfort that clay is feeling. You know I think they are now Alou who really do like everybody understands that this is -- -- this is up the bar and this is how much he can take. And I don't have any the field and there. Think he'd be pitching to agree -- didn't feel pain and out. Could you got -- -- like yours has typically been one of my favorite people a great great broadcasters -- great pitcher. And he was talking specifically about buckles became a book that exit -- only pitched. You know in my career and I would eat free at eight starts. He's had every time I like them around it felt so I'm kinda -- particularly -- the same thing. And yet he -- split Major League Baseball you know that this spring and and you know you're you're going to be feeling and an important bought addressed the seat and that. I would I change my perspective on this I would want to lose guys who question Jacoby Ellsbury opened a couple of years ago on rich. And I wish I hadn't because then next year he can impact it almost one of the most valuable player award has spectacular season. I don't know anyone else's body just like I don't know what -- -- who is supposed to -- and how prohibit you from doing something athletically. All is throwing a baseball that the illegal is really on natural. What's incredible stress and pressure and arm holding your body. I don't know outplayed -- street next to that I can be in his body meekly that that I've been. I think we get this he's working this part is yeah -- he wants to be out there to want to eat the -- and allowing him to do that this split my perspective now. While we're talking to Dave O'Brien voice the Red Sox he saw him play almost every game that year 2008 when he won the MVP. -- put you on the spot he played better baseball this year or 2000 am talking about Dustin Pedroia. -- that's a tough question I think he's better defensively this year I'd thought he was better with a bat in 08. I thought he had a bigger impact every big. It has to be at in 2008. It was. Pete. And that's what you want to -- -- PP he -- from our two that was part of he's still -- great hitter he still comes through in the clutch often. But I think we're EP. Should do the most this year and why he's in the MVP conversation this year. Is that simply he's made more great place if you didn't. I think anybody in baseball as -- aid. And now that anarchy we've -- everyday. You know I don't like -- the outfield they're recycled -- completely -- -- every -- But I can tell you the petroleum breaks looking back up almost quit the club more frequently than any -- -- Here we played literally really did -- listed and that's really possible that he did the double played her -- a local. I think we'll go to out of the great place we estimate that the -- is a good luck -- law. It all we with all the games you do it traveling around with the SP and you get to know some of the players -- -- we don't know on a personal level and I'm just kinda curious here. About your reaction. With the suspension and what happened. Which Ryan Brian how well do you know him not disappoint where you. But it'll actually pretty well that's one of these guys in the budget assists list Lou that I actually -- -- he grew up that. And he can marvel and in Japan. It was a bit more of an assault Amelie lost. Actually two years ago. After hitting two home runs and a playoff game between -- and great. And then he took -- that his entire family that is on who's become a life. And I thought I walked away thinking this is one of the great guys in baseball this is one of the guys were -- anger at all in this case for the next 1015. Years. Is gonna win and number MVP he's he's been -- great thing. So disappointment is in it and it is on. And off the charts and is that after the battery you'll likely know someone you trust -- he was a great guy and a great player on did not. And burn -- like that. Just want nothing to do them -- and I'll like he'll outline and brought up. Beyond disappointed right. I think that he had opportunities to do the right thing and -- -- good it many times along the line here and and until it came under the final it wasn't willing to do it. And that speaks to his integrity and it speaks to is values. All of which he held up. And that's why I already because I was in the right way because it it's terrible it was a terrible April baseball. What else it would -- for baseball. Because it's the beginning I think the beginning seriously. I think baseball -- and outlook and in many many years. -- It's kind of thing happens I think when a player is caliber fault. And it suspended in many more -- follow. The deterrent that could be so strong it won't keep the game completely clean and they're always going to be -- There are always going to be waist and ask the and would seem to be warned that they edit the testers bought. I think legions of young fans and young baseball players are looking at this is good for. I'll follow a follow Opel because it -- clipped the way he set it to you and it was a Monday night Dave recent brought lied to me we'll be right the guy. Any lies that we hearing a lot of the guys you talk to almost as. This anger about this guy who stood up their buried the collectors said the truth has come out and now. Feel like -- cliff does almost angry about the whole thing. Yup get people were absolutely livid. Oh lead -- you know why. I think that the whole point here is. We believed him I believe him. Really believable. I also believe -- you have of evidence that the specimen is that it might have been -- handle it gave him the benefit of the doubt on you know we look at it. Okay find that the that the Internet it's got a broken there all we all believe it. If that happens pumping could have happened that it but you have to -- -- I believe them like a lot of other people and I sort of -- it. -- because probably because. I got to own personally really like them. Rick Sutcliffe was absolutely. Beyond angry and and so is everybody else every pitcher -- ever give up all the Iraq had brought. I'm surprised they weren't we. Thousands of weeks you know that the that you Mark Mulder -- Mark -- -- really. A decision yet every right to. They gridlock with a every single Thursday throughout the year it's pretty good Trey we'll get Lou when there are couple -- forty -- -- does on Thursday as before. Are over is the voice the Red Sox Dave O'Brien joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible -- join us everything single Thursday through like he said maybe some point. During a playoff run in October 6177797983. Sevens a phone number AT&T text line. Is 379837. Will come back and talk more baseball about 130 yourself support later on the show. A play about Mike inside is an incident. My EMI incident when my son on vacation trying to do the right thing trying to be a good dad -- all lose example. The example Lucent for being such a great father to -- trying to follow. That -- exactly that example and how it backfired horribly. Horribly wrong on going war.

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