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Dan Wetzel on Aaron Hernandez and Belichick

Jul 25, 2013|

Dan said that he thought Belichick did not have to hold the press conference yesterday but he did well and it was the right thing for him to do. Also, he noted that the split screen of Belichick and Hernandez was being shown on the jumbotron at Patriot Place.

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It is the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan. Six patriot captains will be dealing with the media today somehow some way I suspect. You won't have the suspense the surprise of the fascination that yesterday's events that unfolded. Both in Foxborough and in Attleboro had four rom. We gathered multitude joining us on the AT&T -- like AT&T forgy LTE eight different from Yahoo! Sports the -- -- Orwell Massachusetts. Dan Wetzel good morning dad how -- -- -- damn good morning. Sorry yet. Were well you know you -- around the block and I'm pretty sure to a couple county fairs. Have you ever seen anything quite as a real as Bill Belichick addressed the Aaron Hernandez story. And then in a double box right next to him -- -- and -- -- a probable cause hearing in Attleboro district court. And an even better they're you know those big screen that patriot place yes. That show. Whatever they're showing their shelling that outside stadium -- Yeah but that was. Still -- most if I -- rear ended gaps that I I'm not really evident. Process I just kept going deeper and deeper but yeah it was. Yeah it was a -- out of it certainly -- very surreal afternoon and I mean after going on at the same time and the fact that the probable cause hearing which. You know obviously the problem -- her trial they're gonna have a trial but instead of that the clear and pretty you know you kind of moving forward with story here in the -- You have that post following. Basically because the prosecutors saying while we got the other the other -- indictments could come down to you more murders have -- -- to -- Superior court any stories getting war. Or Hernandez and -- get by proxy somewhat the patriots. And you know there is much Belichick -- move on and certainly -- -- -- -- and we'll move on to legal ramifications are actually get much worse out. Very soon we can have a situation -- that one calendar year. Eric Hernandez alleged to have shot five different -- every different -- murdering three. Remarked adopt. Yet we in the drive by about a one of them of one of people survive but it -- so. The extreme behavior is just -- they keep getting more extreme if these are charging -- opposite -- I made the point earlier that because we've seen fourteen years of stonewalling and stiff farming by Bill Belichick perhaps we've lowered the bar but it seems almost universal. But he's getting high marks for what he did yesterday would you join into that course. -- Yeah app I'm on both counts yet -- -- it's humorous that everything that you could possibly want to say yesterday. I yeah I did you know he can't talk about Hernandez directly you know very high likelihood it's -- in the case. Yeah -- you know you can put yourself in any kind of it issues. He was obviously contrite I mean seven minute opening segment Eisner. Guys are on radio. You know along and it talked to seven consecutive years. You know it's a long speech and for him to do that you're prepared mark what would go off limits and they're twenty minutes of questions about he repeated. That I would probably feel the -- -- thing. Problem he's certainly do it in video explanation for -- I never taught -- about long. Of all of a speech I thought he did your job but yet we also are. Greeting him on the ballot -- her I don't know he did anything that any other NFL coach would you. What about NFL players do you expect the the captains today the patriot captains to perform. As well as their coach did yesterday. I don't expect them to say much and as you know. I don't know what they really should yard -- -- said he can't really talk about Eric Hernandez I -- what you knew what. Probably would not be legally. Sensible foreign these guys to do that -- and then really most -- questioned them Belichick or how a franchise what on what your background. -- situation and -- -- -- change things. The guy I don't -- is that I bring in the -- so there's an element of responsibility -- authority air. Well he's responsible for this guy but the other -- in the co worker. Now -- unusual work environment that some -- certainly -- -- to a ten. -- I I just I don't know what you really want. What are your coworkers did this you really want it or a lot of questions about and I'm shocked and saddened that whatever I don't expect the players. Understandably justifiably so much anything today and I I think you're probably -- it. You get the sense to have -- your guests I -- canyon Belichick talks about -- talks about it -- that you know look at changing things do you think you'll be real changes. Which is a year from now there in the fifth round there's a guy with questionable character. Belichick wants to take him -- -- it -- -- You know I don't know I mean it certainly hear some bug that hatred here about maybe. Maybe maybe that role the -- they would go look at that moment shootouts and nine months from now. I you're not at -- I think this case is so extreme. It's a lot of lines we've never had the first -- sleep -- You talk again we're talking about you know one he's -- five shootings. Are dark shot -- -- different incidents in two states. -- -- I don't I don't know how you look at things and go okay well it's got -- sales and drug actually got arrested once in a bar fight in college. We better be going to be wary about you know -- murderer. I'll I don't I don't know I don't know what the dynamic is right now but we. Which we've all of that for our market -- my belief that -- Olivia a modest changes the -- they're evaluating people I think they feel like they do what did you opt. Now and and I'm not really sure that the stream of Eric Hernandez should really. He should just totally say they have no idea what they're doing -- A we're talking with Yahoo! sports' Dan Wetzel and did you see a potential here. 48888. Possible divide between the owner and the head coach as it comes to philosophical differences. Regarding what we just talked about as an example Alfonzo Denard. Get get picked up for drunk driving I believe the day after or at the very longest two days after. -- met with three members of mediums and we're going to reevaluate the way we do things around here. My sense was the only question was was -- going to be released before lunch or after lunch and he still here. My other sense is that it -- the crap did our would be garden -- would be gone. But they've -- is that listen we need this guy he's our starting cornerback do you see a potential for divide between the owner and the coach on forward. Why get so but I think -- -- in the immediate ought the fact that they're not I mean it's it's. Look at you're gonna start calming everybody gets and some kind of legal trouble and obviously that got a little bit it's not just a single do you live. -- You know you're putting yourself. And that's what the college football program that only allow certain academic standards in Europe -- -- on -- This is still the NFL. And the other teams are not that it appeared that. And in the I think there's certainly at a competitive interest -- the patriot distillate Super Bowl they're not here just to go to 97 so. I think you have to tip that's very strict thing you might have a problem but stopped. I guess not until they start doing that I'm not -- really buy into the idea that you change that much I mean that is the NFL. You can release somebody scooped up the one minute by someone else will take. Are you are you are you buying into the year Greg Bedard theory that this is another. It's a distraction that's certainly -- new word for that but just obstacle another obstacle that the patriots will over cut -- what they do after spy gate they kicked -- a year until the Super Bowl. After. Bledsoe got hurt Malloy got cut. He's got a things energize and galvanized the patriots at least they have over the years is this another one of those things even though it's more extreme and unusual than anything. Will they rally around. A little I don't know the rally around out again at an adverse effect other than the fact that. You know these players get distracted because they're hanging out at that Hernandez. A flop policy are they getting questioned by the police -- not like that but. Again it says yes. Look at a coworker does something everybody work right you might be shocked it might be done. Or pay for the rest of the capital back to work like that -- -- -- -- an -- we romanticize the sports ideas that. Or how they get it you'll say the emotions of this are the -- strap -- happened over a month ago you -- factory that spot minutes while explain it and you go back -- -- And you might work with a guy right you know these things happen and it can be shocking that you're not. -- beat her coworker yet I was used to train in the end if routine got comedy going along -- I don't think that. Earned you know looting burning and has great talent is the factor. I don't think that leaving him on this is anyway going to be distraction. I don't know as a rallying cry but I actually no adverse I think -- Friday morning he's got what it well. Well while they're ready to try to win a Super Bowl they're trying to make it mean to try to become a starter -- -- Eric Hernandez anymore. They're college football is not supposed to be interpret broad transient. And yet you see your reminder yesterday talked to Aaron Hernandez like he coached him seven years ago but the contrast between Belichick rarely do -- Belichick a -- I was pretty interesting. You they. College they -- know they know they'll they'll they'll talk about the people that coached forever. What the guy's in trouble I think -- -- taken -- all -- Florida and all yeah. You know I again I. But I do this -- this behavior so a sell off the charts. I don't even know that you can make conclusions on. Because there's no way any of these guys are I think you might be a murderer elections you know well let the slot for -- its weakest ever that story is aptly Corey. But a question for me damn job. There obviously is much unanimity in the high marks for Bill Belichick in terms of what he said and how he said yesterday. In your estimation where in lies the benefits for the organization not necessarily bill. Personally because he took some former responsibility but what he did yesterday in those seven minutes what he did yesterday -- that media session. Wherein -- the benefit to the organization. Well I think they can say. Like bloody morning the light -- when they -- you got today all of which was unusual. He didn't edit Wednesday morning -- they are spotted more of your organization that we track that it it and that apple right there. I didn't think they're not positive what speak for the entire organization. I don't all the organs -- -- over -- and it but I'm sure some people in the other patriots have a very very big and very diverse and they. And some people certainly might have been. You know discussed at our old Icrc somehow responsible. I think it it helps with that group of fans it may not be the hard core. Fans of the listeners of talk radio or anything like that but there yeah I -- think -- -- -- -- -- -- step up and let it you know what is -- the -- -- think. And about you know I think. Again I think most people would or we'll see exactly what Pallet trucks that yet but the question because he did he didn't owe anyone anything. By Egypt did the right thing. He's Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! sports data out thanks for the time as always may go -- and get star Leander JC sometime this weekend. Our hard -- her bring her driver and our sounds good. -- muscle Yahoo! Sports with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T allied AT&T four GL TT. Something happened this morning at the University of Florida. Will tell you what it is it impacts this has to deal with this when we come back.

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