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Our resident ex-con Rabbit on Hernandez's eyebrow

Jul 25, 2013|

Rabbit told the guys that Hernandez's two cuts in his eyebrow mean that he is telling others that he is a blood.

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All right you guys skip the vote we have three callers on the line and -- take all three of them -- all over -- -- and we -- we're got one minute now we don't we as we went and we of intolerance. We given our shut -- none of them you know I don't want to he's got a -- we can either talk to Mike. Who knows mall here that yes. And -- -- that routed that call all right we get all of them we might get my New York Mike what do you have forced. I get paid -- I'm basically Europe statement Adobe -- -- -- you -- right now the trauma. Your FaceBook friend of the person and and you -- and -- winner that that -- was sending his jump to react with Cindy -- isn't it. The paper on the cover of the Michael itself -- So -- -- -- you guys if you look at that you record server guilt and actually. Having. Are you -- mutual friend of another undermined and not under contract -- but -- never went that I thank god it. On the very attractive. Very very liberal crow. Very opinionated. That this is a minority in the -- you know which is very very sweet never at a. You know bad I would say about anybody but to I think -- bird commuters could not beat out now from except that -- about -- told me about yourself. Retreating suggests that we get -- voted along with the mother at all all I -- yet and I got her mother was the one that appear quotes in the paper today. -- sex or sexual in nature Mike. -- -- I'm looking back get him out of the it was too bad -- -- Pretty accurate and no word in either Canada and the upper big deal that you guys this is she's real or is he. He toll and so armor on the. Well we've seen action seventy as a big smile and the -- big front front court yet. Mike did you know or a virus. Online name is Sydney leathers. Now that I don't know about it would appear to fictional friend that they're really matter what that act at all but that you now. She meant that video now stuck to dawn in Franklin dot would have. CIA will lose and complex weather balloon blocked well then yes. Yeah I had my going to be building which he lived enabling the right across. You got from him you see. No I didn't mind did did did they kept it like a big state secret. But everybody knew he had as common -- yes and a pot happily on the parking lot who complain about it but. Don't that they have to do any patriots. In the and he was only a few times. -- was are a lot of activity of people not -- Hernandez went in and out of there I mean did look like a drug enterprise clearing house. Well a couple late night with a couple they look like cook is coming -- today in -- -- But I don't see wish him much you know. Ortiz is there time to know are all not David Bell and Carlos how local. -- only the other guy can only use fake names. You -- guy who are the body. One got one woman who lived there would you -- on said that that. Our our dentist was very rude they said running out Wallace was very nice guy yeah and -- this was rude. Exactly -- yeah it's very tropea. You know -- and and it -- -- -- now is just around there is gone on the all the -- -- here. I -- interviewed everybody yeah. And we -- we neighbor in the hole. Franklin yeah commented you know as soon a couple of penalties tonight -- -- hope that it. Can rest now. -- be -- while he -- around the clock yeah. I don't know what's going on the clippers were what were their -- help us sort out now there has mental process now -- -- -- scale gain scale. -- -- -- -- -- -- Listen guys that you more arrogant backed himself into a lot of trouble -- -- -- -- that's not true. He's an -- What people benefited him passing notes to guys he doesn't know rabbit. I can tell you what's going all right now all of a blood -- a locked up on an empty seat down their area code -- -- -- and we -- -- But they're also admit -- and they're all these I'm sure you write letters back them and that they know how would you trial legal work out. You can always doubt and make phone policy or get two or call them on police probably not going to make phone call. It. You know call my girl ought to come up and aren't stupid stuff like that they better hope that he's not right to promote his case he's going to be you know I mean I'm sure that. You know the -- up like that they can copy the ball every single lead and it goes through him and everything. They give us give us say eight quick cliff notes version of the the troop cuts on his eyebrow. All right so that you got to -- -- the second letter of the alphabet to which it BP which spent a lot obviously you'd already trying to like. So everybody in this thing you know thinking you know they eat out there that you remember -- border in the been taught them combat right we're -- That's because there are all opposing gang members so there I'll -- trying to act out like Tokyo vote -- -- imam do or don't. Yes and yes it if you were -- Latin king would have to put eleven because elbows I think the eleven. A twelve hour. Be it via -- it would. You wouldn't do -- like that we just Al Perry so I'll know I mean there's been put to create our ADR in the. How to they do the eyebrow with a -- for raiser later what. It take the blow it out of there would raise -- that he refused to shape without being in that he's been great so it's it's -- so it is their -- and Kelly don't appalling I don't know yet here. -- -- walking down the street I see some guy would do like slash sister was -- don't mess with -- he's a Latin -- No you be able honest our blood I mean aren't -- there and let's let this -- -- rabbit is he sending signals to people in order aren't already -- his. These aren't all that he'd been in every -- -- the other kid you know what. He's trying to get them to get it back pocket and other normal when we get a mute any in the public art from the world right now when I get out there makes it so he's guy if -- get out incorrect at the all that crap then we get a paycheck from a director can't even think to do the army army. Our replicate the good work our Ford DNC and report -- and about reference nest in the join us on the FM side 93 point seven. Dan Wetzel Yahoo! Sports joins us next.

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