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Larry Lucchino on the trade deadline

Jul 25, 2013|

Larry joined the show to discuss the upcoming trade deadline, he said as always they are looking for pitching. Larry added that even members of the front office are pleasantly surprised by the teams first half performance.

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Our three Dennis and Callahan. The front office report is brought to -- vita Coco Newton Wellesley hospital and by celebrity cruises. CEO president Boston Red Sox that would be the first place Boston Red Sox. -- -- looking you know joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT Goodman good morning mr. Lucchino how are you I'll -- We would be the very very tough questions so -- they should be no exception. Question for you did the pierced ears at the Jason -- concert hurt when you had them done. And now you guys know we've -- it appears. Is -- a I did not have pierced ears that was. Done in the history of the late selective being connection with finally getting country -- the Fenway. And of cases around the event and attempting music. And getting that demographic dissident -- And and -- and it's important that. Are you still where you still wearing the earrings and a little compliment. Again if if if if if that is the life like them. Army does the life like them. I see. Actually encouraged that the well Mattis. Then that you are happy on the team Nash said that -- only news and it goes me. -- what is the mood in the inner sanctum over there I know you're pleased with the first half but would you say going forward it's. Cautious optimism. Storm clouds gathering or abject panic that Tampa -- seems to corner the market on pitching. Well. That is the only -- paired. With a little I think -- yet. Does speak for myself my own that part of you it's it's one of offensive and concerned. That. We've got -- day. -- Because the intensity of the competition in the American League east is so keen that where not -- all of them. They don't step up our game. We -- danger of being overtaken that's pretty much. My view of life in general. But that's the way -- that the this year I think you're right -- campus. A lot of perspective and it did and credit definitely it would get beat this week. To -- twice. Lasted all of the over the reigning site and a quarter and Monday that it was that he -- -- community this year site yeah. What -- at least. Prime candidate for it. So they've done -- held the job. Was there organization that would it was their pitching. And we we we give them credit to that. You know what it is going to be a cakewalk or belief that the speed to beginning. We thought we were underdogs and I still look at ourselves as. Bit of an underdog. -- due to what what makes Tampa so good at developing young pitching Larry and why don't you guys do what has never won two. Well. You know it certainly they had some advantages. Early on when they were able to draft does price was first taken. And it in the draft but the -- a bit more in the eighth round so all that has to do with just. Good scouting. And everyone tries to do it but it -- -- -- did. Successful at it because they think it's scouts and because they have. They have been lucky to that that helps as well. We do try to do -- you you know you guys talked to me out time and we always talk about pitching this centrality of pitching to baseball success. And none and and we there. We work at it -- we were -- The -- we had some success it is because look at the homegrown. Pitchers we had our rotation. With buckle -- and and Lester and abroad. And so -- there as there is there's some degree of success here as well. We'll look at Larry here at the with a deadline coming up I mean you look at pitching is something that you know you think you might have to go get it tipped your hand but given that. Situation that health of Buchholz now do you think the next couple weeks you might need to bring any guy. -- yeah I think that's one of the areas that. We are looking forward has no real secret I think it's. Many of the teams and if not all that many of the teams out there are looking for for pitching help. In this despite. -- pennant race. So yes we are looking for pitching. We're capable of starting pitching and somewhere else -- relief help but done. So you know we will do it but. People we hope to do the did the extra help that we need it is in camp externally. Acquired some transactional than what we've been here eleven years. And I think in. Than over those eleven seasons in nine. And 99 countries. Trade deadline deals. So where we always tried to do something different in a couple of those years you made a couple of deals. The deadline regarding made this. That's sort of deal on it as well so there's. That's what prompted the focus on pitching. You look at. In perspective pretty pitches that you may have quiet and say and I can't name names but you say veteran guys like a peavy or Lee. With the drop back that thing hold you back on the deal like that be would you have to give up or what you have to pay them because they both have. A considerable money left on their contracts. I think the main drawback. Four for for us would be the the prospects but. That we have some really talented. Yeah and yeah and players that are in our minor league system and and then -- and guard them public is first born child. He he really does want to. Good grow this this team internally that is the is the the. The most proven. -- long term success. So but we don't share that that point of view and so I don't think it's the you know he did you look at our payroll over the last over the years and what we've done. We have not did not. Constraint is a commitment from China a great job or an entire ownership group to make here we field a team that's worthy of our fans support and. And I think you which -- with which you'll see over the next few weeks is guys that we really wanna hear two of these prospects. Are for the incident scared. Short term basis since it's it's a very hard and that's that that's the that's the hard thing -- in your hand pretty irritated about if your wallet as much easier. Yeah it's it's it's it's it's seems to be a balancing act here -- you wanna add a critical helpful guy that may or may not help you succeed in the post season. At the at the expense of -- up the kids from the farms. What do you to be told that that if you Matt if you don't -- this guy. You won't make the post season but you can keep absolutely everybody and place would that shift the balance of power into going ahead making a deal. So was gonna tell us that's where I grew up to the post. I suppose. That that would be it -- yet that would be an influence of fact that we would that we would consider because. We want to make the postseason this year we've surprise a lot of people would decrease successfully that. And then -- -- -- we surprised ourselves a little bit but we we do. Have an excellent chance to get there and if your baseball and the next few months. -- can -- is just what I think -- -- -- you look for. Exciting competitive team and play in the playoff hunt and all year. So yes we would that would that would certainly. Influence me but it still would be hard decent have to bite the bullet to do it because. We we we don't want just 11 year success. Continuing. Competitiveness. Year after year. As -- another significant motivating factor to make a deal bin the down. Inference by Clay Buchholz and you'll use looking at four or five more starts does that accelerate your search Larry that's statement the other day. Well. You know that that's it very hard to predict the someone's. Physical condition and how well -- out quickly they're gonna come back it does yet have we knew that player pitching tomorrow. We say okay well that's almost like the and consistently that good rep position because he's been out since the -- to execute. So yeah that would that would influence that. And by the way there are. -- Put that one of the interesting things about this season has been dynamic between our minor league system Major League teams performance with the -- insertion of young. Players. This year has been quite significant for us. And there are two or three players at least I can just mention a few of the top of my hand if you. -- -- -- and some of the players we have at the it to -- at that level it could come up here make a difference and do their players like. Middle works down there about Derosa. Down there. We. On old all of these problems that and Bogart's. There are some players out there who may have an opportunity in the second half of the season. Did come up here and and and make it. I think there to be traded some of them aren't -- there -- you develop them to use as -- currency at this coming year. Yes that's that's what we've done in the past. But there's there's certain kind of prospects that are. Well they're qualified to be trade Bates and other prospects to qualify to be still there are so strong. They're so it important to your future the you development of the cornerstones of your team in future years. What about. McGraw Gonzales Larry Cuban prospect ever at some reports in the last couple weeks you guys have. Serious interest in him is any realistic thing you guys help party looking at them. Now we're pretty dark. There are a lot of clubs in baseball. That scouted him to be curious and on display in is it about California. And now is available. Has the appropriate to approvals. Licenses whatever so the the auctioning can begin. Where it's safe to say fits the profile -- better in the least in the sense that you -- give up anything other than wanted to bring him. That would be safe to say that they just simply a question of of of dollars but it's you know it's so that they that they. Old fashioned Dutch -- to -- -- -- will be conducted -- that you can never. Be certain about how that's gonna play out. Based on your answer before the last Larry are we to assume and I know you won't give us any names that there are a handful one -- -- several. Guys in the minor league system that in everybody's mind in the organization are untouchable and no matter what the deal there is some like -- Della Rosa oral Bogart's will not be wearing uniforms the doesn't say Red Sox on it. I think that's. That's true I hesitate to say untouchable because -- just never never. No but there are certain players for -- the presumption is so high right. That that's he realistically you would you would include -- they want not being moved to player they are players who could contribute to. Guess there it's time for many years to come we have to have the will power. -- -- He it position of the short term benefits. -- and -- -- saw our bill Belichick's press conference yesterday about it not well it was a press it was -- side of whom -- never seen. Very human. And genuinely stunned by what his player allegedly did and and we always talk to you about the but. Your experience -- you've been everywhere you -- around forever you've seen everything. Q do you written do you think that do you ever think some bullet that could happen with one of your players that they could just Shockey to the court and and turn out to be. A person that she never expected that could be. From my experience has -- I would say you know why you lose you would do -- to look at the the range of possibilities basis say yeah. You know we've got it I want ol' boy does the pineapple is the is that -- scares the but is it difficult guys. But that's -- -- A reasonable -- of human behavior. What you don't think about it I think kind of extremes that. What year it was the extreme that we've seen here in -- apparently in this case -- So. While while we spent a lot of time and I'm sure the Patriots do as well focusing on the the personality. -- it's it's more the personality rather than on the basic moral fiber at the person. You had a guy who allegedly following Carl Crawford he checked out his personal attack that it turned out to be -- a dreadful club signing but that does not because he was -- bad guy Kalin people. Is that routine and do you feel like that gives you some peace of mind in that that. If there were a guy who hadn't double life and gang banger off with a flop post that you would know that. Yeah I do think what it comes to major acquisitions. On that is that's often the case and it was. Major free agent mr. genocide Beriault all term deal. Audacity that's kind of due diligence. But there are a lot of fellow players that you -- he drafted. And you would you try to do with that you can't do it was this same degree of focus and scrutiny. A lot of it is based on. On general reputation. And superficial and analysis. So I don't think it's that opportunity is available at which every player I think it is just too. To advance tee time consuming. And it is. Victims in our war and it it is discipline if it -- focus on it but I don't think it's the kind of in depth analysis of his peers eighteenth round pick had. You know maybe. Someone that you know something about it and you've talked -- -- coach and you've do this as teammates. The but probably that's about it. Larry at the other end of the bug ends the and ne'er do wells spectral we find Dustin Pedroia and side the obvious. -- what he brings of this baseball team on the field certainly in the clubhouse as well. Is there an ancillary benefit of casting your lot with this guy for so much money for so many years the most public it was a good deal on both sides. That said some sort of message throughout your organization may be all the way down a ball that this is the kind of approach that we appreciate -- ward in this organization. There's an old business -- and John you probably target that you get which your award. And we chose to work. Reward you -- term loosely. Dustin Pedroia for the kind of performance he's given us the kind of performance we expect we'll get for him. And the kind of values and personality he's -- injection into the indoor indoor club osment or our organization. So other players. See that that is the pats success with the Red Sox that's the past do all the terms and as security and their families. Then Soviet we're pleased that they need to do a seat at lesson and that they and they recognize that that's the kind of a player. That but -- organizations will reward. Is what happened -- and to Brian -- this week was that a good day or a bad day for baseball in your estimation Larry. Well mean it was obviously both. But. For that's your question. Or directly I would say that it was so on balance a good day baseball. It was good dated said. We aren't gonna just -- talking we are. Going to walk the walk but we are going to this you'll just a strict rules and a strict enforcement and that's one thing the second thing it demonstrated that the drug. Policy in baseball is something called the joint drug policy that is done with the players association and what they. The commissioner's office and Major League Baseball teams so jointly the the union and the -- -- if baseball were able to. Find capacity but it does make sense and do it strictly enforce the rules together and that sense of active collaboration. Should send the message I think loud and clearly. Two players tend to the world does it to everybody in baseball is is focused on this is on the same page. That what -- case I was went. Went there it was the players association would argue things about personal privacy hasn't. And the Fourth Amendment and -- people there should not be it's subject to any kind of testing. And I I felt that before that Michael Weiner. And they have a Bud Selig has shown that there is a way for the work together and try to. Eradicate discouraged and I don't think that the will ever be a 100% it's successful because there's always going to be some Yahoo!. Either chemist or a young player who thinks that he can beat the system. But the fact that is that the that there is this. Common point of view among the players and it and it -- teams and the commissioner. It is today is I think -- very very good side of baseball going forward. Larry we began with a difficult question weak and with one. How do you guard -- and are the dominant. How large do that -- against. How do you guard against being over stimulated and over a -- the end based on the A-Rod New York Yankee fiasco a with the shad and Floyd that may be. Part of your nature. Yeah. Well I guess the advantage that is -- recognize that there. If you've got a human being and a family that that that are affected by this and I'd say -- It's there's a personal. Tragedy because these into these situations but differently greater good. Something important. Is being done here it enforcement's. Element -- both the drug policy is is. He's. Being executed well and that's that's a great thing for baseball. Going forward so. It's trite and not to be too partisan. About it that. Because we called a ball every club has had has been touched by -- in some -- -- way shape or form but. Just kind of focused on I think the long term. Success that it's going to be a game where the steroid era will have been a part of our past but not a part of our present or future. Well there's another old business axiom that says sometimes the best -- make is the -- he didn't make Larry and I think that might apply here. Well thank you bill that will will. He didn't make it don't let him off the hook yet you're not enough the hook that easy -- you made that deal and I love that deal but the union wouldn't lecture. Complete the -- correct. Which there anytime you -- Oh yes that's right we did try to make a deal absolutely yeah that we did that was what otherwise it was greeted meg -- -- -- argue that day of the other day it's they do it. And it's funny how. Howell alone he would not nearly as Smart as you think you -- Thank god for unanswered prayers yeah -- said as it will wrap it up the country music note lack. -- Brooks and thank god for unanswered prayers. Okay did it all wrapped up on crazy. This as a pretty down it just that now being so. Good -- you Larry. Larry Lucchino -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT in the front office report is brought you by vita Coco. By Newton Wellesley hospital and Beisel liberty Cruces when we come back. Something very strange and very much. Under the radar. Has taken place in the Whitey Bulger situation over the Moakley courthouse I need this explained to me this is very weird.

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