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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Wednesday July 24th

Jul 24, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Wednesday July 24th

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John can talk about Mike. -- tonight. Well he was throwing strikes on my long I think of until about the sixth inning it was right around 80% strikes which is almost unheard of you know power stuff stayed out of metal plate. With the exception and -- solo home run. He never gave us chances to build and kind of inning. And and tip your hat and -- -- -- the game against us. And it happened to -- a Phillies to the ball very good again you know when that third inning couple balls find or drop in the sinking liner and from a Gomes. You know that. The fist a ball by. Myers. To give in the first two runs and and they executed double steal set up the sac fly but. Once again I thought he had very good stuff. Little bit of an extended first inning with no damage. And going into the seventh inning with three runs allowed consistent with what he's been doing for a couple months or. Jordan good scored two runs if you -- Lots. Any cause for serve running up against good pitching well. Well we've we've grown up against some very good pitchers. Considering that Cuba is in this series Kuroda. In the previous series. We've got the best of his vision offers. And they've they've thrown the ball extremely well the biggest thing is that they pitched ahead in the count pretty much the entire time those three starters in particular phenomenon. Carter to talk about. The that. -- ever played his way. You know he's got a tremendous throwing arm he's got range who's glove side as we saw what the front into the double play and Pedroia. They they put together very solid game against us tonight pitching and defense you know they they didn't give us many opportunities for the give us a chance so to build an inning. John Hill that didn't happen. It's getting better. No. Not a ball. You know that the safety squeeze they ran. You know we run a similar play in when we defend it in our drill work in spring training. Your instinct is to cut down their Romo played reaction it to a ball obviously the runners were held. So in that situation that's not a lack concentration -- more instinctual. And -- -- -- pick off move you know on the picket them so. I thought tonight he was probably -- he's been. We went up against the zone to put her. Don't you six errors lapses in -- anything. And then tonight when you go against -- -- much we're me. Well -- extra outs -- are gonna. Create some trouble or. You give a Major League team or five outs in -- -- given inning you're you're asking for trouble and a little bit -- that -- place tonight. But as far as six served over six games. Couple those -- throws attempted steals. So that's not like giving a free office just the that's giving ninety feet as opposed to -- an -- -- those cases. What's his list that way. -- that records. He's just not barrel on the ball up as we've seen before. Whether it's -- action with a cutter from price or the sinker that. If it looks like right now -- it's a later action stuff in this moments. Let's move and off the barrel form. And where he's. Been able to put -- of the barrel on -- final hole or or. Drop a base hit in. That's not happen. I I think there's a you know tendency to go early in the count to try to. Make something happen. He's got I think good bat the ball ability it's just -- the the square in as -- right now is not their fault. -- more -- it's a dangerous priest Steven. Streak. I wouldn't way to -- -- they're very good team. You know that they've. For years they broke the strength of their rotation that's -- different right now and they got two left handers that are pitching as well as anybody in the game. With the -- both foreign press for throwing strikes and mention what is that these hitters. Played approached the guys like him there meant a -- off our plate -- he is gonna go in with a specific game plan and that's try to grind out at bats but. We've got to adjust to the pitcher on the mound which he forces you to swing about earlier in the count. Lot of ground balls all the balls at people and that's what can happen.

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