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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/24/13

Jul 24, 2013|

Ask, and you shall receive... an answer... and that's all you get.

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Silk and -- on Sports Radio 93 point seven WE. I asked them. It's. Time or answer the question -- answer the question which -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. We do it everyday about this time we answer your question just text them 379837. We answer and of course always brought you by -- restoration specialists Geary. Property your facilities manager insurance broke call they are asked to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in place that's 877. 4611111. -- go to AAR NS server. Dot com could you answer this question from many points yes and fellow officers here and -- you currently are going to -- in Iraq. When you get access -- -- really rude question. Very bad they'll give me about it ridiculous nobody says he had a couple of -- there. How are we supposed to believe you. And colossal failure but it colossal failure isn't it yeah I would say that's a colossal failure in my question unless I was trying to get everybody knows. Well and you're you're generic TV guy that's what he is so. Of course he's trying to people who knows to look the other question a little in the Belichick just a note to to a -- Alia. Who wasn't just say that Bob Ryan. That stuff -- -- are you saying no to this Tories a noted that -- -- them. Well -- Guys. Who's the better rocky villain clobber Lange or Ivan Drago it is Drago in rocky four. Iraqi forces against from a rocky movies so full of crap I am not always that. Who is forced venerable. -- -- -- -- in Toronto Libya now that it no Libyan no absolutely no. -- -- -- Are brewers going a little too crazy by putting hops in the year these days I don't think so. I used to think so and now as I've aged become hop guy anxiety as an agent I've gotten older more mature Michael more mature. Like the -- in the -- That's another officer in question. Are you -- is -- is it mature or mature. Once you become mature it is and you have to be sixty to say mature mature side in the sixty are usually can -- -- live -- old -- here in the early years architects is the same people that say mature this a Pulitzer harassment. Yet well at the same group right -- mentally question please -- for a harassment mature -- Who let the people say hi -- you. -- -- -- I've never heard that height -- it they're people who call -- -- tight. Really yes. I never got a message that kept it to somebody saying -- -- -- -- but -- not a dumb us well at least some people make sure I've never heard a high. How come immigrant what does I -- my six -- hungry. Interest and your grandmother says I'm sergeant who wins in Helena steel cage match can wait a minute. Obvious question well know Arthur well OK now we got to the got to fight and -- and wanna fight. He had talked about the crazy factor which person do you think is legitimately crazy. Not any time -- to end. Despite the measurable. The winner of the flight is the crazy person to who's the crazy then again. But can't ten is the one -- loses. -- -- But he's not really crazy too and that's -- easy either TV guy getting loud getting amateur body that the Braylon mangan and what is not really crazy any minute and is actually certified yeah then there's a certifiable element to let it looks crazier definitely look to get that look into our next question. I really am I gonna say this now if anything ever happens with -- Linehan. And the reporters come around saying. Did you ever think Imus say yes yeah yes hours it was always in the back in my mind as this guy well he -- and materials is no I didn't now. Now we always knew this was one of the pilot got the potential to do stuff. Guys yeah they go to birthday gift for your life. -- something you always hold in reserve like just in case she can't think of anything you have something that you always know -- I can always do this last minute. Now but I have a go to gift for every kid under five years old. That let me just -- the bridges -- -- -- things that are not animals and any sort of skip a simple. I'm sorry to get into the hole. Stereotypes here for a boy under five get a truck. For girl under five get a -- They're mad the -- in my like dolls the drama like trucks but on average. The get a truck. For a kid under five years old -- -- -- you see it when UP obviously the answer is no plot was an obvious -- What retired. Even if I retire and I would not say when IP what -- what -- -- got a lot to hold out there is there at their had a conversation Israel eventually gonna have to try to potty train my eighteen month old daughter. And if you're trying to model behavior he can't stand when you dealer right. To your -- -- things. So I -- you for modeling purpose now that YP for little I don't need to get a get a -- she tries to emulate that -- dad does now is however that on the -- -- but she's looking -- -- in achieve -- it's everything we do you -- to take a little stuffed animal dog for walk everyday because that's what she sees us to have your hearts and moderate but sometimes my wife's gone around just don't -- over bridesmaids -- this I think he cannot think back. Guys would you rather have Kinsley -- five year 85 million dollar contract or Pedroia is seven year 100 next question. Well not -- like for the Red Sox nice enough for yourself you know as a rather a hundred million. President when I wish I'd rather have the -- right yeah. The -- Hundred million dollars -- very simple -- no I don't know if -- but like which contract is better for the team. If you're the Red Sox would you trade Pedroia and his deal for Kinsler and he golf -- kind of questions. -- like this question about what your all time favorite comedians. Torture all that's a tough question isn't it your all time favorite comedian. Because that they answer the answer would again. This guy is not. On his game right now but especially all time it's still going to be an. All time for it. Stage. In his prime -- to -- Robin Williams and his prime -- like Red Robin Williams doing live at the met when he did live at the meant. Is amazingly funny but it's hard to think even that way now -- now lost different things go on by. Robin Williams in his prime promise there's so many go once again as leader in his prime. -- maybe. But I'll put all time all time favorite. Eddie but do you wanna say music distance but it does this Denis -- holed up there. -- my favorite of the dice clay. With three victory. How did you I think little -- -- -- -- -- -- you're talking about the difference between -- A five time all star. And a twelve time all star Madonna who is the best comedian -- touches your favorite I mean you can. There is counting that out to be good -- well and had to be the best there's just they're afraid there's accounting for some -- in -- I just happens. To crack you up with -- don't like I think Gary -- is incredibly -- Gilbert Gottfried is incredibly funny neither those guys -- we're gonna win the award but they're both. I find numbers on how how to neither you guys are or any of you guys say -- exercise and children pregnant tougher stand. And -- offers -- done with other Asian governments stand up. The committee in the media if that's the case the apartment prime science and nobody makes me laugh or older I don't know I'm with you on the death of harmony the funniest person. He kills me I think Phil Hartman was a genius golf Phil Hartman then over -- -- number -- help. I was thinking it was standup comedians -- ready to Wear them partly cracks me up every time I see you next week I think Phil Hartman a genius he really he's that funny. Our final question can you name a cover song. That is better than the original. It Culver cure all along the -- -- gonna say absolutely that's enough on that job is not even close you know what another on Steve wonders we market now. -- I think that version you think the Aerosmith version of helter skelter is better than The Beatles are. Or their version of come together. Their version come together Israel does come together might be. Better in The Beatles it's pretty get -- looked at a lot of it covers. You don't cover -- it's kind of a random one it's hard to take zeppelin so that would be hurt -- parks cover of the battle of -- stop you don't like that. Oh really eclipse like I said I don't think he beats apple but it's how would anyone who covers in the Youngstown. It's always better you can always better but. You know like Helio -- hate him. There Bob Dylan for people. I don't hate Bob Dylan finally a little -- -- Bob good writer terrible singer terrible guitar -- terrible on the Hartmann -- good writer. Great -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From the Major League Baseball mom waiver trade deadline when the Red Sox get a do stick around find out from those guys see tomorrow by.

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