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Recapping the most important points of the Bill Belichick/Aaron Hernandez press conference

Jul 24, 2013|

Salk and Holley roll through the most important points made by Bill Belichick in his press conference this afternoon.

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He missed any of Bill Belichick today did speak just before to claw and spoke for awhile. Who spoke for 20/20 five minutes. For anybody who was arguing last night on television about whether or not Belichick owed anybody an explosion happened. -- they be able arguments about that kind of thing. They they get a little upset little worked up about things get heated on com. Yeah and it has caught up in the -- the first thing you don't have a hard. And dared to England and -- yeah. Yeah that's about well that's crap and say I don't think the candidate I'll take it personally peace. And at Rick -- saying don't see that point I know his crazy point of all the people. Per minute in that they don't say something about me day. And thought I. About me coming from Kirk is my favorite talk about the ultimate -- if I talk about glass houses -- Things got a motion. About this is an emotional issue for a lot of people and how Bill Belichick cheating -- when he started off his press conference. With -- once things -- From the could address this situation involved -- -- Aaron Hernandez today I felt that it was important enough to do. Prior to the start of at camp. So it's a sad day -- -- -- day. On some money levels. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim. And I extend my sympathy really tell everyone. Who's been impacted. Apple I think that was expected right I think even people who -- Belichick would bring up much at all I think almost everybody expected him to say something like that right. Maybe not maybe not you didn't even expect that I expected it but I thought it would be more corporate sounding. I thought the you know in terms of the actual -- dead or -- he said -- vote. He said I extend. My sympathies. I thought he would say. In the patriots have the the patriots have the Findlay is in our in our thoughts or something like that you know what most most corporations say that this was. This seemed all more personal than I expected wrapped up. Well I agree with the I thought he would say something along these lines I didn't think it would sound is genuine. As it did I think the -- person was another great one talks about thinking for the victims and and and being outside the country when he learned about it but being shot. And disappointed that. And then a he's again very genuine like everything he was saying overall -- -- both gave him and a if we were his PR advisors. The one that stood out to me those a little bit different this is cut four where he mentions that Hernandez happened to have been a patriot. This case involves an individual who. Happened to be in New England Patriots. We certainly do not condone an unacceptable behavior. And as does not in any way represent the way that New England Patriots. Wanna do things. As the coach of the team you know I'm primarily responsible. For the people who we bring in the football operations. Our players are generally highly motivated. And gifted athletes that come from very different backgrounds. The -- many challenges along the way. And have done things to get here. Sometimes they've made better and mature decisions. But we try to look at every six every single situation. On a case by case basis. And try to do what's best for the football team what's best for the French us. So there's a whole couple things in their first of all you haven't thing happened to be a patriot the one thing you said today completely disagree with you didn't just happen to be patriot. He was drafted to be a patriot and -- -- -- and then he was given a contract. Consciously said it like contacts he says it and we heard the clip he happened to be a patriot not. Hey you know it's just it's just so it randomly this guy is -- I don't think he was saying. I don't know how he became a patriot or I don't know it you know this happens all the time in the happened of one of our guys -- -- senate right now. As I said it's the only thing he said today that I I thought seemed out of character with some of the rest of it you know what he did he didn't just happen and the patriots army you you drafted him -- gave them gave him a contract and everything else in there. And makes a lot of sense I think. For better or worse today Bill Belichick put it. All not the Aaron Hernandez situation but he put any further questions any kind of scrutiny you have. For the New England Patriots he put it all on himself today. When he said I'm primarily responsible you know so don't talk about it -- -- this way but it's obvious. Talk about Robert Kraft and what Kraft -- looking foreign football players who took up football players that type of individuals that we bring in here I am primarily responsible for every player that we put in here. And he -- track record since 2000. And obviously this is a departure from that type of players that that that that's what he's saying -- is a departure for the type of players that we usually bring. I didn't like the phrase happened to be patriot I love the fact that he said I'm the coach and I'm primarily for responsible what goes on around there. I'm the one who brought in Aaron Hernandez on the one game in the contract and yes on the one has had a fourteen year track record mostly of success. But this is a place where we went awry where this didn't go the way we wanted to and it and alternately we ended up with a guy on our team. That was not indicative of the type of player that the New England Patriots won't take -- your phone calls. Throughout the the next hour and a half here the show 617779. 7937. In your reaction. To your reaction to to to Bill Belichick today again I wanna make it clear. 99%. Thought he did an excellent job excellent job. With the press conference that thought he said everything that people needed to hear from him or wanted to hear from him. To show some emotion to show some sympathy to show that he was a real human being to show that that -- this. This had an impact on him in the organization and it's not just something you can -- off. And you actually need to address -- I thought he did a great job of that where at the same time Michael. Also saying look we're going to move -- well I did everything patriots it's time for us to move on -- a couple more cuts here can we get cute cut eight when he talks about. What the league tries to move on to football but also keep some perspective what's happened. Can learn from this terrible experience. The -- that will become a better team from the lessons that we've learned. We have so many players on this team. That work hard. That do the right thing. And it's set a great example being a professional. And being a solid represented of this team and community. But if you worry if if you're wondering about the future how the patriots were ahead of this in the future. We'll cut line and he explains at all. I know there are a lot of questions. Fair questions about the subject -- related subjects. Not trying to make the story disappear. But I respected judicial the judicial process. And advised not to ought to comment on ongoing legal proceedings. -- advise and our players do the same thing. Got a system injustice. That deals with criminal charges. And all ultimately the judge of the jury will determine. The accountability. So he -- of that. He asked about it on Friday you asked about it in week -- you asked about and in week five. What you're gonna get is that's been well document. We talk about that -- beginning of the season. We're trying to focus on the New England Patriots. And if you want to if you wanna address that no I'm sure Stacey James can get the transcripts right. Of what we said way back on July 20 but I think you. It is at least he actually said and I think there are plenty of people in May be the myself included who thought there was going to be. You would get those responses later in the year but without actually saying anything today and I thought he did. He talked about it he he was willing to address the fact that they are going to try to make some changes in the organization out he did not say what those changes were going to be. He said that was an ongoing process in fact deeply cut eleven. You can hear some of his thoughts on what that process will be looking at draft picks and actually people who are are going to even be staying with the organization after being drafted. Oh well it -- think the processes is the same as what it's done for the last fourteen years. I think that will continue to try to. Look at ourselves in the mirror and see where we can do a better job maybe where we can we can improve the process but I think the fundamentals of the process will. Remain the same again I'm proud of the hundreds of players that come through this organization. But we'll continue to work hard to do a better job in every area. Going forward. Clearly he wanted to mention other hundreds of players that have come through the organization. I'm not sure I would've. Today I mean I think we know that Aaron Hernandez is an anomaly we know Aaron Hernandez. Is not the norm I don't need to be reminded that most of the players that have come through New England are good people whether it's but it we know that. Yeah but I think they look at it. If the business of football. They've got an an image that they wanna -- -- they wanna they wanna assure their fans. That they are not. The Cincinnati Bengals they are not the Oakland Raiders. They're not any of these renegade franchises from their perspective if we we will all have a different opinions on what they could have done what they should have done. But you look at it from their perspective in business what -- the message they're trying to get across. To their core fans and it even casual NFL fans so I think that's why -- put it in there mentioned Robert Kraft earlier. Bill Belichick put it on himself -- came Q acquiring players in making decisions on players. But he didn't mention his relationship one of the final questions was his relationship with Robert Kraft cut 22. I feel like I've had a strong relationship with Robert and his family since I was here in 1996. And I think it's gotten stronger every year than I've been here with the patriots the more things we do together talk about together. Work together on the close would become and the -- we're allowing each other. -- her relationships very close and continues to grow closer every year thing as we grow older together. I think America back Casablanca. With the -- -- Blanco line. Beautiful French and the beautiful friendship that'll continue to blossom like a flower from years and years and years. They're some of the quotes from Bill Belichick ultimately I think if you're looking for one thing to take out of it. Moving forward cut number seventeen here and he is the one that did that expresses where -- spell -- will go now from here on. Stars and his pitches to move on. And that's. That's what are jobless and -- our goals the same title winning football team to vehicle and a community. That's what our direction as the sort gonna do. Well Larry does Bill Belichick it's time to move on it's time for the New England Patriots to move on that and get back to the three things that they believe the are what make them the New England Patriots winning and being a pillar in the community and being -- the fans can be proud of 617779. 79237. I'm not gonna get caught up in on one thing that Belichick said it. -- was the only thing I thought he said. That kind of strayed from the message that I thought was overall perfect. And as you said Mike I don't want to caught up in the semantics of what exactly did you mean by by the fact that he happened to be New England patriot because overall. Bill Belichick today it was it was a different sounding guy and I think that's something people wanted to hear and I think some of it is we just like it when Belichick let's just behind the curtain. We just like it when we see him behave like. Most people like a person with a motions like like a normal functioning adult but the rest of us know instead of the guy. Who who is our stonewalling it doesn't wanna give any information has that. Robot talk when he gets out there onto the podium. I think we'd like when we see the things like the football life when we see behind the curtain of Bill Belichick. And we saw him that given that he could change -- -- the past that -- -- -- little freaked him money but we like what we see -- -- I thought we saw today about we sought at the right time we'll take your thoughts and your phone calls and axle and holing -- --

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