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Bill Belichick handles his press conference on Aaron Hernandez better than anyone ever expected.

Jul 24, 2013|

Salk and Holley discuss the way Bill Belichick handled the media, and how no one ever expected this much out of him.

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Well we are salt and Ali. Following up on bill Belichick's press conference there as he goes for two short of a half hour about 20/20 five minutes a bill ballot tech. What you think. I'll tell you what I -- the first thought for me mr. -- is that. He spoke a lot more than I thought he would in his opening statement was more expansive more than almost an -- or more detailed. That I thought it would being. I we talked yesterday about Tom Brady's I'm moving on. Comment and I thought if that was a preview of what Belichick was gonna say today about that would be unsatisfactory. Fortunately. Four Bill Belichick for the patriots. That was not the that was not a preview what what Tom Brady thing yesterday he got into a lot of I mean it was generalities TV he made it clear especially toward the end of the statement he made it clear that this is his. This is his one time talking about it and come tomorrow. Looking asked about Aaron Hernandez and talking about how that organization evaluate players or how. They look at red flags will know who their resources are and what they knew when when they knew it you're gonna get shut down. So he made that clear and he also wanted to get out there right I thought -- how you feel about this. He wanted people to look at the body of work. He needed one to minimize -- if you time it want to minimize. The the murder that took place and and possibly murders and Aaron Hernandez maybe. Attached to one or 23. People -- losing their lives. But he said -- look at. Look what we've done since 2000 I'm proud of all the people who have come to our program talked like -- college football coach. Many successful stories. Many things to be proud of in this one was not one. -- if I were a if I were judging him from a PR standpoint if he were to come back and I had a PR company that had been coaching him leading up to this press conference and came back except how do you think idea how do you greet me. In terms of accomplishing my goals. I give a minute ago -- plus I thought that was is. As I -- Belichick's straddled the line there today. Between what he wanted to give and what he didn't want again and what what people what people wanted to what people needed to hear but without giving away anything that he felt would either hurt himself for the New England Patriots. Or break from character and he did break from character a little bit I mean he he showed little bit of emotion. He talked about his thoughts being with the victims he talked about the tragic loss that have been suffered -- Howard couldn't be understated. How he was shocked and disappointed me. He he he expressed all of those emotions even saying it. That he didn't want. He didn't wanna be given what the patriots be represented by this he says. Wanna represent the patriots the right way and we also said this guy happens to be a patriot he doesn't represent how we wanna do things and I feel like. He he did what he needed to do in terms of staying in terms of distancing himself. And the organization from the -- and Aaron Hernandez and saying this is not with the New England Patriots are we stand for completely different things. Asked about the comment will learn from this terrible experience to become a better team. I answered the question about there was a question at the end -- it it was Tommy parent question about Robert Kraft who I'm not mistaken when the final questions. The west's relationship with Kraft. And in Belichick answered that one. By saying that. They are that there isn't mutual respect there and they become closer. As they've gotten older. So. I think the message is the message they wanted to put out was. Yesterday. They took they do take risk on players who they handled these risky situations case by case basis. And he wanted to make a point to the media I think it was it. He had a couple instances where he -- the media. And I think the biggest one was talking about sources as you guys now this is your business isn't. And -- everybody knows it it's a brilliant way to to needle them because everybody hates the media anyway. And we all know we all have examples whether big examples. Saying Joseph DiMaggio died when he didn't saying you know giving giving up calling Florida when Florida was -- ready to call him a big examples small examples of media members using their sources or calling something. And having it turn out to be an accurate so Bill Belichick. Wanted to point out that yet we -- sources on Aaron Hernandez and some of our sources gave us get information from our sources to. As you well know that can happen I think it's he accomplishes that he accomplishes. Explaining. Their emotional reaction to Aaron Hernandez without getting too emotional as the rebel attack he's as close to robotics you're gonna find I don't expect him to break down crying. On the podium but then the secondary message here was now we're moving on specific quote it is time for the New England Patriots. To move on to do the three things that we came here to do to win it to be a pillar in the community and to give you -- team that fans can be proud of and a I think. He he. He sets the stage now for the season where he's not going to continue to answer questions about this he's spoken enough on it so that so that reporters aren't gonna continue to badger him every single time until he gives some sort of a statement to satisfy them he did he accomplish that he gave them. A story to write he gave us something to talk about sound -- the play he gave television pictures and video that they can now run went. So he's he's given us what we need he had he didn't make any missteps he didn't say something that everyone is always going to appoint activist say. Wait wait wait where did I am no expert up what did you see this he always left himself. An out. You know -- as well every decision we make will be made on a case by case basis on what's best for the patriots and yeah maybe were reviewing our process and we're gonna maybe do things differently try to draft differently -- look at our players differently but remember. There's no hard and fast rule here so I screw up again if somebody else -- -- -- images of him and he says very specifically. I in the primary the person primary were primarily responsible as the coach of this team if something else happens or there's another questionable character Hank. It's case by case basis there is no hard and fast Russell were moving on were going to try to do better but at the same time. We're gonna be the New England Patriots -- gonna try to take care of business on the football field. I -- also everything yeah I did he said. Also that he was shocked and disappointed. By the -- Hernandez situations so I think for those who thought he would say. -- it is what it is -- we're not talking about that we're just getting ready for training camp I think he realized in the organization realize. That that was not the roar that would not be the right tone that would not be the right message. To put out to the public the first time that you as a head coach is talking about the situation now this is where I think. That I'm with you I think it was an A plus from Belichick I think this is where the NFL and the patriots. In conjunction. Made a myth that. I feel like they should of moved it back just for their PR. NFL PR patriots BR they should have moved Belichick's comments up about a half hour. Remember we were talking about this I taught you about this this morning you know. You have Belichick at 145 -- Aaron Hernandez and -- probable cause hearing. At 2 o'clock -- -- natural setup for somebody in a couple of organizations did it. To have the split screen where Bill Belichick is talking. In Foxborough in this in this hearing is happening. And you've got the split screen -- look at this it is -- -- of -- that -- don't know -- one side and has Belichick talking when fifteen you have to be over by the time that probable cause hearing -- that's the only thing. I'm surprised no one thought that it okay we can have. And happy instead that aside -- again and other people always think that you're either on Bill Belichick cider or not. I don't think you have to look at it that way on the -- to kill a guy when when you actually think he did a good job or vice Versa. I thought he handled himself with a palm and I don't know what else you could possibly ask for Bill Belichick. He wasn't going to give you more than that. He does action there are some questions equipment are surprised he went as far as it did somebody asked him whether or not he's had conversations with the Stanley about -- are supposed to answer to that and somebody can -- my family. And an aggregate lawyers for them to get -- from my friends I mean he actually does have to be careful about what he's saying publicly. And the fact that he didn't lose his mind. I don't hole was I'd really like to know the reporter was near the end but how are we supposed to believe you've given this colossal failure. On man. Grandstand like that. Well it's a lot but are enjoying it yeah you're right it is grandstanding. Frankly I'm surprised there was that there wasn't more grandstanding how many cameras one for Cameron or are they going to -- tons of -- four cameras tons of media members local media national media. International media probably. I'm surprised we have more grandstand today 6177797937. Your reaction to about a twenty to 25 minute press conference. From Bill Belichick having more forthcoming than most people thought he would be. That he answered everything. Of course in answer everything. But he answered more than you expected I think so I think for most of us he did was -- enough for you was this enough for you would Bill Belichick said today 61777979837. A lot more here from salt Ali we do have Dustin Pedroia. Meeting with the media today were placed on that coming up as he officially signs his contract after taking physical and John Ferrell will join us. At 315 -- later today 315 John Ferrell will join us here today at Fenway Park here WE. -- address the other situation -- on the Aaron Hernandez today I felt that it was important enough to do. Part to the start of -- camp. So it's a sad day. Really a sad day. On so many levels. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim. And I extend my sympathy really tell everyone. Who's been impacted. -- young man lost his life. Problems. In his family's. Suffered tragic loss and there's no way to understate that. A very genuine to me. About as genuine as I think I've ever heard Bill Belichick. It is sad day and it's been a sad day for awhile now this is the first time he's addressed it. And it is that it's a great way of looking at a from his perspective it's honest I think. I thought it was genuine I thought it was honest I thought he said what needed to be said from a a patriots perspective. A legal perspective avoiding some of the pitfalls and things he simply couldn't talk about. And then I I think he I think he answered any questions but for the most part fans or angry people in the media. Would have for him I am curious if you had a question if you were there. Are there are other things you would have passed the maybe he wouldn't have answered it may be would have given you something. But where there -- other questions you have for bill -- Jack that you would have trauma and he gives -- excellence 779 to go where -- 793. -- haven't. I would I can't imagine there are too many people that come away from that saying what a jerk he handled that terribly he didn't do what was right for the patriots he didn't give us what we really needed. A buddy did that something can answer he's never going to be completely forthcoming about anything it's not in his nature. But I thought he was fairly genuine and I thought they -- body gave us a little insight into what went to what's gonna happen now. I looked -- I was looking at. -- during the break looking at Twitter looking into some some people nationally some people locally. Just getting a sense. All of what people thought outside of new England and here. And the consensus is I would say you know 90% of people 95% of people. Think that he handled that he could have done a better job of handling that now one of the people who who. Wade added that she was proud of me did a great job with. His girlfriend. Led the holiday let up from Greg Bedard to. Albert career both local guys who have gone national. Two national commentators nationals sportswriters. Most people think that. This was the way to to handle that situation. He said he was shocked and disappointed by the -- -- terrible experience. He said that he is responsible for bringing these players and and that this obviously. What was not eat a good look for the New England Patriots but he out of the track record since he's been here in 2000. -- valuing they'll continue to reevaluate although. He didn't give you insight into what that real value of reevaluation -- in what they're gonna change if anything. Talked about his relationship with Robert -- so got into a lot of things but still kept it on his -- An -- to have invited to that a couple of questions after listening to everybody else and asked. Nothing came up really regarding the contract extension given to Aaron Hernandez OK we understand the draft process but once he'd -- here for a little while. What was what went into giving him that contract how -- how much. How much had he had he grown up and -- talked about guys kept continuing to monitor players even after they're drafted once they're here. How much consideration wading into the contract extension turn and I think that's one thing there wasn't really address today another would be. -- what are you believe is a moral responsibility. Of the football team now he might have said none at all yet he he would and so he probably why wouldn't touch it probably wouldn't but I think of of I'm just trying to think of the of the debates that have raged around Sports Radio on Twitter with other people that you talked to in the streets water -- etc. and I think that's the other thing that has come up. That Belichick didn't really get into today 61777979. 37 hear from you for awhile dean is in Springfield ID. I don't get a team was going on art or talk about -- -- -- since this happened -- people are waiting. Are putting -- in this Bill Belichick and I think that's just wrong because. Six months ago. Aaron Hernandez but a perfect. You know -- just steal. Column I just think it's. Awful the -- Belichick at all clear. You get beat Detroit -- -- 11 -- I don't think anybody is blamed Belichick wore. Blaming them for what blaming a lack enabling -- mr. what does that mean. Yeah about four or blame because hot -- at a check out where. The -- -- -- Apps without college right now not -- -- -- college bowl tickets are in the paper but now. He had -- it's not bad of I don't I'm not look I I think you know you're you're making a blank blanket statement I'm more comfortable with. Just making each person accountable for their actions so. Oh for Aaron Hernandez that benefit the cliche in -- a bad neighborhood well -- -- he actually didn't. And I grew up with you know he never knew his father never -- his mother that's not true. So he he had he had mentors he had his parents around me so you can't really just say. Well of course you know your your drafting guys who are from here from there there are plenty for every guy you say. He comes from a checkered background as a checkered past I can show you a player in the league doesn't. But he did -- -- Belichick alluded to that in a slight -- by saying it happened to be a patriot it doesn't represent how we wanna do things. This that the person who wind up doing this happened to be patriot I think if there was one critique I would have it that. He didn't happen to be patriot. He was patriot. And you chose Aaron Hernandez. He didn't just happen to be a patriot you chose the guy. You you drafted them you kept them on your team. And you ended up giving him a contract extension now that's not to say you should have known exactly what was gonna happen but it just happened in the patriot I mean. You were the team that the draft that right you with a team -- gave an extension that wasn't a coincidence. Sure I think and other or accident yet and I think another thing they came up to that question came out today. Another confused by this unless I and I could be dead wrong on this in and just toll misinterpreting it. But. I I heard it today and I've heard it. In the last couple weeks. No wide in the patriots know about the double homicide if I'm not mistaken. Is that something that the that the Boston Police have just. Brought to the table. Didn't they just find out of our -- date wit with the alleged murder. And yet still say alleged murderer Aaron Hernandez. With this alert what the actual murder of -- Lloyd. Didn't that then lead the Boston Police to. Link Hernandez to the double homicide I think so. So if the Boston Police. Or just finding out about it in the last month month and a half right while the patriots know before the Boston Police that it was a double homicide involving Aaron and. 6077797937. Lockers to Samir called Scientology in Portland -- town. -- progress it's not. -- show thanks. First thought they -- pretty surprised that bill even mentioned Erin Andrews by name I know on the morning -- and that's Al and they didn't think that you would do that. I'm not surprised me. And what do you guys think our approach played it pretty well her her -- -- you know he's addressed everything. That you needed to beating kids and everything that you know them the media wired into -- that's been connected -- public. Yeah I do I think we we turn off the show Bible by both and absolutely it is there something else you want him to addressed. -- Now but we knew that question though what was something you ask that none of these. Media -- I think I would have -- you know if you got really clear on an ongoing basis how did you have no idea what it's off the field activity or association. Two great question ask a question really -- -- -- very good very good yeah better than now why should we believe you given the colossal failure I think you have gotten a better answer yet they actually gardeners and Todd if you had been there and that's ground today I think that is one question that. Would have been answered noted that it would -- wouldn't have been answered to you too. No 100% satisfaction no but I think there would have been some reference. To. We do everything that we can. Two to bring it we do everything we can't bring in good football players who have -- -- of high character. But we cannot take it to that extreme and nowhere they are at all times nobody doing. You don't look at another question could have asked from a more general standpoint is you have to be careful if you were there not to ask specific questions. And Aaron Hernandez he never mentioned his name after the initial mentioning at the very beginning of the statement. One of the questions is could you explain the job description for your director of security. -- responsible for the how how much how much do you expect of your director of of security is it should he be telling people -- know about things does he have connections with -- law enforcement what what goes into that job. I don't know he would've gotten a complete answer from that either. But I think it's another piece of the puzzle. That that they might have led to some -- some level -- inside. The -- -- a good question Mike you know he might have sent. Would be a breach of security to tell you -- our security people do. I'd say one thing they didn't come up as well and he wouldn't answer that I don't think you answer this question and not because of the legal ramifications of but because. It takes you a little too far behind the curtain. Then a lot of -- coaches and players are comfortable with and that is did you know about the house. The other house the second place in Franklin he -- reality. In every every coach. In town knows this and they don't wanna talk about the reality is. That's not uncommon. The real holiday is there a lot of guys. Multi millionaires. Who have second places. And they're not using them for drugs and into four artillery like Aaron Hernandez was some rumored to use and it because as best as we take girls. And I and that's the most up and on the side. But you don't wanna get into that you don't wanna open back in a warrant because at least that he can you imagine can you imagine my. At comic. And how did commit victim mentality it's a lifestyle that we are totally foreign to Michael don't match. Once you come home last night or -- -- -- what mr. Kamal on that my other place would mean you're you're the place I was excited when I had a gastric. What are now we have a guest room and I was -- avid gesture but it never goes wrong I can go sleep on the day on the downstairs bed instead of upstairs in the moment my wife come downstairs and -- -- -- How anybody cheats in 2013 I don't know. I don't know anybody gets that done when you've got. When you've got your phone constantly tethered to view you've got everything is second practice. -- effect of the credit cards and phone into second call for something mister. A millionaire. -- know what -- at a -- is a credit card something important legacies cash. We need to pay cash for that is their record up to Burton Ford credit card and you got to credit card go on to your second house and get all kinds -- -- got people until they can figure that out and got exhaust and got a little -- keys who managed to stuff for you and. Of the kind of patient is certainly not worth it to me there's no way six -- 777979837. John Ferrell will join us at 315. Get his reaction to big win for the Sox last night Jon Lester looked good. And trying to figure out what the heck is going on quite vocal that incredibly confusing. Between what he said what doctor Andrew said it. And what John -- on the Red Sox are saying I'm still much original street trying to edit from John Ferrell 315 until then though often. They'll help us as the character menu currently are going to -- in Iraq. When you get that's just how. It's. Possible that. Well generally long track record we're gonna continue to do we fills us with -- and whenever that happens today and we'll continue to evaluate our our team where we think we can improve that we'll try to improve. Under the New England Patriots to move on according to Bill Belichick and his press conference this afternoon we'll talk to John Farrell. Gonna bring about a half hour get his thoughts. On Jon -- performance last night what's next for Clay Buchholz after some confusing news and in reaction interpretation. Between what he says and what doctor James Sanders says what perilous that it -- And also get his take on the Dustin Pedroia contract some details of the -- are coming out and got a one million dollar bonus it's an eight year deal. A 110. Million dollars some deferred money. That's according Alex beer or eight years a 110 yet so as a one million dollar bonus 20142015. Twelve and a half million dollars each year 201613. 9001715. Million. 20181610000201915. I'm 2013. 100002021121000110. Million over eight years and some of the money is -- It is interesting that it that it drops back down. At the end of the deal as he presumably will not be the same player at age 3738. That he is at 2930 and into his into his mid 36 on 777979837. Lot of opportunity for you guys let's go to Kirk in up Plainfield Connecticut hiker. Hey guys. I know that and you got all the words right out of him those ready to move -- that the most important people or do they have spoken. But talk about the running game in the defense in the second period we've got to protect Brady but the or on him long and I am so tired of the but I know it's. I know it I -- over the organization. I don't you guys have to talk about would have. Talk about while Kirk I mean it just happened five minutes ago all right and I -- -- -- I don't know. I don't know but I -- you wanna at least reacted Belichick before you think forward right. Course to do I know but I -- so ready to go on I'm. I'm still waiting for the can start it relevant Brady like ready to go you know nobody could go to -- -- ago. But I let the guys you know -- to go -- Manning go red -- and I can't believe what those guys do it -- that -- -- And now let's go out pockets in one more thing Michael I've listed dread but you're good looking man you don't need them but -- but this one -- That's what it's a. Thanks I'll Dirk took a different direction I think that was a different those little left turn at thank you Carlos and he was moving now one -- wasn't expecting that and then one little one will turn a little left Ankiel wasn't expecting it to go when that director. -- here Fenway Park if you wanna get a drink with so much youth in Waltham Mike you think Michael always a good looking manner. Actually -- idea actually -- -- bought the securities aren't February -- that's very personal. Incorrect question. Many -- -- -- need to do that it with anything today maybe that would have been the response but it does suck and -- like to now. That -- well call it got the part about the threat but so are my under. I think you'll want excited -- -- -- -- media. Don't here and expects to say anything. I think fans still care eight did you let's did you listen Mike -- into it here. Did you did you listen to the press conference. -- media. But what but why did you why did you listen to. So -- and. My god I I think I understand what you're saying that you care. I think you and everyone else cares more about football than in what happens on the field more than what happens off the field but. This was a bit this is this is an unusual story you had a member of the New England former patriot. A very good player higher expectations forum -- member of the team who's accused of murder and you had Bill Belichick talking for the first time. Most people did care care to hear what he had to say. You're not a press conference. But. I'm not sure about -- on the Pete Fisher project he surprised me he surprised me number one. Bite speaking expensively Jeff how of The Herald said. He used in his opening statement he used 853 words that's probably about 820. More words than I expected. So that that's a start. That was -- and limit his number of works for the rest of the year probably isn't quote some of the quota they're brought us the halfback -- like I couldn't Mike I could not disagree police and more I think a lot I had almost a year I understand that but I. It's not that I wanted to hear it because I was excited apps but talk about today. I was legitimately curious as somebody grew up England patriots fan how Bill Belichick who by the way if they. Fascinating character. Forget about -- you're right we all know Belichick is because of sports and because he's such a and it he's great football coach he's coached a great team for over decade now. But he's a fascinating human being. The way he handles situations is so different from anyone else any of us a lot of he changed the way so many people in the week -- think about sports I think. I mean do you. The idea of not just rewarding somebody for past performance but only trying to to pay them for what they're gonna do going forward. I think that's now pretty standard here annually and why are worried that how it worked out. If -- I don't know if I'll give you credit for that a maverick that's -- before it's just. I think the combination of Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells and he being here OK in the last twenty years. -- in in the last twenty years we have had Belichick and Parcells for what seventeen of the last twenty years. And little thought three year. Sabbatical with Pete Carroll and the -- Pete Carroll that. So I think we've learned a lot about football and the team -- yeah and I think both those guys have. Done a lot to change I -- -- -- I think -- him but not just for football for really sports in general mean Bill Belichick changed the way I view baseball changed the way I view. Hockey basketball everything I -- a lot of things based on things I think I've learned by watching Bill Belichick but more than anything else. He's interest thing. He's different from anyone else out there and how we react to a situation the unprecedented. Like this one. To me that is fascinating and I almost had I don't wanna call -- nervous at my stomach but before he spoke. I was I was really ordered to -- -- not the right word but really but really anticipating. A really wanted to know how we was gonna handle it. Because I think he's just an interesting character and he's in Greenfield Miami. -- -- episode picture I'm not sure appreciate -- thanks so I'll. I was really glad that we got kind of quote unquote real Belichick today. Which I think that if you about him as a person and -- -- went through at the beginning that he somehow robotic. And I think that's part of the way he approaches -- relations with the media as a part of it out. But if you look at you know let his -- -- that is that. Out of all like a documentary on the other. You don't start this way decided it that is very heartfelt you know it's gotten. Out some very closely held -- Definitely -- things I don't think -- even in the least bit about it. And got much -- always -- you know kind of a nice and almost -- Arctic and today yeah opened up. I guess I guess when I said -- -- candy what I meant is in these in these situations he puts in on that auto pilot a little bit -- -- I'm gonna Stonewall you robotic auto pilot you're absolutely right when you get to see behind the curtain in the football life is a great example of it. I wonder that's one of the reasons people care so much to -- do we really need Bill Belichick to talk what Aaron Hernandez or did we just wanna see Bill Belichick break character. Because what he does were so fascinated by what we -- Yeah I think and I think that's a great question. And they for and it's it's the latter Jeremy and you're talking about. In the previous caller talking about robotic in his not robotics there's another side to you as robotic. And press conference situations because. That's what he feels he needs to do to protect the team and -- you go and take it to the extreme at times absolutely. There are many times he -- just you know answer a question and and and get into some good football conversation. That is not gonna hurt the team but he doesn't wanna do it so I think that's me you're not talking about. The man outside of football just saying at time when you get wrapped up her press conference at a podium shuts down -- the little board behind him it's flashing different light eyes glaze over an outfit he just starts on the before says everything that goes right into his. -- didn't do that today I really didn't I thought he spoke genuinely from the party he'd clearly written some stuff out. Knew what he wanted to get across an -- but he did an excellent job of getting that across 61777979837. Plot or your calls and John -- to join us in twenty minutes talking Dustin Pedroia talking Clay Buchholz talking Jon Lester it'll still to console -- WB. Michael I've listed dread but you're good looking man you don't you don't but I meant by the formula that. That's what it's taken -- And thanks -- -- took a different direction.

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