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Bill Belichick addresses the media on Aaron Hernandez

Jul 24, 2013|

Press conference from 7/24/13

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-- From the could address this situation involvement on the Aaron Hernandez today I felt that it was important enough to do. Prior to the start of camp. So it's a sad day. Truly a sad day. On some money levels. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim. And I extend my sympathy really -- everyone. Who's been impacted. Young man lost his life. And his family's. Suffered tragic loss and there's no way to understate that. When I know was out of the country. I learned about the ongoing criminal investigation that involved one of our players and I and other members of the organization we're shocked. And disappointed. And what we have learned. Home having someone in your organizations. That's. Involved in murder investigations a terrible thing. And after consultation with a ownership. -- whom we acted swiftly and decisively. I'm Robert and his family. And I since I got here in 2003. Com. Have always emphasized the need for our team our players and organization. To represent the community the right way. Both on and off the field. And we've worked very hard together over the past fourteen years. To. Put together a winning team that's a filler. In the community. And I agree a 10100%. With that on the comments -- Robert -- made on the situation. I stand behind those as well. This this case involves an individual who. Happen to be in New England Patriots. We certainly do not condone unacceptable behavior. And as does not in any way represent the way that they're doing the patriots. Wanna do things. As the coach of the team you know I'm primarily responsible. For the people who we bring in the football operations. -- our players are generally highly motivated. And gifted athletes they come from very different backgrounds. The -- many challenges along the way. And have done things to get here. Sometimes they've made better immature decisions. But we try to look at every six every single situation. On a case by case basis. And try to do what's best for the football team what's best for the franchise. Most of those decisions that worked out but some don't. Mean overall I'm proud of the hundreds of players that have come through this program. But I'm personally disappointed and hurt. In a situation like this. -- now as far as the whole process goes. I can tell you that we look at every player's history from the moment. We start discussing -- going back to his family. Wary grew up was lifestyle was like. High school. College experiences. But we evaluate its performance is intelligence. His work ethic. His motivation. This maturity. Is improvement. And we try to project that into our organization. Aren't going forward basis. -- -- combines players' personal history. But again it also. Tester for Jack. What we think and how we think he will be. In our environment. Obviously this process is far from perfect. But it's one that we views from 2000. Until today. But unfortunately. This most recent situation. With this charges that are involved us. Not a good one on that record. It's the will continue to violate the way we do things. And the way we evaluate our players -- and we do it on a regular basis not just the beginning when -- come and we do it on a regular basis. -- personally. And on challenge but it's by decisions that affect the team on a daily basis. And I'm not perfect on that either. But I always try to do what I think is best for the football team. We spent a considerable amount of time that I awaiting our current players. And educating them. On not only football. But. Many -- life experiences and off field. Subjects. We stress high character and we stress making good decisions. And will continue to do this. -- work to do a better job of it. As we go forward. Learn from this terrible experience. The -- that will become better team from the lessons that we've learned. We have so many players on this team. That work hard. They do the right thing. And it's set a great example being a professional. And being a solid represented of this team and community. I know there are a lot of questions. Fair questions. About the subject -- related subjects. Not trying to make the story disappear. But I respected judicial the judicial process. And advised not to ought to comment on ongoing legal proceedings. -- advise and our players do the same thing. Got a system injustice. That deals with criminal charges. And total Malia at the judge of the jury will determine. The accountability. My comments are certainly not in proportion. To be. Unfortunate and sad situation that we have here. I've been advised to address the subject once. -- confident going -- patriots to move forward. Moving forward consists of what it's always been here. To build a winning football team. To be a strong pillar of the community. -- team and our fans -- problem. That's order -- Bob -- -- that he -- do it by Aaron Hernandez gets the organization. Was -- -- player. You personally do do better today. You know refrain from making any more comments on any ongoing. People involved and judicial process as well yeah. But I can't do. What was the red flag bill. Right on to some like Camilla talk about the people are involved specifically and any ongoing judicial process. Can we do the same thing with all our players. We take a look at as a set of their. Personal family life we look at the history of what they've done. In high school and college in short we accumulate all the information we can acutely aware of that information comes from. And try to analyze it and make the best decision we can make for our football team. Try a case by case basis the same for every single player the process does the same time. What is what advice and. For your god you. When. We're both when it comes to monitoring the guys that are already. Good guys and Falwell if I -- I think the processes is the same as what it's done for the last fourteen years. I think that will continue to try to. Look at ourselves in the mirror and see where we can do a better job maybe where we can we can improve the process but I think the fundamentals of the process will. Remain the same again I'm proud of the hundreds of players that come through this organization. But we'll continue to work hard to do a better job in every area going forward and I don't know where those little things -- Come from but. You know will continue to be diligent on. These risk. -- I I think every every one has a case by case basis I couldn't. Mean you know -- what whatever those circumstances are that come with any individual. They exist then and you have to make a determination most of what your comfort level us with that what that person in the characteristics that they bring. Phillips is what this last month. I won't miss and certainly. The very unexpected. These events were very unexpected I was out of the country. For a period of time but. Followed everything closely through other people on organization and we've. Made decisions that we sold right for the football team and a -- Continue to do that and be as diligent as we can. Gone forward. -- You know we've we've talked about that we've talked about. What we want do. On that subject on fourth -- think we're quite there yet. You know address nine months off or whatever it is but it's. Again we we had a process in place can be improved could be modified. It possibly Campbell certainly look at it. Roberts. I'm not going to just answer that question on the draft and again we're in constant violations and overseeing of our current team and current players. So it's like -- Right I answer the question on the draft and on as far as our current players go. We continue to evaluate our players on a regular basis seasonally at different points during. The season and offseason. And so to begin its season campus always one of those points. So we would address that as we normally do. We've. Who will talk to people that we think can help our situation whoever they may be we've already done some of that we have some other things scheduled thus. Maybe get in some other ideas or some other thoughts on how we can improve. Our overall process but I would say that. Any information that we get. We we take it for what. What we feel like the value want it is and the sources very as you know. It's a business that you guys are into so. We'll try to get as much information so you can't make the best decisions that we can't for the football team that process won't change it could be modified. Or tweaked a little bit with what we do but I don't see the process changes. Tennis team really good team. -- -- -- -- Most part of the process there there are a lot of different ways to evaluate. Players. It's there are a number of different. A couple of different. Companies end and things out there that do different things you know that different ways of died away and in those type of -- and so forth so not all teams is the same test. And certainly those tests are. Far from being in a 100% as well it's part of the process. The first question about the team could get that again -- -- this. Is that your organization tries to you. We certainly we certainly talk to star players on our team about. What's expected of them. -- -- basic guidelines on things like that absolutely. In terms. Any useful when there Hernandez. This is -- first service. And I -- I cannot comment on any player who has ongoing. Criminal charges and legal situations. The players and you you know it certainly every. This government. He's done away from them place their head right. We have absolutely done. As much work as we can on finding out. Things like death. And world will try to get all the information that we can that would as that would apply to any current situation. Which I can't talk about but we absolutely are trying to do that if. Then again that's not something I could comment on. Burgers. You know. So again I can't speak for what anybody else a sudden I can't. Can make any comment on on the player situation. -- -- -- Right. And something we had multiple players and then please sign the player that we felt was best for football team. He used as soon will be done on a case by case basis. -- make that decision was fearless thus for of the New England Patriots football team. It's. President. Started -- pages to move on. And that's. That's what are jobless. Set our goals the same title winning football team to vehicle and a community. That's what our directions that's over and do. Built in terms of defining character and the resources that you had used to pass. Did your mind fairly reliable and this case may -- woods. Kelly we're going forward. Change kind of resources that you rely upon her character. 01 nobody knows better than you and you guys that all sources are not equal. He does know that better than I do so when you get information you. Take the information you evaluate it and you do the best you can with the so there's a very handsome. And equality and the amount of the information. It's a case by case basis each one's different there's no set. Foremost I don't think it works that way but again of the hundreds of players that we had through this program. And the last fourteen years. -- -- a lot of good ones lot of real good ones. Fans. Won't try to do a good job in bringing people in this organization in the future try to learn from the mistakes we've made along the way of which there have done. Funny but we're always trying to do a better job on that console will continue to do it as the. -- -- Without being specific and. I don't think he has to worry about done. But I appreciate they warning it's this bill. Well certainly goes way beyond in football -- no question about this is a real life so. That's a substantial issue I mean I don't know how can be any any more substantial think there. -- Well. -- and believe me that there have been playing discussions on. I mean again there's there's a process in place here so. That's the judicial process phone we've. Certainly lengthy discussions about internally in our organization. It's hard on a lot of different levels so. Think it's -- planning of it funny consideration and discussion. They'll -- -- as the character menu currently are going to have in your locker room where you give us just how. Believe its possible that. Well generally long track record we're gonna continue do we fills us with footballs and whenever that happens today and we'll continue to evaluate our. Are a team where we think we can improve and we'll try to improve. And you happen. And company and all the people that have been brought into the organization some have worked out and some haven't. Hopefully we can. Put more on the house side of the ledger then have them both. I'm sure gone forward. We're not going to be a 100% perfect in the future just like nobody else's foot we'll do our best. -- -- Okay. Well why can't speak for all those teams and only I can't speak for what other discussions going around the league it's certainly a -- point of discussion and league meetings and was security people. That we talked to on a regular basis whether it be local security. Or. -- security release security meetings every year. With the NFL. And I say that that topic has been addressed. As long as I've been in the league which will be 1975. So. I think that topic because has been addressed every single year. I can't comment on. I think.

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