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Buster Olney, ESPN: Jake Peavy makes most sense for Red Sox

Jul 24, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Lou and Alex Speier as the trade deadline approaches. Buster says Peavy is a logical option for the Red Sox but that Cherington would have to give up a lot.

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All right so put the Red Sox and who better to talk to than a guy that talks to everybody across the league. We bring in buster -- from ESPN. -- debate GT four GL TE was speeds at ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink. Possible boss there you are on with Alex Alex and -- Maloney aired -- a -- let me ask -- -- here because we start to -- people that are available. I like the important for for Brandon Jacobs -- would Garza did Rangers gave up when you -- with the Orioles gave up four rent to think K rod. Is that the norm is that the asking price moving forward. Yet the seller's market no question about it and you hear that from team didn't just not a lot of players out there there's not that much talent out there at that Jayson -- -- -- -- -- -- for us yesterday. And you know you hear and and -- guys right now on the market you make that truly the most that's the reds that -- Jake Peavy delights such as he. -- had a great year last year 219 -- he demonstrated that he's healthy he would on the disabled list but it was a broken and it wasn't like it was shoulder elbow issue. He had a good outing with Bob Hamlin -- back out on Saturday against the Braves last week and and so that I'll make sense. But -- me and asking prices off the charts I can't tell you exactly what. They may have asked the Red Sox board. But everyone and it's really die and so in that regard I think he did give pause. I do you think that the Red Sox. Need to add and I think it they've got a good upstart. And have enough depth in their farm system -- way the equation. Is just being good enough to invest in. Yeah yeah if you're overpaying a little bit I think it's something that they needed to you because when you look at the staff. There are cracks there that you guys know better night in addition there everyday you're seeing it. And seeing the rate come on like gangbusters he's seen or will start to put it together. And you're looking at the rest the American League. And and they start to think about what would your response -- what would your reaction be if you know threats such squandered this great start and I and I do think that this is this situation where. I think about even if it's overpaying make an ideal. With regards to PV buster do you see him we we've been kind of back and forth about this would it be safe to assume that his -- of the -- for him. Out of the way Texas that you would be greater than what the cubs in the considerable amount of the cubs discomfort Garza who's a rental. Absolutely and I won't admit that they just think that you know there are a lot of people thinking that the cubs didn't do it well and that deal. You know a lot of when he talked to individual -- they think that Michael. He is not really worth that much it it's overstated how much the cubs god. That Michael has so many at such high swing administration 95 strikeouts. In 280 bats. In the 24 years old Tripoli that 21. I think it. You know -- and at least it -- I've spoken with the perception of what becomes -- in terms of how it's being digested publicly vs what to -- -- privately are a little bit different but there's no question out there could be Red Sox would have to give them more. These detainees under control for one more year fourteen -- million dollars. And exactly where the you know that marketing told me that unfortunately that Red Sox the Yankees the Rangers. Fourteen half million dollars for number two number three types starter. Is good value and that's what he's salary next year so absolutely -- the price tag would be higher than what. What it becomes gotten. Yes I think it is good fit because on the both the start kitchen on the ticket hit the minor league system want the guy for another year which brings it to my name's. Ervin Santana who's a freeze in the end of the year and Bud Norris and everybody just expects. That that the Astros will sell on what you -- with those two polar. -- I literally got the phone with someone who knows that the royal situation do you know when you guys called over and what I was told that person is. The royals are ready to sell yet and if someone's gonna trade for Santana. They're gonna have to absolutely blow them away yeah I mean you know we can sit here and look at their situation they they have -- detonated it and say that's crazy you know really and it's. All remember that should organizations like the pirates this day where their hand basic clamoring. For them to win and Chris opened them to trade off Santana in July waved the white flag in July. That's a hard thing for them to do so the price for a team like the Red Sox that bitchy would be astronomical. And the thing I hear about but Norris a lot from rival value waiters -- you know -- -- number four number five but deeply committed to offer offensive division the fact that they think he's essentially to pitch pitcher. That becomes the major problem and I think he's gonna fall into the category of yeah okay he is serviceable veteran but maybe not the American League east. So we've seen at this point the brewers the cubs the White Sox all clearly have ventured into the selling market. Who else do you see entering into that into into that fray or who's kind of on the fence you you put Kansas City in that group obviously. Who else committed by July 31 certainly helped to put the market which will clearly. It to me if you're a team like the Red Sox are concerned about the prices that are going right now you wait for -- to be more sellers so that you can find a more acceptable price when there's more supply. -- -- Are out there and I can't you know tell you necessarily that you know that -- that would have I think look -- citizen's -- makes a lot of sense. For the Red Sox in terms of DNA have bullpen option in by the way. I'm a 100% convinced that part of the reason why the Orioles overpaid little bit on K rod is to keep white -- Red Sox. Because they know that the Red Sox. Have a need there in the bullpen and they know -- -- that could be looking around. And I think that's part of the reason why they jumped on them they feel like you know what to do is not a lot of options out there. You know we -- division by division -- speculate here Seattle I don't think they're close they're playing well. They're coming back into relevance and there are a lot like the -- trying to send a message that there is that they can stay in the race. I think the Mets absolutely would be out there but did you guys -- talked about Bob price tag for a guy like Bobby part now. He's really hide I think that the Phillies -- it's really high in and that this feeling around baseball bat Papelbon is I mean he is -- stock is. Plummeting in terms of what people you know how they view these performance. You know when you look at. I'm just in my mind sort of running routine to the angels in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well and on top of that they have so much money invested they're like that's the poker player that you know -- put all the money in the end and watch into the middle of a pile. And they can't either not in a position where they can tell the fans in July. OK we were blown out but the white flag it might make sense if it were strata Matta came to an open you and I replying. But I think the whole thing is we really have to remember about these guys selling tickets. I feel like over the Orioles in 96. Period -- their owner of pat Gillick was general manager pat Gillick and I had a lead straight to David Wells and Bobby have been here. And they were gonna get decent haul and parent doorstep didn't kill the -- because he's feeling like you know what it's and that really bad message to the fans. And they want to make it play out this year and I think that's helped it's crazy that he's in the outside looking in when you look at the angels you look at the royals. That's how ownership as the Phillies that's ownership tend to look at these things that you cannot tell people potential customers. You can't you have no reason to buy tickets the last two months. So I guess it's worth asking just isn't over as an overview of the Middle East who right now do you see barring any further moves from the five teams the division. How do you see how do you see the talent level in the division stacking up right now. Race number one -- number two I mean basically I think the Orioles won before the season started turning the Yankees that. Oreo the rays number one did it in the American League in my mind -- number two. -- that the number three because they're concerned about the pitching staff and you know how much that manifests itself locally buckled come back. One question to be -- add a lot. By eight -- an evaluation of the other teams especially advance gets his where you are and it is our hold up physically they received some regression into Dallas. That's all the wild city you -- on a record pace for him in terms of appearances in his age. That's the question mark and give it all the other injuries that they've suffered this year in the open. I think that's what everybody wonders about Boston and the Yankees I mean I'd bet you know they're not close the other teams in terms of what they can do I personally think it's. Unbelievable that it -- stayed in the conversation. When you watch the three games against the red cyclists who can wondered how the heck they didn't get swept. A bush -- I don't talk impassable by Genesis and everything went down prime brawn in the room this year -- Alex Rodriguez and and we've mentioned before how difficult the appeal process would be how long that would take twenty different appeals will Ryan brunt. Is not going to appeal here Iraq probably will. We mentioned a -- those creations in per Altima in proves. Advocate come out this report and find at the only have 878 repeals it actually get done with these guys might accept it right now. -- and -- -- -- for parole four Nelson Cruz there's absolutely clear motive. To accept the best deal possible as soon as possible because that they accept the deal -- in the next two weeks and I think it's gonna happen. And they conservative suspension and come back to and have a clean -- is that going to free -- -- is -- plays they're gonna have. -- -- interest in the it and you know high I'm glad that I watch The Sopranos. All the years did did he gives me some insight and I was gonna work out. It feels like -- and each guy to take the plea bargain it weakens the case is of the guys who follow them. So Alex Rodriguez is the last guy in the in this situation to accept the deal. He's gonna get the worst deal because Major League Baseball gonna have all this corroborating evidence from all these other cases. Stepped up potentially before arbitrator is Alex didn't -- it didn't. -- wind up appealing his case. LeBron gets 65 in the playoffs just team isn't and I thought it should have been longer -- it is what it is the rest the year in playoffs. I have a problem -- I think if you if they're gonna put her Alter and Nelson in that same class the same. Sick same exact suspension is Ryan broaden it to me wanna give 2530 games they served their time they come back in September if they want. Yeah I think that it can -- I don't think -- and you know not having been in the room for not knowing the details. You know what Nelson Cruz and Peralta had to them I think it's going to be. I'd different level penalty for them I do think it's going to be between curative fifteen. Because I think the -- Casey was lying in the past that got him the the extra fifteen games on the -- so I think it would be less. Did you see a realistic scenario in which there reporters -- third Major League Baseball could -- -- -- -- about Rodriguez do you think that that would be. Even feasible. I would be surprised -- they started. Almost to the point of leverage you know it's just like in any negotiations at sky and negotiate down. And you know I think it would be tough for them given the fact that you -- for baseball now under the current rules it's three strikes you're out. Where they couldn't he can before arbitrator in debt and one striking it's a lifetime and I and that's why they did that it's more about negotiations again I don't. I don't have the information funny that they have and they know how strong their cases. And I do from everything here -- Lotto players to their case against Alex Rodriguez because. There have been so many times in the past they've interviewed him about PDs stuff. And who knows maybe totally -- brought to them whole -- Information. In which you know can basically indicates Major League Baseball coach Rodriguez -- to them repeatedly. Blockbuster appreciate your time mentioned yet enjoyable week -- will that -- you next week. I mean are you guys of course roster only has brought to you by. Toyota of national visit all the new Toyota national megaplex and see the hot deals during their summer sell off on going on right now. And of course they RS restoration specialist in cold space we read back we're gonna get into. As he mentioned -- it is our. There were signs of fatigue but I was seen as different guy since the all star break and it might be reason we'll talk about it next.

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