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Gabe Kapler, Former Sox OF, on PED's in baseball

Jul 24, 2013|

Gabe Kapler joins Merloni and Alex Speier to discuss what the game of baseball has to do to further get PED's out of the game.

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-- a -- one of our favorite guys of all time. We'll bring in Gabe Kapler who -- right for WEEI dot com and I see here on the board also the 2006. Red Sox fantasy football champion so there. He loves this fantasy football. Gap -- cigar and blue Maloney Alex appear here to talk to you. Who are now it would open. -- -- -- a little bit a lately organ and wanted actors who wanted to do -- You know radio -- fighter too and you talked about doing with with baseball and are they -- entered the the better football shipped out an expert -- Because quite frankly that my best accomplishment in the history of my career a lot about what what you're atop -- -- now. I gotta be honest with you look at me I'm -- I'm reading your stuff here -- WEEI dot com I mean it's it's -- outstanding American wait for the next article -- so impressed. To a slow -- writing for yourself. From our vantage point album or comfort from -- you know much respect out for yourself. From our vantage point it's an even greater accomplishment in the 2006. Attacks into football league -- we can agree or disagree -- part about it. Apple and ask you about where we are right now baseball the Ryan -- suspension waiting on this bio Genesis thing here. Not personally I just think it's that you know it's at least the perception there's a lot of guys doing it the right way. And now no matter who you -- no matter how old you warm weather's a spike in numbers you are associated with all of this and that's probably the saddest thing of the whole -- You order Utley up but you're right yep and what the big stories here it is a guy like -- sure. Guy like Matt Kemp he -- finally coming out and -- her that you about the limit that you guys back. To about 2000 and HBO real sports came that it's this tax came into Chicago -- playing here. With the Rangers at the time and the acting like stand up in particular -- spoke. Like absolutely. Delicate touch on it came back negative debate aired that on HBO sports are really really proud of that and I got a call. From a trusted advisors that are really care about the music stopped. Don't do any more that stuff it doesn't matter which side of the issue you're on with what people -- -- your record it you're just associate. So -- and I had a really hard podtacular really wanted to beat. Honest and open it up out in front of everybody and say -- not okay -- going -- a wanted to be vocal about. And now you're seeing it -- actually send out so publicly. Embark upon amount is something that I'd never thought anybody would say which is that -- -- -- work should be should be stripped so. Now guys are banding together they're standing shoulder to shoulder and saying look we're gonna come out as a group. And to that we wanna keep this game we don't so that's silverlight it's going under without -- it's it's no question the big story -- today. It's really insisting to me that you bring that up I was actually going to ask you about that very that very test and it's in the blowback that you government. During your playing career at did you see did you see that as the opportunity for players and maybe maybe later in your playing career to start. Publicly saying yeah we we think that it's time for us to police our own or. Was it's still the case that by the time of -- Your final -- final season fit you know that it was still a matter of players being circumspect in having to circle the wagons around another. Your political more than evident enough together we're starting feel you know little whisper to relic and we should get together and and figure to the OK we get bitter talk about it publicly but it wasn't strong enough knowledge to what now I -- you boo will agree with it because we go back. 1015 years to like more the beginning of my career and moved -- we. That this would happen that. Because -- the -- who were not superstar player -- Who didn't have been natural ability to hit thirty home runs -- -- permeate our I think back my rookie united eighteen homer. It's important go to November guard got you know that would that would write enough I did everything -- Source McGuire only got hurt during this ridiculous and let it -- -- mean you look. Record -- and it you know I I think -- we go back to your record I would keep copying -- you got eighteen years speaking home run to play it would be more acceptable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet I absolutely ethic that's that's the problem that I have is. Is -- the suspicion that everybody has some people go to bill time and help the machine you mentioned -- the guys built like a brick. S house you know what I mean and -- not a bad thing when this guys' bodies want the guys that worked his tail off. But still there's that just because you were Jack didn't look right right of people. Bring it up what what is MLB have to do and how strict do they have to give because obviously fifty games. They can't catch up to the chemists. Fifty games is not deterring these guys. It's reported and actually are -- -- -- -- vote question the first one it but when you look at a player and awhile back and speak in strong. Not that indication looking. Open source -- number the changes in his career. On some of those that the more evident helped tilt our -- you'll probably got them believed that the guys that have gotten caught. You electorate they're not that big. Strong guys and yet they're -- if you think back to like McGwire -- absolutely but if you look at -- like Melky Cabrera whose super soft spot. You look at Ryan Franklin. Who would a rail and -- I forgot about that Decker got caught yeah. It's it's mind blowing it's not you know the big strong -- Franklin. The first guy who was suspended was Alex Sanchez of the rays it was a -- They've got hacked periodic exactly so so what that it will be great all need to do you I think continued continue to educate folks. On what this really mean I think. Extra -- the penalty the better the longer the suspension. The better -- a picture of any scenario where you sit through armed guards getting having their salaries really impact -- Arctic. Would write Ron -- -- report four million dollar but he got the beginning of that but. Really the Smart thing to do it you're the captain called all where they -- samples for years and years and years -- come -- -- new -- to us both -- they can go back. And god and Lugar legacy they -- dollar total and a -- sooner but I think that would be metered or. You other story here what's going on and the other sports and when they're looking at odds are individually based on our oldest skier who will come next -- yeah it felt question yet been questioned etc. so. There's a big ripple effect to this story guys didn't come. I don't know because it seems as if the Major League Baseball conversation but he -- taken place in the silent for so many years I've I've been waiting. -- perhaps stood to rear its head and in the NBA where we never really -- by PPD's. In in hockey but again never hear about it. I know what what convinces you that that ripple effect is coming. I -- think this -- it didn't brighter and brighter. We look let's let's -- you would happen -- without regard but it down ballot the spin off questions about what's really going on. In all of you go to work to do to let the world -- and actually bought Serb only mentioned it on the part of -- morning that the World Bank fifty all week. Yoga that that that Tony bought stuff -- about it this stuff. We would available to Major League Baseball player and nobody yelled it's it's ridiculous it's too ridiculous thought they could eventually. Maybe not immediately out to your point it out for taking place that silo. I did that to restore continue to get bigger and bigger and eventually. The other re going to be impacted by it may not be runaway but at some points. Well party -- their about the rest of these guys. Waiting here. Names and -- is not coming out Ryan brawn they get into except depriving credibility and Anthony Bausch. But she's still a lot of names that are out there swirling around that might impact the post season. Do they have to act on this and keep by the post season released survey suspension at some point pay the price. Well I figured you think about guys like no recruit. I you're you're gonna hear god that we don't want to take its suspension as quickly as possible again this is a bit of speculation here so you know there's no real basis first. You compensate if you go into the Nazis and with -- hang over -- there's going to be questioned about. Is his viability of the create. And you've -- while we don't know what it availability going to be like so they're very -- pick up on him more you may call it a million dollar so. Your agent and helped recruit a strong incentive and I'd like not to -- using him as an example -- Strong incentive to -- you know. Particular suspension immediately cannot appeal and to be tackled through -- awful. Even -- human October and make an impact for their team and and I guarantee you. Of the teens would like Jeter guys on the field they're -- quarter and you'll come playoff time although it's looking like the Rangers really get hurt. A losing -- recruits for significant period of time during dispute. Who knows maybe that played in two -- into the kind of urgency that they should be declaring a guy like Matt Garza -- upgrade. I think it you you're obviously a teammate of Brian Brian. In Milwaukee. And you know Andy rod and got caught in Texas for that matter. How you based on how how much are you experiencing. This conversation about those two guys on on a personal level having been their teammates. Or are at this point are you kind of are are you put detach yourself from the emotional part of this being something that was happening to former teammates and it indicates Bryan Bronson -- gather that you were pretty close. You can you got your preferred men who don't organs in your. Teammates to have it around a lot. I got our our yard you know I've gotten lucky in my career play with some ordinary individuals some. Mind blowing talent and also -- the misfortune of playing with -- guys that you know obviously are popping up. And so. So for me he'd go to the total relationships are definitely. It's it definitely hard to -- here because there are guys that you feel like you have really protected. Because you don't know you know you never wanted to -- Yes it I know this I because it's because your mutual protective of the personal relationship. You know it it is disappointing these these named -- -- -- to -- -- I really don't know how how to react to a emotionally. Other than to try to look at it objectively. And if I'm covering the sport because now I'm in a place where I'm on the about it from spectrum band. And I'm thinking about it from the perspective of -- immediate guy so I'm really looking -- -- vary differently and I used to. I'm apple looked at it objectively and with the Claremont and so I'm I don't feel it much emotion -- that sort remove that Alex are your what. Talking to gave cap learn this great achievements in all of his professional career has been 2006 Red Sox -- football champion. Do you think. Do you think it was fair do you think that he deserved more and Ryan brought. Our question. Yeah I mean no I mean they're they're they're a part of me that they expect anybody. And that really emotional again wanna stay objectives are permitted to record a point I think was -- I'm an emotional standpoint. No I mean it regarded the borrower are caught in a substantial evidence against them. I'm not a big believer in in making their punishment light -- your -- should be. -- a severe possible reason he's due to severe awful it could deter folks. In the future from from going to -- -- From really objectives sort of removing emotion -- the situation. Yeah good but it it is it's about right I think that the guy that followed him it -- we're gonna paint the picture of how right it was sold out on. It's -- or -- there's anybody to get a larger suspension. Outside of of of -- review at our -- department. I'm if they're they're ready get the largest partner I think in this when you look back close like I can't I can't imagine anybody getting -- suspension and that's what would you -- -- I think long term people going to be looking at some long term deals unless they they know the players so it'll be interesting gate capital really appreciate enjoy low. Reading which you have here on WEEI dot com always great stuff we appreciate you bureau -- all the best. -- out great hockey go to Cuba are jet. Seven years ago the champion of the W media of the Red Sox in -- the -- It's huge in this lot of pride -- thing in that clubhouse there's a little on the just it's just fun you know it's just for fun Alex it's all usually is. In a big lead a lot of competitive -- not sure -- know it's competitive are we gonna take a break when we come back. But -- a little bit more the Boston Red Sox interesting move last night Jacoby Ellsbury not in the lineup. If -- tell you why -- talk what next.

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