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Where's Mut?! Kirk fills in and talks about bashing Tanguay

Jul 24, 2013|

Kirk and Lou kick off the show previewing Belichick's much anticipated Aaron Hernandez press conference and discuss Kirk's battle with Gary Tanguay.

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And yeah. The dual bar yeah all of that crap you're not go -- my. Well it was last night. Comcast sports net. Cartman and Gary playing weigh myself sit in the middle just. Wanted just have no part of it sit back and enjoy the show elect the rest of view which is exactly what happened -- and joins me here early on a show. We have a little. Communication error with mr. My man himself gasoline is education to he'll join us tomorrow is literally. Given his job the worst communicators on planes like this dozens of -- all this doesn't. Surprise me in the slight lift your radio you're communicating and mean that means you off the -- to the masses off the air it's not -- He tweets coming up this morning at 830 if you didn't know just it's at your buyers aware of where seconds away from a conference call you know when he didn't show up. -- were also minutes away from being here in the offices well -- probably that you just walking and so within a couple of minutes from the tweet we would have noticed. -- that he wasn't in -- house aren't so we're scrambling here right now -- -- -- join me for a little bit Alex -- WEI dot com. It's gonna join me shortly here into the show will get into what we saw last night from Lester the comments from book colts. Ellsbury you know given that night off a lot of people reacted that some little things in the game strategy wise that. It makes sense at -- -- think about maybe it doesn't just a big win trade they'll a lot of Red Sox little bit later on in the show we'll have -- cap 1110 and buster only of course -- vault him but I got to -- unit apartment in India right now I got to start with. What we saw last night I had a lot of people tweet me was it was it real. What was it like at the break. I can tell you this. Kind of like I've said before by the -- that kind of stuff flew a sweeping floors and talk about -- and -- -- -- you know get a mix it up. And last night Gary and I had it is a one of these things we sit down on the ship ten million times. You don't sit down before the show and say how many hands on that segment which I didn't take on the take that's that's not how we're not that showed it to my knowledge it's never been in that would meet who went on there. I knew Gary you which waves -- ago we had a real disagreement. Like animal -- that you know what I -- I get worked up scored against I was mad. The only thing he's got to know richer and four because when the subject comes up you have moisture opinion many times correct. That you know guys don't. He has no to anybody -- -- -- anybody to speak to think about the then when you left the studio -- I'm gonna go to -- did you think about the subway manager kind of -- -- still believe that I stand by a 1000% there while I would feel different today. -- -- -- -- Think it's the national regrets I mean I just it's is that we as a request as as I -- -- as a three and of a sport right. Guys out -- -- subway dangers it. I comic people -- they love subway but I don't walk around a subway polo shirt did you urge her. Do you look I think the average person who -- I lost and I used to be to pick Joseph. Settlers to Gerri Willis their -- businesses and I said the manager so popular -- If you lose you're the manager of subways in Burlington wrecked by caught short manager of and you know -- always been there for three years old reasonably well you've given race you find out that this guy. Is it to be -- people who would you feel compelled. To apologize. For that any way a reflection on you -- Maloney subway -- I never -- compare real world of sports. I -- but can -- answer the question. I think it's completely different -- manager Billy probably answer is high erupts right -- and that's about it there's no public there's no public statement now we were talking about sports. You think Belichick. Look at why is it that when an athlete when a guy at its subway gets pulled over do you wide you read about paper. -- -- -- Because it's not the same thing that's what sort of special athlete gets pulled over do you like -- you read about a paper shore now. So don't you think is different yes I think it's 66 in this analogy my point is apologized. Apologize -- -- got -- got to apologize all anything to me. I just think it would be in the best interest to put it behind him which I think is exactly what to -- -- -- football but I do think. You know Robert -- speaks we organization I think bill ballot -- I don't go to around here but Belichick got a bigger place this organization doesn't nationally. Well already we look at the owner what I mean who were possessed when a -- It's it Belichick was in those two things I talked yesterday tendency not to think it's no. You thought -- and -- does decide to go somewhere else in free agency rightly it was thought as the years perhaps it it Belichick today I think probably do you think most people think we'll start with some kind of statement. And I think he's done I mean I really don't that you have legitimate Q&A portion of these men young and ask some questions not -- You know whoever we we debate with a what we sickest he's gonna say Hubble Bob -- of me as -- -- double what he expects from Bill Belichick is today it's just this morning actually. Kevin I don't think there's going to be much balance the patriots expected Aaron Hernandez will be the only topic. Bill Belichick will be asked about today this is not just a sports story to news stories while I'm told that this news conference today. We'll likely be staffed by some network news crews as well as obviously local news and local sports reporters are expecting quite a bit of of of interest here from cameras and reporters and if we backtrack a little bit you can understand why today's such a big deal. When this happened with Aaron Hernandez when he was arrested in late June. Both Bill Belichick and patriots owner Robert Kraft for a out of the country. On vacation on July 8 a couple of weeks ago craft met with reporters for about 45 minutes. Off camera but today's the first time that -- Jack -- meet with reporters since Hernandez's arrest so what can we expect Belichick to say today. I'm told with very little pellets act like Kraft has met with patriots legal team they have advised fellow -- to save very little to be very careful. With what he says about Hernandez even things that have gone on here in the past and remember Hernandez has been with the team for three years. I'm told the Belichick is unlikely to talk. Even about what kind of a teammate -- -- Hernandez was even going back three years ago when they drafted him. I'm told that today's news conference will likely last just. Five or ten minutes that Belichick -- make an opening comment. And then set the expectations for what he can and can't say and -- likely answer most questions with that's not something I can discuss. What -- -- Bob Holtzman ESPN expects five to seven minutes opening statement -- some questions. Missed -- here's the thing Eric wondered if there -- gonna hold the -- comes before him. If Bill Belichick shows up today and -- air is opening statement -- -- -- talk about the player he's no longer with us right. Wouldn't you sit there and say it will them why the hell we doing this today what can we just do this Friday morning before practice starts if that's a week and that's how we expect you to handle the committee says. Wednesday -- all the press conference 145 Hillary here in WBI. Event. Thursday the six captains. Are gonna speak a precedent that's ever happened to me only that before try to realize that they had been moved up like that before. That we talked I talked his job -- this morning. Okay so Belichick goes up and says nothing. I would defiance care immediately there's the bitch about it but here the season ticket holders are -- Belichick acknowledged as the knowledge right. If he apologizes doesn't apologize you get the sense you can do in the -- in this whole thing. This massive outcry from the media that from the Francis is this you know tsunami of calls and texting Bill Belichick -- -- -- enough with. But people have the -- being -- bills knows that right I mean if you think he's jerk you know -- -- -- -- typical bill. Or if you love the many say beautiful typical bill not causing distraction -- given -- media what they like it's it's the people they love bill ballot check right our anti media. That period I think he'll be an explanation to the process of how it was only English as a whole nation and Aaron Hernandez. -- he's -- Wallace that's it -- -- I completely disagree. And are. There are no do all of that crap you're not I don't know -- Are you let me speak for wants -- Why did. That is what he's charged with committing the latter no doubt god he's waiting signal. Did -- I think he's a football coach Bobby yeah juries don't run the ball up and I. It usually is there any day now. I bought this kind of what I knew bottom -- on diesel. On the way sit there and not please let's get started well no the right now that he deserves -- should be anywhere in the bedroom. -- Don't want to be remembered when Aaron is idiotic. You are home. How was that I was -- you looked at me for life. Stepping arbiter signs of what is the budget down -- a -- be accidentally let the boys let the boys have. Yet so too but that's just up the guys stamp I don't think it matters it'll -- system I think -- completely. 100% media -- yes yeah wonderfully want to flesh. I'm just curious what he gives -- well yeah but Robert -- the -- the team -- city was -- the you know of the he fooled me. It's just wanna hear that from bill -- -- -- chemical -- -- what Italy says a case -- talk about to really care in the bottom line is gonna live my life. What do talk about it everyone's gonna of the same feeling about this team the coach whatever it is. Iraq was the owner. Knows the one that actually was in their rooms and good value is cued up Mike and fix him right this in -- -- -- Now we've -- this guy up right now is at -- is different in personnel and ownership. Yeah and so you know if -- comes out house by Robertson is that good -- I was I was due 2001 -- that I -- could help my team out and never thought don't ever. -- on the patriots. The Bill Belichick should now -- an asinine comment on his -- known it but it. But as far as -- -- are most presume right and I agree with you I don't think we did -- that's about where it's been duped to reset to say something -- no. He feels. Obviously he's been -- -- you -- what you -- when I said we don't think he knows -- mature people. So why do we need in this he was do we know he was duped would you be fun became and so what's up what players no longer roster yes you don't you wouldn't promise that on the history and elect used guy that was released yes. That Tuesday -- roster move. No but you know problems that. He's got to do little more than just talk about. Why this need because he was released and ways he has it wasn't released. He wasn't a free agent this wasn't Wes Welker. -- know this wasn't. Whoever the -- was released recently. This guy that that now political -- investigating a double murders well it's accelerated allegedly. Murdered three people. Think that two people put -- player last year and last year it took just two weeks before camp opened up. He allegedly. Could have possibly shot to shot to individual shore up two weeks and then. It catcher Tom Brady talked to the media get away a great year. They'll look at our team as a month later gotta -- extension. All while having that side of who's the worst guys are replete with I mean your -- but tonight everybody did something crazy. Trying to get my craziness list goes starts with who you -- being. I that is a crazy individual -- -- -- you boy -- UPS guy sitting down time up what gasoline trauma machetes or do you think that happened did you think and think boy I was -- -- that I was in planes that my first or take what double -- Patrick -- Via huge man. I mean enormous. -- -- -- be accused -- arms we Advest stayed down and down to Trenton new uniforms we will agree to Asia and make the best in all the -- teacher. Is his arms are so Jacqui get away with it actually served prison time. Actually served prison time on my team right you know play with Carl Everett played with Milton Bradley yeah. Exact same individual right nicest guy in the world half the time. Lost it the other half just almost bipolar like book. But that's I think what effort guys like you know whoever -- eagle river on the team some kind of team koskie -- states with this guy all year now probably know. Suspect or agree -- three people now when I expected Belichick press conference again it's whatever he wants but it's changed how public this. C the only coach in this town that we have this discussion over. And Brad Stevens but let's say Doc Rivers but say Terry Francona. Tell your body BDB point -- -- but I mean the league Julian you'll want to talk about it he's pretty open yet you're the system it's it's a fascinating from our perspective absolute. So listen -- -- those guys did talk about it they have to. They always and they don't always say that you expect -- to at least address it right so why is just bitch is bill -- it would just so intimidated by and we let it that'd be. Because listen if Dustin Pedroia would -- -- he killed three people. I would say John Ferrell may be shifts or something but why but I think -- why -- -- -- just like little uneven but should but if you want to -- just like Belichick wants a great. But he -- almost anything John Ferrell would almost an explanation. Odd Doc Rivers -- -- what's an explanation of you know whoever Randolph field somebody. -- owed anybody you can do it or not. Get the sense that people are demanding Belichick does that that has to be some accountability. Some apology some of this some of that. I for the life -- me I can't understand why. Well I actually think because they're holding this conference Wednesday and Thursday with a play -- the captains I think it's a good move because Friday morning. Whatever the press conferences I've already addressed that the players I've already dressed as the best way to move on the seems very good with dealing with distractions. Yes said dobbs dart on earlier -- reference -- although I think this was a little bit different a little bit you know different in the past. But it's the best way to handle -- that's all that's that's basically what I thought and begin to deal with this thing early put in the past. And the fact he's having on Wednesday I think. For Bill Belichick. You might be surprised he might speak a little bit more about the estimated he would if it was just gone to a Friday -- this is means what I do right. But think about it from forget obviously murders fifty times or sending gossip pages are productive but from a pitcher's perspective. From turning up the TVs for not listening to the noise Weis is any different than. Spy -- why is any different than. -- avoid being released if you think about it just coldly calculated what difference does not. That big of a difference when you're just ignoring the noise again it's way worse but it's actual core it's not that different. I listen to curtain and and thank you sir by the way. For for sticking around a little bit longer on both enjoying this first segment with Kirk made in an. And yeah. Yeah you'll know you'll look back -- crap you're not I don't know my. Just your -- to see it's everywhere in the web along with I guess Howard Stern as well but is exciting evening doubles. Unless it gets more patriots stuck at 1 o'clock bull also to bill -- -- alive at 145 but next. -- smeared nice enough to call early on he's gonna come in and join me we'll look back to Jon Lester what that start means the second half. Some comments from play buckles Alex beard joins me next.

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