Jul 24, 2013|

a new sit-com with Clay Bucholz and John Farrell not agreeing on anything.

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Ninety -- cable TV it's a brand new sitcom starring -- uncles and John -- cohesive. -- strength is there. Range of motion is there and coming from -- -- vs our strength and the odd couple of sports who don't agree on anything but he says he's been working to mention Clinton put muscle -- -- months. -- know the -- thrown around and John says he hasn't really been consistently working their emotional give and all clay is always refer. Start and stop in this whole -- processing rehab. Jones says please strange these OK in that exam on Friday do the test results from strengths are all consistent with what they've been publicly insists the strength just isn't there are two really good per -- -- two -- -- and we'll go from home. We don't do what -- restrained. Or wouldn't work. Instant message he says he says -- the frustration wise is that when he's been able for a long toss. Aggressively and there's been no issue there were hurt me every -- in -- -- the only bit of manufactured drama. In this Red Sox season.

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