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Greg Bedard on the Belichick press conference

Jul 24, 2013|

Greg Bedard of SI's new site MMQB joined the show to preview todays Belichick press conference. Greg recalled a story when he nearly came to blows with Aaron Hernandez.

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Fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan I said it before I'll say it again today has the potential to be an interesting if not fascinating if not. Game changing day around here prosecutors are suggesting. To a grand jury. That Aaron Hernandez -- charged with a double murder from last summer. Here in the south and in Boston Eric Hernandez makes an appearance in Attleboro district court for a probable cause hearing and Bill Belichick -- say. Different kind of pre training camp press conference at 145. Which we will carry -- series. Question -- -- TV station like ESP and her New England cable news and it split screen sure Hernandez someone said Belichick and the amount of possible absolutely yeah. Is Hernandez's hearing it has elements right and what was said Belichick runs Belichick still -- only nationalist to clock. Imagine that split screen one yeah once the only handcuffed. You'll need the sound from Attleboro district court for the perfunctory exactly don't need to say is this a while -- talking to -- That's an awful lot -- a good idea I joining us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LT old friend at a new place it's Greg Bedard now with MM QB the B Monday Morning Quarterback website started by Peter King. Nice job so far Greg I feel like -- new digs. Thanks guys so far there also is so good I think that. You know we're off to a pretty good start and there's some more stuff up our sleeves and -- -- the next couple weeks and hopefully we think this through the this season and make it decimation. Reading for anybody as far as you know -- Talked about the philosophical approach to what did you hope to accomplish but first things first as I said this could be a game changing kind of day at least interesting may be fascinating it feels like it should be. A different kind of press conference today worldly Belichick is going to speak do you think it will be Greg. I think it's actually if you're if you're expecting some sort of monumental day in the in the history of the patriot I think you're going to be let down because I'm one -- -- the company and its hearing. Is going to about -- marched right you know obviously the grand jury indict him on two murders that's something. But I I I don't know that happened Larry and that's part spell -- press conference. You know I don't expect they're should be. Some sort of seminal moment that you know people working point two I think that he's gonna. Say what he wants to say economic problem. I would guess you can make some sort opening statement it will take a few questions they'll try to give that a -- as soon as possible and turn the focus words. Football season which is you know what they're paid to prepare for it and that will be it for the franchise. Are you don't think even Bill Belichick a stubborn and as. You know direction policy can be. Can say we're only talking about the people who are here on this team he's no longer with us and move on I mean that would demean the entire. Gravity of this remarkably. We are offseason. Yeah I don't think he'll say that I think that hill. -- pick something along the lines of it's an unfortunate situation. Come you know I don't even -- Whether he addresses the death of the discipline with the death of oh lord -- much her a ticket you know. Might be wise to make some mention of it right. And then. And then he'll try to get out of as soon as possible though answer a few of the burning questions about the situation but I don't expect him to be very. Forthcoming I -- stole all people but you know maybe we see the -- where -- He gives the answers but doesn't really give answers. We we hear Aaron Hernandez name out of his mouth. I highly doubt I -- yeah I mean look good the patriotism organization I I think they'll. What they've always done with state injured players is -- like they're not even there there invisible so I think as far as they're concerned. -- that does not exist the end he's now -- -- now known as the situation. Bomb. And that's about it. That's taken and the Jersey Shore guys took that ultimately he trademark that I think he will not say. I agree would you guys on Nazi Hernandez's name he will say olden Lloyd's name if the does that personally it sounds dues somewhat sympathetic to the president at some human makes him more human Greg did you see I assume you saw what. With Tom Brady had to say two years to your arm slave drive and boss over their Peter King. It was a little cold a little callous. The the the comments -- made but I'm wondering. Does he have a choice to have a choice stick and asked the asked about. The situation don't they have to say well Brady said were movement on where only worried about winning football games. They do I and I think that's because. You know what is. What's really the point in looking back -- as far as they're concerned what's the point in looking back concerning. You know I should have. I should've seen the signs when -- and should have helped the more should've done this what should have done that. I mean that I'm maybe some of the guys are doing their privately but I don't think he's been much of -- doing their publicly and in truth be told I don't either so. You know this is -- just about an unprecedented. Situation in the bell Atlantic -- a look. I know what the situation as you guys know the situation is but look that would that the New England Patriots are paid to win football games and they deceit -- starts on Friday and they haven't she's in the get ready for it's unfortunate what happened but they have jobs. Your first column for MM BQ QB MM QB. Was. About how they are really good. Put in distractions behind them overcoming adversity and to kick and pass. You mentioned. Spy gate and then Bledsoe. Injury and lawyer -- getting cut. This is compared any of those things fell to witness in this uncharted territory. I think that I think that it's somewhat similar -- despite gate in that. You know it's more than just stay. In the NFL story I mean in that it's -- national. Just news story in that you know despite it was. People accusing them of basically having cheated their way to titles and so that was a huge story and that happened. During the season mind you they dealt with that on the fly so I think it's it's somewhat similar but. You know that you regardless of how -- purple situations are I think that come. The patriots deal -- in the same way they can you know they they they don't talk about him spell check doesn't. Let the immediacy of sweat and he tells the players looked only attorney questions reform back to me. I'm in charge here I need to answer the questions -- not answer the questions so you guys just worry about playing football and I'll take care of the rest. Aircraft talked obviously to those three guys said he like -- and as I know you said you like Hernandez just like craft them -- -- -- -- that was a killer but just personally Greg. You sit around now sort of think about god I was a locker room you know I've talked to a guy for a couple of years. Who killed at least one person now looks like may have killed two other people on the just personally I must be kinda strange human grapple. Yet Kirk I I keep from. You know I I had find interactions with. -- for the most part I mean the but I -- some really in the locker room and I saw maternity a player would like Josh McDaniels kids are there and -- and kids on the field after practice and I didn't have a I didn't ever run in with him. Last year in February were actually. It was my first glimpse at sort of the other side of -- and and and as. -- you know you. We we didn't come that we that we were about to come up most -- you know he got Mike Kris and I got his base in any you know I look back at that interaction from like. He's a lot of somebody had to get on the plane the kind of coming here because who knows that. If he could have been packing it was it was in -- I I really don't wanna get into what it was you know he was doing something. -- doing that we it was a it wasn't official function or whatever it was just sort of ran into each other someplace and he was doing something really. Juvenile that. It was just it was just something stupid some them are called can we do you know you might get a little bit -- trouble worked closely. Towards the European that you're being an idiot and you know. Shouldn't do this kind of stuff and he -- he started yelling at me about a grown ass man you know we get. Who really think you are and I -- elected -- -- not act more like like one right now and then we both went back and forth to each other. Com. And and you know things were fine after that and you know. On the next day at practice and they'll use the same kid that -- You know you look back at those types of -- issues like well maybe it should be a little bit more careful yeah. We're talking -- -- Greg bug by Greg Bedard from MM QB Peter king's new website. Matt Light said. I never have embraced what Aaron Hernandez was all about or stood for. Now that seems to me that it's a step or two beyond you know I don't like how we treated a little people or his personality or something does that to you. Greg Bedard indicate an insight into the outside world of Aaron Hernandez that may be other players who weren't free to talk about to talk about it. Would have as well which shares well -- Just like if they're that -- it would mean I mean OSHA could you know I agree we really don't know the context I will -- -- From talking. Some apparent former teammates since this all happened. Bomb. There were things going on. In the locker room around the team. That. Players knew about -- appear a bit. But they at least had knowledge of or suspicion up that -- was involved in things that he should have been emboldened. It and I think a lot of them. Kept their mouth shut mostly because the patriots in -- Players tell -- that this would -- don't we kept her mouth shut because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it difficult not to talk about anything and just worry about football and all the sudden now they want us routing a lot of purple are one of our teammates like. You know so. I think there were players at their suspicions about Aaron Hernandez who was involved and in some sort of -- really know what they were up by. Yeah I think that was somewhat known by people -- not everybody in the I don't even know a lot of guys but I think that some people other suspicions about there. All the players have there knowledge and suspicions would it be logical or illogical to assume that the coaching staff may be some place in middle or upper management would know as well. Or is that too big -- leap. Well I mean I think that they should've. I think it should have done their homework and I think you know in in all their deal and now I'm not saying they should not have drafted him. In the -- product but I was still as far as -- us find value but. What I know about people come in and around organization. They didn't have really other than marijuana they didn't have any red flag here in and some. You know from. In other teams have more on -- and I'm sure people are gonna say all will now they're gonna say it but the truth of the matter is like him on the beat the middle 2010 -- my first questions. When I was watching the patriots was. How the heck -- aero -- at last into the fourth round. This guy's unbelievable. He's so talented and -- just pop. That that might drop even in the first round top senate more so I talk to people -- -- And you heard the whispers that some people thought. They were more than whispers people that had direct connection to. Coaches on that university or the staff and they knew about the punch in the guy incident and they knew about the gun incident advocate at. After the Gator Bowl or whatever it was and why -- patriots do their homework -- -- why didn't pay especially. If the Internet all the teams kept coming back Q what these guys from home. They're not -- or -- is not good with them. If you're the New England Patriots in your -- into our way from his home town should you be doing homework on this and think you know it just made just. Doubling back just to make sure you're doing the right thing so I think it's the same thing with -- and being on the team. If it's typical but I think now the patriots realize you know what before we get to port on the road with a contract extension was asked a couple the team leaders on the team like. Illustrating that we should know that we don't know that we haven't asked about him you know maybe it's nothing but -- -- it's. I wonder of follow Belichick has a problem with -- as well Urban Meyer because there are few things going on Florida. And maybe may Belichick didn't hear about a may be -- didn't. Include those. In his full report about Aaron and Aaron Hernandez but you're -- right. Greg ESP and the story yesterday. I saw is that feature. And the areas in college and he is off the charts talent that he's the best tight end in the country that John MacKey award winner I believe. And just so -- and you send. May be second round like gronkowski may be late second even but fourth. Four we and and you know tattoos and mean he's just so good that if they they had taken there but you're right the extension is where you have your questions when you heard what Matt Light said. Way back when when he said that he never embraced never believed in anything Aaron Hernandez stood for. That's really kinda. Nebulous and unclear what does that mean to use that pollution two to two kings. -- -- to me quite honestly very to me Wednesday. Quick reaction and -- how far can -- distance myself from the students as possible because it looks like he's going to be charged with murder bloody and take it at some sort of you know grandiose. Aaron Hernandez was the bad dude. You know I didn't take it is that I took it as -- and is charged with murder Matt Light peak is. I'll reputation. As a community leader as the duty -- -- dirty work. As a father as a husband. -- take that very seriously and who knows maybe in the -- run for office one. But he wanted to distance himself for an edit as soon as possible and as cleanly as possible and that statement to me did it. The other big differences. As you wrote in the piece is that you know. By you whose lawyer -- yep Friday Harris and you lose Tom Brady I value mr. blitzer you have Tom -- yet offers by EB don't lose any players the big difference here is. Forget all the other stuff about being a much larger situation. You actually lose the guy on the field and you can't replace and that to me is the biggest difference between this and all the other stuff that's happened during the Belichick got there. Yet Gergen that's also why. You know when when people get in this sort of debate about -- way -- -- me right now coming from underneath my bed yet here because it scared me. -- -- -- -- But I think I think the only reason why. Be the only sort of some fault but I have with the patriots is. Obviously nobody knew her and this was going to commit murder but. You know as far as -- Don't the last -- impact on the team as part salary cap and as far as on the field like you know that's where the patriots where I think that they'd they'd deserve a little bit of blame because they kept. Taken -- hit there. In both areas and that affects the team's ability to win games feel. I think in this situation I think the papers will. Do what they always do they're gonna roll the ball up there come training camp they're gonna they're gonna get a good look at everybody. In at the end of day they're gonna determine. All right which got which I'd give it the best chance to win at buffalo which guys of the other guys into the Sebastien went to -- they're gonna. They're gonna figure out of 53 man roster and how they're they're the scheme is gonna go there and not married to that too tight -- scheme. We can keep him out there -- you know to running backs and only use and one wide receiver. Too tight ends and all sorts stuff but I hate it there there's no question apparently in this column. In efforts from people in the -- organization as far as an app. -- tight in a move I'd rather pay that they use in their system there Hernandez. Was the best in the league and that's gonna hurt by. That does not mean that the patriots can overcome it they just need to find the way to do. But in the big picture Greg Bedard does this represent for Tom Brady -- -- -- this this is thirteenth or fourteenth I think fourteenth season. Up present his biggest challenge yet. No crawled at least for a while no Aaron Hernandez no Welker no -- no would -- and a bunch of new and young guys who we all know based on experience take a while to ramp up and get on the same page with Tom. His biggest obstacles biggest challenge of his career. I would agree that. You know I mean it it's funny because it's just. He keeps saying all right well. You know -- probably in the top themselves this year right 2010 with two rookie tight -- -- Randy Moss in the middle season. With not many. You know other weapons outside of that I thought that was. And that was just a tremendous season for him and I thought the you know it. It was just it was unreal watch him operate that he's -- by now I mean it's even more the challenge and this is going to be you know this is brilliant at the limits of what Josh McDaniels is capable of as an offense quarter I think jobs. Is one of the smartest guys in the room in that building and I -- and I think he's tremendous offensive coordinator. Is that he he's in earnest money this year. Final question I said we get back to this when Peter King took the entire staff. Of MM QB website out of very expensive restaurant but everybody steaks and wine and said this is our mission statement. What was the mission statement what what was he subtlety. He was selling to -- that. We were going QB. He thinking person's. NFL site that we were gonna try to. That bring people inside the game two different stories and in different ways that hadn't been done before were basically get a try to do a bunch of new things we might -- something we're gonna go downswing and hopefully people will like. Most all of first -- -- 2100. Followers snug like a million -- and so it's it's growing exponentially I think. Yet it down so why I mean I I -- I didn't know what to expect but it's all been Peter's vision and he's got some great and there's work with them but I think. I think as far as me being a football fan -- you know I think we're doing tremendous work there's more. In the bag this and become an out in the next a week -- week to common. You know I have to stop -- that I hope people like during the season worm getting back to doing my analysis the people like typical open. So like that's sort of become QB MM QB dot com and check. He's Greg majority just told where to find him Greg thanks for the time appreciate it should be an interesting day -- talk you down the road are red carpet doesn't tell -- -- AT&T -- AT&T four GL BET. Particular pal Howard Stern won't be back you'd think skeletal or did you shaved head.

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