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Jerry Remy: Sick of Arod

Jul 24, 2013|

Jerry told the guys that he thinks it is time for Arod to go, that he has already had too many chances. Remy added that he thinks Lester came up big last night.

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Our conversation -- Jerry Remy has brought to you by Alexis Watertown new England's number one volume Lexus dealership online at Lexus of watered down dot com Newton Wellesley hospital as well of course our great friends at Cumberland farms Jerry joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LT TE good morning Jerry how are you. Are on very very well seems to me that that is the Jon Lester the Red Sox have been looking for. Do you think the performance was due to the extra days' rest. His approach to the hitters what look different seem different to you about Lester last night -- Arab. He looked very similar to what he did the last outing had an Oakland prior to this you know extended rats that thought they had a a real good game against the and he -- about the run that gave them -- in the red dot couldn't score. But I thought he pitched well that him I think he generated in the last night I think the additional time probably helped the -- Physically. And you know what he did in my opinion last night is you know instead of -- a lot of cut out all the groups brought you bat ball. To get -- got up and away from guys. And that's a little bit different you know he would then they get used to so you used to seeing him nor those -- down and -- That left -- they had look at them the different but I think it surprised them a little bit. That they would get getting that pitch and they were getting -- help out -- -- up and awaited studies are a lot of swings and misses. I'm good like that so I think you know the great sign for the ride but great sign a lot -- but I think gets back to back very good about that -- That is it fair to say that that's the kind of performances they're going to need from Lester going for they can't come they can't count on 34 and five in this rotation which -- always been very very good. To hold the for all the way through -- -- September into October. Yeah I'd that I mean you know you're gonna have to have blood John as it is is one delete visit W Buckley was the beginning of the season along with -- let me -- we don't know what buckled going to be back. And you know somebody's gonna take on that number one goal and obviously -- is is is the prime candidate to do that so. You ought to be successful whether Red Sox are gonna have to pitch well and it's easy it's kind of stopped the bout with -- And trickles down and you know the pitching -- a little bit flux right now because. I don't the bullpen you've got -- what you -- but I got down there right now so it is too little bit difficult. You don't know what exactly roles are right now and and what's going on to that try to fight their way through this -- You know in house would guide from -- our organization and then now we'll see if that brings upon any kind of deal to try to -- And Rem dog obviously there's a long way to go but do you get the sense that in the organization. And in management upper management and with the man should you could cassettes and these guys thank. They're going to the post season this year. Well I think the players think so yes let you know I don't know I don't know what management -- but I mean you know they've proven in the first -- -- very resilient group -- -- -- -- -- some tough games. That -- bounce back the next night last -- was a great example of that to get a -- and stay in first place and then you know you've got a -- -- walk -- home -- you've -- the kind of -- You know like the -- that he nothing's going right for you know and you know hopefully. It continues that way in they don't have any major injuries that a the rail ride so. I did date you know I'm sure I know the players feel like they can surely get the. -- else did and do some damage once they get there and I'm I'm sure the way you know they played in the way they've won -- management has the feel same white. But they haven't been it's been hit you know they've avoided long losing streak that. That's the key in the -- the in the way you avoid that is by you know having good pitches and in -- clutch performances like they did last night because. The last -- could have been content that devastating but it could have been you know you lose that -- most of your out of first place you -- -- -- back a game that happened right so when you -- David -- going tonight against -- though they reveal there's some big wins and I would go out at a very big win. Do you believe it was a scheduled day off for Jacoby Ellsbury is this something else behind this story. I think it was scheduled I'd I'd I'd have no reason to. The question about it and deliberate on a story about giving guys like that time. It is that time a year you know you're getting into the woods July and then August and as you know -- get fatigued and and even though it's close to being out of the all star break I think he's trying to. Spread timeout among guys the F confidence in his bench because they've produced -- like our. You know a guy Greg -- -- -- -- on it and that I've done a good job because the option of putting victory you know it's an appeal. You know it was a great and outfielder in the National League. So you know it it makes it a little bit easier to get guys today. And I think in the long run what you get -- September that pays off because another biblical every day. And you know that war bug them days -- when you know what it's really gonna crunch time. -- when they first start talking would last offseason journal Pedroia and extending him. I thought that it probably 1820 million a year for those rough for a guy in his late thirties by -- contract -- but I can't find much to complain about fourteen million a year for this guy. Pretty young next seven years a hundred million bucks seems like a good deal on both sides. -- I think so yeah I mean you know he's got what he wants. He's got a ton of money and he's good he's get a chance to stay where you want would be. I mean this guy -- you'll want to play these that he grew up in the organization. As easy as he's said many times they took a chance dot com. So you don't eat eat -- -- -- plan is going to let you know he wanted to finish is Korea. The Red Sox went revealed they don't want to know I'm just deal was gonna do like a bargain. Result you know I think it's a win win for both sides he's -- it is great to have him as a state of the organization. Because they wouldn't try to draw people and hit play. You know -- say look at the main guy Pedroia is how he plays the game and so he goes about his business to Google look at -- up and that's attractive but that the other players so. I think for a lot of reasons on both sides to it makes sense and you know if it does take some pretty deep you know it was. His grip for a middle infielder but you know got to play longer now than they did. In better shape they're playing longer and you know what it's I'm glad that and I you know I'm glad I'm slapping him and I'm glad for the Red Sox. And I hope this doesn't sound too touchy Feely but kind of piggybacking on what you just said. Him being the face of the franchise doesn't that send a message through the organization all the way down to a ball that we reward people who do like this. Yeah absolutely. You know and -- and also. You know way. Think it proved that you don't have to -- that would you know. Five and then -- went to that either good ballplayer I mean you can you could be a great ballplayer being his side today and it and it shows everybody in the organization that. -- eagle and you hustle everyday and you play like at the final game you're gonna play that's what he does every every game he played like the last game got to play in the big leagues. You know I've got and you you know you perform obviously. You're gonna be your water for a we're gonna -- area. And I think it -- a great message about the clubhouse right now like this the type of guy that you know that we want and we have been viewed as a kind of guide it. We're gonna build teams the -- next seven or eight years and I I think that's great example because how could you you know how to keep your team made him. Watch him play day in and day out and not wanna be like him anything less than that. And and you know -- it just it's infectious just rub off by. Major -- feels better to a Major League ball player as the trading deadline approaches the management goes out and adds a piece or two to say we're going for it or management does nothing and essentially look you in the eye and say. We think we got what we need in this clubhouse. I think it depends where you are the standings and in this report -- but the Red Sox are right now I think if they they go out and do nothing at stake we have enough. You know I think that would be fine with them I think -- you know more of what grumbling comes when you're -- maybe 3456. Games out. And you need a couple of pieces of the puzzle and and it doesn't happen I think that's when you know they thought they -- -- I don't care about -- -- goal of one of the -- And so I think a lot of -- is where you are understanding now -- -- will will they accept some help. Absolutely you know because people as I said there are some things right now that a property then. And you know could could could use who has some lump sum of bolstering. And you know that may happen before the deadline but. I think certainly as I said it depends what you -- know this group. Pretty well and then and I -- that they're all very confident in what they're doing. What they've done and what they think they can do throughout the season so nothing was done you know I don't think it would bother many of at all. But does the fact that clay came back from doctor Andrews yesterday. And projected that he's gonna make four or five more starts -- it seems to me he's -- September here that compel the Red Sox to look my. With with more finger at somebody like Jake Peavy. I'm sure I'm sure they -- you I would be subscribed that they are not out there a look at presiding that you -- are also not gonna blow up. You know the minor league system. To add you know one guy they're not gonna do that but if they can make a reasonable deal you know I'm I'm quite sure they'll do that because it does that you said doesn't look like. I think you'd probably don't have the before Barack. But -- is able to come back you've got a lot of work to do before he. Can pitch in a Major League game so you know I'm sure that's on the top they'll -- that maybe adding to the bullpen I think those two areas. That they're probably looking at right now about whether they get something -- -- not. I think it depends obviously on the price you know what that's come across the more you know what what kind of talent that kind of caught the look at a prospect that got across the attack could be a money issue. It's going to be you know week we can't afford to give this guy happened to go to prospects hope. So I think they'll look at that both in the bullpen and probably inside rotation with bad news. Who borrow one earned run in the last 21. Innings they all set and closer. I think so you know he even made an ideological united miles an hour -- get a lot of swings and misses on his fastball and the good split up and the big thing that he throws strikes. -- and he and -- allowable. Strike -- that that you want -- games you want guys committed you -- -- you're walking people. And they don't walk people like me nuts is -- I had some huge strike outs in the game last night I thought. And then we are comes in and closes without really you know as you've been doing so you know I think they're okay yeah I mean I have. Total confidence when he comes in because he's got that -- that you get that split fingered fastball that's really nasty. And and it makes his fastball look back with a one and actually is because you see guys swing at about a mile out bat or put this put in the 96 mile an hour fast ball. I think that is the deception that he the need New York office it is and it makes it difficult you know for the that a result. You know wanted to keep us put down his own he's going to be okay. Got it polished and say what is commissioner Jerry Remy do about Alex Rodriguez. -- -- -- Feel it -- -- given all of them. I -- -- -- -- -- you know but it is clearly -- -- it -- want that implies. You know get out of the game I mean -- it would that they got the rules and plays they've got as being -- Did they all know what the bill they all know. You know what the penalties. They all know what they're doing you know I think he'll let in I'm tired of it. But the whole -- thing in him and you know clean the game up a good Lisovicz has to do it. I think it if they analyst right -- they could clean the game up you know their -- gonna try to. The beat the system somehow the baseball and apple. Other testing but. You know put these guys who have been pre warned they know there's no excuses anymore feeling that that's what I like. So I guess the Ryan -- plea bargain for you yesterday was a good thing for Major League Baseball not a bad thing. I think it was a great thing yeah league baseball you know I think that. I think that did make an effort to put together as clean as possible. And you know -- -- them whatever you know these labs got going. And just continued going on that way because it's it's it's just not right I mean that when will we watch what period of time. You know what seventy home runs and that was a joke and it was a total joke in a mockery of the game. In it and and for me you know I hate to think guys that hit thirty home runs that was in a lot of home runs and I got guys did that he would definitely give me a break. You know so I mean if you get so you get sick of that as a as a former -- terrorism the current plan. And you know you've got a -- like but hopeful about the approach that right -- all right now but today I felt it I think golf. And here is that the one that caught you know he'll let us. A jury what we leave you with this I got my calculator out yesterday and it isn't a -- computations. It seems to me that even with Dustin Pedroia is fourteen million a year he still fall short of the former Red Sox second baseman the king of Remy enterprises he still a little bit behind you based all the stuff you've got -- At. -- I don't know I don't think I will be at work tonight at at at and I think that the so we'll put dry yeah yeah but there. We may get a little boy just born. And raised the price hot dogs out of the airport my friend. It takes we protect -- graduate Dennis and Callahan a conversation brought you by -- is watered down. We want volume Lexus dealership online at Lexus of watered down dot com also. Like new Wellesley hospital and our good friends at Cumberland farms and on the AT&T.

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