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Howard Stern rips Dennis & Callahan

Jul 24, 2013|

john, Gerry and Kirk respond to Howard Stern's rant against the show.

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You'd think scale it tore it U shaped head. Our best friend Howard Stern will get him in just a second Jerry -- up making a little less money than the preview of in the current second baseman. What will be making it more government mimics that surely is not ready yet to cross is -- decks that you think it's because fourteen million a year. Hot dog at the airport apparently. Fifty bucks it was worth -- gonna be hot dog it was awesome -- and Greg Bedard from Peter king's new website will join us as well and Howard Stern thank for fun hypothetical. Bill Belichick press conference which we will carry live at 145 right. This just for fun -- check this is opening statement how long that takes any shows little compassion and mentions the Lloyd family and so on and so forth and at the end. Completely out of character. Bill Belichick says Bible answer one question about this and one question only viable answer fully. And truthfully. What would that one question -- think about that now yesterday. And this was a couple of days ago were you were trying to pay. Howard Stern a compliment. By saying I wish I had that schedule I wish I could work through forty. A week that makes 800 million a year he does what we'd do. In the you know gets up obviously gets up early bitches about it just like we do -- my. And -- he works on Monday Tuesday Wednesday. And then he goes to the Hamptons with the Billy Joseph hole all or jets off a Malibu where he takes his wife for he does this photo -- and his wife to do that to national itself right. Go out LA thought Jimmy -- right I mean he's got a great things go so indeed I was in my house for 52 million in -- I didn't even know that at the time might envy of that house I think is -- he's gonna have. Kids with cancer coming clean it up for -- do. I'll try to be a daughter Donna -- is not handlers -- at the -- -- the -- when it -- -- So so -- sets and difficult editing things to do in the past and this one might rise to the level of virtually impossible this is they portion compilation. Of powered rant against. Dennis and Callahan and I guess Manhattan if you think he's got -- tour. What is us but it's too. And you're just making fun you know play him. -- morning guys that it. -- are -- picking on I don't know with some morning guys never heard of but JD -- that tape this idiot and he's talking about go to look to be overturned reasonable word charitable work -- work around the clock. That's -- -- famous and you're not you've. Do when I was your rage at fifty jobs -- Right there looking at and the guy goes in not the whole thing many gators would wanna look like him because he's so ugly I'm so ugly have probably had more far. And my life and you'll understand and I'm so ugly. I guarantee I -- get related sixteen before it was famous a lot more than new looks like skeletal -- rate has JD -- your video clip and and radio guys the substitution bags just admit -- I'm your king like the way David Letterman in and and everyone suck Johnny's. You could suck mine so might as I can just take your audience and a day I've done that the guys. And you'll feel like. -- out with the -- what was that woman discovery in Dubai that's what you'll feel like a spread opened usual bag like to be when you grow up. I -- beat me just totally global would you estimate each gorilla may be many. Who like to be when you grow up. -- I -- beat me to be famous like would you like to the finals if Tiger Woods where you tied to move. Would you. To elect with little so ugly wounds. -- held talks like that can hurt you that two grown. And you know like -- -- a Villa looked to be held -- I would not the world can but I would be ugly. -- like you some sort of stud. It looked like Stella pork. That's. -- does this play just say you know playing right into my argument that he's he's great possibly the greatest. Among almost super fan but he is -- Right after he was then -- -- an embassy welcome Alec Baldwin in the studio sucked on his goes for an hour. And told the story of Alec in his curl pro life domino groups place in the Hamptons. And he says. America why did you leave the party after you left Billy jewel got up on the piano and played as -- song spoke. This murderer rock and roll rebel is hanging -- the Hamptons with Billy -- -- know people -- -- is the ultimate. Beautiful person now. -- is the biggest sell out on planet earth which. 800 million dollars that's fine but -- the its sensitive about it but he's not what you sensitive it'll work that is exactly right now Deming. He -- -- power position. Need to be that sensitive is he is he that's self I think it's part of the tally in the drop -- In -- part of the drugs being that thin skinned and that's sensitive that your all you know he always someone's coming after you even one year on the king and no one's. In the paranoid that's -- famous and you are not you. And doing this for ever with radiation misses -- -- -- pick a brilliant that meant took a deal for 800 million to go to satellite. And convinced his audience that he do it for. Artistic -- -- -- -- mean that is the most brilliant business bowel pumpkins oh he had to go to settling because. You know terrorists or radio holes let him be himself is right too restrictive and they wouldn't let him. Don't be would let Howard be Howard and he ends at Macon deal for in elect a billion dollars. Where you can buy a mansion in Palm Beach and private planes and we think he did it you know just for artistic she isn't just admit it I'm your king.

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