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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference, Tues. July 23rd

Jul 23, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference, Tues. July 23rd

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Turned and took a -- -- there and then it out. You know just the way Johnny came out of the bullpen tonight. He was strong. Seems like the added rested and some good. A lot of strikes. Power to his fastball for the full six plus innings of work tonight. In and got him at the 95 95 pitch mark just that would have been third time you would have grind it through. Men in scoring position situations so I'm. And then the -- has followed up with -- inning and a third just very good stuff obviously his stuff has bounced back very good velocity. I just -- well -- game. Other than that eighth inning and for the team. Well the it's -- to tack on any runs to give coach a little breathing room obviously it's a good thing but. I don't -- when Stephen stole second base to put a little bit different situation and -- the chopper over third so to spread it out even more with a two run base hit by Iggy. Good aggressive base running and we have to capitalize. -- -- it's less. Than Carter it's. It's. Just. In and if you go back and look at the last couple starts. You know he's probably changed up his -- distribution a little bit uses changeup a little bit more Carter earlier in the count rather than later. -- that was that was tonight that's not you know a defining game plan. But he was good to his arm side both whose fastball and his change up. You know he's got that covered go to an event that he needs it to -- on some right handed hitters which I'm sure that will be the case going forward but. I think most importantly the way he carried his stuff through the department -- was it was -- -- -- mention -- stuff out. What would have seen specifically what. It worked. It's probably more. In his in his approach mentally. You know there there hasn't been an adjustment delivery wise or anything mechanically or fundamentally. It's just more. And with an aggressive attack mode rather than trying to be a little bit too fine. And there was a point probably through four weeks ago where some fastballs lead back to the metal plate. And I think he was over compensating by trying to cut the ball a little bit to keep it away from right handers. And as a result but it the a little bit of a bad habit do them with Canada. And over the past two or three outings have been more -- trust your stuff and be aggressive and was in the velocity comeback. Time given the rest that -- -- on the start because it. Rose. Never one to diminish the any start but again. Where we are in the standings where they are knowing. Overall he's still in July but still this is this is a big game for us tonight and for him to come out and respond and take control game as he did bring urging him. Well. It is based on maybe some changes to -- overall attack plan. And again. Tonight was probably as most powerful as he's been all year I'm so. Another step in the right way for him. -- heads up of players up Victorino. And -- -- second there Pepsi's throws. What's with certain runners that we have in the first and third situation less than two outs if we see the ball go through the middle of the infield that that runner at third bases. Anticipating it and it just so happens a ball gets away on the throat on the second base -- still around with a double steal so. Can't say it's a planned play but. You know we didn't have a double steal on a case but it at the same time and change instincts clearly played out in that situation. In the the seven -- -- to or -- -- Against -- To keep it left handers on the bench. In that spot for him I'd probably. And should either Scott or Johnson. It was another out that hopefully we didn't have to extend hazards and further. That was that was the spot right there took it to I don't know -- -- and not have John go through that extra hitter. It. Said Ellsbury. And why. It's. -- It was more match -- match ups and you know I think he was three for seventeen against. Carmona Hernandez gave me. It was more just to pick a spot. As today.

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