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Jon Lester talks with Joe and Dave on how extended rest was a benefit

Jul 23, 2013|

Jon Lester talks with Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien about what changed between his last appearance before the all star break and this one, and how thinking less about pitch selection helped him tonight.

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John congratulations. What a performance tonight is that the best that's why you had a while. Yeah I mean it's been it was good tonight as far as locations -- throughout the game. You know felt felt a focus to break -- break was good for me. Mentally physically and I think that showed tonight. Does -- do any thing mechanically that was different. John -- talked about maybe you can just be working on some things to do employee any of that tonight. No I mean we. And I think the biggest thing for me -- get away from thinking about mechanics. No it's been such a stretch for me over the last. You know year. Going back to 2012 so. That the further I can get away from thinking about mechanics and just pitch selection and his pitch execution. The better off Miami and like -- that I think that showed tonight. Get a good changeup and curve vote if you were rare cutters tonight yeah you have view. Mean obviously faces guys funny at times and the to pitch that they've they've always. Seems like they've handled pretty well so. We pick your spots and and missed one there to Longoria and and you know heated seats but. For the most part both really good with that focus with with everything. And it's three talking about three title of pitching right John did you fascia the teams so many times. If they ever really good book on you you got to get some -- right yeah well it's not a matter someone else just a matter of you know maybe me you fishing got certain ways how many times you just make -- just -- that nose at the start and you go way. Instead of you know hero it's been a curve ball -- good changeup just. Notes it's almost. Seems like -- invent things out there but -- like you said it's just pitching and it's. It's going that plane that cat and mouse game that's that's fun when we. When you're feeling good and execute pitches what the plan they get an hour or two in the seventh and then leave after the sixth inning. No I think you know the thing there was just being at 32 game. You know maybe if somebody gets on just. Get a fresh arm in their new book you know I know I've battled through a couple of innings there early. Some with some runners on in and was able to get out of -- You know just with that. Would that be a close game and against these guys. I think did you warm there was it was good. And they couldn't be hotter than just a half game behind the Sox coming in and it's probably beyond that point were we we can say hey it's just plenty of baseball left. There's sixty games but there right on your -- this was a a huge outing wasn't for you to come up with him for the team to come -- Yeah absolutely. You know that the biggest thing is that you know we tacked on there at the end and ended up with the W and you know any time you can win games against. Guys in your division whether B you know whether they be half game behind her. Whether they be you know ten whatever it is it's it's always picked to be -- guys in your division and I was a big -- Forsythe team. Well congratulations Zhao is great to watch you pitch tonight thanks thanks John. No Red Sox win at -- to do it every game and a half lead over the rays.

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