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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/23/13

Jul 23, 2013|

You ask us, we answer us... errr... you!

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It's time for answers the question here to the question which saw it -- the big question. So -- should be yours not answering any and everything I'll answer that question it's a question that. Lots of questions coming in today 37937. To textiles at which point does a platonic thing out. Become a game how do you know what it's become. Excuse me while I would. -- -- Did you just tell. Like that it just that moment my answer is before they can you know accurate and wave before this one guy thing you always have no such a collision course this of course there is one side is always receive now that's not true apps now -- -- -- Mr. can be friends with you know they can be prepped for. My best friend has been my best friend is a girl we were we were each other's wedding parties means. Zero interests not quite what unit zero interest but she had such an -- -- had he seen me I think you need to bring it up to ourselves. You need to Canada. Why do that rental of very happily married there's -- -- look -- that the reason corporate officials. Not happily married so if you want you stop that that's not -- but it -- next question I think there's just that moment in tonic and all of a sudden you realize hole. Oh. About that we're just staring at each other releases into laws when it goes from the beginning to something -- we don't wanna leave -- -- don't believe that its -- -- awkward pause next question. You listen to your wife about what movies this yes. In fact it was -- exclusively. Like movies she's so much more up on that stuff and you for the most were chooses things that I like. She knows the two weeks now. Movies that I don't really know anything like that aren't necessarily big budget flicks with that are really -- movie once. Like an Irish wide and use it yourself moving that out. As a really remotely and albums and I completely trust that are in -- thing about it -- -- on -- same thing with city of god. My favorite movies when he -- power. What would you what that someone else. It was a really good. Which which I would drugs that word really theories from. Well it makes you -- -- chick flick over intellectual over super intellectual. But what the super intellectual moving titles. Now while it's subtitled the naked city of god sometimes when it's awesome you should see that. All about gangs and -- And Maria you know like over and it really -- -- next question. That with a if it's depressing -- -- Like anything our dog dies at the end forget there's no chance -- Never saw I knew it was great the next question. You ask your boss for raised. Are you asking Indian. You like this kind of -- genocidal acts and listen wolf you give us a raise now. And then either gives us a razor. Which you think is more likely an -- and human and her. Next question. When you ask your boss -- racers don't you think the most important thing. Is to explain to your boss what you deserve it as opposed to what you need. But you know what you deserve it how you pull that off here's yours and on to be very self serving here's what I have done here I can do for you here's what I do for your company. Here's what it might be like a -- as opposed to him in my -- a pilot you know today. Here's what this is what happened. I don't mean -- threatened at that kind of now while I guess you have to allude to without. -- that the best way to get breeze is too. Napster is to go to another company and once you more than what you got right there that your next question but never say that he needed because what you got -- who cares. Like. You know that he -- credit report before it's clear. Your problems are. What was your -- -- is -- picture it's just exactly chose to work -- you know next question. Do you have a favorite -- And it. -- -- The piano playing dog -- this Muppets and that's super self -- one that really -- center market one always talks about himself salt speaker. Yeah he always does is the guys in the gallery. Waldorf and step yet those those your favorites. Is so -- speaker always has me Rizzo was pretty good. Which -- Rizzo the rat rat. Our movie wasn't very good you -- Andy and Stewart she was terrible and it. Next question that knows she's she's gorgeous did. We have very different. What's the best part. Time and have a cigar. After your non platonic day after huge as heal injuries what kind of meals. -- -- Sony and maybe the -- enter. Our. Particularly after a full -- -- -- or not Camille more than eating -- So with that cigar. Cigar cigar bar or better to be gone back port the only outside the you know the smoke everywhere enveloping. This project it's -- in -- -- -- commitment I think it I think the idea of its -- within the actual. Action of -- to put -- in elegant theory like this great will be in this hour. Leather couches leather bound books the whole deal but you're in the -- -- here Lotta people inaudible. In a drummer. Yet are we gonna get out here. Dustin Pedroia is a very very wealthy man guess he has. And we taking on Tampa Bay tonight gives you gave yourself dark for Red -- -- -- -- -- to say. This is your season for the Celtics lose lose lose. Rob but no you're right you're absolutely right. Big game tonight Jon Lester I think he pitches well he's gonna win that particular pitch well I think he needs do for the for the Red Sox in order to do. What they would like to do at this trade deadline will be back tomorrow 2 o'clock talked about it soccer -- WE. -- -- Until that day counts. He really --

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