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Peter King, SI, on Brady's first public comments on Hernandez

Jul 23, 2013|

Peter King recently launched his brand new website TheMMQB.com and discusses the new site and talks about his interview with Tom Brady.

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Our number three a year ago Tom -- little -- with UTC filling in for Mike -- and -- mud back tomorrow I lost a close here. Well guess that was yesterday last Friday or another -- here somebody on the on the tax line. 37937. AG -- X line went on I guess I'm supposed to tell everybody it's lunchtime -- -- ski -- as -- around you can't eat candy launch -- launched a -- -- those guys -- launch right afridi launch lunchtime hour. What I can do my little part just to keep the stability of the show going on top of the hour here as progress though we're joined now by Peter King Peter King on the line here Rogge president Peter I don't. Andre is partly right -- -- yielded Peter. Peter that they MM and the QB side is up on Monday Morning Quarterback and it's funny in this. Society where we've all gone to a 140 characters in the short attention span it's great to see something like this Kamal tells the Genesis about this whole thing and finally getting some. So long form coverage of the NFL now back in one site. Well I mean Tom we really want to be all installed people at the MM QB dot com. Submit the commercial would be so let's give it covered at least say that. We wanna be all things to all football -- in theory EM MQB dot com. Don't know yet that every little music behind that'd be perfect that -- We you know really a long time ago that like going back collapse fall and I started. To really considered doing that's one of the things that I was thinking is that in an error when. 841. People go covered scouting combine which is an actual fact. In an error when when you have massive -- coverage of events in the NFL. Know what is really important what what what should we really struck which speed -- be writing about it one of the reasons why. I really wanted something symbolic almost the first thing we put up yesterday the first thing we had to operate out of the park yesterday morning. Jason you're 35 minute training camps speech he's seen the Dallas Cowboys. I wanted to take people inside the game -- and eat something they've never seen before and that's and you can't do that every day we're not -- -- -- We're gonna have different looks at thing we're gonna do great later this week what it feels like to be cut. As a player I think it's one of the most insightful things I've ever read from a football player by Austin later Erica project on. And so those are the kind of things that I wanted to do we want a video social media here. Steven Jackson could they -- intense -- great sinker I think Rex Ryan -- You intent in great thing we have a daily interview with a player it's it's you know we're just gonna try to. Be short be long and being read in between and try to be grateful but the game so many people are. Peter when -- brought up the hole the short attention span and 140 characters I've talked to Peter Gammons a lot when when he was leading ESPN and started writing firm for the MLB website and one thing he he realizes that everything was going shorter and he said you wanna be sure -- be long but they're just. Suddenly about 34 years ago there were very few places. Where you could go deeper you could Xbox and and that's writing as well as video. Everything was being geared towards that towards a short. Attention span was that part of the lore of this being able to go in depth when you saw something that needed to go that way. Yeah exactly how that's a great point and in fact. You know Peter -- her people who in this business I really look up to. Mean who in New England didn't grow up getting -- that your game of the notes common European Connecticut I couldn't wait my father there. Bring home globe after church every Sunday so I would dive into and it came -- notes column and really a lot of what I started to do with this Monday Morning Quarterback column. Was based on you know I wanted to try to do exhaustive looks at the NFL every Monday. And Peter Gammons really was on my inspirations for that. And I think he's absolutely right it is very few places now where you can go to get consistently. Good. Thoughtful longer stories again were not canopy of new Yorker and -- could be anything that. Eighty you know it that is going to be intimidating but. You know I think like today later on today about 2 o'clock I'll have a long story -- -- Colin -- I think it's. I -- understating or bigger reckoning it's the best interview he's ever -- ever. And even though he's not been around that long putt. You know I think you're very few times if I get an opportunity to -- good time with people. And they're trying to tell a really -- story about somebody. I'm gonna do it and I don't really care how long it takes then hopefully people like to read yet. Peter you also have the -- I think as far as your Monday Morning Quarterback goes a lot of people that a lot of eyes on your website at 3 PM when you released the interview with. With Tom Brady and we're all waiting to hear this team talk about a Belichick addressed immediate tomorrow the players on Thursday. Cited -- we -- -- at its most conservative groups say how it is you are with you. What that how open is he with youth -- because we I don't live up to be a fly on the wall to really talk to. -- property Tom Brady you know first of all it's a very. You know life goes on without Hernandez there's nothing we can do about it and we've got to block. It's it's. It is nothing startling nothing there will be any headlines that come out of it. But I have about a couple of other things that we do it three question interview with a player or somebody in the game every day street carts -- -- they've rated. It -- Rickie answer it if I can be too -- that your name but I never knew. Before -- park maintenance. That. He was gonna go to Vietnam. If he didn't failed his physical. I in 1965 yet free physical -- are a lot of pressure. And you know the military to induct. Yeah directive to get to get name it over Vietnam. Because they were trying not to treat anybody special but is knee was so screwed up you failed three physical. But anyway. And -- you know Brady is basically. You know he's here. There -- a good line in the air about how much he admires the Manning and and so little story about -- but. I wouldn't I wouldn't stop the president street court they -- Brady still does. Does does he get into his relationship with -- Hernandez who would maybe thought our. Now it was clear -- -- say it was pretty good now on but it's what to expect from Brady I think one of the reasons why. Probably everybody in New England loves this guy and I just because he's stood -- speak. Eight. There's never any excuse when you lose you just loose man out about it and beat. -- you know he's the no nonsense guys it's all about football. I you know one thing -- -- in the air in the near here and he basically. Remember this mean Louis 34 years ago. What I hear that story on him from magazines any talk about wanting to. Lately was forty and and everybody said holy crap that's there wants to play another eight years or whatever was there -- Army told me for that he wants the plate into its forty. Mean you know we want simply beyond forty. And so. I just think that anybody. Who had achieved what he has in life. And who has the money that he has and who is at the station that he is at in light. When he basically says he wants to play into his forties -- beyond forty. I think -- the -- pretty special situation that the patriots are incorporated. Peter in and around the words just an overall sense any feeling video of this a sense of disappointment from Tom Brady a sense that you know -- -- that just being -- down any feeling for sort of how he feels about all this be on the very. Carefully chosen words he uses. No not really I mean especially careful he's. I think he's he's just like his coat. He knows that his words are going to be -- a lot of their current weight it's like. You know what what I felt was so interesting in the for -- and the book. By the -- Shaughnessy is. Talking about you know basically how important. And you know whatever use they use in Boston. And you know because so many people over to England. Are hanging on every word and so. That's -- -- into it it's funny Jason Garrett reminded me this on Saturday I was watching his speech. Reminded me that every coach every really -- public figure. And the vast majority of them are incredibly boring when they sit at the -- -- the -- at the podium people always laughed at me. When I say. Andy Reid its pretty funny guy. Or is -- that you kidney. That guy's death warmed over pretty cocky you know he's he's terrible. But you know it's different if people know that. That the -- are and no Brady didn't torturing any. You know anything other man they were still basically. Which all of that brings us to tomorrow -- and I talked about that that Bill Belichick is gonna speak at 2 o'clock. I'm assuming we can just take that somebody from what Tom Brady didn't say it probably apply to a Bill Belichick won't say tomorrow and yet are you surprised at all that they are even having this that the patriots are trying to get ahead of this by meeting with the media before camp opens. -- you know I don't know I don't even know what they're what they're thinking inside I didn't even know this is different from anything they always do but I I -- You know you know that when Bill Belichick meets. With the media he's going to be at nine different questions are -- Ernie and Dennis -- in nineteen. That you can predict his answers right now you can you can write them down right now. What we -- some players who are here are some unfortunate situation. And there were gonna move on and work find somebody these two take his spot. And it's a tragic situation but we have to move on as a football team -- what we're gonna coach you guys who were here. If he's gonna -- some other words. And sentences. But that is in essence going to be I would think what he would say -- on built history. Because it keeps it simply he will refuse to allow his players or him. To. Have this be a daily story. Which is why I just somewhat short right shoulder I think and I'm gonna -- -- Monday camp and I think by that time it'll be. Incredibly talked out and played out and everybody -- just say okay what's next. And as ridiculous as it is when when what are your five pastor and best players. He's in Korea is in jail -- murder and it's it's it it sounds so ridiculous but. How many different ways can you ask the question that somebody isn't going to answer. It Peter Roger Goodell we look at this league right now and Holland Tunnel with a number since the Super Bowl 26 points have between players all personnel arrested. What what is he looking to do it can you fix this thing is the responsibility of the team or is just at that you can't control they do in the off season. Well. Lou -- tell you this I am first of all I think you have to determine how different. The NFL it from society at large. And you know I have no my column last week that in essence compared to. Two without the last 52 weeks in the NFL. Compared to the calendar year 2000 and in the United States. You know 13 below the amount of population in the NFL battery or one or rather. Got arrested as compared to the larger society. So and again there's no question. That it's disturbing the transit to Europe here and 5855. Players in the last sixty senator that he weeks. Who have been arrested. But. I do you think the NFL is concerned they're very unhappy about win win win ever. The impression is given that their players some old. A preponderance of their players. Or involving criminal activity. I just don't happen -- think it's a preponderance now per hundred number anyway. But these guys it may. He on the NFL right now -- I think is doing almost everything that it can't. To do this and the only way to stop this murder really stemmed the tide. It's still not draft and not take chances -- free agents. Kuwait at checkered past like Aaron Hernandez like -- until -- to stick around 83 speakers are targeting union regular ball. -- could I could be talking almost any team you know -- who has had some arrests. But teams are not gonna do that they're not going to see a guy whose talent that. And indicates that Hernandez who may be should've been in the 45 or thirtieth player picked. And then he's down you know -- a 113 -- fourteen. It you know I think teams are then going to say we're willing to take this risk -- a -- scorers that Tibet we're kind of and that's what you gonna do -- any player anyway but. That's why I think the only way to really stop that used to draft and sign -- free -- eagle -- teams that want to do that. You Robert Kraft -- months and he was duped by Aaron Hernandez -- I don't think immigrants and blame in this this organization is I don't think there's -- possibly can think of this guy's an alleged murderer. Vote but was there information out there who was there this troubled past was their big red flags about -- and as you heard of. You don't yet they were people around that time -- Because. Because of his positive marijuana test I think Albert Berger who was working to open the side. Com. He positive marijuana test at Florida. And I think one city one of the things at the time. That. He you know he started the key here is that. Here's a guy who got in trouble -- high school and really started to turn right around the -- Google would still. We you know we still have very boisterous and sure I'd term it. Now you know so a lot of people saying that when they take him in the NFL they can handle. One thing that I had heard about Armenian news that you really want and he was that the tightening. Who pals around with a lot of his teammates the way from the facility some aren't sure that. Basically when his own way when he left the facility and you know I don't know what that means but I think there are a lot of people in the organization of really -- now -- and. Well we all are no more bottom by the day now and it hasn't been -- what we've known good luck with the new web -- the MM QB dot com and you'll be posting someone like about it though Lindsay so far Peter and it's gonna need to a year you sort of layering stuff throughout the day Iran is that the -- continue -- posting new stuff throughout the day. Yes exactly we're -- posts. We're post it's been six times today but the mean time birdied 11:2 -- 5 eastern and so hopefully give the test drive in the see if you like it and we're trying to just try to cover the NFL and the different way and I hope people enjoy it. Very cool the MM QB dot com it's up checking -- right now Peter King thanks of the dot. My record crowd below RPR. That's Peter King -- Hoops spokesman Mike and or do that led to that that's Peter King guy it's cool website and it'll be interesting. You know in this day fantasy football where were all looking for constant updates we've all got a million web sites is another when you gonna throw in the hopper here. You know see what they post throughout the day but does some some pretty thoughtful stopped reading a lot of it yesterday great beside the road confined to just not a given name but. About that for -- and call. That all NFL executives Andrew -- wrote a great piece. Talking about when executives go through and that phone rings at 4 AM and you gotta go get a guy in jail and go councilmen and the final line you walk. Between being their counsel your player and his family and shall support. And yet show that the behavior is unacceptable. And and by the way we might be ending our relationship with you by the end of the day. Again because of the contract. Because of the ability for team to walk away from the contract. That's the only sport where that happens those two and calls for -- can happen any team. Nobody else knows that pain was so that's like go to you're you're there to support your your employee -- at the time you walked a fine line in the NFL. Between support and yeah okay that's enough -- Sure absolutely but in -- pictures there Hernandez me not to listen. At a time of the release -- an -- -- the charges war. But that was at you -- thanks we just cut you there we just signed to a deal by the way now gonna go after the bonus money we gave him a baseball the Bruce doing right now. Can't wait to pay this guy ten million next year in a 117. Of the engineers. I bet you can get him -- the not where average rate now I'm trying to -- steroid use -- alleged murderer but are getting out of -- our business all of the two sports. And again bring it back to what we talked about -- -- in the very first segment today. Major League Baseball needs to find -- way. And that the players are never going to give into what the NFL has given the NFL union was broke him and knocked down and and did whatever could get back on its feet. That's why. They don't like the way you dress. That you like you go on and it felt. Baseball's never you know you baseball's never gonna let that -- But baseball's got to find a way to get players on board. That if you test positive if you are suspended for performance enhancing drug use we get ripped up that contract and sick and you -- -- Well it is it's it has billable will talk to media we heard from Robert -- a few weeks back. Talking about auditing in in changing direction how they wanna go about certain things and it was quickly put the test right -- Alfonso -- Well when we come back I want to talk when I was put the test yesterday. With a certain individual they cut almost silent about it asked not and that's next.

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