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Tom Verducci: Arod had the War and Peace of PED regimens

Jul 23, 2013|

The great Tom Verudcci joined the show to discuss the latest with Ryan Braun. He told the guys that MLB has far more evidence against Alez Rodriguez than that of Ryan Braun.

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I suppose with the exception of MLB tester -- low rent those who would you rather talk to this morning. But our pal from SI SI dot com and MLB in my estimation the best baseball journalist on the planet. Our friend number Gucci joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT is good morning mr. -- -- how are you. Good -- -- well and yet when we like here and you know Lauren he junior. He'll get a hobby surprised it's not you good day or bad day for Major League Baseball yesterday Tom. You know what. It was a good day was certainly historic day and I'll tell you why I mean you look at that statement. From Michael Weiner executive director of the players association applauding. Any suspension without an appeal. By Ryan brawn and guys -- the first time. Blair has been suspended without positive drug test because I want to order eleven to not put down -- positive drug test -- -- -- -- And for him to accept it suspension. Without any kind of appeal -- fight. I think -- would target at union is primarily interested in protecting the clean players are not dirty -- a match -- this would have happened. Ten years ago Carolina twenty years ago. Maybe you're more a year ago I think it had much change from a -- so. -- so -- a backhanded kind of way you're saying more players than before are applauding what has happened abroad and they're happy to see a dirty guy get caught and exposed correct. There's I definitely believe that I think unions are responding to the rank and file and their position on their. Certainly responding to the level of evidence that -- will be presented to Iraq rod. Start from -- because they don't have any paying him you know obviously not agreeing to invest. I go back about a week ago or before the all star gala Michael winters let the players who brought confronted with an overwhelming amount entrenched. You know he's basically got forty yard span when he needs to cut a deal because bet you'll be presented at that time. -- -- indication that it will be at something we weren't short order apply here but -- that was something we've never heard from union leader for. That's a great point Don because I remember years ago and we've talked to guys like lab and dramatics and and they would never. Point the finger at the dirty guys and say we have to clean up the game for the sake of the clean guys they would they would circle the wagons and it was frustrating as hell. The union would protect the dirty guys at the expense of the -- guys. You think that's all changed now. I eerily accurate and a lot of people and they looked at that I look at this case that first broke it was a lot people send. Oh you know this partnership that we had here between the players in the union. Which is given president nineteenth straight years labor peace which we never had four. I distribute a wedge to break it all -- get my -- quite a repeat these players -- public and the bank. And it turned out that these -- the relate to grant broad and -- this could be just the first domino we could have others should -- in the -- I do relate to that Ryan broad settlement that's where does the settlements. I it's actually enhance the partnership between the -- -- -- -- I think -- -- statements are Michael Weiner. I caught it and some a lot of people on our camera that we -- all I'm sure they weren't surprised that the state in the game but the emphasis. Michael -- applauding Ryan brought it he took it ball -- while I was -- We know. A -- gonna come next we think these guys -- buster only said the gonna fall like dominoes. The next few suspensions and may be bigger in terms of affecting the the play on the field the pennant races. Do we think Nelson Cruz and our total that Bartolo Cologne are gonna go down and maybe. Miss the rest of the season may be missed the post season. Maybe -- -- fight and push this thing important fourteen I'm not sure. You know each case is going to be different there's obviously varying degrees seventh street start to play -- player. It centrist they mean brought in some ways it was easier to -- -- because of the evidence but because he -- have a multiyear contract. The Biotech contract closed up next season if you -- going to take a 150 games who's looking out. For -- -- another five million dollars next season. And having this thing hang your head going into next season and it was clear he wanted to get this out of the way -- 2013. Start this year and will not lose any more money and more importantly get on the field right away. Okay crude if you killed the singer suspension Carrie at twenty ports -- -- -- -- create in the year. To really -- effect has now you only get away turkeys the stretch and got over it doesn't let. He's going to lose some guy I think actually hurt the value more -- out there as a free -- with a suspension angle. Mount Miguel Cabrera -- -- Melky Cabrera was afraid I don't think he'd get. Twelve dollars he ended up getting what two years sixteen million from Toronto and always pack in the same situation where he may be abandoning his team late in the year. You have a lot of people obviously had a problem with that because what -- got a lot more money help if you didn't have a positive cash award like it didn't have -- effect and has value but. Yeah I got a tremendous raised. And a lot of people said well he only served fifty games out of first and he came out of this with a sixty million dollar Jeter contract. I mean how much of that. You know -- don't -- you really want that because it back so quickly. Deliberately pretty -- toward the end of that -- We're talking with SI SI dot com and MLB -- -- Tom there's no doubt in my mind that at some point Bud Selig is going to stand up and pound his chest and say -- we have the most stringent. Rules and testing procedures in any sport in in the land. But isn't -- time to pump the brakes a little bit on that because this was not a urine tested got these guys it was Tony the canary blush. Well I think yeah I agree with that but I think he's got every reason to get out there and say that because there's nobody close haven't professional sport baseball on the same day you have an old player is drawn out war games there's no transparency in that program. Every time a guy get thrown out the door announced the drug. Think I'd ever say anything we'll say on this at all Arctic and that's great. I mean it's ridiculous the minister normally -- -- program in at all. They hit it right there and say that baseball a leader. I understand -- saying it's early because of bonds that they got a lot of disinformation -- -- -- go back to the Mitchell report knows and and one of the many recommendations from senator Mitchell baseball needs -- department investigation because just. Giving administering tests is not enough for drug program. He hit some -- behind me investigators out on the ground. And they did a tremendous job in the can meet document that Rupert knows subpoena power we can look at so much information on Ryan broaden. It and 23 days. A -- present with evidence he completely rolled over and so if you got a moment to treat him as saying that they were able to edit it however it. I thought they turned the case. That was really -- strategic move. What to bring a lot stricken Tony but that's the guy whose business has failed in dire financial straits. Now so they're putting legal and financial pressure on him and his way out from under those pressures -- say OK I'll play ball you guys. And apparently what he gave that was determined treasure trove of information and evidence I went far beyond just crippling and help out. You know if there's if it's as -- -- you keep reading every good reports last night it's a sentence worth of evidence against -- there's novel's worth against a Robert Bosch obviously doing all this stuff. When when you look at Tom -- what do you think it comes down against Iran and B how -- you think the punishment is going to be. Like -- -- from what I've heard anyway the evidence is much stronger against Alex Rodriguez if you go just I didn't know talks you know right Bruntlett and notebook just barely a couple of times -- both cases it was about money -- You Tony botched it and era case. -- at least nineteen different substances. It was meant -- meant that literally were prescribed to be taking morning noon and night. And various forms of park united church is a lot screens. I mean it's warranty as far as drug red -- go. But beyond that I'm sure there's other evidence that must have been -- -- broad terms of tangible evidence. Receipts. Canceled checks. -- you wanna have but. I don't think you saw what brought it and obviously you -- eleven for an all test. What which he seldom went did not put downs -- as a failure because that is successful appeal. It has to be prior year because -- was treated as more than just the first time offender and I'll be true for Alex as well. You know when it goes back to treatment from doctor -- away in 2009. -- there goes back to trying to purchase documents from ethnic or are for Saudi botched a chartered. Basically subvert the investigation. Whether it goes and it -- -- meant certain sort of speak they get the young players have cooperated and it'll be great all. I don't -- and besides it's Gerber and then notebook that they can connect Aleks Gregory. So you think the mid Major League based more. So you think Major League Baseball. Good to get. Alike are all we'll win again yeah -- -- that these were just men get their fingers crossed they. That they -- -- negotiated there's not much like he's going to face what would present that you begin to negotiate them. Tom underestimation going forward for Ryan -- will this be more difficult because of his ultimate arrogance in that in your face press conference in February of 2012 reassembled his teammates around him. And set things like I promise you want anything that's ever meant anything to be in my life morals the virtues. The values of which I've lived in my 28 years on the planet I did not do this -- outlets are dropping all all -- moment. -- congress. Yeah you've you've got the name having that Lance Armstrong and today's day and age you know those kind of statement live as -- made -- of YouTube and anything else that people look at any time so yeah I think you put in a different category than some of these other guys. Because everybody has seen and heard the style Ryan brought. Guys until he gets out. And he issues an apology some kind of contrition certainly an admission because there's really no concern of any substance in his statement. Until he -- at the same level to which. Key issue is that not only a year ago. No one's really going to buy it and be able to LaMont from and he's got to get some basic -- a strategy here to get out there. And even he doesn't have to get chapter and verse. It got to get out there at the same kind of emphasis intensity that he had when he got up there tonight -- -- which now stands as a complete lie. -- Tom these guys all these guys cruised Cabrera and then they run that and and and -- passed a lot of tests we assume MLB drug -- the past a lot. It's -- concern that the the technologies. As -- and head of the policy here and we we heard from Victor Conte few months ago saying that the this. Topical synthetic testosterone as ID system in 24000 these guys know how to time there and and he thought I'm on the percentage he put on it but there was a fairly high percentage. Who are still doing it. What you -- sent you a better insight into this than anybody I know which -- cents on the all the amount guys that percentage you guys steal -- Blood Gary you know it -- ball all these guys try to be consistent and drug testing are always fighting the last war and that case and these guys talk about the a period where yet players and probably a lot of them I'm -- I'm -- the percentage. Figured the way around -- with using these -- acting testosterone that you can take you know liquid form on -- on the camera and on your body. All sorts of different ways I'm told -- -- flush out as quickly as 24 hours. Baseball on the area again and then pray that your moved hadn't been beaten protesting the starting this year not just -- -- -- -- -- but just palace now the bio markers and acute -- -- your TE ratio. I'm so that to any kind despite air inlet from -- a year ago going forward. They'll really jacket and I know you don't let Armstrong he came out -- is yeah call was. He talked about how that really began to change the sport of cycling so you don't peace. Cases that we're talking about our chances a result collapsed era of testing. But it is something else the -- could come up with today to beat that -- that we have today but at least. This issue the fact acting testosterone. Has been addressed with the new testing and I and I think going forward. A lot more players will be less likely to -- guys try to beat the system for every year and that that won't change -- but I think will be -- out there and try to do that these screen. If we keep hearing how angry these players are now it's kind of changed now they want you know clean testing may want these guys get caught when you start seeing these prominent players the big name players kind of come out and start slamming. The bronze in the arises that gonna happen you think. I wish -- more of them would do it. You know Matt Holliday could come out for obviously before this awhile ago right. Slam players that. At break point nine -- all the time and I get a whole thing about you know protecting your image he's got some -- -- -- and basically blindly say we're gonna support out Rodriguez because you -- came. I guess you have to say that. But in general I think the clean players have dropped the ball for years and I can now because. Think that look like her favorite guy at least and so much time. All are -- that people talk about Chris Davis and having defend himself whether he was on drugs and after the break out even. Topic but I'd like credit they go to complain orders. -- out -- -- and saying you know I'm Brock doesn't represent the popular baseball players and we want guys like that could be at art we want. Stronger penalties especially on her parents really should be under and or at least Stephen Harper and that you're really sure about it. So employers of delicate job more than speaking out but not I'm not not strongly enough. But a question to Robert Gucci and oddly it's an on field baseball question are the rays on such a moment term role with great pitch again now some pretty good getting. The gonna blow right past the Red Sox in the second half of the season. Now I don't see that happening I still think it comes out September what I call it the glorified American -- department because around Robin Armisen playing within -- division I don't see the rays open a big gap I and I think it's. We'll get decided -- I think both portrait series with the stops at seventeen games against the twins the White Sox and blue jays he Castro. It was a very soft spot industry -- on now we're entering a stretch against the Red Sox the Dodgers giants and Diamondbacks. Get a lot harder the next seventeen. I'm not -- they -- on who they were beating workers spot here in net. But it got much better opened up against Chile in September because I think that's going to be also. He has the very best in the business SI SI dot com and MLB Stromberg -- Tom thanks for the time as always we appreciate it. Thanks to -- -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T regional thing. Possible I find amazing I just confirmed. Greg Larkin different sources now we're gonna get back we will get about -- A-Rod is a first time offender right. What we get to witnesses who gave him stays in her. This guy who who won three straight home run titles and Texas and on MVPs a World Series. Made as a 300 million dollar contract. Is a will be he's not even there today tomorrow and find out the suspension. He could be holding out for the fifty games as a first time does what happened before count why now he has some positive when there's debris from the carpet on an innovator tested positive. They're gonna get him as a result there's no sugar candy for -- taxes. -- it reminds you out. It's true that's a good point not even wrote this in Purdue she said it today I mean they're dish possible you're talking a lifetime and a first time offense. Because it was -- noting that he's destroyed a bit funny and in 19 different drugs morning did little else and I'll bet it's the 65. I just read this that they -- -- he weren't even gluten free from the guy that just that's ridiculous. The goodness you're hearing you gonna erode over here agents lawyers. And then you have MLB have Manfred was in the hearings. When the Yankees it. Which side of the table while they want him to. The yankees' -- -- to go down part of the Arizona Diamondbacks wanted O'Brien brought to its side of the table yet Brian Cashman. It would pay. Fifty million dollars to not go away completely go and and not only because he's so overpaid -- distractions become the Pulitzer mean -- yesterday it's got -- haven't seen all year from the -- half of them don't even know on these new guys these young guys the -- heard of them they don't know he's not a teammate not a friend. And -- this constant. Presence even when he's not are still to come on this addition to Dennis and Callahan Curt Schilling will join us at 830 -- -- in New Hampshire -- in east -- talk with few out by the way. Think based all we heard on ESPN's sports center and baseball tonight the Barry Larkin needs to -- in a cup for you soon.

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